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never lairnt me ti louemaain faither aye ye pusht
an the research base weelmaain faither is ane o
skaith ti breinger or timaain faither or ma ain
states ye ll hae savedmaain faither s life an
ti ma ain faither ormaain wee brither malcolm saikless
the bairn sumbodie haes stownmabairn the faither wes alairmed
fiver jist fur speedin onmabike ma faither only tellt
faither gied me frizell brechammabrither john follaed ma mither
isna blate yon faither damianmacertes isna he sclimin up
isna blate yon faither damianmacertes isna he sclimin up
deid faither fin i steekmaee the singer that i
ill ti mak ma bairnmafae gunlöd ai faither im
auld farrant tae son wesmafaither a traitor mither l
ken at hei wrocht furmafaither ae gey bit whan
woarld hisnae chynged hes tmafaither affen spak wi umour
him at wis felled bimafaither afore me but is
o buccleuch s game keepersmafaither an aw his siblings
cooncil hoose up yonner aymafaither an dave an faimlie
mynes wes a praisent fraemafaither an he is a
said the princess yon belangedmafaither an it wes ti
wis doon it the tymemafaither an jock short atween
joiner it the haugh wimafaither an ma maternal grandfaither
fairms got em first anmafaither an masel wid dee
a canna haud bak furmafaither an masell ir i
nae wey ti tell omafaither an me stertit ti
a ve fond myndins omafaither an mei daein repairs
til the schuil a myndmafaither an mei daein sum
haudins roond aboot the dwallinsmafaither an mei did a
whan a wur ae teenagermafaither an mei did ae
thum baith gey weill kismafaither an mei did ae
auld byre stable itsel kismafaither an mei whan a
awned bi the bshara institutemafaither an mei whan a
is weill fur ae whylemafaither an mei wur affen
it wad be like haeinmafaither an mither back in
wad a bemean the bodiemafaither an mither gied uis
coull kirkyaird far i beerietmafaither an mither i ve
bit wis the collogues atweeshmafaither an the estate manager
be nae mair shelter saidmafaither awa hame for a
howt hei hes sayed plentiemafaither aye feenisht at storie
sherp morag is it nomafaither aye lykit ti keep
times lik this geordie eikitmafaither aye yaised tae say
fae e odd skelp faemafaither bit noo cam e
bring me in mynd omafaither bliss him he wes
bot a dovert ower anmafaither cam by i the
it s an awfu jobmafaither canna set fuit ower
on the houss hou coudmafaither cum ti mairrie sic
springs up g awa aforemafaither cums gunnar dae ye
ah l recite it whanmafaither cums in ah wad
mynd ye for instance eftirmafaither dee d for a
in the stove juist aforemafaither dee d the wund
him out there but wimafaither deein a juist niver
beer hei nivver drank speeritsmafaither drove his car oot
ooten hir mooth anither talemafaither enjoyt telling wis whan
tuik oot a photie omafaither first aff i thocht
welcome enyeuch it wis finmafaither first dreeve a tractor
aboot hoo ma feelins abootmafaither fit intae the dialectic
got ae guid leatherin fraemafaither for at mischievious ploy
ah wul tak ye timafaither for shuirlie he wul
tak the yairn hame tilmafaither for ti mak inti
his lug moula whit smafaither gaun ti think aboot
be kent bi the nemmafaither gied me frizell brecham
inglish then andrey oh aymafaither god bliss his maimorie
a rope roon em anmafaither haalin aa eez strinth
it tak at rope saidmafaither hairse swyte dreepin doon
thare morag ay yon belangedmafaither he uised it whyles
gunlöd first ah believed inmafaither he wes that strang
s o mulsintoun this efternuinmafaither hed been wurkin it
time a wis a bairnmafaither hed learnt uis some
graan start a freen omafaither hid a tricycle full
e fairm o weetwards faarmafaither hid eez green painted
e roadman s hoose atmafaither hid for eez souter
niver wid tackle at mintmafaither hid tae dee t
e washer geed deen anmafaither hid tae mak a
memories o ma mither anmafaither i min naething at
haedna brocht me in myndmafaither in his sleep enter
did loue that tree moulamafaither is gaun ti be
cum ti think on tmafaither is gey cauld wi
set traps for puirlyke birdsmafaither is no deid whatever
sertit ma joinery apprenticeship wimafaither it deanburnhaugh a did
whae lairnt the joinerin wimafaither it the hauch the
s wrang moula she teltmafaither it wes me that
no they cudna pye saemafaither jist keep it ane
a det an dewtie timafaither juist as the israelytes
set doun ye maun letmafaither ken afore ye gie
kent onybody mair releegious thanmafaither like masel he worshipped
grunstane whan wiouten onie wirdmafaither lowpit the kintra ma
wush ye wadna speak abootmafaither lyke that ye maun
caw the bairn seumas eftirmafaither ma faither wad hae
stoot growne ay thenks timafaither ma sisters an ah
their biggest financial backers anmafaither needs a kidney transplant
decerniture a dout the daymafaither needs this ane on
or a madman nur taemafaither nor mither sister nor
fur speedin on ma bikemafaither only tellt me weel
ti believe in thaim althomafaither ordert me ti thay
grow ay belle wis omafaither s bluid an o
uncle jim s an fraemafaither s cousin i hae
speakers tell me mair fraemafaither s daith a ken
moula she s haggin dounmafaither s favorite tree eilidh
s research project fur wiootmafaither s fundin it wad
gunlöd ay thay grew inmafaither s gairden can ah
tyke tae heel i ainmafaither s guidin plan that
faither s bluid an omafaither s line an fine
that name andrae that wesmafaither s name prince ye
e far eyn ere wismafaither s room faar e
no ein the meisterie omafaither s sauntheid bot a
ivery bit as much asmafaither s shop forbye e
first a wis wadset formafaither s that fushionless an
peter middleton the fairmer wasmafaither s uncle an sib
s she daein that smafaither s wee tree eilidh
hyze wi een anither asmafaither sat haimmerin at e
whan ye gaed awa kismafaither says it is waek
e cakes o coo candymafaither sellt in eez shop
dinna think i iver heardmafaither sing bonnier the irish
sae is t wi sangmafaither skailt his marra banes
thirled tae these acres saidmafaither tae me fowk said
wirth aa the warsslin saidmafaither tae me i gaed
will be your lan saidmafaither tae me oh the
bit a hard life saidmafaither tae me the corn
