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rinse it f1122: is itm-rinse rinse rinse what else
british isles erm they werem-mainly current popular books you
that was popular was them-majestic er for dances f718:
uh huh m1174: obviously them-the popular ones are cricket
beauty cause i m- im-f831: mmhm m842: i mind
s a beauty cause im-i m- f831: mmhm m842:
that there s a am-a real mix o people
m1108: this one f1107: im-m1108: mix it f1107: melt
done now fitt happens im-m1108: mix it f1107: melt
of stuff we had tom-er make both media outlets
again through using er newspaper-m-media written media to get
station so it was am-m608: okay right m1174: a
oh okay m1174: whereas ermm-more indians would listen to
the mixture s getting hotm-f1121: is it aafu hot
that were really hot som-my mother had to put
way in which people fromm-my background although mine mine
ill oo oo d saym-bad for ill her man
hi are you a teenagem-mother you know an they
it is yes m1055: im-my mother perhaps it s
s no chance of actuallym-me getting like a lobster
frankenstein cause the cause them-cause the human was dead
what s that f1114: am-a scary monster that s
another one another one f1114: m-f1113: good girl f1114: that
what does the cow saym-f1114: moo f1113: moo what
f1114: [laugh] [exhale] [?]nearly[/?] f1113: m-no my turn oops [inaudible]
of thing and of coursem-i mean sweeties were were
wey the folk i meanm-[laugh] even the other way
i mean i i im-m818: uh huh you just
but i mean they theym-they maybe awa a month
mum was expecting me herm-her mum who was my
it s finished i wantm-[microwave bleeps] mum is it ready
uncle [censored: forename] granny [censored: forename] sm-[censored: forename] f1134: fitt f1133: [censored: forename]
in the suggestion box form-on [censored: forename] s behalf he
go to your kip butm-ma erm ma friend mima
sequence of poems m078: ermm-more eh more more sequences
the brick the erm mmm-mrs [censored: surname] taked out the
scotland the west of scotlandm-my erm great grandfather came
f1121: okay f1122: are thesem-can i put the marshmallows
f1149: okay so like howm-how many languages could you
i m gonna bake somem-bake some smartie cakes f1121:
aren t ye put somem-put some more on that
up so the island itselm-f606: uh huh m830: would
huh no that was mym-my maternal one not paternal
able to buy things f965: m-might i don t i
smaller things but f640: youm-might think it s a
and things like that ehm-miraculous m1007: oh aye m1008:
top o there i gotm-you got more water f1125:
stocking and again it wasm-one of my father s
m762: and so this wasm-part of my thing to
enough on that that sm-that s my dinner f1125:
prefer paddy s milestane m078: m-milestone is better yeah m608:
military we had still them-military movin aboot m608: aye
mmhm m605: which teachers ofm-almost any humanities subject m741:
and also because it wasm-f963: right yes yeah mmhm
mmhm mm do you likem-nutmeg now m1078: [inaudible] not
mmhm f1111: oh that sm-so we ve got two
f1104: no no [inhale] becausem-maleficent doesn t want because
it seriously but i im-but i think this is
think she- have you everm-f1155: i ve never met
macdiarmid did admirable as itm-kinna was i think was
you think that s am-main factor or s- contributing
on it it s gotm-m1094: mur- f1093: mon- m1094:
what a mercy what am-f1116: mm [laugh] tickle f1115:
up writing was what im-it shifted from that in
what s that m1092: nom-shoes f1091: and what s
t know of one im-may have been it certainly
can find in here m1090: m-maybe toys f1089: no i
hands f1112: no i knowm-no f1111: come on and
f643: and there was am-barrow went a missin a
she was saying me andm-her other friend were going
john knox at his bestm-modulated between the two styles
big brick wa we dm-bi- we d o been
i v is hold im-an then ehm in there
ye thi- when ye rem-bringin that up i probably
f826: aye right f902: wellm-[censored: details of family relation] joyce she who went
where s that knife thism-farr s the knife f1095:
a squint neb a shamgabbitm-a shamgabbit mooth and twa

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