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frey frances murphy zauhar durhamlondonduke university press 1993 pp
frey frances murphy zauhar durhamlondonduke university press 1993 pp
frey frances murphy zauhar durhamlondonduke university press 1993 pp
frey frances murphy zauhar durhamlondonduke university press 1993 pp
frey frances murphy zauhar durhamlondonduke university press 1993 pp
frey frances murphy zauhar durhamlondonduke university press 1993 pp
frey frances murphy zauhar durhamlondonduke university press 1993 pp
frey frances murphy zauhar durhamlondonduke university press 1993 pp
frey frances murphy zauhar durhamlondonduke university press 1993 pp
frey frances murphy zauhar durhamlondonduke university press 1993 pp
frey frances murphy zauhar durhamlondonduke university press 1993 pp
frey frances murphy zauhar durhamlondonduke university press 1993 pp
sociolinguistic patterns in british englishlondonarnold ellis a j 1889
sociolinguistic patterns in british englishlondonarnold macaulay r k s
sociolinguistic patterns in british englishlondonarnold milroy l 1980 language
sociolinguistic patterns in british englishlondonarnold robertson k 1994 a
sociolinguistic patterns in british englishlondonarnold romaine s 1982 sociolinguistic
sociolinguistic variation in speech communitieslondonarnold trudgill p 1975 accent
accent dialect and the schoollondonarnold trudgill p 1983 sociolinguistics
other autobiographical acts new yorklondonroutledge 1991 murphy timothy s
other autobiographical acts new yorklondonroutledge 1991 murphy timothy s
3 sylvia plath collected poemslondon1981 pp 210 173 74
thought ed by paul rainbowlondonpenguin 1991 pp 188 205
thought ed by paul rainbowlondonpenguin 1991 pp 188 205
the ballad and the folklondonroutledge 1972 pp 4 62
f1117: has it fallen downlondonbridge is f1118: falling down
is that enough f1117: nearlylondonbridge is falling down falling
f1118: falling down falling downlondonbridge is falling down [inaudible]
down falling down falling downlondonbridge is falling down my
writing introd by michèle barrettlondonthe women s press 1979
william burroughs berkley los angeleslondonuniversity of california press 1997
william burroughs berkley los angeleslondonuniversity of california press 1997
and theresa m kelley hanoverlondonuniversity press of new england
amongst yeah m1019: it slondonas well m1022: aye london
f1115: that s london f1116: londonf1115: mmhm f1116: i know
f1116: aye f1115: that slondonf1116: london f1115: mmhm f1116:
worsens when they get tolondonlondon might do a very
s different in london ohlondonmaconochie sneered dr johnson says
when they get to londonlondonmight do a very good
london as well m1022: ayelondonmmhm f1054: it s totally
muttered it s different inlondonoh london maconochie sneered dr
i understand that nurses inlondonreceive a london weighting allowance
know with from f1149: [inhale]londonto f1148: london to san
f1149: [inhale] london to f1148: londonto san francisco so erm
nurses in london receive alondonweighting allowance is not that
phonetics department at university collegelondonfounded in 1907 and indeed
also at the university oflondonfounded in 1932 which gives
k halliday at university collegelondonfrom 1964 to 1969 this
learning english development and diversitylondonroutledge the open university mcclure
part of the exspro projectlondonsouth bank university available from
british transport commission and herlondonbased manager were held to
by the british museum inlondonrejects claims by the british
by the british museum inlondonrejects claims by the british
british empire was to thelondonschool what the american indian
to the british council inlondonwho are running this scheme
well maybe train down tolondonand then across the channel
early morning boat train fromlondonat the harbour station remembers
rabbits were then sent tolondonby train tied in pairs
a hale truck load taelondonin e train fae auchterless
a bad train crash inlondonit s been a sad
early morning boat train fromlondonremembers with painful clarity watching
ellen takes the train tolondonwhere she and her correspondent
studied isn t it inlondonf1148: uh huh yeah f1149:
had like two hours inlondonin the end f1149: mmhm
wanted to go back tolondon[laugh] f1149: really that s