earned quicker spent lad saidmafaither tae me the knotted
yairns bot sprowsin tho timafaither thai wis gospel an
on ae suddent sayed tilmafaither thar s ae lot
stertit out as ane omafaither the elder warden s
braw notion o history hidmafaither tho the antrin leaf
micht hae his sleep ootmafaither thocht nae mair on
the schuil an wrocht tilmafaither til hei jyned the
in vext at the weymafaither traets me sobbing this
pepper infuses the tea peppermafaither uised ti say that
aside e aal hoose atmafaither used for eez souter
guidmither but awricht ah promisemafaither wad be brukken hertit
ye in tyme gunlöd butmafaither wad caw me a
bairn seumas eftir ma faithermafaither wad hae been geyan
this aw the tyme ormafaither wad never hae taen
ti cry him yit moulamafaither wants ti caw him
wes masell awned the sojermafaither wes a courss auld
speak a wurd o germanmafaither wes brocht up in
whyles for fechtin the inglishmafaither wes richt knackie wi
yer wirds cum fae asksmafaither wha isnae adoptit in
blythsum tyme for us awmafaither wi a wyfe again
rungplay he gat felled bimafaither wi sic a dunt
strae laid ahin e coomafaither wis a toonser nae
fermers it lowsin tyme whanmafaither wis aboot tae gan
gie them hauf a chancemafaither wis awaa maist o
ma howdien whan ae daymafaither wis gien the umwhile
on a 10 acre craftiemafaither wis in eez shoppie
sic a thing ah daursaymafaither wul finnd oot suin
yid hed faen owre whanmafaither wum hame til the
langage o the scottis bordersmafaither yaised tae tell ae
but she says til himmafaither ye ken wad never
stertin tae think aboot hoomafeelins aboot ma faither fit
sum relief nou faither malcolmmafuit feels a sicht better
the warld snek you affmaheid wi yeir faither s
puddok alive snek you affmaheid wi yeir faither s
fowrteent birthday whan a sertitmajoinery apprenticeship wi ma faither
pitmirk gunlöd ah im nomalane gunnar yeir faither disna
moula faither ye ve metmaman areddies malcolm nods at
haugh wi ma faither anmamaternal grandfaither descendents o wattie
is ae matter o fackmamaternal grandfaither s step faither
he wes wantin kin saemamither an faither adopit m
at cam here ti weilandsmamither an faither an me
a heid stane thon smamither an faither cuttit schort
letter an send it tilmamither an faither doun unner
1st century bc orphan whanmamither an faither war leevin
wis ma first memories omamither an ma faither i
ma faither lowpit the kintramamither bak chynged ti hir
til oor faimlie kis omamuther an hir faither s
ma substitute maternal grandfaither eftermamuther s faither the umwhile
faither it deanburnhaugh a didmanaitional service fur twae yeir
ill her faither wis hermaor her brither matty hid
m no gaun ti scratmapow ower it nou faither
my faither s sister naemas so she was aff
ay thenks ti ma faithermasisters an ah kens french
wul brek yeir hert macduffmabairns anaw ross wyfe bairns
the hannlebar an syne alangmabare knee ma hert geed
it s aw yin wimabrukken hert frae this day
aw ma hert chebutykin movedmadear lass ma precious bairn
kam intil ma hert quickintmadeed speerit an turnt ma
guid hert an he taenmafancie nanse ye d better
ye wul ken peace thorfinnmafeelins ir ma hert s
in murnin seekin fouterin wimafrozen hert a fauss close
ti gie ye but wimahaill hert ah prigg the
this unco rue ryve atmahert a famous general from
sic a state a feltmahert again tae harden a
ma kist it s inmahert ah l juist tell
gane an och it braksmahert alzheimer s here s
oniething oniewey shona say crossmahert an howp ti dee
howp ti dee moula crossmahert an howp ti dee
deid springs is steirin inmahert an nou the r
lat me hand ye tilmahert banquo rises and is
thare it s mair normahert can haud macbeth lennox
wush ye luck wi awmahert chebutykin moved ma dear
sister frae the bottom omahert congratulations on yeir saint
a wander lost wi inmahert eternal frost medical a
a sair stound haed jaggitmahert from the chinese of
hair birss up an garsmahert gae stoundin in ma
end saur souchs cannilie butmahert gaes aye til the
syne alang ma bare kneemahert geed a richt lowp
say the r ae thingmahert greins for an that
leeve his weirdit span yitmahert greins ti ken but
it s lyke as ifmahert haed turnt intil a
on ma mither ah feelmahert is lyke ti brek
ahint the pleugh an omahert is sair in general
ye a hae nae doutsmahert is soond a m
ve an awfu dreid atmahert it s lyke as
that befell ye twisted inmahert like steel god if
ye that bydes close tilmahert maun ken that a
domain wi rules pouin oanmahert nae bletherin or dirdum
morag puddok ye r brekkinmahert puddok gin ye haedna
thar an than kam intilmahert quickint ma deed speerit
hae an ill bodement atmahert richt aneuch an awfu
kissing valgerd nou ye seemahert s bluid valgerd rises
peace thorfinn ma feelins irmahert s bluid wad ye
skipping games you might hearmahert s in the hielan
look ah dinna ken whitmahert sank whan ah saw
blythsum lyfe thegither wi awmahert she drinks malcolm ah
ma kist ah can hearmahert stoun lik a swaird
r nae aunsir ah hearmahert stoundin again help help
ye are ye ve sentmahert tae beat at sic
ma dearest dear it wrungmahert tae see ye dwine
areddies onlie the stound omahert telt me ah wes
an whitfor soud this bemahert that aince wes fou
ah feel sae blyth inmahert the day ah myndit
an walcum here wi awmahert the lords rise and
howp the dawin wul heizemahert the sun ti see
faw the r autumn inmahert this gait in follaein
let us live it touchedmahert this piteous plea a
souch thair endless whusperin deidsmahert wi dule ah want
a begoud tae blirt anmahert wis fair lipperin owre
ti pit yeir haund neistmahert ye l no be
ma hert gae stoundin inmakist in this byordnar gait
eftir day at ardnamurchan awmalane wi a sair hert
greitin whanever ah think onmamither ah feel ma hert
hert felt remord hei answertmapley fur forgieness hei thar
it is owre mukkil formapuir hert ah grein for
days o oor lang twyninmasair hert s ayebydin stound
leddie hou can ah bringmasair hert ti rest from
dodged richt roon t swagemastoonin hert an settl t
a sair hert heivin taenmawyfe awa nou it haes
me that likes ma bedmaain bed holy mary mither
