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very different fae you lorettalorettaacknowledging the awful truth of
enter loretta slowly miserably peggylorettafit s adee loretta he
need to awa neil lorettalorettafrank s hame i ll
peggy are you sure tealorettagladys loretta just a quick
peggy loretta fit s adeelorettahe winna speak tae me
she s going to findlorettahello loretta loretta not looking
you are close to lorettalorettai ken it s a
jumpy loretta is something wronglorettai m just on edge
have to find something elselorettai mean it loretta i
else loretta i mean itlorettai will just gi e
peggy you re affa jumpylorettais something wrong loretta i
you sure tea loretta gladyslorettajust a quick cup i
up very different fae youlorettaloretta acknowledging the awful truth
ll need to awa neillorettaloretta frank s hame i
where you are close tolorettaloretta i ken it s
going to find loretta hellolorettaloretta not looking up hello
o an occasion for youlorettaloretta oh it s been
to find loretta hello lorettalorettanot looking up hello peggy
an occasion for you lorettalorettaoh it s been fine
i ken they laugh enterlorettaslowly miserably peggy loretta fit
peggy it wouldna be richtlorettaa fine bricht summer s
should arrange something for herlorettaa party peggy just something
that peggy surprised is helorettaand he brocht me oot
to other people especially neillorettaand peggy have a strong
he wanted peggy i kenlorettagave him his ain wye
let it happen tae youlorettahave i ony choice peggy
never managed it can ilorettai dinna ken peggy i
she might be oot herelorettai hinna seen her peggy
peggy dinna think that wyelorettai mean once he d
ken peggy i m sorrylorettai shouldna burden you wi
years mak a that differencelorettai think so peggy but
will that do peggy offlorettais she outside neil off
they could never live thegetherlorettait s a problem peggy
tae mak up peggy fitlorettalooking up and switching back
my day peggy drily butlorettanever notices irony i m
all it says peggy poorlorettanothing seems to go right
peggy teasing her nae tattieslorettaoven chips twa minutes in
ain wye peggy jist thatlorettapeer frank pause peer frank
chair and follows peggy offlorettapicks up another and follows
folk ye ken peggy ayelorettaquietly just tryin tae get
begins to show itself onlorettas face peggy is just
peggy it doesna solve onythinglorettashe s a fechter she
s been for a whilielorettasince that day peggy regretting
t i peggy firmly nolorettasittin doon here wi youse
bonnie shapes can t youlorettasometimes peggy i m a
noo have i peggy ohlorettathat s nae a life
it here like peggy nolorettawe ll fly abody tae
gladys peggy sits down bylorettawho has spent the entire
i m making coffee forlorettawill that do peggy off
she dishes out mugs tolorettaand gladys keeping the third
men are gladys michty ayelorettahe was happy fan he
keepin oot o the sunlorettai ken gladys hoo s
strangle him gladys g walorettai was weel it was
onything has gladys been owerlorettanae that i ve seen
weel i dinna gladys tolorettaquietly she aye has tae
stage he goes off againlorettaso so gladys sympathetically oh
the weight aff my feetlorettathe toon busy gladys nae
see gladys think aboot itlorettawould gi e a han
him first frank then malorettaaye she relapses into grieving
was that you neil yeslorettadid you see frank neil
it aye seemed tae rainlorettaan you enjoyed it bessie
same i ve spoken taelorettaand neil bessie apparently hurt
to eat too bessie andlorettaare served by the others
boot at s good atlorettafirmly tae bessie they toast
bessie shouting no i dinnalorettahearing the front door and
bessie s daughter aged 59lorettajack a neighbour aged 48
een on me bessie tolorettajust put the broon paper
folk s lives bessie tolorettamrs chesterton was een you
bessie aye it was grandlorettato think i complain aboot
stick bessie i forgot anlorettawas needin me neil off
toast her neil speech speechlorettaaye come on mrs livingstone
coffee made neil right exitlorettafar away i never argued
something a coke or somethinglorettafar away what neil can
and gives them a grinlorettagood for neil i m
tae this neil grunts mmmmlorettai canna min it ever
aff then neil was richtlorettai dinna ken he hasna
going to last neil nolorettai wish i d the
with more restraint than neillorettawhat a heat she loosens
firm does he work forlorettaworried kirton s neil that
pile of paper napkins andlorettabusies herself with them i
can i get you anythinglorettaforcing herself to take notice
sits down in tears herselflorettagently dinna fight it a
up the stairs tae helplorettahe goes she forces herself
to bring herself to comfortlorettaphysically she makes a half
a just an affa wastelorettalife you re askin the
couldna gi e it uplorettapause is that affa selfish
that affa selfish o melorettashakes her head sympathetically nuh
