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shuir ma bauld laddie ahma dab haund at the
wi his brither lennox amgey weill shuir he s
keing o the scots amgeyan weill shuir that aince
like a [?]tow's whisp[/?] now imno just ower shuir just
hir ti dae an ahmno mistaen as shuir as
quarrel wi that eilidh ahmno sae shuir aboot that
shuir o gaun thare ahmno shuir a herp wad
tray of food eilidh ahmno shuir ah coud eat
been lowpin that lang ahmno shuir ah ken hou
responds by expanding himself ahmno shuir ah mukkil lyke
morag the truibil is ahmno shuir ah want it
the reason for that imno shuir but [?]yokatolly[/?] is
ti ken thaim richt ahmno shuir he wes richt
m sure you do imno shuir i m not
not ye dev so imno shuir so the whae
twa atwein us eilidh ahmno shuir that wad be
did he bring malcolm ahmno shuir ye l be
wi me than rintoul ahmno shuir ye soud be
hae poured it but ahmno shuir ye soud be
ken whit she did ahmno shuir yeir lyfe wad
m mebbe deein but ahmno verra shuir whit that
be seekin for thaim amno very shuir said geordie
i m no shuir imnot certain so we ve
auld craitur lyke masell ahmshuir a dinna deserr it
maun tell ye what amshuir a saw but kenna
taken aback govie dick ahmshuir ah dinna envie ye
it be tea wyfe ahmshuir ah dinna ken ah
in his haund pepper ahmshuir ah dinna ken pompitie
guid for this warld ahmshuir ah dinna ken wha
cuddil doun richt aneuch ahmshuir ah dinna ken wha
whit ah mean morag ahmshuir ah dinna ken whit
wey whyles moula laughing ahmshuir ah dinna ken whit
mynd nanse horrified ooooh ahmshuir ah dinna lyke the
joke vassily vassilich olga ahmshuir ah ken ye nou
that dwaiblie an disjaskit ahmshuir ah l dee suin
it warna for you ahmshuir ah wad hae been
been born a wumman ahmshuir ah wad hae turnt
nae ill at aw ahmshuir ah wesna thinkin whit
a mynd richt weill amshuir at someane telt mei
ae wey or tither amshuir bliss ye cuisin ai
the r sumbodie here ahmshuir but jock said na
be wyld aboot this ahmshuir eilidh an ah war
s this banquo leeves amshuir his daith wul fairlie
oor nearest freins malcolm amshuir in ma banes in
it s verra braw ahmshuir irena dae ye see
owre late morag na amshuir it s no ah
gaun on lyke this ahmshuir it s no hauf
never owre late na ahmshuir it s no said
o an oor lyke ahmshuir it wad dae me
has a few mouthfuls ahmshuir jek wul no be
hingin deid in them imshuir john broun for that
it that s hou ahmshuir malcolm holding his head
eilidh maister nou that ahmshuir moula is deid the
s awricht wi me ahmshuir moula wad lyke fyne
ill ti pey morag ahmshuir nane o thaim haes
s true an important ahmshuir o t ai if
ti be freins knicht ahmshuir o t moula ah
haes happent til hir ahmshuir o t nanse naething
said sumthing she soudna amshuir o that guid kens
you aboot it tae ahmshuir o that his guidwyfe
bring the magic wattir ahmshuir she l git roond
div howp sae nanse ahmshuir she l no be
r verra walcum here ahmshuir she points to eilidh
i fear the warst imshuir she s seen her
fishes big an smaa imshuir tae rise abune them
end o a trip imshuir that i ll niver
hir wounds for aw amshuir that monie wad fecht
yir guid hairt an amshuir the pen sock ll
that s the story imshuir there ll no be
o thae infernal leeches ahmshuir they r no daein
the same for me ahmshuir things wul be different
til ye baith aside amshuir this truck wi supernaitral
pleased ti see ye ahmshuir vershinin cheerfully ah m
for me ti dae ahmshuir whit wad fowk think
gin a did less amshuir ye are in unco
airns but o masell ahmshuir ye l lairn naething
a dinnae ken but amshuir ye r gaun tae
m speakin aboot moula ahmshuir ye r makkin ower
no herm hir knicht ahmshuir ye winna ah wad
wi sicht an soun imshuir yer hert will tak
ti meetin wi ye ahmshuir you an shona wul
m shuir vershinin cheerfully ahmthat gled ti see ye
yeir guid haunds for ahmweill shuir that a kynd
oot aboot here and imaye gonna look for it
next few weeks so imbasically gonna get all my
gonna [inaudible] f1142: and imf1141: wow you re clever
m gonna get numbers img- f1115: fitt numbers f1116:
in the future er img- gonna finish with a
i m gonna i imgaun to another pumpkin mummy
m1128: aye i gonna imgaun to need them aa
i m going to imgo- i m gonna answer
just gonna watch so imgoing just going to get
s gonna hatch f1113: imgoing to make what ll
gonna be right back imgoing under the bed and
lug f1143: yeah f1054: imgonna add that one [inaudible]
to i m go- imgonna answer a- auntie [censored: forename]
hands first okay f1122: imgonna bake some m- bake
that f631: right oh imgonna be even more suspicious
re gonna come but imgonna be in the doctor
f807: yeah f806: otherwise imgonna be like a headless
ve got something oh imgonna be right back i
that s not f- imgonna bring my kids up
mash you m944: [laugh] imgonna bust your chops f943:
we m642: says right imgonna caw aw they doon
favourite ones is erm imgonna chip yer ma m944:
time right i think imgonna choose f1122: mum f1121:
little mermaid okay f1122: imgonna choose kipper f1121: kipper
for you f1122: mm imgonna choose pink f1121: oh
yeah i ll well imgonna clean this weekend f810:
to i consider reading imgonna consider reading it again
become like him so imgonna cover a few different
be will be if imgonna crash i m gonna
i m gonna crash imgonna crash it kind of
telling you f1141: aw imgonna cry you re not
after this ain f1104: imgonna dae the dalmatian f1103:
one in there f1122: imgonna dip dip dip it
blue f1121: mm f1122: imgonna dip into the chocolate
it f1122: uh huh imgonna dip this in here
should always share f1122: imgonna do another one mm
have a clue what imgonna do at all i
aboot fifteen minutes f1104: imgonna do blue and pink
dae this ain noo imgonna do f1103: oh boy
don t know what imgonna do f835: [laugh] f832:
s sociolinguistics which obviously imgonna do in m605: which
that there so what imgonna do is i m
