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whuffin burnin sulfur up thelumat ae tyme ah thocht
pit burnin sulfur up thelumqueen that wes aw na
hizzie dowped at the rikkinlumis pykin threids an thrums
mornin i didna see yerlumrikkin fin i lookit oot
d the divot on thelumshuitit up lik a rakket
gie some heat a rikkinlumwi its schulehoose tackit ontilt
smeik gaein litherlie up thelumhie bakkit binks wes stellit
thackit hoosie wi a hinginlumilky mornin she made er
snow reached right to thelumof the smith s thackit
across examples of a hinginluma wooden chimney pinned against
hung in a cloth hinginlumcanopy chimney hingles in the
and say lang may yerlumreek long may your chimney
wicht strong man soop thelumsweep the chimney graith equipment
the blek puddens frae thelumfryit it in the skirlin
blek puddens hingin at thelumhaed been etten she didna
rods tae pit doon thelumpit them doon fae the
shoved the rods doon thelumuntil a a o a
haun raxed ower ti theluman cowpit an objek intilt
it a fine widden hinginlumand a box bed the
under floor heating instead hinginlumis not only a buchan
thare hingin up in thelumti dry war seivin mukkil
plank sides of the hinginlumwere deeply charred there must
thatched house and its hinginlumyou would think that with
wi ronald s effort atlumcleanin she said i wid
she shouted ronald thocht thelumis surely blocked i winner
so i can clear thelumronald wis stannin in his
are you deein tae mylumshe asks ronald weel it
the room or sweep thelumhe d raither tie some
yer f641: hands eh f639: lumreek you d to throw
a little hoosie wi alumeh an a lot o
a box bed the widdenlumwas a neat affair built
hanfae o snaa doon elumdyod umman said dippins it
snaa richt up till elumhe lookit doon an saa
an whan wei stuffed hislumheid wi ae seck it
an a door am alumas heich as heich in
walls the stonework around thelumthe wooden skifting at floor
smokes lik a pouer hooselumay weel ye ll niver
across the kitchen from thelumthere was the box bed
hoose an moans doon thelumache i m playin at
wir a rummlin i daluman doon wi a doose
lichtnin cam straucht doon theluman missed the baith o
hard joab getting doon thatlumhe thought remembering the socks
win wis keenin doon thelumsae lood it wis ill
he wid geng doon dalumso up he guid joost
first greit whan doun thelumcam a mukkil haund that
eence ye d cleart elumo aal copies o e
cam at aince doun theluman hystit the bairn intil
fire an back up elume wye it cam i
in the top of thelumso that the fire smoked
scotland as long as thelumtype itself existed the fire
across the inside of thelumand this was the rantle
the wund yowled in thelumlyke that vershinin ir ye
awa she gaed up thelumwi a soond lyke a
an clestered flashins roond dalumtae hadd fur sure till
woodwork painted white in blacklumhats and collar wings and
lang black hole o elummair tae the pint ey
would try tae clear thelumhe didnae bother tyin on
and go fishing down thelumthey would try to catch
flams wes springin up theluma marmor brace invirouned the
whuskit it awa up thelumgret wes the dule o
trees an moant in elumor i d look oot
seet back blawn fae thelumthon craas ll gar ye
spirkit an crackit up theluman the clock on the
taen it back up thelumnever ti be seen nae
the swey an up thelumthe reid hairt o the
her bannocks disappeared up thelumwe would be fined for
the back o a mucklelumfoo d ye ken aa
fell tae the grun thelumlandin on tap o him
bin in an cleaned theluma wikk syne the new
at the front of theluma wee window on the
sklimmin alang towart the ernlumat stak out throu the
a stormy grave the heichestlumthe stootest waa rich herds

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