a century it s affalorettastill gently are you trying
wisna but it s truelorettadinna let it happen tae
kent an a they wantedlorettagently sadly dinna knock it
bbc said it would rainlorettai dinna ken i never
life than television and bingolorettai dinna like ony o
here but i dinna kenlorettait depends fit ye want
why i dinna tak herlorettait s nae my place
pause that loon s improvinglorettahe s trying tae mak
have done to stop himlorettai suppose pause let him
down to read pause enterlorettashe is wearing a black
man s tea nae onlorettacomplacently he s gettin a
like a cup o tealorettano no thanks can i
he was a richt temerarelorettafit s this aboot walkin
wint tae think aboot itlorettafit wye no ye re
fit s it a abootlorettais it a just an
fit s gan tae happenlorettashe s gan tae bide
knowing nod weel weel weellorettaso just watch fit you
raither nae bide for itlorettamaking a brave effort na
it than that i thinklorettana na it s perfectly
for one day a yearlorettana this is settled in
he he s improving thenlorettaweel if he is it
put on this mornin thoughlorettaweel you ll find oot
ye min your ma tolorettafolk aye came for her
there was folk underneath itlorettamercy in this street i
everyone again all settle downlorettai m going to mak
m a neill ye kenlorettaneill s my ain name
s what it says herelorettai knew there was something
strong and urgent that slorettasomething s happened tae her
have come in handy thoughlorettacertainly i can hardly move
a fecht some days thoughlorettahas your back been troublin
good for aberdeen though ehlorettai suppose so she sighs
s the 11th a fortnightlorettareed wine though i m
ma couldna ging onywye elselorettai ll dae some sausage
is he aye at peterheidlorettanaething else for t is
pittin it aff for weekslorettadee it noo here the
she collapses on a chairlorettamildly take your coat aff
it s turned richt uplorettait s him hame for
bairns it s nae richtlorettait s nae kate you
from off stage it islorettaupstairs in her own flat
go off to collect anythinglorettawithout enthusiasm can i help
baith are sadly just younglorettaaye i suppose so nae
even less purpose than minelorettai m nae sae sure
nae a life for youlorettait ll occupy my mind
was the end o tlorettanae for peer mrs morrison
his bed half the daylorettanae this past three days
nor does she drink itlorettasuddenly coming to life from
she s never mentioned thatlorettagives her a knowing nod
up the road was hitlorettain this street i never
on noo ma come onlorettabrings her a hankie and
he s fixed up noolorettafollowed the fish tae peterheid
by himsel for a whilelorettahe s just sittin there
the story and the memorieslorettai can just see you
weather for it till todaylorettait s just the same
see foo she s deeinlorettawe were just speakin aboot
side o me the daylorettayou re just feelin doon
it s a lang storylorettagood let s hae it
re a worryin aboot yelorettait s true mrs livingstone
wi him awa sae mucklelorettaoh i didna mind that
it afore i ging awalorettarising is at the front
s eighty in a fortnightlorettaaye so she was saying
sighs luxuriously after a momentlorettaenters she is from the
her on a sunday morninglorettaof course she bade here
tae ye isn t itlorettashe s good is she
expected tae keep daein thatlorettawould she maybe ging an
she doesna get it analorettawould ye hae it here
they re closing it downlorettaclosin it oh michty me
canna be daein wi itlorettasitting down again you shouldna
tae ging tae the toiletlorettaaw at s a shame
tae dee for the bestlorettayou ll ha e tae
going back to his readinglorettayou wouldn t think it
at each ither s throatslorettaaye they need each ither
right starts to go milklorettaflat uncaring aye and two
een you ve met herlorettahave i oh aye a
take one from my flatlorettacould i oh it would
oh in the name tolorettai ve been using broon
and another can of beerlorettaseeing the can oh no
to him he is embarrassedlorettaand finally cheers the wifie
tactful in some wyes likelorettai tell him that every
out of a doze whatlorettawe re haein a party
if only he knew howlorettai haven t been out
doesna like too much heatlorettai love it canna get
that s what i thoughtlorettapanic beginning there hasna been
are you gettin ower itlorettaunable to speak nods i
not opening his eyes nolorettait s like is every
hinna deen that for ageslorettathat s a new een
declaration of war in 1939lorettayou couldna min that you
know this is for melorettanot listening a tango would
to pay much attention tolorettawho is slowly coming to
of the chair and exitslorettaimmediately slips into his chair
there d be murder donelorettaalmost able to laugh within
social security susan mcphee andlorettagaffney citizens advice scotland 3
birthday the others all singlorettajoining in reluctantly at first
the planes and the bombslorettathere wasna much bombin in

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