f1111: i know but imgonna do it again to
isn t it m1090: imgonna do it myself f1089:
m1090: mm yeah [?]the doggy[/?] imgonna do it oh i
put those on now imgonna do it with you
do that i think imgonna do something about like
t quite know how imgonna do that i think
head just now f1122: imgonna do these f1121: that
you are f1122: mummy imgonna do this book f1121:
that s the problem imgonna do you know what
f1071: [bang] i m imgonna draw a funny face
just like that f1122: imgonna draw [censored: forename] and [censored: forename]
i drawed f1111: okay imgonna draw clouds up in
you here earlier u1028: imgonna draw f951: ye have
draw this time right imgonna draw granny s garden
one for [censored: forename] f1122: imgonna draw on it f1121:
spongebob and patrick f1071: imgonna draw one just now
him you keep diggin imgonna dribble the dirt out
[censored: forename] f1122: erm no imgonna eat mine mm mm
one for you f1122: imgonna eat this ain f1121:
f1115: ow f1116: [laugh] imgonna eat you f1115: it
coopie wi f1116: dad imgonna eat your little finger
legend you think oh imgonna explore that you know
f1091: two hippos m1092: imgonna f1091: no you canna
[inaudible] in my [inaudible] imgonna f1095: eh m1096: put
go f1122: argh polish imgonna f1121: right press it
a look inside a imgonna f1127: i m gonna
by bein generous hearted imgonna finish on this and
children s author and imgonna forget her name now
some mair in mu- imgonna gaun i m gonna
three no f1116: [child noises] imgonna get numbers i m
afterwards and say mm imgonna get you now f963:
shouting was getting closer imgonna get you ya bastard
this off f1089: no imgonna gie you a penny
gonna gie you right imgonna gie you m1090: i
right wait a minute imgonna gie you right i
really cute plates that imgonna give you f1122: mummy
oh that s good imgonna go and do my
it s t- bathtime imgonna go and let [censored: forename]
oh f1099: what why imgonna go and run the
your bath first right imgonna go and run your
me f1099: mm now imgonna go f1100: oh f1099:
not like me [laugh] imgonna go f810: [laugh] me
are you i think imgonna go home i m
a hole a hole imgonna go in that hole
i m gonna gaun imgonna ha [censored: forename] s sweeties
f1089: i know well imgonna hae tae mummy s
good that s fitt imgonna hae you wantin this
f1114: eggs gonna hatch imgonna hatch it ta da
his m942: [laugh] m941: imgonna have a side partin
not good f810: but imgonna have a stab at
f810: you know obviously imgonna have f809: is this
f1121: are you f1122: imgonna have this ain f1121:
say that er f1054: imgonna have to stop it
i go down f833: imgonna have to yeah cause
my back again wait imgonna hear something f1095: [inaudible]
gonna go and check imgonna here we go you
sticking him on there imgonna i i m gaun
won t concentrate f833: imgonna i ll probably start
a thrave and erm imgonna i m gonna play
s- the top m1106: imgonna [inaudible] a speedboat [speedboat noises]
sprinkles f1125: mmhm f1126: imgonna [inaudible] my -ponge then
it f1121: no f1122: imgonna just be careful f1121:
don t know what imgonna keep on whether it
[laugh] in other words imgonna kill you but i
anger or in choler imgonna kill you rhetorically [laugh]
kill you rhetorically [laugh] imgonna kill you with a
aye you do say imgonna kip doon for a
urgh [laugh] m1096: [laugh] imgonna kiss ye on your
f1121: we could f1122: imgonna leave that on we
i m like well imgonna leave you to it
th- i think if imgonna lecture i ll be
to look i think imgonna look for all the
bear s feet f1122: imgonna look for pooh bear
i m gonna mak imgonna mak big biscuit crocodile
like this f1107: naw imgonna mak i m gonna
you re making f1114: imgonna make an an e-
that s good f1114: imgonna make an egg a
your turn then f1122: imgonna make blue f1121: mm
it s the pin imgonna make it f1113: is
you make that ain imgonna make that ain f1113:
this jigsaw m1090: yeah imgonna make this ain f1089:
you listen up here imgonna mash you if you
m944: mash [laugh] f943: imgonna mash you m944: [laugh]
[inaudible] rabbit rabbit f951: imgonna move you alang a
think i need red imgonna need red f1121: you
three weeks ago m944: imgonna need something new do
because [laugh] i know imgonna need to buy books
look f1122: cake f1121: imgonna pass this down to
no be offended erm imgonna play something here just
erm i m gonna imgonna play this just now
have a wee practice imgonna point to somethin and
it in there f1122: imgonna pop a blue smartie
s your knife so imgonna pour chocolate and will
nice is it m1090: imgonna punch you [child noise] [child noise]
on the tap mammy imgonna put butter f1127: wait
lisa is it f1122: imgonna put her in her
nae taking it off imgonna put it back on
m gonna do is imgonna put it on there
[inhale] [exhale] [inhale] f1089: imgonna put the washing up
s the scissors f1140: imgonna put up two mummy
i m sorry f1122: imgonna read that one f1121:
goin mm f809: but imgonna rediscover friday night television
f1114: yes f1113: right imgonna roll it oot f1114:
want this star f1113: imgonna roll it out f1114:
it down f1113: right imgonna roll this one rolling
m1106: [laugh] [cough] [child noises] imgonna run through it f1105:
right that s all imgonna say and tom leonard
hand [censored: forename] f1122: well imgonna see i want to
day who s that imgonna show her your baking
m944: move up because imgonna sit here cause that
there is f1122: mum imgonna skip over to there
f1122: no can we imgonna skip the way f1121:
f1124: mam f1123: oh imgonna sneeze [sneeze] [sneeze] excuse
haud on a second imgonna spiderman s gaun to
here m1096: look no imgonna spin this beyblade on
that s it f1122: imgonna squeeze the water in
the corner shop and imgonna stand outside the front
used to do an imgonna start doin more is
waiting to do your imgonna sti- mum mum ooh
don t know what imgonna study university i like
i m gonna f1127: imgonna take a look m1128:
