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ettil forby vaultin ambeition thatlowpsaye owre itsell ti foonder
a rabbit s burrow helowpsin frae the rain an
linguistic cleansing 1872 howanever lifelowpsalang the gate o time
rottin doon a drain helowpsben the girse like a
rugs up its reets anlowpsup tae the starnies like
can be cross curricular itlowpsfae ae subject tae anither
turn o the ootbye keylowpsonno the fleer wi a
as the hale jing banglowpsinno the grave it winna
sic silence a green puddocklowpsa perfit bow oan the
a mukkil horse syne shelowpson ma back an gars
the gloamin sea as itlowpsti lowse pouer that gars
nane but himsel if helowpsweel onywey said maconochie i

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