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there is hooligan the hooletluikinfur some glaiss tae smash
there is hooligan the hooletluikinfur some glaiss tae smash
aywis prove the better frienluikinin the coffin luikin in
neither meat nur watter aywisluikintill the thunnerbirds nest the
frien luikin in the coffinluikinin the coffin he thocht
twa jewels or peintit biluikinin a keekin glaiss nae
wis naethin special naethin specialluikinat naethin special a letter
the byllies an we wereluikinforrit tae a result as
fowk across the kintra areluikinforrit tae readin this author
guidmither shona s been fairluikinforrit ti meetin wi ye
eyn o the play chuteluikinhingin luggit at her bladdit
ye r gey hingin luggitluikinwhit hae ye been up
belyve shae wes that beisieluikinabout hir at shae sein
it belangit a mawsie kyndlieluikinwumman out wi ye shae
aboot for a wee whileluikingey conspeecuous an then did
s wrang guidmither ye rluikingey doun i the mou
in hir haund she sluikingey doun in the dumps
take her pulse ye rluikingey peillie wallie richt aneuch
wheesht tho fur he wigluikingey wattery roon the een
watter like a lame dugluikinfor a pat on the
watter no bad said puggieluikinup curiously hae ye niver
an whan fower ither coorseluikinbuggers frae the village arrived
a fower letter ward biluikinup frae her sunday post
the neist meg ramsay sighedluikinefter ither fowks bairns wis
wheelcheer at the neist tableluikinlike daith warmed up wi
re a crowd o coorseluikinbuggers i d better act
box like a big stookieluikindoun on thae twa glowerin
let us get on wiluikinfor thae ithers i fand
get hit aa sorted ootluikinback hit hedna bön aesy
is lötin da film rollluikinrelaxed an plaesed hit s
throu hedge an sheuch orluikindoun he saw she haed
wes twa brace freindlie einluikindoun on hir the reiver
fish doun the puil stillluikinthe ither wey till he
wad hae bin keepit anluikinat a wee box bed
a cheenge it hid binluikinunca peely wally i tuik
ower in scotia the nooluikinat fit wis cad the
sheriff tuik his sait anluikinat me this time ower
it whiles has been butluikinbackwards ower the scene o
their wames on the grunluikindoon ower the hairst park
ane auld maner houss owerluikinhuls an muirs at a
winnok whaur ah aye staunluikinoot ower the sea ah
wis spikkin till he wisluikinower at a photograph o
papers mr mcbean says heluikinower his hauf mune glesses
cracklin an a scooshlin soonluikinower tae a far neuk
nocht bedein frae the paveilionluikinower the loch the wattir
twis fell dreich an orraluikinan fair clartit forbye wi
much o the tcyauve oluikinefter her invalid maister fell
thair auld faither wes stauminluikinat a bing o drieshach
hiz tung whan he wesluikinat ruth at wes haein
roun thair ledar at wesluikinbaklins i dout tammas wes
be telt at thai wesluikinfur the lairs o antecestors
gowd tree wes at hameluikinoot the winnok an whan
the broun stirk he wesluikinrael sonsie the lest tyme
her bricht yella een areluikinaboot for an eel or
the best room the eenluikinootower the kailyaird wi the
her back her green eenluikinup at the clouds scuddin
is this a whale thenluikinagain at his muckle jaw
angora pussy cat a huddrieluikinbreet wi a muckle fite
saw her he said naeluikinat nancy he saw her
credit it but ye rluikinmair lyke yeirsell richt aneuch
whan his wanchancie fier wesnaluikinhe kuist it inti the
an crimson breists soumin arounluikinnane the waur whan ah
warlock s curse held guidluikinroon at the timmer door
gray an nou insteid oluikinblyth thay aw haed faces
snaabaa wad hae daen thonluikindoon she could see a
the yungest princess wadna stapluikinfor him she wad stravaig
yes my lord gulped mcbeanluikinmair nor a wee bit
bit yer nae the healthiestluikino speecimens nor the youngest
tae scrape the bluid awaluikinfur some deep hurt on
frae ony key ring orluikinstraucht at yersel frae a
thirsty noo mistress says iluikinat aa yon sharn in
sangster wis fifty three nooluikinmair like seeventy still the
in his life he wisluikinat kate queer like as
windae neil wis nae illluikinchiel derk haired sax fit
aff fin their parents waurnaluikinthere wis a hoose nearhaun
brian noddit his mither wisluikintrauchelt a patient wis dowpit
it suid hae been ridderluikinrintoul takes her wrist portentously
her an when shö wisnaluikingied her da injection he
some claes an skive abootluikinfor the flouer wi uised
wi lichts up the burnsluikinfor yin for the pot
are ye staunin thare forluikinsae bumbaized to the other
no getting juist the nicestluikinlassie in the haill o
daft jaud quo the faiorieluikinlyke the ferr end o
waw an the maist awfuluikinfraiglin hogney shauchilt in his
an regaird masell in theluikingless ma gizz is runkilt
tonnels an alang hie bankinsluikinoutower the dirkenin sie ein
contactin the public information serviceluikinon the wabsite or speirin

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