matters does it f1104: imgonna take blue [exhale] ah
jigsaw f1104: mummy but imgonna tell a story to
fine f1122: ah f1121: imgonna tell granny that you
no memory now what imgonna tell you is is
that you were cooking imgonna tell your teachers the
t ye m1128: aye imgonna them on there f1127:
[inhale] yes f1113: no imgonna try and find dory
m741: right m605: and imgonna turn it into a
into the chocolate now imgonna turn it over f1121:
here watch yourself f1122: imgonna turn on the tap
get a fleg cause imgonna want to take off
the cooker aye cause imgonna we re gonna cook
and so i thought imgonna write a crime novel
the tweenies site f1105: imgonna write a wee [inaudible]
to study and then imgonna write my essay f809:
winna work eh f1116: imgonna you you mum i
my friends and then imhopefully gonna meet [censored: forename] f1155:
of good f1071: [bang] imi m gonna draw a
gonna be [?]unsatiable[/?] if imin a hall of residence
know that s cause imjust gonna awa to brush
get it coloured in imjust gonna be in here
f1009: [laugh] m1055: [throat] imjust gonna check whether iona
m811: cool right i imjust gonna drive f814: [laugh]
tonight but i think imjust gonna f810: where were
cause i think that imjust gonna get something a
to me anyway so imjust gonna go home and
like [laugh] f1154: no imjust gonna go in and
m not saying anything imjust gonna go in go
like i ll f832: imjust gonna start in the
so that s why imjust gonna try and find
f834: [laugh] f833: right imjust gonna walk out now
[inaudible] [cough] [exhale] right imjust gonna want to sort
here f1122: mummy can imjust gonna watch so i
you going to me imlike well i m gonna
good jobbie gonna paint immakin a good job paint
m gonna go home immeant to be goin out
you chase me no imnae gonna chase ye m1108:
stab your hand f1133: imnae gonna gie you pens
you re useless f1142: imnae just gonna dae this
m mmhm yeah mm imnear- f1089: mrs [censored: surname] gonna
weird wee language that imnever gonna use like you
[laugh] f810: sure when imnext gonna have fifty pounds
and do that toots imno gonna answer it we
mm f965: and erm imnot gonna back down f963:
m815: [cough] m816: again imnot gonna do this again
to draw out that imnot gonna draw that that
gonna kill you but imnot gonna kill you in
but see if and imnot gonna mention anybody in
a senator called criggie imnot gonna read too much
was gonna s- [laugh] imnot tryin to say that
to say about this imonly gonna touch on a
s what i think improbably gonna do a pgce
gonna get a [inaudible] imshowing [censored: forename] this she hasna
missed out one f1121: imsorry f1122: i m gonna
gonna say you s- imsure somebody else said it
confessed to dollie and imaffa scared i m sure
job to make sure imalright audit scotland dealing with
job to make sure imalright the audit scotland report
job to make sure imalright the audit scotland report
i see ye f1104: imbelle [laugh] sure i was
ve to mak sure imburied in my ain lair
it s certain sure imcrabbit an soor pollution s
winnin near ilka eer imdamnt sure i read somewye
aboot this efternuin m842: imeh sure we ve been
wi aw it an imf606: uh huh m822: sure
two more m954: well imfairly sure fairly sure but
erm development links and imfairly sure that it will
are you sure m1017: imfine thanks [laugh] aye m1015:
jonsar jist mak sure imfirst jonsar eck thocht tae
when i m sure imgoing to drop him i
not sure often when imin the schoolroom i wish
i know you do imjust making sure that josh
call them p1 f963: imjust making sure we re
not quite sure maybe imjust talking mince but it
are you sure and imlike yeah no no actually
speakin aboot it but imnae just very sure maybe
o a but noo imnae sae sure he s
purpose than mine loretta imnae sae sure you re
stanes is f1109: [?]dainsis[/?] imnae sure about that ain
farr does that go imnae sure darling f1126: there
were deein in daylicht imnae sure foo they got
alphabet backwards georgie georgie imnae sure i can recite
s size in fact imnae sure if ere wis
or something like that imnae sure if that s
hundred f1109: one hundred imnae sure if there s
my son in law imnae sure if they re
mm mm mm f1091: imnae sure it looks like
shook john s hand imnae sure john should be
wey was that m1000: imnae sure whether it was
want to dae but imnae sure yet [tut] i
wi them mind you imnae too sure aboot the
lizzie weel jist say imnae too sure fa your
brown envelope mind you imnae too sure that i
were younger in fact imnear sure that was your
s that shy that imnever sure whether you could
called the pantochronochanon [laugh] imnever terribly sure how to
kinda iffy one that imno sure aboot that one
make christmas decorations hen ahmno sure ah got some
be scotland generally maybe imno sure f1026: right mmhm
tae think of it imno sure i mind him
to say that d- imno sure if youse got
says that a cannie amno sure whit tae dae
t know why actually imno sure you might know
say for sure as imnot a big racing fan
this place ended up imnot a hundred percent sure
you like pâté [audience laugh] imnot entirely sure what that
in my head and imnot just sure what happened
with with you [inaudible] imnot quite sure but erm
their information and so imnot quite sure i was
the results i think imnot quite sure maybe i
for er for what imnot quite sure yet but
rather than politically that imnot so sure about while
ll be trouble but imnot so sure one evening
s himself and jeremy imnot sure a- are doin
doing old icelandic and imnot sure about the other
the buildings and everything imnot sure and the fact
of his last burglary imnot sure but he was
you think of glasnost imnot sure but something strikes
too much f835: [laugh] imnot sure [censored: forename] what did
team s chances although imnot sure how many devoted
been so frightful that imnot sure i can write
them at all third imnot sure i could take