to go back down tolondonto like f1148: erm f1149:
to f1149: yeah f1148: tolondonto live there but not
was i i went tolondon[laugh] f1148: [laugh] no we
cambridge and she lives inlondonnow f1148: [laugh] uh huh
attitude that they flew tolondonin 1998 to give evidence
governed higher education briefing servicelondonjuly 1 1998 8 section
1998 will english be enoughlondonnuffield language inquiry lobianco j
1998 will english be enoughlondonnuffield language inquiry lobianco j
1998 will english be enoughlondonnuffield languages inquiry in where
1998 will english be enoughlondonnuffield languages inquiry in where
hundred scottish nurses work inlondonand that scottish nurses work
intended to attract nurses tolondonfrom other parts of the
pay rates some nurses inlondonwill be on a grade
essays on burns and scottlondoncassel co 1895 p 15
d70 3 in brother scotslondonconstable and co 1927 p
full for the first timelondonhodder stoughton 1898 p 96
catherine belsey and jane moorelondonmacmillan 1989 p 21 2
and national music of scotlandlondonroutledge 1970 p 131 17
lymburn 1936 second revised editionlondonwilliam hodge 1950 p 2
a media planner in alondonbased agency to promote something
so much easier for alondonbased decision maker to say
books are balanced if alondonbased paper wishes to get
which you referred which thelondonbased papers would regard as
advantage corporate edge based inlondonhad over any scottish firms
and research cilt based inlondonthe european union formally agreed
do a course down inlondonafter i ve finished after
m635: carrying on down tolondonand [cough] and i can
and took me down tolondonand said you know what
knots and crosses down tolondonand they would just have
both finished up down inlondonbut erm but no quite
t they go down tolondondon t drink the water
down to bath manchester andlondonfor the treatment of pain
cause my pals down inlondonif they re pregnant th-
to by his colleagues inlondonletting scotland down in the
a call centre down inlondonor somewhere but the guy
down after that until atlondonroad where an old man
had to fly down tolondonto see kids fashion shows
s the same down inlondontoo because they ve got
simply write and publish inlondonbut shaped english styles and
english pronunciation vols 1 5londonfasold r 1990 the sociolinguistics
b guerin english language gameslondonmacmillan educational retter c n
corpus of english corpus oflondonteenage english brown corpus of
karen graham round grammar puzzleslondonusborne english skills series purkis
power moved frae edinburgh taelondonwi james vi standard english
in expensive restaurants in parislondonand edinburgh i argue that
attract overseas students to edinburghlondonand warwick universities and brighton
for example the edinburgh andlondoneditions of any newspaper would
mark here with outlets inlondonmanchester and edinburgh the st
mouth in edinburgh worse inlondonof course you ve either
reiach hall edinburgh michael wilfordlondonrichard meier new york with
speed rail service to linklondonwith edinburgh glasgow and aberdeen
farm the second would straddlelondonroad in between the bridges
drive and right oot thelondonroad onto the dumfries road
take the new line tolondonroad which it would traverse
road links headed south fromlondonvia bruges montpelier and perpignan
mothers funeral we went tolondonfor a couple of weeks
this year john went tolondonfor a month to roberts
copy on vellum went tolondonin my translation into a
woolf born in 1880 alondonjew he went to ceylon
buildin trade went doon taelondonthat cause there s bigger
presbyterian planters he went tolondonthat stinking bog of tolerance
ye went bit doon inlondonye fell oan herd times
who had been back inlondonfor a fortnight after the
her young daughter diana inlondonin 1913 soon after she
i ll be going tolondonnext week then after about
international funds 160 billion afterlondonparis and frankfurt i agree
particularly when i worked inlondonthat after a few drams
an she wis born inlondonher folk wis doon there
even gang as far aslondonthey d just gae doon
they killt him doon inlondontoon x3 far the thames
the saxth rode doon taelondontoon x3 far the thames
brigitte ellemor lonely planet publicationslondon2003 the village in the
kingdom ec uk group inlondon22 april 2002 the convener
