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o spurgies chitterin abeen thelumsa shargeret tree its branches
the ae weet fag fowerlumsrikkin like ganges ghatts pass
first thing tae see faaslumswis rikkin it didna dee
wynd a chitterin gangrel tounlumsreikin in the snowy lane
free luif palm luik looklumschimneys luve love ly lie
turf divots and the stonelumspoked through the thatch like
bob an birl room thelumsfar the tom cats skirl
gairdens draa in their twalumsan the mavis takk shelter
reek spews frae a hunnerlumsas cauld tea s jawed
sweys there in e hinginlumsi d seen nae rantle
style fireplaces there were hinginlumsset against a gable wall
hunner eer seen widden hinginlumsset against e inside o
whaur we war a hantillumsblew doun it wes an
hauch it at tyme 21lumsbiggit on whit wis kent
prison cells in wash houselumswe ve poles to sclim
the chance o fire wilumslike that and when i
bairnies war made tae cleanlumsthere wis cholera typhoid diptheria
thar wis anither 20 sicliklumsithergates i the pairish sei

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