pauses in mine mark imnot sure i don t
i think kenneth might imnot sure i don t
erm f963: oh oh imnot sure i know that
[inaudible] [laugh] m959: erm imnot sure i think i
i think it s imnot sure i think it
polish film but i- imnot sure i think it
in the cerebral department imnot sure i would make
the thing is ehm imnot sure if er i
up against wee andy imnot sure if i m
are excruciatingly stilted and imnot sure if it can
your questions i travel imnot sure if restrictions on
should meet in iceland imnot sure if she was
that uh huh ah imnot sure if that okay
between fraserburgh and aberdeen imnot sure if there s
the thing is that imnot sure it serves any
okay m1174: er and imnot sure like what the
m1174: do i mean imnot sure m608: i think
my flat in glasgow imnot sure my 30 year
roughly my age but imnot sure of their sexes
the young martha well imnot sure often when i
four forty eight hours imnot sure so f1154: forty
punishment of course but imnot sure that he s
don t know and imnot sure that he would
have to say gargillic imnot sure that s a
without [censored: forename] and [censored: forename] imnot sure that they could
is m959: i think imnot sure to be honest
doesn t work out imnot sure what i ll
s in a name imnot sure what i want
you can go on imnot sure where it is
m605: right m741: i imnot sure who it is
new fiona now and imnot sure who she is
what they are but imnot wholly sure i assume
fifty and i was impretty f809: [laugh] f810: sure
isn t it posse impretty sure [inaudible] so f1144:
m not sure if imqueuing for a return to
the giraffe so easily imquite sure he ll pass
er type of study imquite sure into the future
understand very well and imquite sure when they were
but i m sure imstill in touch with the
glasgow so but yeah imstill not quite sure why
ll have a friend imsure a friend for my
of a verse that imsure a lot o ye
curricular learning experiences and imsure again people with expertise
hector says wan day ahmsure ah ll be the
got it already prepared imsure al will be fine
hinther the scourgin and imsure an aberdeen farmer wouldn
ones had metal wheels imsure and they made a
have a blackout too imsure and we ll both
an stuff like that imsure as well for the
f1043: mm f1054: yeah imsure ehm i mind folk
cope with it all imsure f010: oh well it
d have appreciated that imsure f1049: [laugh] yeah took
up to the nineties imsure f1077: you used to
naebody ever did here imsure f1143: oh no m1146:
like a record label imsure fiona would have some
scots in 1452 but imsure girnels were on the
a car gordon [censored: surname] imsure he had a car
snip aff ma taes imsure he hisna ett fur
he s greek too imsure he ll take to
to the prison and imsure he never looked at
productive if he bolts imsure he s going to
it wis hard wid imsure he said it wis
mmhm f1077: erm and imsure he was in africa
bruce kent s son imsure he would have been
talk him down and imsure he would have stopped
black slip on shoes imsure his colleagues know exactly
be hurt poor chap imsure his feelings for me
use now but i imsure i did as a
two different things as imsure i don t need
was off the scale imsure i even heard him
everywhere he was sent imsure i heard the sadness
eh and i i imsure i if you sought
term gets started proper imsure i ll be fine
i m affa scared imsure i ll screw up
him properly even when imsure i m going to
intellectually that is but imsure i m still in
is f963: well yes imsure i m sure they
immediately mm f1054: but imsure i ve heard americans
be allowed mm as imsure i ve said before
erm sea craft f963: imsure i ve seen an
visit f746: uh huh imsure i would actually [laugh]
but i must because imsure i wrote something that
as a woman poet imsure if i was born
there was no complication imsure if there s complications
going for it eh imsure if we went out
household in dunvegan but imsure in many many houses
latin at school so imsure it d be more
a generalisation i mean imsure it is but f963:
m959: whatever it is imsure it ll be different
f943: mmhm m944: no imsure it s not- nothing
to the subject f963: imsure it s true to
mean mmhm f689: erm imsure it s very nice
kind of mead an imsure it tastit a lot
to his wee brother imsure it was on his
still a club there imsure it was on the
too well to and imsure it wasn t actually
another different girl f809: imsure it wasn t her
no f810: no f809: imsure it wasn t her
invalid sister helen bit imsure it widda been a
at s f960: och imsure it will be yeah
will do uh huh imsure it will uh huh
an interesting life and imsure it would be good
yes m1007: [inaudible] m1008: imsure it would [inaudible] vocallex
lang it will be imsure [laugh] f961: [inaudible] but
a f963: uh huh imsure [laugh] yes yeah mmhm
mood a wee bit imsure like me you ve
touch frightening er f718: imsure m734: [laughs] getting get
have kept you happy imsure m942: [laugh] only when
manager rowan alexander who imsure many a premier league
things which wisnae fair imsure mmhm no no no
just think about it imsure most of you have
the night before last imsure neither of us slept
with fiona s help imsure of it wet with
bushes in the garden imsure one of them is
i should manage something imsure one thing the library
wish you every happiness imsure or some other stupidity
be away from but imsure she ll have a
up at tübingen and imsure she ll make friends
f1154: [cough] but f1155: imsure she won t mind
stuff either he says imsure some celtic fans remember
answer come on now imsure someone knows where the
enjoy your holiday now imsure talking about exam results
right in the water imsure that eh i mean
of a shame cause imsure that [inaudible] yeah uh
anaith e draps an imsure that it wid bleck
and that is not imsure that s not known
that area again and imsure that there will be
uh huh f1103: ooh imsure that was lovely to
he wanted to forget imsure the bloke that was
