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a lovable lowe n flamelowna calm lowrie n fox
a lovable lowe n flamelowna calm luim n loom
us the saucht o alowningyne forbye the saucht o
po chü i 772 846lowneild owre an again the
9 drouthie cronies do 10lowneild po chü i 11
amang howes haw by wattirslownma wabbit saul tae bigg
haun intae green howes andlownwattirs ah am the licht
simmer days the wattirs warlownblue an siller an thay
calmed down lowe n flamelowna calm lowp v leap
loving lowden calm lowe flamelowncalm lowp leap lowse loosen
ti masell ma saul islownthe peach blossom follaes the
war breirdin blossom an alownwund saftent the nicht air
whuff o incense parfumes thelownair the new muin gaes
a douce wund fans thelownnicht a bricht muin leims
the bens the ceitie islownsoun synds awa biggins sant
fairies whyles on a fairlownnicht his auld freins wad
the gairden wes a quaetlownpleasaunce whyles the houss wes
ma chaumer here bi thelownlochan at mirrors the mukkil
tuim chaumer is cauld anlownthe fawn leafs is haepit
bothered to caw hairst eenlowndayset a cheet rivin a
bull whan simmer days arelownan warm the wee bit
an emmet s byke nivverlownor at pace fur a
pines at gloamin bi alownpuil ah licht upon a
nicht for the job alownwarm nicht no ower deid
hattert mynds the baum thelownbath that dills awa the
naething thaim that kens bydeslownthir wurds ah hear tell
wul no bring ti myndlowngairdens langsyne from the chinese
lord clerk whispert in alownvoice close ti this lug
yang chun sae wi alownwhisper close in ti his
bi the wattirsyde it islownin here nae crouds fash
years ayont myndin solemn thelowno this braw mornin ah
cum whan ah wul belownaneuch ti dird on a
juist hear cairrit on thelownsaur the dirdum o the
with turnips back end efternuinlownane leaf birls doun slaw
in the yaird in thelowntime o the day and
an aathing s lythe anlownwi the lieges the paip

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