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it be lovely lovely lovelylovelyed stew sing all i
m1013: that s good yeahlovelyf1054: that was lovely no
oh lovely m1106: is itlovelyf1105: mmhm a lot better
the top f1118: it slovelyf1117: lovely f1118: it s
f1118: it s lovely f1117: lovelyf1118: it s lovely when
it was lovely it waslovelyf606: when you got there
lovely girl she was alovelygirl in school and she
f965: and she was alovelygirl she was a lovely
s lovely m1048: she islovelyi really like her f1049:
occasion yeah f889: it waslovelyit was lovely f606: when
lovely you ve done alovelyjob with my hair f1114:
that s lovely that slovely[laugh] f890: [laugh] f606: so
t it be lovely lovelylovelylovely ed stew sing all
wouldn t it be lovelylovelylovely lovely ed stew sing
eat wouldn t it belovelylovely lovely lovely ed stew
oooooh wouldn t it belovelylovely lovely lovely wouldn t
wouldn t it be lovelylovelylovely lovely wouldn t it
world wasn t full oflovelylovely men why am i
apples you know these looklovelylovely red apples are they
t it be lovely lovelylovelylovely wouldn t it be
s a shame she slovelym1048: she is lovely i
can i smell them ohlovelym1106: is it lovely f1105:
wasn t full of lovelylovelymen why am i hurting
yeah lovely f1054: that waslovelyno pauses no hesitations m1012:
you know these look lovelylovelyred apples are they poisoned
singers are lovely they relovelysingers here an f746: oh
few m1013: isn t itlovelysoft f1054: that s lovely
an think oh that slovelythat s lovely [laugh] f890:
music here the singers arelovelythey re lovely singers here
lovely soft f1054: that slovelyvery [inaudible] m1012: there like
f1117: lovely f1118: it slovelywhen we eat pancakes f1117:
it be lovely lovely lovelylovelywouldn t it be doll
mirror [inhale] oh that slovelyyou ve done a lovely
huh mm f890: it slovelycountryside f889: aye mmhm we
it was beautiful it waslovelyf606: mmhm f890: carpets everything
nice uh huh she slovelyf606: uh huh f890: and
as big but it islovelyf890: it s not as
carpets everything f889: it waslovelyf890: james laid tiles in
in dunoon oh it slovelyf890: why you see the
an downstairs oh it slovelyf890: yeah yes f606: mm
f889: oh aye it slovelyan it s actually in
yeah f889: but it slovelyand they re right at
is f889: oh it slovelynice an homely f606: mm
f606: mmhm f889: it slovelyupstairs an downstairs oh it
a beautiful cake it slovelyf1114: that s that s
always beautiful it was alwayslovelyf963: mm aw f965: but
cronulla which is beautiful alovelylittle m815: yeah m816: town
she f1103: [inaudible] she slovelyshe s beautiful f1104: i
a beautiful baroque building withlovelystaircases and chandeliers and so
i- f1111: you can smelllovelyall day f1112: and my
going places so you smelllovelyall day long f1112: uh
bonny smell f1074: that slovelyi mind when we were
smell the [?]numbers[/?] f1089: ohlovelym1090: [sniff] hm i want
bonny the smell will belovelywhat a nice smell okay
helsinki the finnish countryside waslovelyand rather like sweden lots
the opera cinderella prokoviev versionlovelyball scene corps excellent lots
well thank you that slovely[inhale] we re finding lots
oh wouldn t it belovelylots of coal makin lots
long johns the sweater islovelywarm and lots of folk
layer of ice today islovelyand sunny though even warm
oh hurray oh it islovelyand warm here what about
year we have had somelovelydays recently quite warm and
money it s been alovelyweek warm and sunny i
anything but it still lookedlovelyf746: mm that s a
yachts f746: oh wow ohlovelyf978: so and then we
all the time it islovelyin f746: i suppose it
eh f746: oh that slovelymm f978: eh people made
in summer it s alovelytrip overnight f746: mm uh
good day mass at 10lovelydinner turkey plenty to eat
when we eat pancakes f1117: lovelywhen we eat pancakes f1118:
what had become of thatlovelygirl annette strachan very bright
school and she s alovelygirl now f963: mm f965:
schedule ann is a reallylovelygirl she s 28 years
very nice m1014: cyprus yeslovelyf1054: we ll start aff
this is [inaudible] it slovelyf1125: clever f1126: nice mm
which is charming f1150: ohlovelyit s always nice to
and a nice and alovelyman he was he taught
my back oh that slovelythat s really nice come
only a week it waslovelyto see nice things in
f1111: oh that s justlovelyf1112: i nearly burnt my
s not it s justlovelyf1112: no it s too
surprise hooray isn t itlovelyf1112: uh huh f1111: [laugh]
wow f1111: wow that slovelyf1112: we could draw inside
f1111: oh it s justlovelyi think oh f1112: no
wash your face [rubs face in hands] f1112: lovelyin my face f1111: ready
be good will it belovelyokay f1112: i tasted it
little red riding hood slovelyfurry suit faither s back
american ones that are solovelymackinto- canadian mackintosh red but
red you d make alovelyparcel to unwrap in some
