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o the bonnie fite hairedloona halflin grown he raxxed
lip a bonnie fite hairedloona young man noo he
heroin the bonnie fite hairedloonae nicht the streets o
at the bonnie fite hairedloonhe coories like a cooshie
upon the bonnie fite hairedloonhe toddlit at his mither
brakk the bonnie fite hairedloontune tramps hawkers twis on
on tae be the orraloonbut sune a wis a
unmerriet grieve an the orraloondandy davie fa waukit ower
i wadna be an orraloonj c milne i shid
skyrie an fantoosh as theloons war plain an orra
oot for dandy the orraloontae cairt cinders oot ontae
smiles to herself muriel peerloonpeer peer loon she walks
muriel peer loon peer peerloonshe walks on the lights
makin faces an lachin eloonthocht tae spit e fite
wi glinties o e skyloonan quine watchin e performance
torture o haein tae sitloonaside quine at ilky desk
f902: quine no f606: orloonm903: they did up there
quine and which is theloonmorgan or jude they did
s aye either got aloonor a quine dependin on
s meenie s jock sloons quine f1041: [laugh] f1043:
s meenie s jock sloons quine f1041: meenie s
s bob s jock sloons quine ye ken m1015:
heir jist a half grownloonat strathbogie college in the
an ye re a grownloonnoo ye ken yer ain
the toon a half grownloonthat hated the ferm an
hamewirk matty wis a dourloona scholar nae as bonnie
bonnie fin he wis aloonblaik heidit like aa oor
you he s a bonnielooni send for a the
the bin f1105: right cleverloonain t ye m1106 : three
f1089: are ye a cleverloonhey are ye a clever
it oh that a cleverloonm1110: i m doing do
women ye re an affaloondod an i dinna want
serious dinna you dare myloondod and drappet them in
audience a richt chancer myloondod mind you ye re
enter dod this is myloonmy only son she starts
dod hello ma georgie ayeloonto audience he s ca
gin ye re a guidloonwe ll veesit uncle dod
hyowin wi e souter sloona learnet kinna lad a
bunker yer a flemish kinnaloontakk a daunder up deeside
bunker yer a flemish kinnaloontakk a daunder up deeside
trickit kinna chiel persuaded aloonto bore holes in e
story fin willie wis aloonat hame we wis in
aa stoppit tho fin alooncam back riggit oot as
born fin navachitta deed thelooncam ower tae brian an
tee fin e wis aloone wis like a sin
enyeuch fin i wis aloonfullin e backet o corn
them sally bruce gaed herloonhis first dram fin his
eence fin i wis alooni wis playin some hidin
tae fin he wis aloonin the spring time fin
bend fin i wis aloonrinnin aboot in drumblade and
er fin a wis aloonthen there was a superstition
plantin e withert breemstocks eloontrailt fae e wid fin
ploys fin i wis aloonwis tae set weer snares
him when andy was aloonbessie oh aye gladys an
alistair when he was aloonbessie when alistair was a
bessie when alistair was aloongladys na he used tae
his drink bessie if thatloonhas ony mair tae drink
feeding horse loo warm lukewarmloonboy loot let emitted lowe
boy voice dinna worry mylooni ll tell the bobbies
is fancy smitten is infectedloonis a lad or boy
built youth or boy virraloonis the very boy houlet
you say boy we sayloonyou say child we say
birdie s yon speired aloonat the door anely a
them a skinnymalink o aloonat yon glekit age o
countries you should hear yonloonin there speaking of rowland
vague yon vratch o aloonis a walkin plague enclosed
s that ye say yonloons wee jimmy s grandson
feathers like weird weemin yonloonwis me bappy blooterit oot
i gaed on fur baillieloonan syne i gaed on
lime ay gaed tae theloonauld scots law naitural law
heard efterhin she hid aloondanny paterson gaed bi the
gaed tae sikk oot herloonthey sat in the hospital
some frien or neebor sloonay aiberdeen s o granite
roosed it s niver oorloonay hers ye ve got
prnickity kinno vratch fur aloonay likin aathing ironed an
richt are we no maloonay ma we re solid
tinks likes ither ay ayloonhe wid say ye widna
that hid coortit a localloonagainst her faither s wishes
i hid as a weeloonan maybe ere s something
hid started awa as aloonan worked his wye up
o the human embryos theloonhid bin pitten aa wye
her bairn kieran bit theloonhid nae taste ava fur
speired he d say theloonhid taen anither o s
hid taen his bailie sloontae dae sic a thing
telt him it s thonloonagain yer grandson i tuik
fingers for eat yer fishloonan i had tae use
it see him yer bigloonhe said tae my ma
yer youth yer marts yerloonyer neebors an yer wife
can be a strong youngloonagain come closer in about
fur a young an cheerfuloonan aince he tellt he
strong ae day a younglooncam tae see er and
if you re a youngloongaein to the school you
the laird wis a youngloonhe traivelled frae leddrach tae
ring till it the youngloonlauched will ye fancy me
guests an tae a youngloonor wis t a lass
fit teenie needs a youngloontakin her aff to the
d pitten a young feedloonthrow the mystery o the
some young an lusty gallusloonwill set the horns upon
thocht bit back tae theloonan s wikkeyn visit tae
picter of hell bi somelooncaad hieronymus bosch they thocht
aulder than nava an aloonhe thocht that gied him
at the hinnereyn a blinlooncam tae ludge in her
in mair humble surroondins theloontakkin piana lessons cam hame
an nae stridelegged like aloonan dinna makk daisy canter
read tho she wisna aloonan dinna warrant a fancy