french and german as imsure the french and german
d hae oor ain imsure the gentlemen will be
i have no friends imsure the pressure he was
enroute to frankfurt and imsure the telex is chattering
point more cuddles too imsure then punkie sighs and
for this eulogy and imsure there are blogs all
[laugh] but f809: but imsure there are lots of
mmhm okay f950: yeah imsure there s a lot
mmhm f831: versa cause imsure there s a lot
mean everywhere s different imsure there s plenty places
they just scuttled theirself imsure there were aboot six
uh huh uh huh imsure they did f718: where
brian quickly cheenged tack imsure they re braw tales
yes i m sure imsure they re enjoying them
guys on the bus imsure they were arabs maybe
ve made a mistake imsure this year is going
miles there and back imsure uncle nelson will be
f746: oh right f978: imsure we have that book
there ll be carnage imsure we ll all grow
say the couch but imsure we used to say
not trusting mother and imsure wee drew s mother
words bein a teacher imsure [?]weird, aye[/?] f1144: mmhm i
empty houses with girls imsure were pasty and spotty
s down here but imsure when ye ken i
purpose of this corpus imsure when you wake up
if i could teenie imsure ye would ronnie i
a lot o money imsure yes uh huh oh
this occasionally myself and imsure you both are as
but mine if m942: imsure you can be very
not ye dev so imsure you do i m
not named esther rantzen imsure you enjoyed a good
that from that trip imsure you had a photo
parking space m827: probably imsure you have to pay
not to say that imsure you haven t read
[laugh] f807: [laugh] oh imsure you ll be fine
her prospects were dire imsure you ll do very
wee bit forgetful but imsure you ll understand and
and strife martha oh imsure you re perfectly right
and bide there jack imsure you re right you
ev- eh robert burns imsure you sure you have
worse to some e- imsure you understand that being
[laugh] m944: be quiet imsure you ve done it
miss those out cause imsure you want some scots
a letter of 1928 imsure your trouble is and
nae sure yet [tut] imthinkin i want to work
fit hiv ye deen imaafa sorry said the drippin
fox noo jonsar eck imaffa sorry tae say we
have the imagination and imafrai- i m sorry to
good [laugh] m827: sorry imall distracted by the fact
the hospital wi him ahmawful sorry hen ah don
freely i m sorry imawful sorry i m no
beaumont hm weel andy imheart sorry that we ve
the media i m imi m i m sorry
i m i m imi m sorry i ve
you come then f1114: imi m sorry mum i
her nose briefly ach imjist feelin sorry for mysel
say that again sorry imjist no catchin everything cause
i m sorry teenie imjist sae sorry he walks
the bakery f1049: sorry imjust [inaudible] [tut] m1048: [tut]
very common sorry f1054: imjust interested in case oh
i m awful sorry imno good riddance it was
i feel sorry f833: imnot happy f835: for you
what else turns up imnot too sorry that you
enquiring glance i eh imreal sorry mary aboot your
was like oh yeah imreally sorry about the course
and say miss leith imreally sorry for misbehaving this
it in her voice imreally sorry mummy i say
dear mum and dad imreally sorry that i forgot
phone today and say imreally sorry we f- we
bed and stands up imricht sorry fir yer wife
she elbowed him off imright sorry lass whit aboot
cloaked her jubilation oh imso sorry they didn t
didn t ye gordon imsorry agnes but you wouldn
realises agnes discomfort oh imsorry agnes i was just
wasn t i calls imsorry agnes to sadie so
anen 'ane-' eh ant imsorry anen anent and good
their santy claus dod imsorry angelica fit can i
curtains like sardines yeuch imsorry betty i canny help
ye ken ach weel imsorry bit i canna help
bj silence lee look ahmsorry bj you sorry silence
and i said oh imsorry but i don t
and they would say imsorry but you did not
dad s like no imsorry but you don t
up colours [censored: forename] f1124: imsorry can you go and
detrimental to my health imsorry come again because of
ask somebody else first imsorry f1144: [laugh] i would
that s very true imsorry f940: [laugh] [laugh] [laugh]
condemned so george w imsorry for calling you a
rather shame faced neil imsorry gladys genuinely friendly now
sh shall i dwell imsorry he falters in a
yes daddy i sob imsorry he puts me on
f1103: [?]i had another one[/?] f1104: mummy imsorry i broke this f1103:
use them you know imsorry i ca- my mind
of the past week imsorry i couldn t talk
four years ago oh imsorry i didn t know
appreciate the card and imsorry i didn t send
on disney f1103: no imsorry i dinna ken fitt
a curriculum for excellence imsorry i don t have
s got brittle bones imsorry i had nothing cheery
can you f122: so imsorry i have just f010:
are currently those and imsorry i haven t given
to i ve gone imsorry i i ve just
she curses him freely imsorry i m awful sorry
of it m816: oh imsorry i ve got to
i m i m imsorry i ve kind of
after her ronnie awkwardly imsorry i would cover it
he became somewhat apologetic imsorry if i ve offended
watch yer tractor m1110: imsorry [inaudible] f1109: watch yer
you at the moment imsorry it s maybe more
oh no [laugh] f1049: imsorry [laugh] m1048: er yeah
even know where oh imsorry look at me it
i dinna ken peggy imsorry loretta i shouldna burden
different ethnic minorities well imsorry m608: mm mm oh
not comfortable sitting teenie imsorry ma chrissie bitterly oh
oh great beth crying imsorry maggie no you ve
that s alright m1110: imsorry mam f1109: that s
are ye no f1104: imsorry mum f1103: aye that
yeah f1103: mm f1104: imsorry mum f1103: you re
out your microphone f1114: imsorry mum f1113: okay just
then f1114: i m imsorry mum i m up
was it f1104: yeah imsorry mummy f1103: [inaudible] f1104:
accident never mind f1104: imsorry mummy f1103: it s
noo f1104: dinna ken imsorry mummy f1103: och never
sept dear mrs sinclair imsorry my previous letter to
