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mittilt callum haed fed anluikiteftir the mukkil burd throu
bonnie catriona the mukkil burdluikitweill at callum an he
silent on ilka bush iluikitaa roun the lord had
bonnie princess the bonnie princessluikitroun an roun about hir
he wes richt feinisht heluikitroun for his droll veisitor
syne flickt his tail anluikitroun tae spy the wee
aneth them the quarry lochanluikitgrey as leid a muckle
trees on the quarry waasluikitlike warlock s cleuks abune
bin bonnie aince noo sheluikitan auld auld carline wi
the puddok the yungest princessluikitat him aince mair an
saft bonnie broun een anluikitlang at fergal syne she
the streinger cam in sheluikitsae bonnie in hir caller
vext for ye the puddokluikitstrecht at the princess sae
jock dow ken that isieluikitat minnie sidewyes because jock
the lord s buik minnieluikitintae his face his een
else fur that maitter isieluikitminnie up an doon sizin
the dyke aneth him minnieluikitower tae the neuk hauf
plague o furry locusts minnieluikitthrowe the schule room windaes
ceilins the ae wee windaeluikitoot ower a backie fu
at the picture hard heluikitstap fu o virr aa
lassie said she haed heluikitat hir feet an wes
at the huntin an heluikitat the lassie an spiert
the puddok never budged heluikitat the proud lassie wi
ma lassie an whan heluikitwhit suid he see on
deep wattirs but whan thayluikitahint thaim inti the mirk
hir haunds an whan thayluikitat hir haill bodie thay
thay huntit an socht anluikithere an luikit thare but
fauch faced sisters that awluikitlyke thay hae never kent
again on his horse anluikitahint the caudron an thare
houss dure an whan heluikitout thare stuid the bonniest
socht an luikit here anluikitthare but nae wey in
yowe aince mair but heluikitback an there by the
fin they war awa prannyluikitaboot hir an spied a
hir thochts anent rosie mirrenluikitagley at ruth tho shae
blek een mysie stuid anluikitat hir athout aunserin hir
shak hir heid whanever sheluikitat hir this wes kis
she liftit hir heid anluikitstrecht at him atweill an
frae hir hame syne sheluikitwi hir begrutten face this
said the grupper syne finnluikitat the fowert man o
sklimmer opent the dure anluikitinby syne he steikit the
explore ten years syne itluikitower the river reid tods
heid o the brae aluikitowre ti birnam an syne
he loued dearlie an sheluikiteftir him in his auld
hissell inti the prince anluikiteftir the yungest quyne as
meg an her ma hidluikitat een anither an said
lang lang braithless saiconds iluikitin her een an saw
as luik at ye sheluikitin its een bit cudna
daud o grey hair thatluikitfell like a auld brillo
takkin locals the hen hooseluikitas tho some quanter colossus
feel o the gutters tholuikitoot fur jed as they
busses bi the burnsyde anluikitawroads whaur the auld wumman
auld trout anent hirsell sheluikitdoun intil the cauld cauld
atap the railwye struts thatluikitlike yon auld hydro pylons
he haed drukken it heluikitaboot him lyke a man
yella cullour the rid douglasluikitat m wi skorne awaw
sicht an thocht redein shaeluikitti the rid douglas fur
ten meenits frae hame sheluikitthrow the spinnle airms o
gied a lift whan iluikitback an saw her on
the swype o naips anluikitat the pasport gin it
horsie steen fur gin yeluikitclose eneuch ye cud jist
shops gin they d bitluikittheir ain back yairds bred
in steenhillock s chaumer heluikita lang meenit wyin up
yon day at ayr daluikitawesome like at burn s
we related da idder catluikither up an doon an
hed hed a brainwave aabodyluikitplaised sure enyoch da neist
ingrid wis tinkin ahead nicolluikitstraight at da cat but
got intae the field anluikitback there wis enough licht
brig a thocht it awluikiti guid tift obsairved john
twa ruims the publict barrluikitout ower a timmer briggie
waas he stoppit awhile anluikitower tae her kindly eneuch
awa lint an aw sheluikitaw airts but she wes
year haes gaen in ahluikitup bedein an she wes
as fur the bull itluikitlike coalie bag lifts like
the men wore bunnets anluikitjist the spit o oor
aff yer lug i niverluikitricht or left i jist
she opened the door anluikitin on her twa young
even fit her twa friensluikitlike thinkin sic thochts kate
cam back ti me ahluikitup an here the war
awa tae nocht the bairnieluikitup in the nurse s
telt her his ludger hidluikitgey peely wally on arrival
blissins on the man whaluikitdoucelie on ye sae she
in japanee silk bit sheluikittrauchelt an wabbit i ll
on her showder stertled sheluikitup twis gavin macinnes fa
gyangs quo chae as heluikitdoon at the wee quine
fey wee craitur miss mossluikitsome like willie pitt the
the sklimmer that is heluikitan he leuch a smaw
a tory mp the clerkluikitat me closely an hodged
tae danny ae fite kittlinluikitmuch like any ither an
mainnert lad but the streingerluikitat fergal ful in the
seekin thaim but he neverluikitthe road o onie o
loon wi her should haeluikitefter her saxteen or siventeen
ain daily dose the directorluikitnearer forty nur a chiel
sherp in the sky theyluikitlike cut gless the ferm
s breist been bruises thatluikitlike thoomb preints the colour
halls o sin their sireluikitdoun wi a pridefu ee

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