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wisna need feart sharp cockitlugsan a face like a
caermoulis caermoulis cockit up hislugsat this in ma dreme
pail her hairt thuddin herlugscockit ay i saw it
tells ye the shelt slugscockit forrit takkin aa this
juist hiv tae keep yerlugscockit gaun roond yer store
come hirplin ben tae sitlugscockit heid asklent nearhaun my
an here minnie cockit herlugsfur she dinna ken ava
suddenty tither twa cockit theirlugsfyles the clachan quines caad
horns he keeps cockit hislugswhen he s guzzlin slugs
exasperation sic rinny snoots juglugsan scabby knees a puckle
same hook neb an juglugsbonnie prince charlie lugs same
war aa fernietickelt wi juglugsneist i tuik oot a
jimmy ken him onywye juglugspug snoot a grin like
jug lugs bonnie prince charlielugssame an syne somethin clicked
d a roun face mucklelugsa straucht neb an a
touch yer taes haud yerlugstouch yer neb hunker doon
no fit for weimen slugsenter banquo ai banquo banquo
she coudna credit hir ainlugsgowd tree she said but
cuid haurlie credit his ainlugshe wes fair dumfounert but
cuid haurlie credit hir ainlugsmauirrie you me mairrie you
ah canna credit ma ainlugsnaebodie mairries puddoks morag whit
ah canna credit ma ainlugsye dinna mean ti tell
and your ears m1092: mylugsand my ears f1091: yer
m1092: my ears f1091: yourlugsand your ears m1092: my
een dookit low aroon hislugsan skreiched like a banshee
burn yer kirk aroon yerlugswithoot ae wird o lee
burn yer kirk aroon yerlugswithoot ae wird o lee
sharp an clear prickin malugslike a taid in a
throu the dam dirlin oorlugswe cuid see nor hear
sleepin an welcome tae yerlugsadmire the cheerfu cheepin o
an parakeets skirlin roon yerlugsan muckle lizards slidderin ooto
secret jist pin back yerlugsatween you an me an
if ye dinna wint yerlugsdirl t wis bit twa
sterts drappin doon aboot yerlugsgeordie an his pals didnae
gaither roon lend me yerlugsit s fine an clear
yer lu- m1092: nose f1091: lugs[laugh] what s this m1092:
aye gettin nippier aboot yerlugsma heichest pint wis e
wheeched it awa preen yerlugstae the grun he telt
esson him wi the mucklelugsan twa frae the craft
whin buss dichtin his mucklelugswi baith his forepaas as
i the uptak wi baithlugsjude gied him her faither
she hut me on baithlugswhan a broke hir guid
the sang waucht roon hislugsthe transplant broker pykit his
o the syreens deefent thairlugsan the three laddies aw
an mudges cam ti thairlugsat the sojers wes ettlin
ein the dugs cokkit thairlugsye ken the taill sae
meenit or twa strainin oorlugsagin the silence o the
tho she d twa gweedlugsas weel as me an
a permament dreep an herlugswar like twa pink shells
an they haed crappit hirlugsfor hir an gien hir
guid mynd ti warm yeirlugsfor ye an if ye
head ah l skelp yeirlugsfor ye more pleasantly awricht
guid mynd ti crak yeirlugsfor ye she raises her
is for cleanin oot yeirlugsthir is nail shears an
doon oor street s gotlugsas broon as irish peats
boc cammy bit aw oorlugshuv ti be pinned back
a hardly could believe malugsa thocht the man wis
gey job ti finnd malugsah haena got stickin oot
john i ve washed malugsan ma teeth s clean
a skelp wad warm malugsan sae ae day when
wuid cum doun roun malugsat whan it didna a
try tae cover owre malugsnae fears ma dream s
e win hummed by malugsteeth gleamin in a mixter
be mair exact intae malugsthrowe a heidphone i fixed
dinna hae tae strain theirlugsfur they heard him clear
turn an pit doon itslugsfa saw the bar fit
blaik an fite collie slugsgaed doon at bein raged
cap ruggit doon ower hislugshis galluses wadna bide buttoned
minnie an isie raxxed theirlugsan managed jist tae catch
yon cuddy it s aalugsan sweirty jist as he
muggie spend jonsar eck slugsjist aboot louped oot o
campfire lang lingers in mylugsas abide wi me is
dae is ett an moolugsas lang as cricket bats
lift the phone an hislugswad dirl wi a lang
the hoose cocks up hislugsat the turn o the
yon that nae quine slugshid iver heard afore bi
noo ee day smootie slugsprickit up when shö heard
lairnt hou tae switch hislugsaff an at the same
war still weet aneth hislugsfar he d razored awa
are aa blushes my puirlugsare dirlin frae that flytin
death it pirkit up itslugsan lookit at s its
its hauns clapped ower itslugsin an expression o ootrage
elephant lauchs an skelps itslugsis salmonella in thon breid
its queer yalla een itslugslay flat tae its back
rim o hairies aboot eezlugse d shave aye on
bunnet rammed hard aboot hislugstae haud aff the win
ti the sile fills hurlugslori lunges forward della grab
squaar heezen wi little hertslugspented flat ready ti rin
never ti tell ti mortallugswhit ye hae seen the
tae pit draps in hislugsan come back in a
only soond tae reach hislugswis the soond o the
richt i cuidnae believe mylugsan warse wis tae come
near as deefenin tae thelugsas the noise hid been
tae sniff an lick theirlugsin the watter whaur ye
o mobiles clappt tae meevinlugssnufflin dugs makk puils at
is gran music tae mylugsso finnin masel on the
fremmit noises tae geordie slugsthen o a suddentie an
plooks tae stoonin taes anlugsthey hirple in an ye
abuin the gruntil ahint thelugsan on the tip o
known as the laird slugsan overseer or factor was
wi a button snoot anlugsas deinty an sma as
e en an cat slugsfeert at s iv cooorse
nest wasps takin past wirlugsgaan an comin files hoverin
a pairtee flautit itae izlugshe myndit d words an
staunin in the queue wilugsnebs chikks an hauns turned
wi santy hats an reindeerslugsthey buy hot dogs an
all this down about mylugsweel whit s done is
fairin nae dout ye velugson ye sae ye ll
ah haena got stickin ootlugslyke you nanse feels her
swattin the fleas frae theirlugsaneth the cweelin bough o
wie runkkilt fungie cryed elfslugsaw snurled about lik the
them or gently scratch theirlugsit s aw the yin
here sportin feathers ahint theirlugsor some such nonsense noo
like loch and i likelugsi like a lot of
had poured out upon thelugsof the worshippers they had

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