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he assumed the macdiarmid mantlemacdiarmidcredits davidson with enlarging the
grieve before he assumed themacdiarmidmantle macdiarmid credits davidson with
a number of emulators ofmacdiarmidappeared on the scene archaic
clay wi feck o swearinmacdiarmidcertainly introduced archaic words such
1934 1989 scottish scene gibbonmacdiarmid1934 grey granite gibbon 1934
of the 20th century hughmacdiarmiddouglas young maurice lindsay and
the scottish literary renaissance hughmacdiarmiddouglas young maurice lindsay and
in our national life hughmacdiarmid1892 1978 the father of
tree is rescued by hughmacdiarmidalong with so many of
society milton c 1986 hughmacdiarmidand north east scots scottish
having an official language hughmacdiarmidcame up against that problem
thegither ye know includit hughmacdiarmideh robert garioch but also
1969 p 419 17 hughmacdiarmidgairmscoile complete poems 1920 1976
and certain people like hughmacdiarmidgets exonerated i don t
up mr monteith if hughmacdiarmidhad been asked what language
poetry in scots eg hughmacdiarmidhooanever accordin tae matthew fitt
been david steel and hughmacdiarmidi was so intimidated at
of assertions made by hughmacdiarmidin 1923 buthlay 1977 when
and in poetry by hughmacdiarmidin his later poems in
by c m grieve hughmacdiarmidin the 1920s this movement
been honest english yet hughmacdiarmidis famed for his use
anderson my jo 16 hughmacdiarmidsaid it s soon no
and persuasive personality as hughmacdiarmidshould have reached his peak
the curious impression that hughmacdiarmidsingle handed created a language
tongue o the fowk hughmacdiarmidthe faither o the scots
in our national life hughmacdiarmidthe faither o the scots
and in poetry by hughmacdiarmidthe later poems in synthetic
class or gender perspectives matthewmacdiarmidargues that the best ballads
available on these in matthewmacdiarmids tape clyde s water
context liz niven takes onmacdiarmidand his drunk man in
chopped off 1987 as withmacdiarmidin the interwar period liz
man looks at the thistlemacdiarmid1987 it is impossible to
pieces the language used bymacdiarmidin his poems was very
in which the language ofmacdiarmids poems can be said
work as glen stated tomacdiarmidnot only are all subjects
noise glen muick which bringsmacdiarmids water music to mind
from barbour s brus tomacdiarmids drunk man that played
the poetry of burns andmacdiarmidand never go anywhere without
most writers including burns andmacdiarmidfrom the time of allan
of male writers such asmacdiarmidin the earlier part of
reflect linguistic impoverishment and incompetencemacdiarmidwas about fifty years behind
problems when we look atmacdiarmidis that first of all
had really big problems withmacdiarmidlike really big problems ah
the fierce critique launched bymacdiarmidin the second burns cult
tree in this epic poemmacdiarmidpromotes his caledonian autisyzygy gleaning
it was hugely important tomacdiarmidfor instance m741: yeah yeah
a lot of the earlymacdiarmidm741: uh huh m605: when
tomorrow s sequel to themacdiarmidtalk [censored: forename] has been trying
the second part of themacdiarmidtalk in the afternoon self
for my own language 5macdiarmidis one of her heroes
to his own natural speechmacdiarmidappears to have developed a
during the following two decadesmacdiarmiddemonstrated in a number of
i don t really likemacdiarmidbut i think he he
and it s funny thatmacdiarmidkind of said something like
scotland and eh he publishedmacdiarmids em the kind of
views a long time beforemacdiarmids negative view of regional
circle so much derided bymacdiarmiddid a great deal to
to be seriously reflective andmacdiarmidwas greatly influenced by the
of ways and what whatmacdiarmiddid admirable as it m-
this how sensible how desirablemacdiarmidand others tried it a
scott s novels even stevensonmacdiarmidthere are people that can
duncan collection in the northeastmacdiarmidis not alone in rejecting
because on the one handmacdiarmidundoubtedly is interested in ehm
critics under the influence ofmacdiarmidto denigrate the activities of
the sincerest form of flatterymacdiarmidturns this tendency to good

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