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1101 49 thocht bi thelochanchu hsi 1130 1200 50
1130 1200 thocht bi thelochanthe gless o the lochan
they aa raced ben thelochanside tae heist the tyres
lochan the gless o thelochanleims an skimmers cannilie in
at its foun wis alochanpit mirk an weirdie frae
wi a lauch tae thelochans foun twis bappy fa
o the auld quarry thelochanablow wis like the mou
this aneth them the quarrylochanluikit grey as leid a
tap o the quarry thelochanseemed nae mair nor a
lookit doun tae the quarrylochanshe wis afore aa the
and pence there is alochanin a glen far from
still yonner doon at thelochans side twis nae mair
they gar me lang furlochans cweel aneth a heilan
chaumer here bi the lownlochanat mirrors the mukkil bens
the glen a daurk weelochana cran tentie halfway up
suicides awa the man madelochans lowrin slatey grey a
a steen deep inbye alochans pot ooto sicht bit
o aquas they ruled ilkalochanan burn an stank an
apent the clouse frae thelochansae the burn wes nerr
far the reeds in thelochanquiver this i offer tae
an on the wye thelochanswallaed the lassie hale an
thairsells ah speir at thelochanwhaur can ah finnd oniething
a myle back ti thelochanwhaur it bade he s
boatie the lady o thelochanfar we gaun on the
its shadda faain on thelochanlike a derk cross o
brukken paiddles fur oars thelochanwis cauld an blaik the
at least by name thelochanis probably the already mentioned
sheer drap doon tae thelochanjenny wis dowpit doon inno
makkin documentaries aboot foo thelochanwis dredged dichtit an muckit
for the craws in thelochanthe rashes war mirklyke as

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