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hairst autumn the lammer burnlowpinhou wechtie the bouders the
are wummlin thrang wi trootlowpinlinns are wummlin thrang wi
glimmer glisk glimmer glisk glimmerlowpinlinns are wummlin thrang wi
bairnhood it s blabberin heichlowpinpuddock wi virr in its
bairnhood it s blabberin heichlowpinpuddock wi virr in its
competes with roaring stags graybackslowpinslee hou quait the sprots
yer best memorials liltin anlowpinfu brawly fareweel tae mirth
yer best memorials liltin anlowpinfu brawly fareweel tae mirth
yer best memorials liltin anlowpinfu brawly fareweel tae mirth
f1144: they could be lowpinlowpinf1143: yeah m1146: or lowpin
hooch an prance see themlowpinhear them lauchin lowpin in
them lowpin hear them lauchinlowpinin the ghaisties daunce love
well f1144: they could belowpinlowpin f1143: yeah m1146: or
lowpin f1143: yeah m1146: orlowpinyeah jumping mmhm f1145: bilin
time geordie felt his hertlowpinin his chist an he
the door his hert wislowpinin his chist for thare
for the tireless fairie daunsarslowpinan birlin an skirlin an
thaim lauchin an skirlin anlowpinor hinnerlie a skraich cam
mind gym duntin raxxin birlinlowpinoh ay aa simmer skweels
owre ilka airt hairt lowplowpinay dirlin wi joy sun
splairge in ilka airt wilowpinfish the blue puil is
unco strang wi aw thelowpinah dae nanse lowering her
unco wearie eftir aw thelowpinye hae duin ah ken
hurdies is whyle glaurie wilowpinaboot amang the peat hags
amang us a mukkil puddoklowpinaboot the place it disna
the knees wi aw thatlowpinthe war a whyle ah
ah ve tried coontin yoweslowpinowre a dyke but eftir
an see the deid comelowpinowre the auld grey waws
he did that an synelowpinowre the green links he
iv ye ll myne thonlowpinburn far sweet yoams raise
the burn as swack aslowpinglegs bit here i m
yeir road ah l belowpineftir ye suin an ah
like grews at a harelowpinower laich waas an throu
gaed fleein east awa anlowpinwast skelpin ramstam throu stewartries
thare wis a lot olowpinup an doon wavin wuiden
ti raport thon mannie camlowpinout deleiverlie ti ken whit
for ma heid s aylowpinaboot aa ower e place
brounkaities shachilt feet hingin paincheslowpinill ah aince suffert frae
an he tuik a glifflowpinti this feet he seen
dravin thaim bakwarts the offisherlowpinout o the kerr wi
lyke craiturs wi sherp teethlowpinaboot snakkin at ither aw
bonnie wee sang ye keeplowpinaboot ye r lyke a
haein puddoks wi dichtie erseslowpinaboot fylin ma clean fluirs
wi richteous micht garred thirlowpinkerns tak til thair heels
wis criss crossed wi shaddaslowpinlike imps the anely things
forbyes the kitchie in shaddalowpinwi fire an caunlelicht the
a muckle fifteen pun corpslowpinwi mawks an lyin under
that wis heatin ower thelowpinflames near full tae the
a raw o rompin rhombuseslowpinower twa globes prison i
were hauf wey doun hertslowpinan haudin oor braiths there
the sudden clatter o somethinlowpinawa tae oor left whit
aw bi yeirsell at firstlowpinis fyne it gies ye
jyntit losh ah ve beenlowpinthat lang ah m no
sally biggle s breeks arelowpinup an doon bricht s
the bouk o bubblie jokslowpinan rinnin about the houss
sae up i jumpt anlowpinthe fence bowffd at him
ye re annoyed m1017: roosedlowpinangry f1054: good ones m1015:
just within reach of thelowpinfalmes she lifted the lid

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