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by local authorities and thelocalagencies mr mcneil when we
authorities their plot holders andlocalallotment societies will need to
regions cor the congress oflocaland regional authorities in europe
in addition the congress oflocaland regional authorities of europe
pay off loans made tolocalauthorities 1 the scottish ministers
left to the discretion oflocalauthorities 14 15 james smith
operation between local clubs andlocalauthorities 14 15 lee cousins
significant proportion comes annually fromlocalauthorities 28 other debate has
different areas or for differentlocalauthorities 3 the circumstances referred
via service level agreements withlocalauthorities 8 underlining the role
of which 3m goes tolocalauthorities 9m goes to other
delivers can be used bylocalauthorities a necessity to which
personal care is making inlocalauthorities a recent age concern
the measures that will strengthenlocalauthorities ability to identify dangerous
the availability of resources andlocalauthorities ability to respond to
every contributor but particularly thelocalauthorities about exemptions few wanted
to initiate any discussions withlocalauthorities about promoting the adoption
group collected information from scottishlocalauthorities about the demand that
her majesty s government andlocalauthorities about the electronic delivery
guidance has been given tolocalauthorities about the extent to
fully understand the disappointment oflocalauthorities about the results of
be embarked upon with thelocalauthorities about the roll out
to be no unanimity acrosslocalauthorities about who should be
and local policy development recommendslocalauthorities across england and wales
on the degree to whichlocalauthorities act in accordance with
it will ensure that alllocalauthorities act in accordance with
among other things examination oflocalauthorities action plans we had
the important approach of givinglocalauthorities adequate powers to tackle
the scottish executive to fundlocalauthorities adequately so that they
important area was standards mostlocalauthorities adopted the benchmark standards
lottery grant schemes under whichlocalauthorities agencies and communities in
local voluntary organisations iain montgomerylocalauthorities already do some very
should share planning functions withlocalauthorities although they suggest that
of section 27 which requireslocalauthorities among other things to
involved other government departments thelocalauthorities and a range of
statutory interest such as thelocalauthorities and a wide range
servants would seek to disadvantagelocalauthorities and abuse the contract
any difficulties in liaising withlocalauthorities and accessing the money
time the existing contractors thelocalauthorities and all the relevant
and young people directly tolocalauthorities and allocate some instead
of discretionary bursaries by somelocalauthorities and any implications of
certain standards they might approachlocalauthorities and ask authorities to
are being adhered to bylocalauthorities and b ensure that
administration devolved more powers tolocalauthorities and bodies in scotland
to share information with otherlocalauthorities and bodies in the
potential knock on implications forlocalauthorities and calls upon the
the current financial constraints onlocalauthorities and calls upon the
potential knock on implications forlocalauthorities and calls upon the
in which the national organisationslocalauthorities and clubs get together
seamless care between the nhslocalauthorities and community and social
education for giving guidance tolocalauthorities and ensuring that it
the strategic housing functions oflocalauthorities and grants for improvement
the joint future approach betweenlocalauthorities and health boards is
treating disease and decay encouragelocalauthorities and health boards to
and the new responsibilities onlocalauthorities and housing associations to
the new strategic role forlocalauthorities and i think that
masts are being lodged withlocalauthorities and if full planning
are inconsistencies in interpretation betweenlocalauthorities and inconsistencies in performance
of such a system forlocalauthorities and it was suggested
was made not just bylocalauthorities and landlords but by
regulate the homelessness functions oflocalauthorities and local authorities and
sector the convention of scottishlocalauthorities and local authorities have
whether it has communicated withlocalauthorities and local enterprise companies
has worked in partnership withlocalauthorities and many other bodies
in the nhs or bylocalauthorities and monitoring the results
scotland tangents youthlink scotland manylocalauthorities and national voluntary organisations
of volunteering policies by manylocalauthorities and nhs boards from
what guidance it gives tolocalauthorities and nhs boards on
prescribed 12 delegation etc betweenlocalauthorities and nhs bodies 1
to require delegation etc betweenlocalauthorities and nhs bodies 1
functions 12 delegation etc betweenlocalauthorities and nhs bodies 13
bodies 1 any number oflocalauthorities and nhs bodies may
monitoring and supervision by thelocalauthorities and nhs bodies of
b as respects consultation bylocalauthorities and nhs bodies on
given after consultation with thelocalauthorities and nhs bodies or
to require delegation etc betweenlocalauthorities and nhs bodies part
relevant guidance and directions tolocalauthorities and nhs bodies that
when it comes to encouraginglocalauthorities and non departmental public
4 million was allocated tolocalauthorities and not directly to
basis on which the governmentlocalauthorities and other agencies have
families such organisations work withlocalauthorities and other agencies to
acknowledges that the scottish executivelocalauthorities and other government bodies
income the convention of scottishlocalauthorities and other groups have
be a costly experiment thatlocalauthorities and other public bodies
for the national park bodylocalauthorities and other public bodies
and cases dealt with bylocalauthorities and other public bodies
be a costly experiment thatlocalauthorities and other public bodies
make it a requirement thatlocalauthorities and other public bodies
potential knock on implications forlocalauthorities and others and also
to develop best practice forlocalauthorities and others in dealing
of the convention of scottishlocalauthorities and others members indicated
through the convention of scottishlocalauthorities and others such as
on the past experience oflocalauthorities and others that once
to many private individuals companieslocalauthorities and others the various
plans how can we encouragelocalauthorities and others to listen
are needed we hope thatlocalauthorities and others will emulate
that the convention of scottishlocalauthorities and political groups are
regulation of social landlords andlocalauthorities and provides for the
will enhance the relationships betweenlocalauthorities and public agencies operating
to enter into agreements withlocalauthorities and public bodies to
of such schemes which enablelocalauthorities and public bodies to
of such schemes which enablelocalauthorities and public bodies to
of such schemes which enablelocalauthorities and public bodies to
of action existing plans oflocalauthorities and public bodies would
with the strategic role oflocalauthorities and puts duties on
expertise and contacts with thelocalauthorities and quangos that are
a partnership with the appropriatelocalauthorities and railtrack to deliver
other relevant bodies including thelocalauthorities and report back to
meet the convention of scottishlocalauthorities and review the delivery
functions of local authorities andlocalauthorities and rsls factoring arrangements
on the way in whichlocalauthorities and rsls may wish
to day co operation betweenlocalauthorities and rsls the purpose
would be appointed and whetherlocalauthorities and rsls would have
to a greater use inlocalauthorities and schools and hence
achievement in gaelic document ehmlocalauthorities and schools need to
shall consult such associations oflocalauthorities and such other persons
shall consult such associations oflocalauthorities and such other persons
shall consult such associations oflocalauthorities and such other persons
the whole executive and thelocalauthorities and teaching unions at
universal feeling the relationships betweenlocalauthorities and tenants were terrible
he is in dialogue withlocalauthorities and that he seeks
executive has abolished guidelines forlocalauthorities and that they are