f1111: oh that s alovelyone you re a very
one f1111: oh that slovelywhat else is there in
pleased wi it it slovelyf606: mmhm so did you
when we lost all thatlovelyfood [laugh] yeah f606: [laugh]
isn t it is itlovelyf1130: what else is in
nae f1107: no bono slovelyisn t he m1108: and
the tree f1114: [?]dinna ken[/?] f1113: lovelyisn t it it s
boy oh aye they relovelyaren t they f1104: look
wand f1103: oh that slovelyas well i think it
m642: it s a alovelybike and the sound oh
cheap as chips oh ladylovelybum you know i see
shoes f1103: oh they relovelycan you dance with them
oh yeah norway would belovelyf1148: cause i never re-
feathers ye know it waslovely[laugh] f1040: oh tell me
f1089: [sniff] oh that smellslovelym1090: [sniff] mmhm mm [sniff]
okay [smacks lips] oh that slovelym1092: [child noises] f1091: now fitt
in first oh that slovelyoh there s a cheeky
[laugh] oh that s alovelyone eh i ll just
f643: mmhm he d alovelytail m642: oh it was
f1154: yeah that s alovelytwang to have oh f1155:
f1093: oh that s alovelywhat s that what s
oh right f978: it waslovelywhen it lay you know
beach and dat it slovelyyeah f960: oh hit s
told her oh it slovelyyou know you felt you
look look f1093: that slovelym1094: i [inaudible] other one
making [inaudible] f1093: it slovelym1094: [inaudible] pick up f1093:
f1093: eh you ll belovelywon t you m1094: mmhm
does braw mean f1006: justlovelyf1054: good what about attractive
[laugh] kick the cannie alovelygame f1043: [laugh] f1054: good
whole thing f1054: that slovely[inaudible] read the whole thing
bit o pawkie paiterson f1054: lovelym1013: as aw was gaun
m1004: pochle pochle s alovelyscots word f1054: that s
uniforms f963: mmhm f965: andlovelychildren f963: mm f965: and
[laugh] f965: i- it slovelyto live well i can
shame but she was reallylovelybut she looked a bit
little bit m1096: it slovelyf1095: mmhm it s really
you later f66: [censored: forename] islovelyhe s writing really well
a new one and reallylovelyif we had not been
i know it d belovelyit s really misbehavin m1022:
s really good m1096: [exhale]lovelyjubbly f1095: mmhm m1096: can
i many thanks for thelovelysoup cups they really make
bed recess f1077: which waslovelyand a little the fireplace
daffodils and spring blossom islovelyits been a little colder
i liked he had alovelylittle sister i remember there
f1103: does she that slovelyf1104: erm i know she
means she must hae thelovelylocks salon f1104: and she
[singing] [singing] f1103: that slovelymusic f1104: [singing] [singing] mam
and he said these arelovelyapples you know these look
let me look on itslovelyface for it s going
the transformation you look greatlovelyin fact black suits you
f835: i think they looklovelyin kilts f832: they don
ower [inaudible] mm that slovelyf1122: i m doin the
through it f1038: yeah somelovelybits f1037: parts of it
but yeah [laugh] it slovelyf1151: [laugh] [laugh] ehm it
rain comin [laugh] it slovelygreat f1143: aye yeah yeah
an it s very alovelylilty accent m865: yeah uh
that s right yeah yeahlovelystuff yeah f1038: alexander greek
thought that kind o balmylovelywindy f829: yeah m830: day
eh she had three otherlovelychildren m608: uh huh f643:
a good restaurant with alovelyview of the coast i
s satisfaction 11 tuesday thelovelyweather holds tiring but good
that house that s alovelyhouse [laugh] m1094: is it
want to go round f943: lovely[laugh] m944: cause she used
to hide [laugh] it slovelym964: [laugh] [inaudible] f963: [laugh]
f638: mary hillen she makeslovelyspongy scones f640: [laugh] f637:
she says my what alovelystock you have here [laugh]
[laugh] an i had alovelystylish bright yellow an pink
course she does she slovelyf1155: put in money and
ll need i ll needlovelyshoes for her if she
such a you know alovelyway she had a voice
and dry it s absolutelylovelyand by the way the
fitt maks the cakes alllovelyand gingery and that s
pair right your turn oohlovelybananas where s the other
thought so too it slovelyclare it s more subtle
holly on it that slovelydear what s your name
or like the rainbow slovelyform evanishing amid the storm
at erm and that slovelyjust to be around watching
m1092: mmhm f1091: it slovelym1092: [inaudible] cook something for
mam der s sic alovelypeerie cat here wantin in
coorse it s such alovelyplace wi de beach and
my neebor s got alovelypussy her bidie in has
everyone knows that [censored: forename] slovelythey re not they re
f1187: mmhm f66: it slovelyto be around while people
a fantastic collection it slovelyto see just er what
it peggy i ve alovelywee flat it s a
i ve been on itlovelybike but you re like
we re back in thislovelycalm and in the garage
here hidden under you relovelywooly sheepskin coat then i
f631: cause you had thatlovelydress on didn t you
t he an a thonlovelymachines the very latest state