lot o 78 records inlondonan broadcast fae the aul
by scientists and professors inlondonan he wis gien an
hectic but enjoyable life inlondonand [censored: forename] had confirmed his
hüttner a german resident inlondonand correspondent of goethe and
the unsuccessful millennium dome inlondonand expresses dissatisfaction at the
up in the tower oflondonand he s visited by
seemed rustic and comic inlondonand in his writing he
imprisoned in the tower oflondonand then in windsor castle
imprisoned in the tower oflondonand then in windsor castle
they happen to be inlondonand they also receive a
because er that was inlondonand they wouldn t let
of the savile club inlondonand we know that both
actually have a car inlondonanyway but yeah might be
re talkin places in londo-londonare cheaper than this m818:
find that decisions made inlondonare not helpful in the
them eventually the neighbours inlondonare still in ignorance of
congenial to viewers in thelondonarea in consequence tv plays
will have to pay inlondonas he will be registered
beckett has been making inlondonas the blue ratings have
small extent perhaps in inlondonat least you know erm
re doing a trial inlondonat the moment with like
lady dorothy arbuthnott was inlondonat the time soldiers marched
her majesty s treasury inlondonbelieves that this money should
by the information commissioner inlondonbut it is not clear
go for a weekend inlondonbut they were admittedly going
o james somerset determined inlondonby the king s bench
go for a chippie inlondoncause there s that many
of education and employment inlondondecided to adopt an inclusive
in back kitchens as terracedlondoneats its breakfast we slide
the ane that suffered inlondonefter culloden d ye mind
eh at the ahrb inlondoneh just before christmas where
[laugh] why is she inlondonf1037: [laugh] she is in
john is still located inlondonfor his pension dr poll
of her experiences while inlondonfor the royal wedding 1948
have to live in innerlondonfor your work and buying
s hospital medical school inlondongiven the difference in estimated
that the metropolitan police inlondonhave received additional resources for
from the labour government inlondonhaving to pretend that it
1886 in memories and portraitslondonheinemann 1924 skerryvore edition of
pronunciation 1869 89 in thelondonhome of sir peter lumsden
with the belgian ambassador inlondonhow is the scottish executive
development in scotland rest inlondonhowever it is clear that
irishman hameseek an lanesome inlondonhyne awa frae his ain
was living and working inlondoni am a member of
the powers that be inlondoni doubt that we will
be here and not inlondoni m trying to work
that we are all inlondoni ve been spending most
the majority labour government inlondonin 1999 liberal democrats promised
the european commission office inlondonin december 2002 s1w 27400
like i mean in inlondonin particular i d never
rates have been paid inlondonin recognition of higher living
hi fidelity is changed fromlondonin the novel to chicago
to the philological society inlondonin this paper he suggested
s livin in england inlondon[inaudible] place is torry f1043:
t say too much inlondonjust in case some envious
them all john is inlondonjust now i don t
governance indeed i was inlondonlast week at a meeting
kind of f963: mm m762: londonlike place in the nineteenth
through translation which happens inlondonm1174: no no m608: no
mortgage for a place inlondonon his wages and he
of the e envoy inlondonon standards for the card
60 per night in greaterlondonor c in respect of
in where is it inlondonor no where is it
have been perfectly acceptable inlondonparis or new york for
sitting in the tower oflondonrotting wanting out [click] [inhale]
the unitit kingdom pairlament inlondonroyal assent whan a bill
the united kingdom parliament inlondonroyal assent when a bill
[inaudible] if she s inlondonshe should try this [laugh]
a level throu edexcel inlondonsimilar wi the want o
a level through edexcel inlondonsimilarly with the lack of
quite a long stay inlondonso my mum decided to
chrissy when i was inlondonso she knows about the
to get on with inlondonsuch as the old boys
sending more in taxes tolondonthan it receives as for
you explain for folk inlondonthat s never seen a