we want to discuss withlocalauthorities and that will be
and joint working policies betweenlocalauthorities and the health boards
need to go into hospitallocalauthorities and the national health
to allow proper discussion withlocalauthorities and the new contractors
unless this decision is reversedlocalauthorities and the nhs should
within the criminal justice systemlocalauthorities and the nhs to
within the criminal justice systemlocalauthorities and the nhs to
improve the way in whichlocalauthorities and the nhs work
to support the work oflocalauthorities and the police in
that the convention of scottishlocalauthorities and the scottish association
following consultation and agreement betweenlocalauthorities and the then scottish
course a matter for thelocalauthorities and the unions to
schools and camps organised bylocalauthorities and the voluntary sector
department for work and pensionslocalauthorities and the voluntary sector
in which the scottish executivelocalauthorities and the voluntary sector
will promote positive partnerships betweenlocalauthorities and the voluntary sector
focus encourage local compacts betweenlocalauthorities and the voluntary sector
the issues relating to thelocalauthorities and their organisation it
transport infrastructure in acknowledging thatlocalauthorities and trade unions are
institutions and non governmental organisationslocalauthorities and trade unions the
voluntary organisations work closely withlocalauthorities and trust and mutual
donald gorrie mentioned competition betweenlocalauthorities and voluntary organisations i
different organisations including national governmentlocalauthorities and voluntary organisations we
and improvement grants comes fromlocalauthorities and was previously ring
reporting on the position oflocalauthorities and we heard broadly
learning disabilities will have onlocalauthorities and what action has
in each of scotland slocalauthorities and what percentage of
for social care workers inlocalauthorities and whether this work
stewart sutherland is widespread amongstlocalauthorities and which individual authorities
locations that are approved bylocalauthorities and will therefore extend
we need further discussions withlocalauthorities and with the scottish
million it is giving tolocalauthorities announced on 26 june
a police forces and blocalauthorities any guidance on the
to the way in whichlocalauthorities approach the provision of
reform the way in whichlocalauthorities are able to access
forward do you feel thatlocalauthorities are able to engage
could also see exactly howlocalauthorities are able to justify
impact on the money thatlocalauthorities are able to provide
we would make it worklocalauthorities are about making things
scottish executive how much flexibilitylocalauthorities are allowed in respect
and reminded the minister thatlocalauthorities are already in partnership
effectively i agree that manylocalauthorities are already working in
and pavements notes that otherlocalauthorities are backing councillor stewart
the modernisation of local governmentlocalauthorities are beginning to consider
ask the scottish executive whetherlocalauthorities are being considered as
is taking to ensure thatlocalauthorities are carrying out their
be a good idea iflocalauthorities are concerned about such
enable people to sustain tenancieslocalauthorities are currently developing supporting
that with the fact thatlocalauthorities are democratically elected to
of local tourism partnerships additionallylocalauthorities are direct providers of
this matter and how manylocalauthorities are failing to provide
take to ensure that scottishlocalauthorities are fully cognisant with
the executive to ensure thatlocalauthorities are funded and it
whether it will ensure thatlocalauthorities are funded so that
fire boards education authorities andlocalauthorities are given ownership of
grouped together provided that thelocalauthorities are happy with that
up that problem so thatlocalauthorities are legally entitled to
what the additional costs tolocalauthorities are likely to be
is not a one offlocalauthorities are made up of
matters into guidelines because somelocalauthorities are more directly affected
we have received shows thatlocalauthorities are nervous about using
set by housing associations andlocalauthorities are not affected by
how do you ensure thatlocalauthorities are not just paying
ask the scottish executive whetherlocalauthorities are obliged to complete
defined in the allotments actslocalauthorities are obliged to provide
the estimated annual costs tolocalauthorities are of dealing with
the first minister whether alllocalauthorities are on track to
level it is important thatlocalauthorities are proactive but how
plans which already exist inlocalauthorities are quite a good
to the national waste strategylocalauthorities are required to indicate
yes we will bill aitkenlocalauthorities are required to submit
scottish executive what consultation processlocalauthorities are required to undertake
down to money robert mooneylocalauthorities are striving to improve
of the benefits when severallocalauthorities are taking forward individual
substantially higher than current spendinglocalauthorities are the existing contractors
for the property sector iflocalauthorities are to be obliged
fabiani raises two issues iflocalauthorities are unaware of more
materials are not suitable somelocalauthorities are using those materials
for social services workforce howlocalauthorities are utilising the 3
multiple occupation order 1991 whenlocalauthorities are working with non
responsibility to do that wherelocalauthorities are writing their own
of any additional costs tolocalauthorities as a result of
are a such functions oflocalauthorities as may be prescribed
whether it is appropriate forlocalauthorities as owners of school
national health service bodies andlocalauthorities as respects certain of
national health service bodies andlocalauthorities as respects certain of
to remove that function fromlocalauthorities as some suggest should
that the financial cost tolocalauthorities as well as lack
functions and homelessness duties oflocalauthorities as well as the
clearly extend through to thelocalauthorities as well ian robson
take in homeless people iflocalauthorities ask them to douglas
that of the parliament orlocalauthorities at a time when
is available that will focuslocalauthorities attention and ensure that
would flying registrars for severallocalauthorities be appointed as i
2 5 million to letlocalauthorities be the innovators along
funding will be available tolocalauthorities because of the new
a system and fully consultlocalauthorities before doing so linda
introduce the tenancy in somelocalauthorities before we do so
general wishes to take alllocalauthorities believe that such decisions
it is a formula thelocalauthorities believe that the application
expensive for the average personlocalauthorities big banks and building
went much wider than justlocalauthorities bodies such as the
resolved the convention of scottishlocalauthorities briefing paper was most
we might end up skewinglocalauthorities budgets some local authorities
represent the interests of suchlocalauthorities but i do not
good promotion work by somelocalauthorities but on the whole
organisations to connect to 32localauthorities but perhaps they can
plans to issue guidance tolocalauthorities but provides details of
to go around the 32localauthorities but the local authorities
are the responsibility of thelocalauthorities but the private site
about the homelessness function oflocalauthorities but there are major
wording will be helpful tolocalauthorities but we are content
that have been requested oflocalauthorities by people who need
long standing agency agreements withlocalauthorities by putting out to
supplementing financial resources provided tolocalauthorities by the home office
the purpose of ensuring thatlocalauthorities by the time those
it also creates arrangements wherebylocalauthorities can ask registered social
a view to ensuring thatlocalauthorities can bring more of
authorities under local government legislationlocalauthorities can choose whether to
very agreement to ensure thatlocalauthorities can deliver it in
to identify priorities against whichlocalauthorities can plan and set
about the way in whichlocalauthorities can set aside local
young person looked after bylocalauthorities can share fully in
state of disrepair simply becauselocalauthorities cannot afford the necessary
be pored over by researcherslocalauthorities central government and health
the stakeholders e g ngoslocalauthorities civil society etc and
