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addie heatlie bade i theludgeaddie tuik owre frae mr
set up hoose i hoscoteludgean it wur thar whar
saivrel families bidin i hoscoteludgebot it wur ae mr
biggit the praisent day hoscoteludgegate hoose is biggit anenst
wei ca d the hoscoteludgewud ay the wud mairchent
the sawmill i the hoscoteludgewud it the haugh nou
o es dalemuir i hoscoteludgeyonner it the fit o
hinnerend hei flittit intil theludgeefter yids daith whare hei
she wes in a huntinludgeat aince thay aw sat
for jennie in the huntinludgehe wes nane the waur
up for at the huntinludgewhan his freins haed yokit
forstaundin hei bade i theludgeanenst the main yetts intil
mend his weys gin aludgehim in ma hous he
dunner rang out frae theludgean aw the winnok gless
his faimlie bade i theludgethar wur anither estate worker
the stane dyke frae theludgegairden on yon braid gress
m sumbodie that haes aludgea stane s thraw frae
grudge me cummin intil yeirludgeoot the cauld on siccan
v leap lowsen v loosenludgev dwell luik v look
claes i the men sludgefur the nicht waatch ar
a blin loon cam taeludgein her hoose an wis
til yid scott o theludges domestic needs efter his
a braw like bit aludgeas snug s a shilfa
sun daunce in a roonludgewi a cottonwid powl at
at wes the sojer sludgemirren jaloused at thai wes
a corss gaird an aludgeshae cuidna ein thank hir
in the wuds near maludgewhaur ye left hir ti

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