do the homework john imsorry naw i would j-
fit there f833: [laugh] imsorry oh ehm f834: i
it wid stoap gordon imsorry sadie dinnae hoo many
i am pause ronnie imsorry teenie i m jist
little moan ooh ronnie imsorry teenie i shouldna ve
f1025: [laugh] f1054: oh imsorry that s my mobile
looks at carolanne no imsorry there s nobody of
shakes her head no imsorry there s nothing here
good for your health imsorry this is just not
to watch it [laugh] imsorry to be so oh
dear mum dad again imsorry to have taken so
and i m afrai- imsorry to say i think
been brought up on imsorry to say [laugh] f1144:
comin the day peggy imsorry we ve a been
ye might ve said imsorry wendy she left the
ana another heavy sigh imsorry you re gettin the
in britain and egypt imsorry you won t make
warnings flickering red sorry imspoken for he said slippers
surprised about sorry callum imtotally interrupting you m811: alright
writer s block apology amtruly sorry ma wee verse
thee wi murderin pattle imtruly sorry man s dominion
i m sorry mum imup again f1113: up again
a good daddy horse imvery very sorry he lifts
by wi t sae amfor gaun ti seek him
aboot oniething at aw ahmgaun awa the morn ye
ate your sandwich yet imgaun away to change my
i m goin away imgaun away to paint [inaudible]
you doing f1107: well imgaun away to weigh oot
mak naething o it ahmgaun back ti the dauncin
round that oak ai ahmgaun crazy by a curving
m feelin friskie an ahmgaun doun ti hae a
put that on there imgaun for my rest the
doggie m1128: [?]cause he's ripping that.[/?] f1127: imgaun get the pens oot
wul no dae toozenbach ahmgaun goes out masha lies
gaun til masha hame ahmgaun hame irena whit a
but spare me as imgaun has all the authentic
collect ye m1128: aye imgaun i m gaun to
t it m1128: mammy imgaun i m gaun to
will we m1128: aye imgaun i m stick it
m gaun to mammy imgaun mammy i m gaun
that says santa there imgaun mum a big body
you re dodgy m1098: imgaun on the grass f1097:
full ae them och imgaun oot a walk ll
git frae me moula ahmgaun ootby it s ferr
see be twice taen amgaun raikin a whylie ay
f1127: eh m1128: aye imgaun ta- f1127: did she
for if ye dinnae ahmgaun tae chairge ye wi
i ken fine whit imgaun tae hear when i
m quite happy and imgaun tae run away now
fur americay said bappy imgaun tae see gracelan an
say well for example imgaun tae see peter s
re gaun oot agnes ahmgaun tae sit wi carolanne
i rise the morn imgaun tae start spring cleanin
s i ll see imgaun tell this f1127: [inaudible]
said the skipper cheerfully imgaun that wye masel an
mean oor bairn shuirlie ahmgaun ti be a graundfaither
orm na thorfinn whit ahmgaun ti dae is ti
never you mynd whit ahmgaun ti dae she leaves
made up at lest ahmgaun ti dae sum richt
douglas a feill lik amgaun ti die heir the
eilidh leaves dicreetly malcolm ahmgaun ti finnd oot aboot
ma gudeman s nem amgaun ti gang ti the
seem ti lyke ye ahmgaun ti git fou the
owre ma dressin goun ahmgaun ti git owre the
the jeist o t amgaun ti hae a shottie
morn s morn early amgaun ti kennle a spirlie
sitting embroidering nanse me ahmgaun ti mairrie a keing
an says she me ahmgaun ti mairrie a keing
see ma breiks puddok ahmgaun ti pretend ah never
yeir fowk ar beiriet amgaun ti ruif it fur
ryke an unco hairvest amgaun ti skreid aff ti
for the wyld burd ahmgaun ti tame gunlöd with
ye maun dae whit ahmgaun ti tell ye nae
o d fur thon amgaun ti traist ye an
forget valgerd awthing gunlöd ahmgaun ti try valgerd can
an prejudice agin wark ahmgaun ti wurk an in
by the candle toozenbach ahmgaun ti wurk chebutykin comes
a kerr shae demandit amgaun til embro the mannie
oot malcolm jocularly oho ahmgaun to be a grandfaither
is wait wait oh imgaun to check your big
s lost him there imgaun to colour him in
pen f1127: oh aye imgaun to colour in mind
i e i mummy imgaun to dae this ain
s bonny m1128: and imgaun to do it again
for the the [inaudible] imgaun to eat some and
baby m1128: aye i imgaun to f1127: cause our
dear crash i think imgaun to find a book
it together f1103: well imgaun to find aa the
m1128: that ain there imgaun to get the sticker
ye see m1128: aye imgaun to gie it tae
you clip it then imgaun to go and get
this melted m1108: no imgaun to help can i
oh that s perfect imgaun to just pop him
s ain m1128: [?]that's nice and round[/?] imgaun to leave it aside
s the stickers aye imgaun to leave it there
onything f1104: [?]why?[/?] f1103: imgaun to mak this jigsaw
away to paint [inaudible] imgaun to make a good
mammy i m gaun imgaun to mammy i m
[laughs] you re evil imgaun to move that road
gaun to playschool an imgaun to my work why
a bittie runny f1126: imgaun to open the boxie
i m gaun mammy imgaun to play that ain
why m1108: cause we- imgaun to pot the white
[inaudible] [inaudible] f1095: right imgaun to put them awa
t it m1128: i imgaun to show the baby
oh another spiderman m1128: imgaun to stick it on
full up m1128: aye imgaun to stick it on
aye i m gaun imgaun to take a f1127:
[exhale] m1098: come on imgaun to wreck this hoose
f1097: you what m1098: imgaun to wreck this hoose
in the back kitchen ahmgaun up nou ti the
kisses irena s hand ahmgaun ye ken an as
is gaun gray an ahmgittin on in years but
away to p- paint imgoin away i m gaun
ye gaun for m1108: imgoing for tired oot f1107:
me an ma role amhauf considerin gaun doon the
in hauf an oor ahmjuist gaun for a wee
gaun ti kill ye amjuist speirin o de will
at hame an i imjust gaun to eat three
up an tells him imnae gaun tae stop askin
or else say ach imnae gaun tae wear doon
aa his a deevilocks imnae gaun then quo minnie
nae want that f1097: imnae gaun to pit it
fitt do you mean imnae gaun to see nothing
r no onie thare amno gaun a widnae ken
gae inby masha irritably ahmno gaun in thare sobs
an thair faimlies masha ahmno gaun koolyghen distressed masha
have tae work but imno gaun on the broo
moula moula ay faither ahmno gaun oniewhaur the day