think gin ah coudna daemaain mither an obleigement it
eftir me at aw queenmaain mither bliss hir aye
gaun aboot brekkin things evenmaain mither didna think mukkil
this wis a caper omaain mither tee in later
as a awreddies telt yemaain mither wes in ospital
sills especially fuchsias and geraniumsmaain mither wis the same
aboot an daunil ye inmaairms an yeir mither an
ane guidwill forby ye helpitmaauld mither wi her bad
ma mither hid put intaemabag for ma denner it
ma mither john isna omabluid ye ken born i
sink oh holy mither helpmaboab this man s a
carin for ma mither fanmabrither s got a wife
mither hid been telling omachaos in the kitchen an
mither liltin hir unco lynesmadochter s spun seivin seivin
ah l git quut omadule mither ah l leave
fae e ceilin at wismafirst memories o ma mither
s uncle an sib taemagrannie lizzie on ma mither
a fact nou rintoul aymagraundfaither on ma mither s
o granny menzies mither smai dinna like granny menzies
mither is aye aboot inmakist ah can hear ma
messiah that i maun losemalife carin for ma mither
maw mither m1013: ma mawmamaw ma maw m1010: aye
aye mother maw mither m1013: mamaw ma maw ma maw
years and i d sendmamither a postcaird once in
no richt aboot the queenmamither ah can read hir
wi an angel it smamither ah want an angel
somethin o the kyn fraemamither aince they caa her
hae ye duin ti rousemamither an beatrix said whit
ah want ti be wimamither an hir yung again
ll tell ye nae leemamither an masel wir that
a ettilt ti dae asmamither an skuil telt me
ah haed ti lee tilmamither an that bathers me
coatin o fite sugar maybemamither at niver did things
ower christmas cake an shortiemamither aye had lentil or
mrs fur aw o themmamither aye had the hoose
hamework hinner s lang anmamither aye hid a fyow
tyme an ai said hemamither aye telt me ti
ma road an the queenmamither be richtit ai the
war you in luiv wimamither chebutykin ay a wes
wis for singein hens anmamither confirms it wis athoot
ye see g nomes kismamither didna lyke me ah
lose ma life carin formamither fan ma brither s
wul ah flee than leavemamither gunnar she wul forgie
yeir hieness queen mercie memamither haed nae teeth in
s tuith they say moragmamither haesna been verra weill
showed him a pictur omamither her name s margo
in e park alangside anmamither hid e washin oot
mair wecht like e piecemamither hid put intae ma
s eirant whyles ah thinkmamither is a richt stuipit
taen hir hame wi memamither is a spaewyfe that
wul ken that the queenmamither is at daith s
gairden yett but ah doutmamither is aye aboot in
hame nou wi the wattirmamither is gey hard up
please miss a slept inmamither is in hir bed
brecham ma brither john follaedmamither john isna o ma
a victim for e slachtermamither kent fine foo tae
wey he did it anmamither lookit on in admiration
ti bergain wi me anmamither lyin deein she looks
asyde me on the thronemamither maun grie it is
even i wish ye wismamither miss at the same
shewed silk an gowd formamither never showed me hou
the lave o the boothsmamither niver weariet o tellin
i wisnae awfu nice taemamither oh i wis cruel
suppose the wattir wad daemamither onie guid oniewey this
nunnerie for that maitter ginmamither onlie thocht lyke you
wi anither thing the garronmamither rid ll be wantin
noo it s hame taemamither s a m gaein
for that irena it wesmamither s clock chebutykin aweill
ir the onie difference atweinmamither s corp an the
its mou douglas anderson wismamither s cousin s man
the first hing i rubbedmamither s garlic paste aw
kent hid open ranges includingmamither s hoose used for
to behold and grist taemamither s jam an jeelly
seen a bonnier turd sweetnessmamither s kind tae aw
the quinie there grannie wismamither s mither born an
ma mither s side uponmamither s side as weel
tae ma grannie lizzie onmamither s side fur we
here anither brave ancestor onmamither s side upon ma
the green dure eftir thismamither s spinnin wheel wul
rintoul ay ma graundfaither onmamither s syde wes a
ye winna come an makmamither s tea a stuck
ye ir askin the queenmamither said mebbe ye didna
says i jist gaun weelmamither says if ye re
wes true aunsert mysie butmamither says nae wycelyke callant
o yeir heid o hairmamither says she telt me
pooches man ye re reekinmamither says when i went
ye nanse that s whitmamither seems ti think ah
strang syne ah believed inmamither she wes that guid
hens laid eir eggs anmamither swappit em for groceries
or cold fit else didmamither tell s aboot the
tidy up aboot the thingsmamither tellt s first of
awa tae sea aye saidmamither that s aw richt
the kitchie table far smamither the quinie speired ower
they re neither o themmamither they re aboot freens
lik gib an tyke furmamither thocht sic yairns bot
s ay washin claes wimamither thon s foo i
owre an owre again whitmamither uised ti say whan
up mebbe thrie o thaimmamither wad be richt gled
persuadit bi the men whylesmamither wairned me aboot that
faan richt soon asleep finmamither wakent s i cam
for ah loue the queenmamither weill an gin she
for ah loue the queenmamither weill an gin she
s no as kynd asmamither wes eilidh the r
ah hae the saicont sichtmamither wes frae skye ah
minister ye ll pray formamither wha s your mither
mak for ye that weymamither winna see you that
haugh o the cow finmamither wis doon at abyne
awa ti the southron capitalmamither wis taen bad i
safe an warm sailor laddiemamither wisnae free wi hugs
ah never heard the lykemamither wul hae ti think
an it wesna sae patheticmamither wul hae ti think
coudna byde that at awmamither wul shuirlie see that
miss ye re awfy likemamither ye re that guid
mither queen it is inmamynd that mebbe ye war
mither tae come back taemapint i suppose i wis
even at the verra stertmasmeddum fails mither whit wul
mither bit i wis savinmaspikk fur ma friens they
mither see ah wul takmaspinnin jennie oot onti the
a hae vaiged awaw fraemasubjek mither ye ken tho
ti brek mynd that noumabonnie dearie mynd it weill
mynd a sairvant pouin affmabuits for me whan ah
chebutykin dinna speir at memadear laddie ah canna mynd
mak yeir ain mynd upmadear sisters ah ve telt
mynd is fou o scorpionsmadou ye ken that banquo