of the convention of scottishlocalauthorities clearly disagreed and argued
executive whether health boards andlocalauthorities collate the details which
section must be given tolocalauthorities collectively direct payments 7
involves not this parliament butlocalauthorities community councils persons representative
will work in partnership withlocalauthorities community pharmacies have been
hector currie s research islocalauthorities concern about the impact
charges fully take into accountlocalauthorities concerns members will be
come on to that somelocalauthorities considered the issue and
tourist board 21 local authoritieslocalauthorities contribute to tourism through
scvo the convention of scottishlocalauthorities cosla and poverty alliance
from the convention of scottishlocalauthorities cosla whereby local government
including the convention for scottishlocalauthorities cosla would like the
provide a framework in whichlocalauthorities could operate in terms
of the convention of scottishlocalauthorities councillor norman murray invited
an adequate lease and alllocalauthorities cover that the city
animal centres if so whichlocalauthorities currently receive any such
the scottish executive how manylocalauthorities currently run direct payment
guidance will set out howlocalauthorities deal with relaxations of
as they will ensure thatlocalauthorities deliver bill aitken what
that will she ensure thatlocalauthorities deliver in the sector
role in allotment protection howlocalauthorities designate allotments in the
why should there be licenceslocalauthorities did not ask for
license as i recall itlocalauthorities did not ask for
fair however a number oflocalauthorities did quite a lot
the matter is left tolocalauthorities different standards will be
domestic rates relief 100 atlocalauthorities discretion the post office
in place to ensure thatlocalauthorities do not charge the
could be said that somelocalauthorities do not have any
multiple occupation not many otherlocalauthorities do so and we
the plans to ensure thatlocalauthorities do what they say
according to the services oflocalauthorities does she also accept
landlords to what extent havelocalauthorities done that we have
the health service police andlocalauthorities double the resources available
are aware of developments inlocalauthorities down south for example
he had been writing tolocalauthorities during the past week
guidance that was designed forlocalauthorities during their property inspections
is about the effect onlocalauthorities efficiency and their ability
for young people to telllocalauthorities employers schools and health
secure suitable matching funding fromlocalauthorities empower the scottish opportunities
co operatives health boards andlocalauthorities encourage employers to promote
that that minister must takelocalauthorities enforce legislation in our
2000 whether it will givelocalauthorities enhanced consent under section
is not monopoly provision bylocalauthorities ensure that improved financial
will therefore be distributed tolocalauthorities equitably it will be
is a mindset in somelocalauthorities especially among some councillors
case be strongly resented bylocalauthorities especially those that sought
the system works and howlocalauthorities establish their charges must
been saying you spoke aboutlocalauthorities establishing joint working groups
bundle of projects from differentlocalauthorities even from scotland and
whether we can say tolocalauthorities even within the single
in particular we are givinglocalauthorities every encouragement to do
is taking to ensure thatlocalauthorities exchange ideas good practice
ask the scottish executive whichlocalauthorities exercised their discretionary powers
scheme is getting better aslocalauthorities explore the powers that
building standards are met wherelocalauthorities fail to enforce appropriate
october 2002 two thirds oflocalauthorities favoured no change to
prosecution easier hector currie thelocalauthorities felt aggrieved that it
does the minister dispute thelocalauthorities figures does she dispute
and protocols in place withlocalauthorities following court convictions supported
the 1984 act functions oflocalauthorities for and in connection
perhaps standing slightly outside thelocalauthorities for doing part of
happen to those bids bylocalauthorities for funding of school
the 15 million awarded tolocalauthorities for local roads maintenance
teaching is made available bylocalauthorities for members of the
it has in partnership withlocalauthorities for reducing any backlog
additional funding made available tolocalauthorities for repairs to school
general social welfare services oflocalauthorities for subsections 3a and
executive whether funds allocated tolocalauthorities for the care and
against the provisions made bylocalauthorities for the educational needs
the new burdens for scottishlocalauthorities for the financial years
new burdens imposed on scottishlocalauthorities for the financial years
of some 87 million throughlocalauthorities for the improvement of
allocation of 70 million tolocalauthorities for their roads and
about costs being recovered bylocalauthorities from an individual owner
executive whether any restrictions preventlocalauthorities from using a the
including verification certification costs tolocalauthorities functional design building warrants
the scheme does not givelocalauthorities further powers to prevent
may issue guidance either tolocalauthorities generally or to a
may issue guidance either tolocalauthorities generally or to a
to examine the services thatlocalauthorities give disabled people which
million will be independent oflocalauthorities given any potential conflict
for submission of eias tolocalauthorities given the committee s
until 13 january 2001 thelocalauthorities goods and services public
june 2000 local government thelocalauthorities goods and services public
june 2000 local government thelocalauthorities goods and services public
june 2000 local government thelocalauthorities goods and services public
the following negative instrument thelocalauthorities goods and services public
until 6 january 2001 thelocalauthorities goods and services public
order 2000 ssi 2000 206localauthorities goods and services public
as possible bristow muldoon goodlocalauthorities goods and services public
assessment was made of eachlocalauthorities grant aided expenditure requirements
period seventeen out of 32localauthorities had approved no applications
field andy kerr doubted thatlocalauthorities had been listened to
that said that some 20localauthorities had finished their central
on 3 april 2001 whichlocalauthorities had submitted claims for
the scheme s introduction solocalauthorities had to ensure that
that the convention of scottishlocalauthorities has agreed to join
say that funding particularly fromlocalauthorities has been static for
that the convention of scottishlocalauthorities has stated categorically that
how it will ensure thatlocalauthorities have a strong voice
in their school meals manylocalauthorities have adopted a positive
view cosla and the individuallocalauthorities have all submitted information
that use best value principleslocalauthorities have all those advantages
of remuneration i understand thatlocalauthorities have an opportunity to
of scottish local authorities andlocalauthorities have been active in
the scottish executive whether alllocalauthorities have been asked to
government and the scottish parliamentlocalauthorities have been considering the
the portfolio approach with whichlocalauthorities have been presented we
appears to be missing historicallylocalauthorities have been the partners
the 1982 act with whichlocalauthorities have been working for
ask the scottish executive whichlocalauthorities have begun to use
21 august 2001 whether alllocalauthorities have completed rebilling those
year indicative funding settlements withinlocalauthorities have contributed to that
the madrid declaration recommends thatlocalauthorities have draft plans of
ask the scottish executive whichlocalauthorities have established quality partnership
note of the concerns thatlocalauthorities have expressed regarding the
ask the scottish executive whichlocalauthorities have implemented a free
wound infections further notes thatlocalauthorities have introduced very different
whether any evidence suggests thatlocalauthorities have lowered standards linda
children and if not whichlocalauthorities have not and whether
strategies should bring out historicallylocalauthorities have not engaged with
ask the scottish executive whichlocalauthorities have produced minerals plans