aw ma days an amno gaun tae chynge noo
a m past it amno gaun tae dig in
guid while it lastit amno gaun tae dig in
september wad blast it amno gaun tae dig in
year in ten so amno gaun tae dig in
windaesill diggin s dot amno gaun tae dig in
care or ken for amno gaun tae dig in
a m past it amno gaun tae dig in
ma neibors ootclassed it amno gaun tae dig in
scratch noo an then amno gaun tae dig in
ma s advice for amno gaun tae tell ye
pit on the graif amno gaun ti be the
feart for you olga ahmno gaun ti be the
daein doun thare pompitie ahmno gaun ti eat ye
aboot it ah howp ahmno gaun ti hae ti
d sell ye it amno gaun ti kill ye
an ah did but ahmno gaun ti leave ye
ye mean guidman puddok ahmno gaun ti leave ye
wes in joco bon amno gaun ti onie waddins
an inglish pasport an amno gaun ti scotland wi
wi sic conundrums fur amno gaun ti scrat ma
ilkane o us chebutykin ahmno gaun ti wurk toozenbach
that houss nou an ahmno gaun til irena lat
aye johnny thanks then imno gaun to be a
aye i m gaun imstick it on there on
awfu sair tae jings ahma bit stiff at the
ah ken ah ken ahma daft besom mebbe gin
koolyghin s the name ahma dominie at the secondary
lucky aw ma lyfe ahma happy man ah ve
wark ah micht dae ahma member o the coonty
too often stew sayin ahma poof cammy if yur
lookin teenie turning away ahma richt auntie georgie georgie
toozenbach krone alschauer but ahma richt russian for aw
brightly yeir health colonel ahma skuilmaister an ah m
ah dinnae git paed ahma survivor jist like you
a possibility tuesday eight pmah mrs robb i have
near saxtie year auld ahman auld man gey ferr
yi stae dumb when ahmaroond whisperin ti that daft
no grumfie onie mair ahmas cannie an freinlie as
l juist wait or ahmaskit afore ah mak up
skuil but the day ahmat hame an ma sair
ye nurse me whan ahmauld an dottilt an dicht
no weill an whan ahmauld an dottilt athoot girnin
m noh developed right ahmaw faded jist a faintin
o gress sproutin berna ahmawa up the hoose noh
pick it up an ahmaway dimps an stew stop
where is she pat ahmback ti cravin the sooty
ah ken why cause ahmbad an ah ve got
meet a bonnielyke wumman ahmbehauden til ye for reddin
you cunt you sayin ahmbent he runs at cammy
same as ither puddoks ahmbigger for a stert ye
halie rude na na ahmblithe tae mind the historicals
r ma wyfe an ahmblyth in spite o awthing
ll mash it while ahmboilin my egg agnes exits
lyke an icicle puddok ahmcauld aw owre ah m
were chist a blurr ahmchist goin till ma bed
ut consecutivum mynd ye ahmclivver clivverer nor a hantil
hey ok ok cool ahmcool he pushes stew away
r mairrit an that ahmcummin on ahint they l
jist like you s ahmdaein this voluntary dimps aw
in halie grund whan ahmdeid morag ah wul puddok
day sae ah im ahmdowie sae never you heed
for medicine an whan ahmduin wi aw this lik
dievichye masha ye ken ahmeven stertin ti forget whit
a sicko silence steve ahmfadin again slowly meltin cammy
special some kindae magician ahmfadin fast ed laughs oh
lyke but the day ahmfair blyth sae ah im
m wabbit fiador ilyich ahmfair forfochen looks at the
in juist a year ahmfair stoot growne ay thenks
ti git a saet ahmfair wabbit toozenbach smiling whan
is onlie juist feinisht ahmfair worn oot awthegither wi
m a skuilmaister an ahmfair yin o the faimlie
oan the upper world ahmfeared berna an you you
is it a man ahmfeared pause a shaman comin
canna help lauchin tho ahmfeart at the same tyme
never never dae that ahmfeart for hir ah l
r plentie tyme andrey ahmfeart ma wyfe micht try
re daein he blustert ahmfishin fair whaur s yet
ma lane wi sumbodie ahmfyne ah m juist lyke
bein blameless silence stew ahmgawn oot bring the guy
thigithir pause aw krista ahmgit bad feelins pause if
this serious stuff pat ahmgittin oot lee lee that
a pause ah suppose ahmgittin this sair heid kis
can ah daursay nou ahmgittin waeker ah l be
askit tam gey chawed ahmgled ti see you he
c mon than shona ahmgled ye want ti keep
suitable for a funeral ahmgonny ask ma mammy ah
wush ye wad mynd ahmgrowne up nou she takes
s aw ye think ahmguid for malcolm we l
makin things disappear della ahmhaein nae secrets zeb nae
whit a graund lyfe ahmhaein sic comfort in a
her head back tess ahmhaein singin an dancin in
spring haar hings on ahmhaurlie leevin joso thir brainches
tairt ah m gled ahmhere aw day the day
frae the inglish whyle ahmhere throu the simmer vershinin
laughs steve ah ken ahmhidden away oot o sight
and bows knicht syre ahmhonored ti mak yeir acquantance
hear that faither malcolm ahmhowpin it wul be a
pause yi aye say ahmimaginin yi kin say as
can cairrie on please ahmin guid fettil for it
la la pat when ahmin here ah feel dirty
onie langir a pause ahmin luiv ah luiv that
feel lyke onie mair ahmin puir fettil again the
on the telegraph nou ahmin the coonty cooncil offices
ma dochter lorna alsweel ahmin the reverence o them
o thur life oh ahmjist a pare lass mah
ringan ringan from offstage ahmjuist cummin yeir hieness after
vershinin ah dinna ken ahmjuist deein for sum tea
a muir mairead goes ahmknackert how faur is it
a canna tell ye ahmkynd o ill o hearin
for the denner areddies ahmlate glances at herself in
cause shi isnae robby ahmlori s een ah tell
yur mitts fi hur ahmlori s guide robby makes
did ah dae malcolm ahmlyke a man reborn awthing
aw jags aw owre ahmlyke a prein cushion an
o this an gin ahmlyke ti be the mistress
at hame soliony whan ahmma lane wi sumbodie ah
time at the saumon ahmmair o a troot man
here mair or less ahmmasha s guidman she haes
in wi the fallae ahmmeant for thare ah ve
bad pepper ah think ahmmebbe deein but ah m
anither step ah think ahmmebbe deid areddies div ah
leaves the room malcolm ahmmukkil behauden ti ye meg
ye you tell him ahmmukkil behauden til him takes
anither chaunce in lyfe ahmmukkil behauden til ye ah
ye ti speir but ahmnae better lad if oniething