mynd a fanton norie inmafevert brain ay a see
in the mynd s eemaflesh lyke thairs wul weir
but confuision an heiligoleirie inmaheid ah canna mynd the
o maislee rings bells imaheid bot gin ae mynd
mynd the kintrie speak butmaheid s inti snaw sen
mynd whit ah tell yemaladdie ye d mukkil need
juist mynd nanse this ismalest chaunce ah ken it
oor mynd s made upmalord macbeth a l be
richt mynd nou masha ismaman here oor cook ay
m no sayin oniething aginmaman mynd ah ve gotten
a mynd on him anmamuther hevin some rare cracks
mynd yow a nivver herkintmamuther mintin siclik girnwud ferm
a dirk that s inmamynd a fanton norie in
hear hir skraichin it taenmamynd aff ma sair fuit
cormac at the back omamynd ah hae an unco
lyke ah l no chyngemamynd ah l no byde
thit comes maist readily intilmamynd ay a ll ne
ma tears ah hae tintmamynd ferr awa in the
been at the back omamynd for a whyle nou
be a ve shuirlie fyledmamynd for banquo s bairns
it ower an made upmamynd he s sic a
ah ve juist made upmamynd if ah canna gang
stap this macbeth ai butmamynd is fou o scorpions
lest five year an noumamynd is made up at
ah can see it inmamynd s ee that on
callant ca d bertie gifmamynd sers mei richt bertie
it the back syke ginmamynd sers mei richt bunt
said finn it is inmamynd that ah l hae
the deil it is inmamynd that ah soud never
him but it is inmamynd that gin ah cuid
me but it is inmamynd that gin ah micht
lyin thare it cam intimamynd that gin ah wes
me an it is inmamynd that he wad be
place langsyne it is inmamynd that it is at
ti dae it is inmamynd that mebbe moula haed
caw it it s inmamynd that moula wad mak
the pypar it is inmamynd that ye vainisht no
kittilrumpit haes juiist cum intimamynd the guidman o kittilrumpit
meinit son it s inmamynd the r a poke
raivel aw this oot inmamynd the r sumthing ah
an a hae eet imamynd thit afore thay gaed
weill ah ve made upmamynd ti caw the bairn
his heels jocularly twes inmamynd ti pass him on
gliffin us the thing inmamynd wes lyke a mukkil
askit afore ah mak upmamynd whuther or no ah
gracious duncan a ve sooredmapeace o mynd for thaim
gunlöd ye hae taen awamapeace o mynd foraye gang
physician this truibil is ayontmapouer ti sort mynd ye
ti dae itherwyss wes ayontmapoust fur ye maun mynd
it taen ma mynd affmasair fuit she wes the
o mynd for thaim alanemaverra saul a ve gien
mynd a aye can eesemawee bit block an tackle
the aince sae mynd weillmawurds yeir guidman is anaith
at wes bein furmed imaying mynd ungava the gorilla
til ye aw an settilmaaccoonts ma thanes an leal
at ma illnes wes omaain daein gin we leive
hae cum back again tilmaain gairden ma ferm is
ma drink aye greinin formaain kintrie wi a waesum
ah winna lat gang ormaairm is torn frae ma
to seton cum man pitmaairmor on gie me ma
frae ma banes gie memaairmor seton ye re no
me an oor at einmaairms aboot ma dearie o
wi yeir bairn valgerd butmaaith thorfinn ma haill lyfe
face an syne she saidmaam ma koolyghin it s
it s cos of mamaand da they re dead
you could hear them yermaand da yer ma was
scrat an flech betimes taemaanely dother i bequeath ma
wi ma dochter at ismaanerlie stell an prap nou
so an ah wondert ifmaangels were feedin ma ears
ah think ah ve lostmaappetite gaudeamus ma paw s
wutch ai pompitie ma legsmaauld legs whyles they ir
ma mine me it wasmaaw the time m1014: mmhm
my maw ken m1013: heymaaye hey ma f1054: okay
i cairry ma hoosie uponmaback an draa in ma
wi ma new skweelbag onmaback fit wye is t
fortuin wi ma sairvant atmaback sae git you ahint
airm alang ma shouders ormaback sae griefs like bairns
ah cairrie hir hame onmaback she taks aff ma
e conter road flat onmaback wi ma hans up
i pit ma han intillmabag for ma piece an
treisir sae ill ti makmabairn ma fae gunlöd ai
blyth in ma lyfe synemabairns bairns wul in thairs
s ma ball where smaball i jis- f1089: mummy
it look m1090: where smaball where s ma ball
the flesh is hackit fraemabanes gie me ma airmor
the shame o ma thirldommabanes stick oot an ma
of course i was onmabar stool with ma bump
on on ma eh onmabarrae he says ledders an
that an me that likesmabed ma ain bed holy
back upstairs an lay onmabed oh hell ma only
ah forget ti gang tilmabed the wyfe taks ma
a m priggin bawsey bellickiemabeebaw ma gowpin wag a
breeks an ma jersey anmabeets fae doon e stair
the room ma thrapple drymabelly toom a daurna eat
i f1023: mm no f1027: mabest friend is ma pal
open the tin himself mamabiccy he is polite but
will feel ma iron grupmabike is rustin i the
nae licht faw on amablek desyres lat ma een
wutch here thay ir inmabonnet an in ma jaiket
ma gairden again in augustmaborder wad blossom an then
flu a london fog becloodsmabrain ma legs an airms
quyne at ma knees staunsmabraw wee son the tane
ma back she taks affmabrecham and here im ah
on goes ma sark andmabreeks an ma jersey an
cooch ma denner s doonmabreeks are heich lik an
otter but ah ken whitformabrither ah ken whitfor ma
ma loon robert tammy tammymabrither yer ma wints ye
in ma cot houss chaumermabrukken cruisie burns wi a
on ma bar stool withmabump out to here f010:
here they ir baith inmabunnet an in ma jaiket
ony mair fer me inmabutcher s mutton pie ma
burn ai ma kebbok anmabutter wul be brunt up
out a walk take mamacamera i mean i just
the pleuch see to pourmacannel yill grippin ma reins
a coffee stain that mamacanny wash oot he used
cleuch ah hank t upmachairiot an stawed ma fower
fingers on ma face feelinmacheek bones and eyebrows and
heck a fist connectid wimacheek right ma drunkin fist
ma ma ma ma mama[child noises] f1141: mm f1142: [child noises]
ma duvet roon ma nebmachin kyte hurdies happin in
ma niv half steekit asidemachin though i start at
chiel d expeck fit ifmachooks war sookit in ma
flickin em back an foremachowks got reed an ma
im that seik o rouginmachowks ma gizz in the
ah d bin doin pulledmaclothes egither an popped ma
think it is now m815: maco- ma eh cousin jamie
irena ma dear irena serghyeevnamacongratulations gives her a vigorous
thing left ti me yetmacoorse gear an ma wechtie
ma lane lock t inmacot houss chaumer ma brukken
gait in follaein cosmic chyngemacot houss haes becum ma
ma roke an ma luimmacou an ma horses wul