drama awards scheme and whichlocalauthorities have provided support funding
ask the scottish executive whichlocalauthorities have put in place
the fees or another routelocalauthorities have raised that issue
fact that homelessness applications tolocalauthorities have reached record levels
of permitted development notices whichlocalauthorities have received on behalf
murdoch it is true thatlocalauthorities have recommended the materials
process the argument that thelocalauthorities have said nothing until
the making of those planslocalauthorities have sometimes been guilty
being taken to ensure thatlocalauthorities have sufficient funding to
completed more quickly ensure thatlocalauthorities have sufficient powers to
the measures which they andlocalauthorities have taken are taking
this early stage paul stollardlocalauthorities have tended to apply
strongly than they do nationallylocalauthorities have their own funding
next year to ensure thatlocalauthorities have time to get
the scottish executive what powerslocalauthorities have to ensure property
and duties nhs boards andlocalauthorities have to implement health
a statutory provision so thatlocalauthorities have to support those
allocating funding in cases wherelocalauthorities have transferred their stock
executive what powers and obligationslocalauthorities have under the transport
up in the context oflocalauthorities having by far the
up on the point aboutlocalauthorities having the opportunity to
being made centrally by burdeninglocalauthorities he was not satisfied
of voluntary organisations ensure thatlocalauthorities health boards and other
from other agencies such aslocalauthorities health boards local enterprise
that has been achieved acrosslocalauthorities housing associations and the
us to do that betweenlocalauthorities housing associations and the
in scotland who work inlocalauthorities housing associations scottish homes
back to ring fencing bylocalauthorities how do you square
million was to go tolocalauthorities how much of that
received from cosla and thelocalauthorities i acknowledge that in
to schoolteachers head teachers andlocalauthorities i am mindful of
rate to the control oflocalauthorities i investigating a more
alan mckeown convention of scottishlocalauthorities iain mcmillan cbi scotland
for the convention of scottishlocalauthorities ian williamson the head
it will name the tenlocalauthorities identified by the forum
be creating a responsibility forlocalauthorities if a local authority
remedial plan as afforded tolocalauthorities if not why not
is taking to ensure thatlocalauthorities implement organisational learning in
2006 will be met bylocalauthorities implementing the national waste
how capital spending by scottishlocalauthorities in 2000 01 excluding
increased allocation of funding tolocalauthorities in 2000 01 to
it will take to assistlocalauthorities in addressing the quality
drawn up and implemented bylocalauthorities in conjunction with the
that the way forward forlocalauthorities in disability awareness is
the efficiency and effectiveness oflocalauthorities in doing their job
table 4 collates figures fromlocalauthorities in dundee edinburgh fife
lothian nhs board and thelocalauthorities in east central scotland
the marriage act 1994 allowedlocalauthorities in england and wales
government departments but with thelocalauthorities in england and wales
progress has been made bylocalauthorities in establishing quality partnership
associations are as significant aslocalauthorities in housing provision with
we will work closely withlocalauthorities in implementing the changes
it has to further assistlocalauthorities in implementing the national
study will involve consultation withlocalauthorities in its evidence to
will provide additional funding tolocalauthorities in north east scotland
to make resources available tolocalauthorities in order to allow
it will make available tolocalauthorities in order to meet
budgets both within and betweenlocalauthorities in order to put
set a demanding agenda forlocalauthorities in particular and that
operation of planning guidelines bylocalauthorities in particular with regard
operating from our contact withlocalauthorities in particular with the
of the four consortia comprisedlocalauthorities in partnership with the
landlords to co operate withlocalauthorities in preventing homelessness lodged
landlords to co operate withlocalauthorities in preventing homelessness lodged
discussions it has had withlocalauthorities in regard to any
directions and guidance to scottishlocalauthorities in relation to staff
between the scottish executive andlocalauthorities in relation to the
guidance has been issued tolocalauthorities in relation to the
ex gratia payments to alllocalauthorities in respect of such
and monitoring systems adopted bylocalauthorities in respect of the
severely restricts housing expenditure bylocalauthorities in scotland and calls
highlights that almost 50 oflocalauthorities in scotland no longer
for distributing government grants tolocalauthorities in scotland s1o 101
for distributing government grants tolocalauthorities in scotland s1o 101
committee on scottish affairs thatlocalauthorities in scotland should keep
its powers common throughout alllocalauthorities in scotland william mccormack
cut of 500 million fromlocalauthorities in scotland yet the
of the scheme varies amonglocalauthorities in some areas the
has a major contract withlocalauthorities in the area dorothy
the powers currently available tolocalauthorities in the control of
account capital consents issued tolocalauthorities in the final quarter
strategic waste fund to assistlocalauthorities in the implementation of
from edinburgh glasgow and dumfrieslocalauthorities in those areas will
their available housing stock tolocalauthorities in whose area they
we received figures from 16localauthorities including glasgow city council
and the enforcement powers oflocalauthorities including in relation to
will he ensure that alllocalauthorities including south lanarkshire council
is taking to ensure thatlocalauthorities increase the level of
exercise sessions in conjunction withlocalauthorities increase the number of
meet any additional costs thatlocalauthorities incur as a result
are charged for licensing acrosslocalauthorities indeed they have often
by the convention of scottishlocalauthorities individual councils and others
group has collected from scottishlocalauthorities information about the demand
which are based on oldlocalauthorities instead of on a
the scottish executive whether anylocalauthorities intend to end existing
about the way in whichlocalauthorities interpret a scottish planning
is taking to ensure thatlocalauthorities involve service users in
was set up by thelocalauthorities is a group of
and interpretation work across theselocalauthorities is bengali chinese urdu
that joined up thinking inlocalauthorities is important but there
relationship between the nhs andlocalauthorities is in ensuring that
take when care provided bylocalauthorities is less than that
money that is given tolocalauthorities is spent on the
ask the scottish executive whichlocalauthorities it has consulted or
or cups of tea fromlocalauthorities it states in addition
deliver the scheme s benefitslocalauthorities lacked solid knowledge of
a licence robert brown arelocalauthorities legally entitled to insist
is taking to ensure thatlocalauthorities link budgets and other
of the tourist board 21localauthorities local authorities contribute to
has been the zeal oflocalauthorities local tourist boards and
mechanism for co ordination betweenlocalauthorities lodged 20 november 2000
in the event that anylocalauthorities lose contracts for management
msps the convention of scottishlocalauthorities made it clear that
planning agreements between developers andlocalauthorities made under section 50
it should at the momentlocalauthorities make it clear that
know not just what decisionslocalauthorities make particularly regarding funding
have tried to ensure thatlocalauthorities make that clear to
promotion a key function oflocalauthorities making them responsible for
and the actual funding whichlocalauthorities may require in order
skewing local authorities budgets somelocalauthorities might charge more but
there are situations in whichlocalauthorities might not have relevant
of partnership was also questionedlocalauthorities might seek the views
are dangerous could place onlocalauthorities more general concerns relating
could also be paid bylocalauthorities most of the scottish
pay off loans made tolocalauthorities mr andy kerr 24