it s no true ahmno a bit stooter masha
ye lat nane say ahmno a guid dochter til
think ah im able ahmno able at aw ah
at her clothes but ahmno buskit for a waddin
sojer im ah oniewey ahmno even guid lookin or
sleep aw nicht an ahmno feelin ower graund the
juist sit an watch ahmno feelin up ti the
be gled ti hear ahmno fykie wi ma meat
kirk juist lyke yeirsell ahmno german at aw apairt
but ah canna say ahmno gled ti be hame
a drap wattir masha ahmno greitin onie mair koolyghin
me greit anaw masha ahmno greitin whit wes the
dinna lyke tattie soup ahmno ill ti please but
ah didna ken that ahmno in bad fettil nou
this haill day an ahmno lyke duin yit for
ye l paurdon me ahmno lyke masell the nou
the magic wal queen ahmno lyke ti forget rintoul
me in mynd pompitie ahmno lyke ti forget you
his mukkil hotchin bodie ahmno makkin it up mither
our waddin day an ahmno mistaen an the lassie
a fortnicht ago an ahmno rinnin this time on
noticed in sum respeks ahmno the same as ither
you r twantie an ahmno thertie yit masell whit
syne he spak guidwyfe ahmno uised wi cushins the
kill hir guidman shuirlie ahmno uised wi daein sic
cryti on hir wyfe ahmno uised wi flouer pats
ti me lyke that ahmno uised wi fowk sayin
shona whimpers malcolm please ahmno weill ah m no
day ay ma laddie ahmno weill thir days at
round natasha ye see ahmno weill uised wi be
humour in that steve ahmnoh an image jist a
whey kens aboot me ahmnoh ashamed or guilty so
squeeze an squeeze bit ahmnoh developed right ah m
the scarf jist pretend ahmnoh here silence cammy some
wanti say something pretend ahmnoh here stew steve you
yur saddo brother pause ahmnoh hinging aboot oany longer
unlike you dimpsy boy ahmnoh in denial me an
cannae dae that mithir ahmnoh in fairy land aw
yursell kept protectin yursell ahmnoh like you ah m
used used pause bit ahmnoh like yous dimps yur
ll grant you but ahmnot bad it was very
did yestrein eftir aw ahmonlie twantie echt ah daursay
jek ah daursay no ahmower sweimish for that kynd
mair quaistens at me ahmower tired koolyghin you spylt
the tyme ah dout ahmowre easie persuadit bi the
stramash thon wes mebbe ahmowre saft hertit but ah
whyles ye mebbe think ahmowre sair on ye but
loudly tell yi della ahmpaein noh yin penny ti
ye maun forgie me ahmphilosophisin ma heid aff ah
sae ye ir nou ahmprood anaw but no sae
ye want ti ken ahmprood o it a pause
ah cannae mind if impurl or plain carolanne to
that s guid news ahmrael gled ti hear it
moula without much enthusiasm ahmrael gled ti hear that
yeir hair ah see ahmrael gled ti hear this
pairtie s no cummin ahmrael vext aboot that ye
o me nanse mither ahmrael vext at the wey
be a gomeril forby ahmrael vext for ye the
here at aw wutch ahmrael vext ti hear that
discretely queen maister rintoul ahmrael vext ye hae been
dey look at mi ahmreading fi the book dimps
cammy ti us steve ahmready ti speak bit dinnae
you r teachin an ahmrinnin the houss an whan
ye ah m no ahmrussian ah dinna speak a
fash yeirsell believe me ahmsae happy that ful o
me hou is it ahmsae happy the day it
d better wait or ahmsafe oot the road afore
gie me a bosie ahmsair needin it the nicht
become isolated dimps aw ahmsayin is wi need a
goes to the table ahmseik an tired o you
huvin yi dimps stew ahmserious this new guy mean
tarara boom di ay ahmsittin on a tomb aw
an ah feel lyke ahmslippin awa frae onie howp
can fikkil me gin ahmspared ti see the day
consummated ye ken whit ahmspeakin aboot morag nods god
last o the tonic ahmstartin oan a new krista
wes a littil bairn ahmstertin ti wunner whuther it
day eftir the morn ahmstertin wark at the skuil
for me the day ahmstill aff ma meat oniewey
thing at a tyme ahmsumbodie that haes a ludge
yur pain ed dimps ahmtakin yur pain stew cammy
that wes aw na ahmtellin a lee he left
be in at aw ahmtellin ye this as a
me ti quaisten whit ahmtelt ti dae but ah
happy happy masha an ahmthat bored bored bored sits
ay irena sits down ahmthat gled ti git a
goes to the door ahmthat happy happy happy irena
control herself ai mercie ahmthat meiserabil ah canna wurk
lounderin dae ye think ahmthat near deid ye need
awa nannie ma dear ahmthat wabbit ah can haurlie
lyke ti the touch ahmthat worrit aboot him andrey
the wreath della della ahmthe auldest sister ah ll
is naebody hearin me ahmthe auldest tradition dictates ah
university michtie juist think ahmthe secretary o the local
an said auld yin ahmthe verra man wi a
for the puir quyne ahmthinkin an at that cormac
o a guid wash ahmthinkin c mon dinna pit
different style o lyfe ahmthinkin chebutykin ay a think
ti invyte him here ahmthinkin irena ah haena invytit
for a seik man ahmthinkin it s mebbe luckie
that in hir case ahmthinkin she l mebbe be
til thair herts content ahmthinkin that nae dout thay
wul be in here ahmthinkin wul ye no cum
whaur the needle is ahmthinkin ye d better gie
say something aboot cammy ahmthinking silence dimps what the
a lot o blethers ahmtired listenin til ye he
rest o the nicht ahmtossin an turnin this wey
sal tell him that ahmtraivlin for ti seek ma
me ti dae thare ahmtwantie thrie year auld ah
in aw the warld ahmverra near saxtie year auld
yerp on aboot it ahmvext a tryit ti kill
provokit at the tyme ahmvext aboot it whit mair
ye mair nor aince ahmvext ah didna manage ti
whyles we warna kynd ahmvext anent yeir tyauvin that
ken maister ah ken ahmvext for ye malcolm shona
it s different awthegither ahmvext ti hae ti say
ay ah hear ye ahmvext ye iran cumfie ye
staun on this fuit ahmwairnin ye dinna you push
sullenly silent malcolm shona ahmwearie the nicht whan a
s naething ti me ahmweill content whuther ah hae
ah hae a faut ahmwhyles inclyned ti be heidstrang
an nae courtesy whan ahmwi the ither teachers ma
cammy correct me if ahmwrong here dimps steve yous
the coort nou that ahmyeir guidman ah expek ah

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