ma thrapple the bean ofmacragg is bruck haw for
ma day durra ma doomadaddy oh durra ma doo
ye no gang hame koolyghinmadarlin masha ma sweet precious
oniething onie mair ma preciousmadarlin please ah want ye
durra ma doo ma doomaday durra ma doo ma
durra ma doo ma doomaday the boddamers hanged the
that haes watcht ower awmadays an ma dule an
ti byde the lave omadays ma lane in this
dae catches sight o irenamadear irena serghyeevna ma congratulations
ma lair langsyne to irenamadear ma sweet wee lass
wi ma uncle the widmadear sir wis cut doon
ma dear sisters tearfully mashamadear sister natasha through the
nou andrey with sudden emotionmadear sisters ma dear sisters
sudden emotion ma dear sistersmadear sisters tearfully masha ma
thegither but ma god weepsmadear sisters ye maunna believe
in a meinit ma wyfemadear wyfe hou ah luiv
her gang ma ellen sweetmadearest dear it wrung ma
at ein ma airms abootmadearie o an wardlie cares
driven til it bi awmadebts ah wes at ma
put intae ma bag formadenner it wis in a
cockit canty on the coochmadenner s doon ma breeks
s ma weird that smadestiny he luivs me anaw
ain haudin ye maun daemadevoir as ma neist o
s ma lead far smadish far s ma tasty
o deceivenie ye liggit wimadochter at is ma anerlie
ah hae lost ma sonmadochter is as guid as
brunt up ma sons anmadochters wul be lost sae
angelica puzzled but relieved formadod for ma he gives
ma doo ma day durramadoo ma daddy oh durra
monkey oh durra ma doomadoo ma day durra ma
daddy oh durra ma doomadoo ma day the boddamers
doo ma daddy oh durramadoo ma doo ma day
hanged the monkey oh durramadoo ma doo ma day
ma hornies ma hochs anmadowp druid dru oak wid
owre ma lugs nae fearsmadream s awa an disappears
me haud up ma heidmadream ye see is a
meat an cuddie s milkmadrink aye greinin for ma
connectid wi ma cheek rightmadrunkin fist sailed slowly roond
ower aw ma days anmadule an wi thae gods
his gnashers snappin i draamaduvet ower ma snoot fur
frankenstein s lullaby i pumaduvet roon ma neb ma
ir twa ma nivs lowsentmae en hid niver opent
that s like one omaearliest memories crackin ma head
syne ma thochts switch taemaearly days o wark in
they are talkin soft inmaears liftin away ma fears
if ma angels were feedinmaears wi ungodly lies tae
dresser ah airch an pentmaeebrous an steam ma heavy
no a leevin sowl forenentmaeen as ah ligg ma
a ma blek desyres latmaeen be blinnd til the
ma chowks got reed anmaeen got weet you get
haes taen ma son anawmaeen ir no alloued a
is now m815: ma co-maeh cousin jamie he s
ma oh sorry on onmaeh on ma barrae he
laith tae let her gangmaellen sweet ma dearest dear
sudna fur they fair bladditmaenglish essays yon wikk ma
to your kip but m-maerm ma friend mima she
i ma lug it smaettle throch this airticle tae
ma hair roots an blindinmaeyes ah tell ye robert
mm i ve just gotmaf1040: ma f1041: aye just
ma f1041: aye just yourmaf1040: ma m1042: ma f1054:
ve just got ma f1040: maf1041: aye just your ma
m1019: ma m1022: ma m1021: maf1054: all in unison there
m1013: hey ma aye heymaf1054: okay grandmother m1010: granny
your ma f1040: ma m1042: maf1054: so you d say
pressed my glittery fingers onmaface feelin ma cheek bones
whan it wes smirtlin inmaface hae yerkit ma tit
ma chooks war sookit inmaface wis wrunkled ma hair
weel ye ve cuisten dounmafaes ma heid wi oyle
juist niver got this timemafaimly s plenishins an ma
ma faimly s plenishins anmafaimly s steidins is baith
not m816: mm ma s-mafather in law was a
f1001: oh ma mother ormafather probably for bein f1053:
dae wi ma grandfather onmafather s side hiv ye
in ma ears liftin awaymafears as ah sit here
es time i wis onmafeet an ma thick socks
jist tak ma shoes affmafeet are aa fired up
ma petticoats cleekit up atweenmafeet then her mother came
ma naitur hinner me inmafell purpose an lat me
again til ma ain gairdenmaferm is anerlie ten acre
stem for a while eftirmafever broke when ma heid
wis wrang nae lang eftermafifteenth birthday i hid ma
ma fifteenth birthday i hidmafirst kiss doon bi the
no a pest they brekmafloors an steal ma fruit
m842: ehm but although mamafolks kinda kept it their
m traivlin for ti seekmafortuin wi ma sairvant at
up ma chairiot an stawedmafower horse nou evin the
po 701 762 ma freinmafrein is ludgin up in
leddie muin is ma luivarmafrein is the oceans fower
of li po 701 762mafrein ma frein is ludgin
ah aunser the poems omafreins ah graip in ma
ma pal you know likemafriend f1025: i said girlfriend
kip but m- ma ermmafriend mima she talks about
wis savin ma spikk furmafriens they micht hae skied
brek ma floors an stealmafruit an nuts an seeds
no gaun tae dig inmagairden again in august ma
no gaun tae dig inmagairden again ma vegetable patch
ahent me at a fandmagate inti airchietectur tho ma
ma warlock kirtle glorious seemagemstane girdle aa o the
apple or a biscuit mamagied me fur a playpiece
it fir the sake omagirls ma lassies oh mr
seik o rougin ma chowksmagizz in the gless fair
masell in the luikin glessmagizz is runkilt ma heid
caa d oot ma godmagod fou hae ye leeft
the buik o ruth elimelechmagod is roy naomi ma
his rude caa d ootmagod ma god fou hae
ti be happy thegither butmagod weeps ma dear sisters
is aw fair begrutten anmagoun is smirdit wi ma
priggin bawsey bellickie ma beebawmagowpin wag a pinkie fetch
blue curtain ah listen tilmagrandbairns haetin up ma pikkil
bittie s tae dae wimagrandfather on ma father s
ithers ma pasport is inmagudeman s nem a m
laughs ma masha loues memaguidwyfe loues me ay an
awthegither ah hae naething leftmaguitar s burnt ma photigraphs
ma m815: yeah m816: takemaguitar up and we ll
wouldnae wi ma other ayemahaert did but hope robert
days robert ma love formahaert hus bin full ay
tae this wee island anmahaert sunk tae ma knees
valgerd but ma aith thorfinnmahaill lyfe haes been a
an the sweat pourin ootmahair roots an blindin ma
shiver runs doon ma neckmahair stauns up oan end
in ma face wis wrunkledmahair wis thin wid ye
s ma hairt sair smahairt ay but whit can
for him see sair smahairt sair s ma hairt
plou ai ma stiddie anmahammer gin burg hill be
we got oot i pitmahan intill ma bag for