pay off loans made tolocalauthorities mr andy kerr 25
pay off loans made tolocalauthorities mr andy kerr 27
is already a matter forlocalauthorities mr mcmahon there are
revised guidance i know thatlocalauthorities must have control and
have protection from closure aslocalauthorities must seek permission from
for representation of local interestslocalauthorities national appointees and land
and the convention of scottishlocalauthorities need to renegotiate funding
educational needs they complain thatlocalauthorities never listen to them
are being used by thoselocalauthorities not all the materials
that funding be decentralised tolocalauthorities notes that this could
interpretation services in selected scottishlocalauthorities [note: table here in original] these results were
carrot in front of themlocalauthorities now have three year
is to be distributed betweenlocalauthorities now to help them
supporting the development by scottishlocalauthorities of a citizen s
group examining the transfer tolocalauthorities of department of social
the practice by rsls andlocalauthorities of excluding people from
to be the giving tolocalauthorities of legal entitlement to
section 10 gives notice tolocalauthorities of proceedings for possession
and ii any of thelocalauthorities of the exercise in
1 c the publication bylocalauthorities of their official documents
are still not funded bylocalauthorities on a three year
representations it has received fromlocalauthorities on any possible increase
local authority ministers may directlocalauthorities on how they exercise
guidance it will issue tolocalauthorities on how they should
agreements between the executive andlocalauthorities on older people s
or guidance it gives tolocalauthorities on placing requests from
come under the guidelines tolocalauthorities on planning for their
give any new guidance tolocalauthorities on planning issues arising
consider giving more guidance tolocalauthorities on promoting the scheme
whether it issues guidance tolocalauthorities on the appropriateness of
our partners in more rurallocalauthorities on the challenge of
what guidelines exist to adviselocalauthorities on the conduct of
that the case from thelocalauthorities on the detailed manner
guidance has been given tolocalauthorities on the implementation of
and the convention of scottishlocalauthorities on the issue of
yet produced detailed guidance forlocalauthorities on the material that
that he would engage withlocalauthorities on the scheme s
consider issuing updated guidance tolocalauthorities on their responsibilities towards
it had written to 32localauthorities only one local authority
reflect the circumstances under whichlocalauthorities operate the provisions could
of civil rights then alllocalauthorities operating in scotland should
will be made available tolocalauthorities or any other relevant
the 1984 act functions oflocalauthorities or are proposing to
it is administered by thelocalauthorities or by another party
held by any of thelocalauthorities or nhs bodies ii
if a project is successfullocalauthorities or other agencies might
it is not expected thatlocalauthorities or other bodies will
with her majesty s governmentlocalauthorities or other bodies with
that it has involved thelocalauthorities or that it has
subsection 2 a above andlocalauthorities or the authority as
above and by whom andlocalauthorities or the particular authority
should not give land managerslocalauthorities or the police new
powers to allow land managerslocalauthorities or the police to
those for elected members oflocalauthorities or those who serve
will remain the responsibility oflocalauthorities or transfer to the
between the voluntary sector andlocalauthorities other funding partners and
an additional 70 million forlocalauthorities over the next three
package to provide resources tolocalauthorities over the next three
to make is that somelocalauthorities own fishing rights such
that are being placed onlocalauthorities particularly for securing advice
to identify rogue landlords somelocalauthorities particularly glasgow city council
already done so with keylocalauthorities particularly glasgow city council
the eligibility criteria with otherlocalauthorities particularly those of fife
are there any representatives fromlocalauthorities people who represent communities
and the scottish ministers tolocalauthorities planning authorities or other
ability to pay and allowlocalauthorities power over business rates
tidying up exercise to grantlocalauthorities power to carry out
plans to take to strengthenlocalauthorities powers to deal with
whether a its or blocalauthorities powers to make compulsory
authorities but on the wholelocalauthorities promotion work was poor
ask the scottish executive whichlocalauthorities provide a textphone service
healthy locally produced food helplocalauthorities provide home insulation where
explaining how it monitors howlocalauthorities provide social work services
ask the scottish executive whichlocalauthorities provide swimming lessons for
arrangement for the funding thatlocalauthorities provide to voluntary organisations
we can look forward tolocalauthorities providing that peace of
to i have my doubtslocalauthorities raised major issues during
radio the convention of scottishlocalauthorities ran a seminar with
parliament as well as withlocalauthorities re action tool kit
citizens card in dundee alllocalauthorities realise that there is
s provisions on homelessness willlocalauthorities receive adequate finance to
how much each of theselocalauthorities receive s1w 22090 des
spokesperson green action require alllocalauthorities reduce waste reuse waste
guidelines for the police andlocalauthorities regarding bullying of and
instructions or guidance given tolocalauthorities regarding decision making on
guidance it has given tolocalauthorities regarding the application of
it will issue guidelines tolocalauthorities regarding the sale of
and the convention of scottishlocalauthorities regarding their views on
into section 9 which mentionslocalauthorities registered social landlords and
without the approval of alllocalauthorities represented on the plan
but it suggests that iflocalauthorities require planning permission for
what roads should be thelocalauthorities responsibility i do not
executive and its agencies andlocalauthorities s1m 3931 mr jim
or business development departments oflocalauthorities s1w 1074 alasdair morgan
voluntary organisations rather than vialocalauthorities s1w 14604 mr john
on the revenue levels oflocalauthorities s1w 19434 mr brian
service a statutory requirement forlocalauthorities s1w 27493 mr lloyd
are implemented consistently across alllocalauthorities s1w 34876 susan deacon
introduce three year budgets forlocalauthorities s1w 4781 mr kenneth
enterprise companies tourist boards andlocalauthorities s1w 7683 mr kenny
document the road ahead 15localauthorities said that they favoured
paper the convention of scottishlocalauthorities says that about 500
community sports strategies to assistlocalauthorities schools and sports clubs
and commends the work oflocalauthorities schools colleges universities and
fixed penalty notice procedure bylocalauthorities section 8 provides that
is taking to ensure thatlocalauthorities seek out local government
in a providing support tolocalauthorities seeking to implement electronic
that time and time againlocalauthorities sell off land and
and young people and encourageslocalauthorities service providers and other
and young people and encourageslocalauthorities service providers and other
because in many member stateslocalauthorities share administrative responsibility for
executive should ensure that scottishlocalauthorities share examples of best
executive should ensure that scottishlocalauthorities share examples of best
contact only a handful oflocalauthorities she would have discovered
that we are concerned thatlocalauthorities should be able to
and we think that morelocalauthorities should do the same
the madrid declaration recommends thatlocalauthorities should draft plans of
funding one can argue thatlocalauthorities should have a statutory
question was really about whetherlocalauthorities should license the person
utilities and all coast linelocalauthorities should work together to
plans to issue advice tolocalauthorities similar to that available
and their national regional andlocalauthorities since it stands central
the bill could have onlocalauthorities so its views on
will be passed down tolocalauthorities so that they will
such as health boards andlocalauthorities so that we can
