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way in relation to alobbyistwhich could bring discredit upon
about the identity of thelobbyistand the motive for lobbying
or other benefit from anylobbyista lobbyist is defined as
benefit from any lobbyist alobbyistis defined as a person
declaring that lies with thelobbyisti want to make it
takes in connection with thelobbyistcomplies with these rules des
lobbyists nor should a professionallobbyistbe given to understand that
in response to a professionallobbyistbut it is important that
wording should specify a professionallobbyistif it means anybody we
paragraph do we mean professionallobbyistthe convener i think that
the person as a professionallobbyistthe person is defined rather
this code the term professionallobbyistwill be regarded as including
her position to help anylobbyistget a benefit to which
a benefit to which thelobbyistis not entitled that seems
in this code the termlobbyistis used to mean the
the definition of a paidlobbyistshould include all staff of
brian adam aberdeen city councillobbyistthat the parliament recognises that

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