a blackish corn that madelovelyporridge though folk didn t
we have had some verylovelyautumn days dad and i
last year now the deauvillelovelybike and we had gone
of getting fish they hadlovelycod or ling with their
my life because we hadlovelycompany i ve still got
the mornings we had somelovelydays at the weekend and
you know an it waslovelyit had statues all around
electrical engineer we had alovelymeal salad a pasta like
isnt it we had alovelysummer this year i hope
about six and had alovelyview of the dawn as
vantage points we had somelovelyviews of the city its
as rochdale it was alovelyday and i knew that
roof but it is alovelyhistoric building people want an
aye f643: aye it waslovelym642: [?]ken a back door.[/?] into the eh
er wales is is alovelyplace f1038: it is a
and there was a alovelyrestaurant it was ma brown
valley despite showers it islovelysee woodcock on road golden
exploring the past that particularlovelysunday in may it was
so by granton it islovelythere at the river but
f641: this time f639: waslovelythis was lo- and it
my dear sheena it waslovelyto have an excuse for
a happy team it waslovelyto see her in the
tomatos plums mayonnaise it waslovelywe eventually arrived in quebec
of your condo it soundslovelywell situated spacious and secure
u1028: [inaudible] f951: what alovelybook u1028: a book a
with fruits the setting islovelythe count lives somewhere here
to begin with 14 wednesdaylovelyweather summer is here and
you all this is alovelyexecutive there was a point
especially the fabergé eggs waslovelyfinally we came across a
in there was a alovelygreen at the back and
that was worrying what alovelyspeech colin campbell made i
pairs f638: cause i madelovelyspongy scones i was the
i m sure that waslovelyto have turkey for your
road beyond la granja waslovelytoo a largely unspoiled valley
outpatients department there was alovelywendy house play area so
known european artists and somelovelyearly russian religious painting the
some of the architecture islovelygrandly european and just a
some kind of lottery alsolovelyto have real coffee and
of my youth is alovelyexample o the relaxt informal
and i he d alovelyhighland voice my wife and
enough of my haverings onwardslovelyisland corfu enormous tomatoes you
smatterings of french and dutchlovelyjubbly you buy my calendars
rest of my life alsolovelysunset while coming through finland
monday writing writing 26 wednesdaylovelyday stormy c o h
choppy and they made alovelypicture the following day i
lungs fingers tingling as thelovelynicotine rush made her heart
warwick erm which is alovelyuniversity brilliant campus just a
tossed by the wise younglovelyones straight back down again
on back cover is alovelypointed hill seen from north
orange crayon and writes alovelya he follows with two
and we then have alovelyafternoon the rain stops still
out of body a driftinglovelyair high as a swallow
boston airport too is alovelyairport and i flew in
as i drove through alovelyavenue of plane trees near
salad and a butterscotch sundaelovelybesides meeting people and swimming
evening mrs [censored: surname] prepared alovelybuffet and prof [censored: surname] lent
picture a mansion full oflovelychocolate eggs graham reached across
family bought the parents alovelycoffee table kind of book
a big table in hislovelygarden where we can spread
about him and again alovelyguy ian simpson jim moodie
or a walk or somethinlovelyhow about monday come for
dog has been chewing alovelyjuicy bone at each turn
early days george barron alovelyman an mair on that
and an actress ate alovelymeal and drank a wealth
difficult erm not germans arelovelypeople and i have a
the cherry tree has alovelypink flower in may but
quite a relief to leavelovelyportrait of peter the great
wood says he writes alovelyround capital a a for
spaghetti every lunchtime have alovelyvilla in tuscany speak fluent
i have discovered is alovelywee hotel in strathaven which
summer a covered in bloomlovelywhite blossom an frangrant perfume
trouble for them you dlovelymeat at every meal i
horse along the street islovelyi want to kiss him
and before christmas today islovelyweather and i am going
were braw prefabs they werelovelyprefabs m642: aye and then
shetland knitters set i dalovelybusta area o sannis shö
poems about history including thelovelylass of inverness are absolutely
the spring water and thelovelyapproach to the bridge where
periods baroque and classical representedlovelypinks blues and greens in
o catch their wings thoselovelythings and tuck yer hands
one with one of thoselovelygreen lights that used to
floret not to mention thelovelyscent of the flowers which
jars the senses indeed thelovelysmall houses which wend up
highland spring no additives involvedlovelyfor tea or brunch do

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