experiencing poverty national regional andlocalauthorities social partners ngos and
act 3 sections 2 flocalauthorities social service functions 3
depend on which branches oflocalauthorities social work education and
sun was being adopted bylocalauthorities some officers were clear
from commun na gĂ idhlig andlocalauthorities sooner rather than later
authorities were the views oflocalauthorities sought richard davies clerk
the money adds value tolocalauthorities spending on care there
sheridan yes the idea thatlocalauthorities stand to suffer most
32 local authorities but thelocalauthorities started from somewhere slightly
with the bids that thelocalauthorities submitted especially because they
currie and in reports fromlocalauthorities subsequent to hector s
autistic spectrum disorder accepts thatlocalauthorities such as city of
standards in education and commendslocalauthorities such as edinburgh glasgow
officials to do so inlocalauthorities such as north lanarkshire
and if so from whichlocalauthorities such representations were received
finance from health boards andlocalauthorities sue ryder care has
to our consultation from mostlocalauthorities suggested that they followed
young person looked after bylocalauthorities supports strengthening key services
to support targeted services inlocalauthorities supports the executive in
to support targeted services inlocalauthorities supports the executive in
have with the nof andlocalauthorities surely that will have
stage 1 of the scottishlocalauthorities tendering bill be completed
stage 2 of the scottishlocalauthorities tendering bill be taken
stage 1 debate on scottishlocalauthorities tendering bill followed by
2 debate on the scottishlocalauthorities tendering bill followed by
stage 1 debate on scottishlocalauthorities tendering bill followed by
3 debate on the scottishlocalauthorities tendering bill followed by
care committee 2 may scottishlocalauthorities tendering bill introduced 5
royal assent 5 july scottishlocalauthorities tendering bill passed 6
bill passed 31 may scottishlocalauthorities tendering bill passed 6
care committee 16 may scottishlocalauthorities tendering bill stage 1
general principles of the scottishlocalauthorities tendering bill supported by
s1m 1843 angus mackay scottishlocalauthorities tendering bill that the
the purposes of the scottishlocalauthorities tendering bill the motion
guarantee that the changes regardinglocalauthorities that are envisaged in
knock on effect for thelocalauthorities that are involved which
tenants or for tenants oflocalauthorities that are not considering
scottish borders we have electedlocalauthorities that are perfectly able
support it will give tolocalauthorities that do not proceed
the private sector in generallocalauthorities that have administered the
to deny there are certainlylocalauthorities that have admitted that
neither of the two biglocalauthorities that have the main
whether through scottish homes orlocalauthorities that is a key
co operation and collaboration withlocalauthorities that is the way
would be different for thelocalauthorities that might use partnerships
the parliament must examine thelocalauthorities that plead poverty why
which are broadly defined tolocalauthorities that provision is intended
broadly the same from thelocalauthorities that replied to us
east lothian and in otherlocalauthorities that say that they
help them and the otherlocalauthorities that seem to be
must apply to the 32localauthorities that use its facilities
whether it will list anylocalauthorities that utilise elements of
are piloting the card withlocalauthorities that wish to pilot
to explore the relationship withlocalauthorities the bill is silent
and the scottish national partylocalauthorities the churches and many
about the potential costs tolocalauthorities the city of edinburgh
through the convention of scottishlocalauthorities the committee of the
policy problem is looming forlocalauthorities the convener i thank
failures of educational provision bylocalauthorities the creation of a
failures of educational provision bylocalauthorities the creation of a
receipts which applied also tolocalauthorities the debt originates in
across the board particularly bylocalauthorities the delivery of some
no 4 and guidance forlocalauthorities the domestic water and
no 4 and guidance forlocalauthorities the domestic water and
no 4 and guidance forlocalauthorities the domestic water and
no 4 and guidance forlocalauthorities the domestic water and
less prescriptive approach and allowlocalauthorities the flexibility they require
and devolved to the 32localauthorities the four centres across
to apply for funding throughlocalauthorities the funding from the
committee 2002 advice to ndpbslocalauthorities the gaelic language 13
with the convention of scottishlocalauthorities the impact of the
have to get across tolocalauthorities the importance of that
between further education colleges orlocalauthorities the information is in
council in comparison with otherlocalauthorities the minister said that
that are being made bylocalauthorities the nhs and the
the scottish executive along withlocalauthorities the police and other
the scottish executive should givelocalauthorities the power to charge
we are seeking to givelocalauthorities the power to ensure
is one that will givelocalauthorities the power to regulate
only a rump remains withlocalauthorities the private sector will
flawed and skewed against thelocalauthorities the process has been
strategy with the inclusion oflocalauthorities the public private and
money that has gone tolocalauthorities the rationale is simple
whether it will consider givinglocalauthorities the right to decide
also concerned about costs tolocalauthorities the role of private
and regulating social landlords andlocalauthorities the scottish ministers will
eu member states regional andlocalauthorities the social partners and
resource for sustainable food supplylocalauthorities their plot holders and
was my point how dolocalauthorities then engage with their
issue in the guidance tolocalauthorities there are issues around
there is variable practice amonglocalauthorities there is good practice
alan mckeown convention of scottishlocalauthorities there is scope for
deal with the government orlocalauthorities they are forced to
it is not easy forlocalauthorities they must deal with
than the guidance given tolocalauthorities they would like to
seminar which involved registrars andlocalauthorities thirty out of the
his government has allocated tolocalauthorities this year do not
the local enterprise companies andlocalauthorities through for example ensuring
us an opportunity to encouragelocalauthorities through strategic planning to
support and development assisted bylocalauthorities through their planning function
rourke you are probably rightlocalauthorities throughout scotland are going
letters of comfort so thatlocalauthorities throughout scotland would adopt
three years that will allowlocalauthorities time to plan a
targets must be set forlocalauthorities to achieve 30 to
effect is that which enableslocalauthorities to act in relation
scottish hmo network group andlocalauthorities to agree on common
it is difficult to getlocalauthorities to agree that there
graffiti and dog mess encouraginglocalauthorities to allow direct access
write to telephone companies andlocalauthorities to ask whether any
work with the area slocalauthorities to assess whether powers
proposals it has to helplocalauthorities to assist headteachers suffering
what support is available tolocalauthorities to assist them in
designated public places and allowslocalauthorities to authorise contracted dog
them amendment 12 would allowlocalauthorities to authorise persons for
to its request for thelocalauthorities to be considered as
memorandum of the need forlocalauthorities to be more professional
work by the executive andlocalauthorities to better target and
work by the executive andlocalauthorities to better target and
present the 2001 act requiredlocalauthorities to carry out assessments
be made available to enablelocalauthorities to carry out their
which would be allocated tolocalauthorities to clean up the
it extends the provision forlocalauthorities to conduct marriages more
in 2002 03 to enablelocalauthorities to deal with contaminated
fire services the nhs andlocalauthorities to deal with incidents
ring fencing resources to allowlocalauthorities to deal with roads
and it is difficult forlocalauthorities to deal with the
the funding it provides tolocalauthorities to deal with their
some of our relationships withlocalauthorities to deliver the outcomes