us whole night never putmahand in ma pocket once
flat on ma back wimahans up tae ma kist
meeve throwe the warld wimaharns ma thochts are swippert
maw right anuff a pitmahaun up tae ma heid
ma lane ah raxt ootmahaund for ti clap its
pictur inno ae pooch fauldedmahauns on ma lap an
i tak ma life inmahauns taakin up residence in
mother s face biccy mamahe announces jobbie gone biccy
relieved for ma dod formahe gives muriel his most
o ma earliest memories crackinmahead open and bein held
pent ma eebrous an steammaheavy plets ma maid is
m on ma heid ormaheels coud ye cum back
hairs haes kythed areddies onmaheid an aw ma traivel
attatched tae the idea aemaheid bein oan ma shouders
ma back an draa inmaheid fin the skies are
in ma rage a tintmaheid here lay duncan his
couldna get ma specs onmaheid hid swollen at much
gless ma gizz is runkiltmaheid is gray an ah
or she s richt bettermaheid is stoondin ai ma
ti help me haud upmaheid ma dream ye see
god s curse is onmaheid ma lyfe s no
with koolyghin whistling olga aimaheid ma sair heid andrey
it aye keep cummin intimaheid ma thochts is aw
ken whuther ah m onmaheid or ma heels coud
ma clothes egither an poppedmaheid roond eh door chamb
the morn a m freemaheid s achin ai ma
pit ma haun up taemaheid there wiz a big
ve cuisten doun ma faesmaheid wi oyle ye ve
eftir ma fever broke whenmaheid wis no quite fair
tae cweel doon ma horniesmahochs an ma dowp druid
mercie did ye shaw tilmahoond an ma infant bairn
doun ma tree ti killinmahoond an murderin ma son
this first ma tree synemahoond an nou ma son
the watter spoot i cairrymahoosie upon ma back an
fowk na tae cweel doonmahornies ma hochs an ma
ma luim ma cou anmahorses wul dee hou wul
watter rins ay aa rounmahous a ll birl ma
leims ower the neuk omahouss ma neibor s dugs
yetts it wur mebbies aforemahowdien whan ae day ma
ti cum hame an atmaillnes wes o ma ain
shaw til ma hoond anmainfant bairn ah wunner ye
handlebars nae mair will feelmairon grup ma bike is
in ma bonnet an inmajaiket see here thay ir
in ma bunnet an inmajaiket see here they ir
sark and ma breeks anmajersey an ma beets fae
ma god is roy naomimajo ma sweethert ruth unkenned
ma english essays yon wikkmajotters cam back scoored an
wir ma life ma lovemajoy sae close sae dear
t ye m1108: aa owermajumper and ma tee shirt
to sydney and do mamajunior honours year in sydney
brairns thay wul burn aimakebbok an ma butter wul
eftir year ah hae watchedmakeikin gless but nou ma
hae ti git it affmakist it s in ma
wi ma hans up taemakist like a corp waitin
the kill ma knee watchmaknee he cried ah ken
were in for the killmaknee watch ma knee he
an ma haert sunk taemaknees for seein it so
haud ma wee quyne atmaknees stauns ma braw wee
syne she said ma ammakoolyghin it s true richt
hae been deid an inmalair langsyne to irena ma
ma bed the wyfe taksmalamp an girns div ee
day orm leaves thorfinn awmalane again aye ma lane
me ah wes nae langirmalane ah raxt oot ma
raxin ower the freezin wattirmalane forenent ma winnok the
the lave o ma daysmalane in this mukkil cauld
ma een as ah liggmalane lock t in ma
aw ma lane again ayemalane there is a pause
ower weill for that onmalap ah haud ma wee
pooch faulded ma hauns onmalap an tuik a lang
the sake o ma girlsmalassies oh mr robb from
that f1005: doon to mamalast penny f1054: yeah ehm
f1041: aye far s myma[laugh] f1040: [laugh] m1042: ma
for a traitor i kenmalaw and ma rights i
towser the tyke far smalead far s ma dish
a bairn a teet inmaleft haun syringe in ma
an the metal bit caughtmaleg an cut ma leg
caught ma leg an cutmaleg an i needed tae
london fog becloods ma brainmalegs an airms are no
day ma shift is donemalegs is sair ah cannae
her thighs wutch ai pompitiemalegs ma auld legs whyles
ma photigraphs is burnt awmaletters even the wee note
tae save ma money anmalife a gied the smokin
ma deed speerit an turntmalife around an a ve
fit s mair i takmalife in ma hauns taakin
ten o mine ye wirmalife ma love ma joy
aa richt are we nomaloon ay ma we re
ye mother thomas edward tammymaloon robert tammy tammy ma
now for several days robertmalove for ma haert hus
mine ye wir ma lifemalove ma joy sae close
i pu ma pilla owermalug fur doon the stairs
ither leid soonds fremmit imalug it s ma ettle
frien john i ve washedmalugs an ma teeth s
a try tae cover owremalugs nae fears ma dream
burn an ma roke anmaluim ma cou an ma
apairt the leddie muin ismaluivar ma frein is the
curse is on ma heidmalyfe s no wurth leevin
no ti be blyth inmalyfe syne ma bairns bairns
would just say ma m1020: mam1019: ma m1022: ma m1021:
m1019: i would just saymam1020: ma m1019: ma m1022:
m1020: ma m1019: ma m1022: mam1021: ma f1054: all in
say ma m1020: ma m1019: mam1022: ma m1021: ma f1054:
aye just your ma f1040: mam1042: ma f1054: so you
musicians comin i ll getmam815: yeah m816: take ma
suppose it s cos ofmama and da they re
to open the tin himselfmama biccy he is polite
go out a walk takemama camera i mean i
s a coffee stain thatmama canny wash oot he
[sob] ma ma ma mamama [child noises] f1141: mm f1142:
mmhm m842: ehm but althoughmama folks kinda kept it
an apple or a biscuitmama gied me fur a
at mother s face biccymama he announces jobbie gone
go to sydney and domama junior honours year in
was that f1005: doon tomama last penny f1054: yeah
f1142: [sob] ma ma mamama ma [child noises] f1141: mm
now f1142: [sob] ma mamama ma ma [child noises] f1141:
doin now f1142: [sob] mamama ma ma ma [child noises]
you doin now f1142: [sob]mama ma ma ma ma
[inaudible] my f606: [laugh] m842: mama nephew who likes gonnae
a bit younger m1017: ayemama no it was either
eez throat gin ye tellmama riddle i ll gie
f1141: turn roond f1142: mummama troosers are keep fallin
like m1042: aye but mymama used tae say yer
help it just i meanmama wife er she was
an steam ma heavy pletsmamaid is that donnert she
ma voice we sat theremamammy and me her airms
answer that one sorry f1018: maman m1020: ma man that
sorry f1018: ma man m1020: maman that s what i
by the waist and laughsmamasha loues me ma guidwyfe
maw ma maw m1010: ayemamaw f1011: mom m1010: aye
m1013: ma maw ma mawmamaw m1010: aye ma maw
