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aulder than time far thelotusgrowes pure fae its birthbed
rain spirit house dragon blouselotusflower siam tower tourist police
waukers an snakes lagoons leecheslotuslakes buddhist scorpions buffalo rabies
bedouin berber djinn crocodile cobralotusebony nubian sufi and whirling
slae throu the bamboo shawslotusleafs dance ahint the fisherman
a triangle buddha an invisiblelotusthe alchemist if i cud
billion waukenin starns floats wilotuspetals on fower bowls three
bi the wal splittin thelotuspods aye in his ain
yowk o the three foillotusnae mair sall we anter
a cleaned glaiss inbye thelotuspetals stert tae open inbye
at the waist to sitlotusfashion on his cushion and
next is golden here thelotusgrows the heart s dark
issa whitna lyke warld whanlotusflouers ir ploued doun intil
angelica ay chaumer o thelotusweill wappit see wi cammavine

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