officers to be appointed bylocalauthorities to design and implement
for a bill to enablelocalauthorities to designate areas within
and the convention of scottishlocalauthorities to determine the detail
of complaints that is forlocalauthorities to develop the evidence
easy to obtain access tolocalauthorities to discuss funding and
would not be appropriate forlocalauthorities to do so those
and that rather than fundlocalauthorities to do the work
aitken will the requirement forlocalauthorities to draft implement and
would be sufficient to allowlocalauthorities to draw up their
forward and establishing relationships withlocalauthorities to enable the strategy
executive to increase funding forlocalauthorities to enable them to
assistance it is giving tolocalauthorities to ensure that all
the scottish executive to encouragelocalauthorities to ensure that every
and it is necessary forlocalauthorities to ensure that the
will be made available tolocalauthorities to ensure that the
will be up to thelocalauthorities to ensure that they
on the case for allowinglocalauthorities to enter into arrangements
which the centre can encouragelocalauthorities to enter into partnership
and the convention of scottishlocalauthorities to establish their views
between authorities if we wantlocalauthorities to exercise local control
what encouragement it gives tolocalauthorities to follow best practice
of transport in england obligeslocalauthorities to fund at least
community encourage diversity and permitlocalauthorities to fund for example
funding will be given tolocalauthorities to fund such places
urges the scottish executive andlocalauthorities to give a high
and the convention of scottishlocalauthorities to give evidence on
enabling bill that would allowlocalauthorities to go ahead and
discretion which we would likelocalauthorities to have as mr
at the convention of scottishlocalauthorities to help manage the
how it intends to supportlocalauthorities to help with the
arrangement that would enable thelocalauthorities to hire the relevant
tests that are applied bylocalauthorities to homeless persons to
a commitment to work withlocalauthorities to identify practical ways
be delivered and to enablelocalauthorities to implement its guidance
requirement on public bodies orlocalauthorities to implement the charter
the exercise of powers bylocalauthorities to impose weight restrictions
should impose a duty onlocalauthorities to improve countryside access
and actively working with thelocalauthorities to improve the standards
it will take to encouragelocalauthorities to introduce a code
there is no need forlocalauthorities to introduce waiting lists
which places statutory duty onlocalauthorities to investigate accidents within
by the convention of scottishlocalauthorities to its draft housing
would be a matter forlocalauthorities to judge whether they
registration offices and to authoriselocalauthorities to license locations for
on those strategies also requiredlocalauthorities to link the strategies
the support given by somelocalauthorities to local young carers
implement policies relating to gaeliclocalauthorities to make available gaelic
powers are currently available tolocalauthorities to make compulsory purchase
social service workers to enablelocalauthorities to make grants in
services and with powers forlocalauthorities to make payments to
granting an enabling power tolocalauthorities to make their own
will be made available tolocalauthorities to meet requirements to
it will make available tolocalauthorities to meet the costs
ii above may not permitlocalauthorities to modify regulations under
it is taking to encouragelocalauthorities to motivate and manage
the teaching profession it expectslocalauthorities to offer from august
what powers are available tolocalauthorities to order work to
blocks of flats owned bylocalauthorities to participate in the
blocks of flats owned bylocalauthorities to participate in the
public bodies and others includinglocalauthorities to prepare and implement
public bodies and others includinglocalauthorities to prepare and implement
it places new duties onlocalauthorities to produce homelessness strategies
authorities and puts duties onlocalauthorities to produce local housing
multiple occupation and to allowlocalauthorities to provide a service
for social work to enablelocalauthorities to provide and maintain
funding is made available tolocalauthorities to provide concessionary travel
a specific statutory duty onlocalauthorities to provide day care
about a statutory duty onlocalauthorities to provide independent advice
place a statutory duty onlocalauthorities to provide independent advice
sheltered housing complexes it expectslocalauthorities to provide what system
public bodies and others includinglocalauthorities to publish and implement
have to go through 32localauthorities to put together a
return of the right forlocalauthorities to raise and retain
return of the right forlocalauthorities to raise and retain
return of the right forlocalauthorities to raise and retain
lga wants to encourage alllocalauthorities to realise the full
targets tough new targets forlocalauthorities to recycle 25 per
it is taking to requirelocalauthorities to recycle higher volumes
reviewing the legislation which permitslocalauthorities to reduce the council
the uk calls upon alllocalauthorities to refuse licences for
as drafted the bill requireslocalauthorities to remove occupants from
called on public bodies andlocalauthorities to review their policy
to introduce proposals to allowlocalauthorities to ring fence housing
sharing best practice and allowinglocalauthorities to see how others
not be more appropriate forlocalauthorities to set a consultant
which require scottish ministers andlocalauthorities to set out what
which require scottish ministers andlocalauthorities to set out what
taking in order to requirelocalauthorities to set targets for
we respond to demand fromlocalauthorities to support particular projects
places a general duty onlocalauthorities to survey their areas
the overall funding we expectlocalauthorities to take a strategic
over time we would expectlocalauthorities to take action to
local authority section 11 allowslocalauthorities to take enforcement action
of animals bill to allowlocalauthorities to take into their
power to relax regulations fromlocalauthorities to the central body
process we are keen forlocalauthorities to undertake investigation and
in addition the bill requireslocalauthorities to uphold access rights
roads maintain the right oflocalauthorities to use congestion charging
community services 11 payments bylocalauthorities towards expenditure by nhs
authority expenditure 11 payments bylocalauthorities towards expenditure by nhs
transport and the environment thelocalauthorities traffic orders exemption for
by 2 february 2003 thelocalauthorities traffic orders exemptions for
october 2002 rural development thelocalauthorities traffic orders exemptions for
by 2 february 2003 thelocalauthorities traffic orders exemptions for
will consider the following thelocalauthorities traffic orders exemptions for
by 2 february 2003 thelocalauthorities traffic orders exemptions for
october 2002 rural development thelocalauthorities traffic orders exemptions for
the following negative instruments thelocalauthorities traffic orders exemptions for
by 2 february 2003 thelocalauthorities traffic orders exemptions for
until 14 march 2002 thelocalauthorities traffic orders procedures scotland
until 14 march 2002 thelocalauthorities traffic orders procedures scotland
for the atbs comes fromlocalauthorities typically 30 40 of
right but that msps coslalocalauthorities uncle tom cobbleigh and
the capital consents given tolocalauthorities under local government legislation
has been allocated to scottishlocalauthorities under the excellence fund
to provide those powers tolocalauthorities under the new powers
plans in allocating resources tolocalauthorities under the other provisions
and renovated buildings rests withlocalauthorities under their control the
a lot depends on howlocalauthorities use the regulatory and
of the convention of scottishlocalauthorities various professional bodies were
projects a fair number oflocalauthorities want not only to
earlier you said that somelocalauthorities wanted the executive to
landlord as some of thelocalauthorities wanted to make others
that government supported expenditure tolocalauthorities was 3 6 per
trunk road maintenance contracts fromlocalauthorities was begun by the
heating programmes one of thoselocalauthorities was glasgow city council
clerk the convention of scottishlocalauthorities was included on the