jimmy nooadays he caas meloonbit i dinna mind really
custard slices i cooried doonloonif ye dinna like the
aboot black blackness as aloonlikely at e skweel though
try onywye nuh coordie eloonmade a flist at e
bit i doot a hungryloonwidda been myangin for e
wife takin peety on eloonwillie didna hae a great
e day i min eloonwis grubbin e siderigs gettin
till onybody else e gairmanloonwisna fun an e papers
it he wis a fernytickeltloonaa airms an legs like
though he wis a quaetloonarthur gey thochtfu like it
things there wis an albinoloonat the academy wi a
wi nae hugger muggery theloonfa tint his watch wis
said there wis a teenageloonwi her should hae luikit
o ye like a fineloonan nae hae her thinkin
fine pussie quo he theloondanny wisna the sherpest tool
halflin grannie leuch peter maloonit s a richt fine
a fine silk hat aloons marble a pair of
s purse like a fineloonthe veggie man s sheltie
like kings we treat baithloonan lord oor city s
dother some ither body sloontwa bairns doon oor bit
won that s a richtloonnae hard feelings just min
richt smitten ivver a coortinloons a bap quidna sup
fairly spoken bi some buchanloonahin a ploo his toast
a puckle novels bi theloonhissel vivian gray coningsby and
sour i m nae yourloonan this is nae my
mind she s nae aloonaye lads the lassies bak
nae relief fit sorra slooninventit teeth on supply alpha
foo are ye deein myloonronnie sour i m nae
nae bother noo the youngerloonwas the een we re
est neque arca jockie maloonye ve nae flunkeys nae
lang merriet tae a fishermanloonnoo he hidna muckle siller
get ower close tae aloonor something micht happen tho
lirk like a froon theloonstrode ower tae the reeds
lowsin his belt afore theloonwon ower the stable door
ye an wheesht hissed theloongeese war fleein in lang
war gey comeat that theloonshould takk his faither s
like a gweed fermer sloontill ma hauns they war
never let you see theloonagain angelica relieved gives a
matthew bruce niver let hisloonforget it matty wadna gyang
be stilled tae let theloonget on wi his hamewirk
took a likin tae theloonso willie had some stories
coort matthew bruce telt hisloontae ging intae the stable
oh i widna expec aloontae mairch doon the hallaa
dumpling an you an aiberdeenloontae neil what is it
stick get up the stairsloonan see fit s happened
the cost fa s theloonlookin feart an lost fit
mother thomas edward tammy maloonrobert tammy tammy ma brither
o learnin meant that thelooncould haud his ane wi
thin vyce there s aloonhere wints a news wi
she nivver sleepit wi onyloonon the first date on
prophetic entrails broth o aloons bin spiced wi unca
his the back o theloons kuckles wi sic a
flichtered the provost spakk aloonsaluted wi a bairn s
a lang streak o aloonwi a croon o neat
tree comes like a kintraloonwi a singin telegram the
i used to ken aloonwi the same name as
it you can tak theloonwi you if you like
here fan i was aloonye used to walk doon
veesitors his wife jenny hisloonbrian executives frae his company
game o mrs baxter sloonshe canna dish his denner
forgot a aboot her weeloonthat risked his life to
a fairmer or fairmer sloonunless he be working his
ledrach smiddy an the andersonloonfrae the dairy an jess
an the caunle frae ilkieloonin turn garrin the halflins
ye can since jude sloonkieran jyned the human nutrition
why ye ken [inaudible] aloonm1000: aye yes aye m999:
doom god whit kept yeloonwendy swept past him into
had managed to locate someloonin a bear suit and
the abyne mart some luckyloonmicht hae the tap aff
crooks her pinkie at aloonan he starts actin feel
got a temporary job asloonbecause someone was ill they
the setterday daunce quo theloonblawin a ring o rikk
mabel s uncle and theloonhad a flap in the
kirkyard when as a weelooni lived at brideswell cottages
a he s a farmerloon[laugh] f832: but does he
m gled i ve aloonquines are nithing but trouble
s a cooper daein aloons job for georgie it
stubbs a ten year auldloonsmairt as paint an fu
a weeter an a wycerloonsnailie iii slivvery slivvery bubbly
bairns sax quines an aeloonthey bade in a hoose
efter i mairriet a tarlanloonthree o the fower bairns
pure manna for a hungryloonto end the notes from
uh huh m903: fae herloonfan he come f902: john
and books aloud for theloons benefit so says he
s makin coffee pause thatloons improving loretta he s
cried granda efter her theloonhere disna like them i
stride damn she banned herloonleuch tichtenin the pyock slung
brither matty s the youngestloonin the back park sae
that s you tellt myloonneil wondering what has hit
arrives peggy at s theloonover the next dialogue neil
s m1042: ella ella sloons cousin an you d
tells you which eens theloonan i ve never met
it aye an ill fashintlooni haaled awa twa o
pull yoursel thegether an rinloonrin i m gan up
poems 2003 winnlestrae poems 2003loonscots novella 2002 boorich o
idea at the time thelooni shid stop caain him
on peggy off surprised goodlooni m just ready for
house so father sent theloonto the shop at corse
i will that come onlooni ll meet you roon
giving us crannie cweet dubsloonlow german and dutch could
help their uncle and theloonto twine hay rapes with
the kitchen along with theloonwho slept in the house

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