to kid the neighbours inlondonthat we are all in
main publications were printed inlondonthe centre of the printing
and a further 2 inlondonthe jobs under threat at
the unitit kingdom pairlament inlondonthe scottish pairlament can debate
the united kingdom parliament inlondonthe scottish parliament can debate
her majesty s treasury inlondonthe snp will continue to
presents came from selfridges inlondonthe worst winter i remember
now with the times inlondonthere are few carswell letters
the rowland hill awards inlondonthere had been success for
national criminal intelligence service inlondonthere would be an opportunity
carmen to my friend inlondonthese verses in ardochivm scriptvs
f1037: living and working inlondonthey come up and every
in tae the city olondontill s wark i wis
an hour edward flew fromlondonto fredericton in one day
scots in an exodus tolondonto make his fortune wrote
to the scotch hospital inlondonto support those who had
miltonmuir mr rainbird came fromlondonto work in arbuthnott house
a livin among strangers inlondontoon bit sune the strangers
was living in lodgings inlondontrying to make himself a
an settin o nineteenth centurielondontwinty year in the researchin
the high court ruling inlondonwhich brushed aside the possible
opportunity to be bad inlondonwhich was one reason why
dictation from a barrister inlondonwhich was quite an extraordinary
hope that her colleagues inlondonwho are trusted with scotland
clothes from a company inlondonwho specialised in ex government
as if the business inlondonwill go through eventually the
accountant lived and worked inlondonwith his wife and family
the work he does inlondonwith nato generals but is
health service john is inlondonwith robert he has now
f1037: [laugh] she is inlondonyeah absolutely yeah and er
suitcases everytime we go betweenlondonand here we ve been
money up to go tolondonfor a weekend and we
time and i go tolondonfor about 2 weeks or
t try to go tolondonfor the funeral i meant
he has invited me tolondongo to the jazz clubs
commuting from kent up tolondonto go to drama school
his court with him tolondonas a result the language
language games for young learnerslondonlongman watcyn jones peter 1995
introduction to language and societylondonpenguin wainwright f 1955 the
secretary various auction catalogues fairslondon2000 letter from [censored: forename] [censored: surname]
well connected just back fromlondonand paris yet you were
the flight from luxembourg tolondonbut then they didn t
to do with control fromlondonby labour it may well
20 billion revenue to thelondonexchequer from oil and gas
was that broadcast from f965: londonf963: right uh huh f965:
hl128 session 1999 2000 onlinelondonhmso available from http www
sent up ehm somebody fromlondoni suppose from their embassy
from working class areas oflondonliverpool manchester and glasgow more
arrived at bervie station fromlondonto be met by my
a two hour flight fromlondonto frankfurt then barcelona and
its own budget its newlondonleader has taken it to
a job on the undergroundlondontransport its terrible shift work
book my seat back tolondonfor next week i ll
now and goes back tolondontomorrow he s had his
fine john goes back tolondontomorrow so if you come
james reed the border balladslondon1975 is also useful as
and they also receive alondonweighting allowance that happens across
are overcome the people oflondonwill no doubt also have
such movies as window onlondonand who was tipped to
who tried to fly offlondonbridge and the trombone player
who photocopied the map ceylonlondone stanford 1882 shelfmark map
who sent one dozen tolondonthe other was used locally
oh this is better thanlondonand the shops now are
is it again amsterdam delhilondonno i have it now
the underground to get tolondonbut we only had like
debate as to whether alondonshopkeeper or a savage had
at heliopolis benjamin baker oflondonunderground fame had engineered the
had an obelisk trawled tolondonwithin a decade he was
the royal philatelic society oflondona distinction that was well
m865: cockney well cockney islondonisn t it yeah well
bobby dazzler big as alondonbus its horns so strong
on the bus to thelondoneye one lawnmower its neck
court and its patronage tolondonwhen the literary revival came
them we were away tolondonand then we d make