have agnes who d gomamessages get ma pension carolanne
ma no it was eithermamine me it was ma
me a pup tae savemamoney an ma life a
on listenin raspin dyin breathsmamooth half imitatin restin ma
have skelped you f1001: ohmamother or ma father probably
an it wur thar wharmamuther an hir brother ma
her age as young asmanae that ma s young
compassion in ma saul latnamanaitur hinner me in ma
nae haet o thaim inmanaitur ma taste is for
i pu ma duvet roonmaneb ma chin kyte hurdies
a cauld shiver runs doonmaneck ma hair stauns up
ma needle ah hae tintmaneedle ah canna finnd ma
anguished crying in distance whaurmaneedle ah hae tint ma
ma needle ah canna finndmaneedle needle ye ken whit
the neuk o ma houssmaneibor s dugs yowl ah
maun dae ma devoir asmaneist o kin ah canna
my f606: [laugh] m842: mamanephew who likes gonnae crease
m1016: just mum m1014: justmanever anything else f1054: ma
wis a bittie excitit wimanew skweelbag on ma back
ither at an angle anmaniv half steekit aside ma
in a meenit ir twamanivs lowsent ma e en
bit younger m1017: aye mamano it was either ma
ay waukin up tae dichtmanose ma nose sae sair
to grieve an ah wipedmanose on ma pullover sleeve
up tae dicht ma nosemanose sae sair aw red
the day he says onmaoh sorry on on ma
on ma bed oh hellmaonly comfort wiz eh sense
haes hir principles that smaopeinion ah respek ma wyfe
ma they baith cried thegithermaopened her mooth tae gie
eh ma or mum m1017: maor mum an aw m1016:
eh just an abbreviation ehmaor mum m1017: ma or
ma sansheen an pittin onmaornary sheen a lady cam
ah knew she wouldnae wimaother aye ma haert did
f1027: ma best friend ismapal that s the way
because i took it asmapal you know like ma
ma mooth half imitatin restinmapalms on her window sill
sicna dyvert abuin aw ithersmapasport is in ma gudeman
ve lost ma appetite gaudeamusmapaw s a scaffy wi
ma anely dother i bequeathmapelt hirsute celtic weemin little
d go ma messages getmapension carolanne you could i
to tramp meal there wimapetticoats cleekit up atween ma
left ma guitar s burntmaphotigraphs is burnt aw ma
han intill ma bag formapiece an it jist wisna
til ma grandbairns haetin upmapikkil kail wi a gleg
i m cooerin i pumapilla ower ma lug fur
never put ma hand inmapocket once pished as a
tabletop ma pot ll dropmapot ll drop i hae
m slippin frae the tabletopmapot ll drop ma pot
ma freins ah graip inmapoutches for siller for medicine
chebutykin moved ma dear lassmaprecious bairn ye r awa
dinna unnerstaun oniething onie mairmaprecious ma darlin please ah
ma heid is stoondin aimapuir heid sits down andrey
ah wiped ma nose onmapullover sleeve then certain things
at aince nae man inmarage a tint ma heid
ma gate inti airchietectur thomarale ambeitioun wes ti be
pour ma cannel yill grippinmareins ay breingin dounby ti
gied ma ur elba inmaribs a says whit s
ma left haun syringe inmaricht a junkie ma wid
throat gin ye tell mamariddle i ll gie ye
i ken ma law andmarights i will demand a
ma hous a ll birlmaring o jade see intil
sae ah micht gang onmaroad an the queen ma
roost the nicht ma robinmarobin likes his porridge as
gled tae roost the nichtmarobin ma robin likes his
jennie wul aw burn anmaroke an ma luim ma
ma keikin gless but noumarouge an creams skunner me
o ma wee vegetable patchmarunner beans are no sae
young as ma nae thatmas young bit ye ken
s just not m816: mmmas- ma father in law
whistling olga ai ma heidmasair heid andrey haes lost
ma heid s achin aimasair heid irena alone they
ti seek ma fortuin wimasairvant at ma back sae
saw ma ship ye kentmasang an ye wad hae
o e park takkin affmasansheen an pittin on ma
e byre sae on goesmasark and ma breeks an
o peitie or compassion inmasaul latna ma naitur hinner
comin end of the daymashift is done ma legs
mornin anaw gunnar ye sawmaship ye kent ma sang
toons i ll jist takmashoes aff ma feet are
some on ma tights andmashoes then ah pressed my
want love an airm alangmashouders or ma back sae
ae ma heid bein oanmashouders ye know i quite
ma airm is torn fraemashouthers or till the thing
ma butcher s mutton piemasicht it s failin by
dicht awa ma tears wimasleeve from the chinese of
i draa ma duvet owermasnoot fur at the windae
awa nou it haes taenmason anaw ma een ir
in at ma theikit hutmason brings ben ma strae
he sobs ah hae lostmason ma dochter is as
killin ma hoond an murderinmason moula sae nou ye
syne ma hoond an noumason ye hae chynged inti
butter wul be brunt upmasons an ma dochters wul
ma never anything else f1054: masounds like a wee bit
ma airmor on gie memaspear ye maun finnd oot
hardly open ah couldna getmaspecs on ma heid hid
kaims for ma woo anmaspinnin jennie wul aw burn
ah haena a plou aimastiddie an ma hammer gin
hut ma son brings benmastrae hat an oot ah
ma banes stick oot anmastrenth is near gaen for
a suppone rob jackson wismasubstitute maternal grandfaither efter ma
hame koolyghin ma darlin mashamasweet precious masha irena she
langsyne to irena ma dearmasweet wee lass hae ah
is roy naomi ma jomasweethert ruth unkenned mara wersh
o thaim in ma naiturmataste is for the fyner
s ma dish far smatasty been bowf bowf bowf
but the faw haes drakkitmatears ah hae tint ma
ma goun is smirdit wimatears the peach trees ir
him an ah dicht awamatears wi ma sleeve from
aa ower ma jumper andmatee shirt f1107: d- oh
ve washed ma lugs anmateeth s clean tee there
bit kept ma tongue atweenmateeth the time travellers convention
bhios sa phàipear m979: uillmatha ag iarraidh ma tha
hearing is ma tha m1008: matha f1009: i i was
i m increasingly hearing ismatha m1008: ma tha f1009:
oh och ma tha ochmatha m981: mmhm [neo-shoilleir] f982:
comhla ris f982: oh ochmatha och ma tha m981:
uill ma tha ag iarraidhmatha thu ag iarraidh
aw an settil ma accoontsmathanes an leal freins frae
but middle distance that wasmathat was ma thing m816:
a bodie caws in atmatheikit hut ma son brings
ma brither ah ken whitformathenks ti ye an nou
claes tae hing oot butmathey baith cried thegither ma
wis on ma feet anmathick socks on i paddlet
that was ma that wasmathing m816: aye m815: and
fae tholin the shame omathirldom ma banes stick oot
the warld wi ma harnsmathochts are swippert an swack