to be carried out bylocalauthorities we also welcome the
people work more closely withlocalauthorities we are concerned that
working in practice working withlocalauthorities we are keen to
of the convention of scottishlocalauthorities we both serve on
implementation which are run bylocalauthorities we have commissioned research
in fairly small numbers bylocalauthorities we know who the
card that we get fromlocalauthorities we respond to demand
got the standards right whichlocalauthorities were advised only to
the start of the processlocalauthorities were consulted and there
how many of the relevantlocalauthorities were consulted regarding the
interviews that fire brigades notlocalauthorities were driving fire safety
to him he stressed thatlocalauthorities were looking to follow
happen if ministers felt thatlocalauthorities were not targeting enough
the scottish parliament and thelocalauthorities were rather busy with
meet the same criteria aslocalauthorities were the association said
we have no evidence fromlocalauthorities were the views of
each year and if scottishlocalauthorities were to improve their
apply to ministers separately fromlocalauthorities when there is a
include pupils with autism inlocalauthorities where figures have been
internal territorial legislative units andlocalauthorities which obviously have a
having a serious impact onlocalauthorities which only aggravates the
the short term capacity oflocalauthorities which presumably will be
the housing revenue accounts oflocalauthorities which represent more than
reduction in resources going tolocalauthorities which then decided to
handling of public petitions bylocalauthorities which varies from council
funding was then passed tolocalauthorities who are beginning to
the registers has fallen onlocalauthorities who are obliged to
financial support is available tolocalauthorities who are seeking to
from the crown estates tolocalauthorities who could then draw
whether it will list anylocalauthorities who have disciplinary procedures
not however to give ourlocalauthorities who need much support
for example of the 18localauthorities who responded to the
concern the decreasing number oflocalauthorities who still offer free
already available rests primarily withlocalauthorities whose powers and duties
should be cost neutral tolocalauthorities why did we go
is so different from otherlocalauthorities why does its scheme
need to be involved somelocalauthorities will also need to
measures such as kerbside collectionlocalauthorities will be able to
or a step beyond whatlocalauthorities will be able to
are doing in partnership withlocalauthorities will be critical in
that ministers make available tolocalauthorities will be dependent on
executive over what timescale alllocalauthorities will be expected to
for tupe regulations and thatlocalauthorities will be faced with
in the short term whenlocalauthorities will be gearing up
ask the scottish executive whetherlocalauthorities will be represented on
pool of money is knownlocalauthorities will be required to
be completed by march 2006localauthorities will complete their part
and how plans produced bylocalauthorities will fit into or
operating and programming costs sincelocalauthorities will have a crucial
before the contracts are signedlocalauthorities will have the opportunity
dignity to a solemn servicelocalauthorities will need to take
appoint a day from whichlocalauthorities will no longer take
smart card in scotland whichlocalauthorities will pilot can be
will be robust and thatlocalauthorities will produce plans on
the bill in whatever formlocalauthorities will react within the
funds that at least somelocalauthorities will receive david orr
choose to use alternative methodslocalauthorities will remain responsible for
in resource potentially available tolocalauthorities will seriously affect the
cases where the police andlocalauthorities will take no action
development funding is transferred tolocalauthorities will the change in
strategies and the role thatlocalauthorities will undertake tim ellis
homes to be transferred tolocalauthorities with a shift in
make this work available tolocalauthorities with a view to
structure and operation of scottishlocalauthorities with a view to
only by for example providinglocalauthorities with better guidance on
scheme being worked by individuallocalauthorities with each authority having
keith jones that would presentlocalauthorities with quite a lot
had or is having withlocalauthorities with regard to the
have been made of scottishlocalauthorities with regard to weight
for a bill to providelocalauthorities with the power to
for a bill to providelocalauthorities with the power to
calculated to ensure compliance bylocalauthorities with their duties under
ask the scottish executive whichlocalauthorities within greater glasgow and
valley tourist board received fromlocalauthorities within its area in
clyde valley tourist board bylocalauthorities within the board s
clyde valley tourist board bylocalauthorities within the board s
ask the scottish executive whichlocalauthorities within the greater glasgow
tender the contracts that thelocalauthorities won in 1996 mr
so burdensome and bureaucratic thatlocalauthorities would be reluctant to
has also been suggested thatlocalauthorities would come under a
who are on waiting listslocalauthorities would for that reason
example the convention of scottishlocalauthorities would have liked extra
making it so difficult thatlocalauthorities would have to do
designating pressured areas and thatlocalauthorities would need the relevant
through scottish homes now thatlocalauthorities would not be able
have significant cost implications forlocalauthorities written evidence from the
arts cooncil like the thelocalauthorities ye know i mean
for local authorities if alocalauthority does not act in
32 local authorities only onelocalauthority had replied and it
authorities during their property inspectionslocalauthority officers had virtually no
authorities is a group oflocalauthority officers the group brings
apply for permission from thelocalauthority or authorities in whose
would be horrified might thelocalauthority or health authorities get
stage we would get alocalauthority perspective from bilingual authorities
of the difficulties in managinglocalauthority services is that authorities
authorities planning authorities or otherlocalbodies in order to establish
authorities have implemented a freelocalbus travel scheme for elderly
lot of co operation betweenlocalclubs and local authorities 14
giving a clearer focus encouragelocalcompacts between local authorities and
of local authorities have agreedlocalcompacts with the voluntary sector
want local authorities to exerciselocalcontrol over policies and their
efficient working relations with thelocalenterprise companies and local authorities
as local authorities health boardslocalenterprise companies and some non
board the area tourist boardslocalenterprise companies planning authorities local
communicated with local authorities andlocalenterprise companies to identify suitable
boards local authorities and otherlocalfunders linda fabiani i accept
that the parliament encourages thelocalgovernment and health authorities in
users in scotland central andlocalgovernment and the health authorities
those affected by bullying bylocalgovernment authorities and agencies and
that local authorities seek outlocalgovernment benchmarking partners business bulletin
scottish local authorities cosla wherebylocalgovernment calls on the scottish
given to local authorities underlocalgovernment legislation local authorities can
item for the modernisation oflocalgovernment local authorities are beginning
2000 206 21 june 2000localgovernment the local authorities goods
2000 206 21 june 2000localgovernment the local authorities goods
2000 206 21 june 2000localgovernment the local authorities goods
on local authorities to producelocalhousing strategies it also deals
scotland as part of thelocalhousing strategies local authorities will
local authorities can set asidelocalplans if it suits their
inclusion in national regional andlocalpolicy development recommends local authorities
local enterprise companies planning authoritieslocalroad and traffic authorities tourist
awarded to local authorities forlocalroads maintenance s1w 33724 mr
projects often as part oflocaltourism partnerships additionally local authorities
the zeal of local authoritieslocaltourist boards and cartographers in
by some local authorities tolocalyoung carers groups and urges

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