wave tapes with the stranglerslondonlady get a grip on
pressure on them by forcinglondontransport to get rid of
club during their visits tolondon40 robertson smith probably nominated
the spanish coast north tolondonand south to the illes
opposition richard is pandering tolondonand that is the problem
to halifax at the momentlondoncairo costs about 150 if
retains reciprocal members ties tolondonclubs the enterprising victorian artist
writing m608: mmhm m078: tolondoner running his groups of
scotland being second only tolondonfor uk shopping notes the
state baynes is gone tolondonif you see him enquire
to leith newcastle hull andlondonit would be good for
scottish crown he relocated tolondontaking many of his courtiers
having to be routed throughlondonthus speeding up and making
taxis a the wye faelondonto collect some o their
visited contemporary art gallery outsidelondonto prove that s not
which his father travelled tolondonto receive over 8 000
research unit at kings collegelondonto this effect and asks
of his government and successivelondongovernments the first minister it
threatened with short time workinglondonis very short of jobs
o mourne oh mary thislondons a wonderful sight with
it f807: which one westminsterlondonf806: [inhale] yeah erm that
early vernacular circles notably thelondoncircle so much derided by
interrogation by the gestapo thelondonschool so far i haven
abolition of hunting and snaringlondon11 sca 1999 personal communication
volume 2 action plans hmsolondon24 reynolds jc and tapper
the religion of the semiteslondonadam and charles black 1927
aye ye hear a abootlondonand clydeside an ye never
programmes are produced outside thelondonarea and only a small
sbbc 19 and the greaterlondonauthority gla have commissioned research
portrait of aberdeen and deesidelondonhale gumperz j 1972 sociolinguistics
it being the motorised nightmarelondonhas become and red square
beside the bonnie briar bushlondonhodder and stoughton mclellan r
the varieties of religious experiencelondonlongmans green and co 1902
grieve and w r aitkenlondonmartin brian o keeffe vol
licensed pubs and clubs outsidelondonnotes the disproportionate responsibility on
my administration and i notlondonor anyone else will decide
and the onlooking blacks oflondonpacked into the public gallery
again and as a certainlondonpeer has said that we
the scottish market and thelondonprinters quite cheerfully changed anything
far away as derby andlondonprominent personalities were the deputy
including newcastle s biscuit factorylondons flying colours and glasgow
researched mair nor nineteenth centurielondonthe complexities and machinations o
have been easier at thelondonend but the prices here
as was that for philatexlondon1 3 march treasurer absent
file as thick as thelondonphone books jim higgins grunted
james reed the border balladslondon1975 there are many selections
lynne grundy king s collegelondon1995 b we are running
scottish television is almost entirelylondoncentred few television programmes are
mink t ad poyser ltdlondon23 biodiversity the uk steering
choice is clear labour slondongovernment has not scrapped tuition
is a lot cheaper thanlondonmiss goldie that is right
proposed is certainly not alondonsolution because the journey that
classics 1997 the camomile 1922londonvirago 1987 the latter is
objects were all lodged atlondontransport s lost property office
council of the city oflondonbut excluding a parish or
9 bfss hunting the factslondon10 league against cruel sports
fraser s the steel bonnetslondon1971 gives good background while
macdonald fraser the steel bonnetslondon1971 james reed the border
thae irish aicht oors taelondonaiblins we ll sleep an
taakin tae the stages olondonbit scotland gie s a
v mayor etc of thelondonborough of hillingdon anderton ap
wipin wi the flu alondonfog becloods ma brain ma
j lennox the great stormlondonharrap 1954 machaffie fraser g
1963 report the robbins reportlondonhmso cmnd 2154 13 the
harper 2003 profile books ltdlondonpage 101 102 i page
peely wally nyaff frae actonlondonsays the rock connach a
time for all the biglondontheatres shakespeare company all that
of the common fisheries policylondonuk fisheries departments 1 i

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