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had sniggered p 165 neilluiksat kirsty wi different een
means o lyfe syne itluikslyke the croun gaes ti
hair ablo yeir gowden crounluikslyke the first s to
the sty madam mairches sheluiksat the sou wi a
wordin stage 3 the pairlamentluiksintil the bill agane faurer
msps in the pairlament committeesluikstil specific issues in detail
surely nae sae seen cupidluiksbest in granite steen fin
this wee smatterin o dialogueluiksfamiliar tae maist lallans readers
nae hamewirk deen yer writinluikslike raw o spiders lyin
stage 1 the relevant committeeluiksintil the general principles o
in thir areas ither committeesluiksintil things sic as the
coo s lick spylin yerluikssuddenly a shadow fell across
the hill ahint the schuleluikslike the bastille heavy earthen
on her streikit breist sheluiksfast asleep or dozin at
plumes wavin like hair thenluiksroun aboot she s got
s got its mither sluiksthe hair on its heid
nae dout wha ither thisluiksgey lyke thair wark moula
spot fur minnie jewellery ayluiksbest fin it s preened
bonnie gin ye likit yerluiksooto a peint box wi
ve taen efter me inluiksthe patersons war aa fernietickelt
been feedin her enyoch shöluiksfar better fur lossing some
an dreary the auld kirkyairdluiksawesome eerie i m crabbit
dounstream then naethin silence itluiksas if they ve got
as a kite that cheerieluiksat me like she d
lichtlie the strang viking thatluiksback whan he quuts his

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