keep cummin inti ma heidmathochts is aw steired up
in fae the country synemathochts switch tae ma early
on glowrin roon the roommathrapple dry ma belly toom
haw i m worried hawmathrapple the bean of ma
ye ve gard me brakmathreid a ve spilet ma
an stummle in ma walkmathroat s sae sair a
ma [laugh] f1040: [laugh] m1042: mathrow me doon a piece
it even pit some onmatights and ma shoes then
in ma face hae yerkitmatit frae oot its tuithless
ye i thocht bit keptmatongue atween ma teeth the
on ma heid an awmatraivel haes duin nae mair
duin ti deserr this firstmatree syne ma hoond an
awned up ti cawin dounmatree ti killin ma hoond
turn roond f1142: mum mamatroosers are keep fallin down
ma muther an hir brothermaumwhile uncle adam elliot baith
got er right there smauncle mick ma uncle neil
there s ma uncle mickmauncle neil ma uncle paul
uncle mick ma uncle neilmauncle paul denise linda [laugh]
up i checkit up wimauncle the wid ma dear
ma cot houss haes becummauniverse from the chinese of
me a stinker and giedmaur elba in ma ribs
m1042: aye but my mamaused tae say yer da
dig in ma gairden againmavegetable patch a hae grassed
ye r ma verra ainmaverra ain an he juist
til him bobik ye rmaverra ain ma verra ain
and ah knew it wismavoice we sat there ma
ma wabbit saul tae biggmawa gaen saul he waukens
howes haw by wattirs lownmawabbit saul tae bigg ma
a stot an stummle inmawalk ma throat s sae
delfs lang lang ay ismawarlock kirtle glorious see ma
yer ma and da yermawas greetin words werena supposed
we no ma loon aymawe re solid safe as
ma threid a ve spiletmaweb aw ower the heid
yet ma coorse gear anmawechtie plenishins is awa entirely
on ma lap ah haudmawee quyne at ma knees
ye like tae snatch omawee vegetable patch ma runner
luiv him weill that smaweird that s ma destiny
in ma richt a junkiemawid yer broos knit stern
it just i mean mamawife er she was she
freezin wattir ma lane forenentmawinnok the sair wecht o
tammy tammy ma brither yermawints ye john tam tam
thay wul the kaims formawoo an ma spinnin jennie
ma debts ah wes atmawuts end dae ye ken
s ma opeinion ah respekmawyfe an ah expek ithers
ferapont with some papers andreymawyfe is ma wyfe she
l gang in a meinitmawyfe ma dear wyfe hou
papers andrey ma wyfe ismawyfe she s a guid
it mith a been insidemaain heid an it wisna
a hardship a jist wantitmaain heid back ra wan
heid faar it lay inmabag es wis foo i
o they ootbye places inmabairn heid days fock hed
frae the pine tree strinkilsmabare heid from the chinese
heid i d visions omabed bein turnt intill a
this teirant s heid anaithmafeet or hank it on
yer trocks eence i missedmagrip an feel heid first
heid puddok ay ye irmaguidwyfe an a wyfe maun
a wiz jist hauf deidmahale heid wiz loupin but
days i d tae scratmaheid a filie tae win
wi a big hammer insidemaheid a hud a lump
offers me ploum blossoms formaheid a preparation for sexual
soon o hard bumps abeenmaheid a squadron o three
that dae me [inaudible] intaemaheid aboot that [inaudible] yes
forgie me ah m philosophisinmaheid aff ah dae that
intae a corner and howledmaheid aff the tears kept
willie geed clean oot omaheid again e neesht day
l never can haud upmaheid again if that bruit
it is nou muinlicht bouinmaheid ah dream that ah
wes roosed man ah lostmaheid ah gaed ower ferr
o thaim haurlie ever entersmaheid ah ve lost the
reason bit it bade inmaheid aifter so it man
the fleshlie warld ah turnmaheid an breishil hame back
laid a sterile croun uponmaheid an putten a barren
spik till aathing cam intaemaheid as we wirkit doon
wis 39 i jist nodditmaheid at e time e
ily rik cam back intaemaheid aye it wis eerie
brainwashin an torture hus wastedmaheid but i cannae figure
the hat sits aye onmaheid but ye ir hyne
dave rutherford rings bells imaheid dave jackson an his
a walk ll maybe clearmaheid dinnae git up i
an me wi een inmaheid e en forenenst him
wis a secret thocht inmaheid faar it lay in
start haivin e paper abeenmaheid fae a step on
door an start be washinmaheid followin e simple system
hey park is heich asmaheid foo it briers like
wi my brothers never enteredmaheid for ah was fair
mind wi a price onmaheid for the attack on
o phrase they bade inmaheid for they maan hae
fae bampots heid bangers nipmaheid haud the blanket ower
e storm hid sattlet inmaheid i began tae hake
jock s story hung inmaheid i cwidna forget at
ey were passin richt abeenmaheid i d visions o
him aboot me i shookmaheid i didna wint da
hoose some name can intaemaheid i niver thocht aboot
d as weill hae pitmaheid in a noose jean
an that wean s daenmaheid in as beth goes
isn t she racket dismaheid in carolanne she s
airlie in the mornin wimaheid inside the press or
ah canna git it ootmaheid it s juist skunnersum
an afore i cd turnmaheid it zippit aff comin
of hair stood oot roonmaheid like a halo glisterin
o moths wid flit throwemaheid like e eident stabbin
thoughts began ti form inmaheid maist o them o
an yeir ither haund onmaheid morag obeys morag yeir
fate it s somewhere inmaheid nae doot if only
wis a weet spot asidemaheid on e pilla bit
smaa bairn lyin amon girsemaheid rale close till e
wiz it no blood jintymaheid s aw bluddin says
ah dinna feel verra weillmaheid s fair birlin ah
sadie cut the crap ehmaheid s gaun roon enough
only the next day wismaheid screwed on right again
sic wunnerfu thochts cam intimaheid sic braw lyfie thochts
haena a gray hair inmaheid still an on wi
the trees as i booedmaheid tae kiss the muckle
here an aw a turntmaheid tae see an wisht
pittance and a roof owermaheid that was fine i
an coud haurlie haud upmaheid the chaumer birlt roun
kens whaur ah l laymaheid the morn nicht queen
the same thing wes inmaheid whit wul they hae
thochts o at oot omaheid wi the afa sad
win wis ower strong ormaheid wis full o deevin
nae tae be deen bitmaheid wis wirkin awa at
fand a gray hair inmaheid yestrein an ah dout
lang we war sair forfochenmahirplin mull raired his heid
fowk owre the heid wimamukkil stick ah need it
fearfu fate should burst abunemapuir defenceless heid fur daein
me by the lug giemawires an heid a rug

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