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awake 198 99 200 14lyingawake 123 34 15 ibid
1928 and 30 april 1928lyingawake 198 99 200 14
marion mcneill 16 october 1929lyingawake 206 20 letter of
cambridge edition 2 catherine carswelllyingawake an unfinished autobiography and
her son s introduction tolyingawake ix xxiv and in
nelly morrison dirty bitch 7lyingawake p 89 8 open
also in this collection 26lyingawake xix 126 and generally
of days when snow islyinghas dropped dramatically it may
the pencil fiona gave himlyingwhere he dropped it he
up baby beastie who islyingwhere i dropped her i
verse about the bonny lassieslyingaspar the school edition had
it s lying they relyingall aboot the garage floor
bodies of his three victimslyingon the floor although he
to bed we found herlyingon the floor and it
it soon unless you relyingscared on the floor of
the ground laughing they remainlyingand stay silent for a
the unkempt school garden groundlyingbetween the schoolhouse and the
were dispersed somebody might belyingon the ground f963: mm
is nearly naked he slyingon the ground tess is
into the room that waslyingdead and the knife was
the dead baby and knifelyingin bed beside moula she
you wished them dead justlyingthere a tree trunk full
days in february with snowlyingi feel i ve noticed
fall of snow which islyinginches thick round about here
there it goes it slyingbeside her f1104: go and
is not left in bagslyingbeside the bins as it
then you ve got carslyingall around m1098: [censored: forename] s
uplift rather than have itlyingaround all week sunday 6th
chucked this together from stufflyingaround aunt pol always analysed
whether a petition has beenlyingaround for a considerable time
bits of fragments that arelyingaround i mean m608: mmhm
strangers leaving their dirty stufflyingaround i think would just
roaming around the backcourt orlyingcurled up amongst the dandelions
them peggy i see himlyingaboot in his bed half
and malcolm and shona arelyingin bed in the other
been to bed masha islyingon a couch dressed as
bishop burn the place apparentlylyingon each side of that
white light which drains melyingon my side the mountain
its side i found myselflyingon top of my companion
and dod both parcels arelyingthere side by side dod
wis was aff off aesterlyingtowards the east briggistane path
shaped like a horn wasterlyingtowards the west tocht thought
abroad away from home agrouflyingface downwards albeid albeit although
face lifts or even justlyingin my teeth but one
grandfather used to snooze toolyingon his face which should
grate between the stone binkslyingalongside when i saw it
he saw the project aslyingwithin his plans for english
land attached and a milllyingbetween the torrents in the
is a stetch of lowlyingland lift is the sky
aa that parcels that slyingover there didn t we
anything the way you werelyingthere suggested that you didn
evening no i ve beenlyingto you i didn t
the morning the queen islyingasleep under the sheets in
under the duvet but defeatedlyingin the foetal position with
in my damp clothes andlyingon my back under a
[laugh] f122: [laugh] you relyingthere with one leg under
big ains maybe they relyingunder there look which one
[child noises] f1113: oh you relyingdown f1114: whee f1113: are
know they re all likelyingon the grass and they
night an aa you relyingon top o the clown
fifteen years ago from thatlyingrumour beaumont you re driving
and you know you relyingthere with one f010: did
in my case it slyingthey re lying all aboot
just leave aa o themlyingaa the time can you
the thing has been leftlyingon the pavement she picks
swing and it is nowlyingall over the place again
tripped over my bloodstained clotheslyingin a forgotten heap on
over the clammy flesh moundlyingwinded on the grass extending
his mouth they all remainlyingdown long silence cammy leap
long a petition has beenlyingon the table receiving no
my bag or my anythinglyingabout anywhere you know you
few hearty thumps fiona islyingcompletely still my feelings and
i fumbled for my haversacklyinglike a faithful dog on
the forest moula is stilllyinginjured on the same spot
gibson street it is stilllyingopen and evidence of rough
irony two tugs had beenlyingat cairnryan port until the
been planted b which islyingfallow as part of a
indian girl she s beenlyingin the yard for five
mrs robb i have beenlyingin wait for you i
could have been her motherlyingthere mauled and vulgar with
darkness we can see herlyingin a parallelogram of moonlight
aye see if it slyingin the cupboard hmm farr
ll see if it slyingin the cupboard will we
is to see the moonlyingon her back with the
i want to see youlyingon your back m1106: mum
i want to see youlyingon your back m1106: mum
nope f1109: no it slyingthere that s too easy
wee mmme he woke uplyingon his back covered in
and lights and everything alllyingat the front of the
would mean he d belyingfor a eternity up to
the changeover may be presentlylyingabout in scotland and urges
and some of the objectslyingabout may have moved the
absolutely disgusting and it slyingabout just everywhere you look
f1150: mmhm f1151: like thingslyingabout which is fair enough
cell it seems to belyinga little at least on
there is a hen evidentlylyingasleep on the patch pompitie
and i was i waslyingehm on the couch and
[?]all[/?] f1111: it s notlyingflat come on f1112: have
snapped if that woman werelyingon an operating table naked
bright golden ciggie packet islyingon the carpet some of
a grubby middle aged drunklyingon the pavement in his
got the big sharp teethlyingoot on the tray m1108:
it was on the flairlyingtouching the flair f1131: oh
well [inaudible] f1024: and justlyingthere and the hand going
office there he would belyingprone a huge bull walrus
f643: only like forty minuteslyingthere with a couple of
was ly- the wuid waslyingthat way and that wuid
james what satisfaction has thislyingand cheating brought you beaumont
the burn ehm it waslyingalongside the bank f1023: well
he sighed poor peggy waslyingaw peely wally in a
good time this building waslyingempty it had started its
she was a a compulsivelyingfreak that was in our
the palma hospital roberto waslyingin a life support machine
roasted the past it pepperslyingin the fridge he was
touched it it wiz jistlyingther waggin its tail an
at one point had uslyingchanting in a circle with
the portion of the mearnslyingin the dee valley and
jakies blithe i the sinlyingamongst wine bottles shadows winos
[laugh] f1009: no i mlyingerm eh tiddly pissed steaming
any consequent flooding of lowlyingcoastal areas s1w 7155 mr

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