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myt be ur mibee abootmaakinfir haum eftir hees slippit
innunder dat maadinin instrimint weemaakinhim sing i saa my
ma culinary capers on porritchmaakinlast wikk mrs prise o
i hid a sair thrapplemaakinmy presentin o ma radio
u d peats baaniks wirmaakinon the hot stones around
whin wir feeneesht jessie smaakinsum banniks anaa the thought
o portsoy fa s porritchmaakinskills won him the world
layer upon layer o claesmaakins look like the michelin
wis weel some like themaakino ma porritch it s
fore singin the fluffy downmaakint ready for the pot
a time fin ithers aremaakingreat efforts tae stem the

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