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an ornar daicent bodie ancemaira ken it s for
the prince thenkit him ancemairafore they baith gaed back
ither twa wang jin ancemairahint the pownie his pockstang
treatit ti the best omairan drink ance mair an
wang jin tellt him ancemairan fell roused nou marischal
bit sowl gies wey ancemairan laes him tae the
o mair an drink ancemairan ti the lord clerk
pit the fuit in ancemairan trampit on his breist
brae an wis seen naemairance an he cud staucher
they kneelit doun an ancemairbade shi jin bind them
haud up the brae ancemairbut he thocht a ve
staun the stoup up ancemairbut they re in our
muther naiter bringin fouth ancemairfrae the growthe vegetation aw
ti see the paip ancemairhe d taen nae mair
brou wis troubled an ancemairhe tuik avisement o his
for up the brae ancemairhe wis juist liftin his
day the sindert clouds ancemairlet keek the lift nou
back in the warld ancemairlike mammie an daddie ti
him byde at peace ancemairlu da spak out c
syne nava stertit aff ancemairnane pit oot that her
on his road an ancemairthe abbeymaister said gin ye
lord clerk zhao mends ancemairthe courts o miravirtus our
aiblins dae ye ill ancemairthe marischal speirit him ye
whan that wis by ancemairthe marischal speirit the abbeymaister
they re sellin here ancemairthe ting tinglin soun o
thrie capitanes mak ye ancemairtheir thriefauld services an compliments
an the ashets an ancemairthey set in ti the
braw bouin an beckin ancemairthrie times he wadna an
our tale turns back ancemairti the mains nou an
he gaed in an ancemairtuik his seat i the
s in our tale naemairweill ance an he d
names speirs owrancer lu ancemairwhitna guesten hous are ye
a willin horse aye getsmaira dae nor ane that
intil ane an wes naemaira lie nor the guid
be spun she haed naemairadae nor cairrie it doun
that mornin he haed naemairadae nor rax up ti
it nor that a sichtmairan ah gie ye the
ti thrappil ye ye rmairbather nor aw ye r
coudna byde oniebodie ti haemairbewtie nor hirsell ae day
kies an wes monie tymesmairclivversum nor thon hiz idaia
a beig sonsie loun anmairclos ti me nor onie
this maks arveragus a sichtmaircomplex nor ony simple idealised
o god the r naebodiemaircontent nor me naither the
as roosed for she wesmaircouthie nor hir aulder sister
its fowk ithers hae peyedmairdeirlie nor mysel fir weivin
shiffelt about in a gemmmairdepe drauchtit nor thai cuid
shuirlie been disjaskit officer naemairdounkuist war they nor aigils
cheil dentie in his mainnersmaireased tae computer darg nor
irena but your character ismaireasy gaun nor masha s
aulds it soondit a lotmairexcitin nor the kinna life
scots is somethin a bitmairfantoosh nor the wey that
thay war aw a sichtmairfeart nor afore aw binna
him but here anither fantonmairfekfu nor the first a
frae oor saets this ismairfey nor onie murder is
ae day an auld bodiemairfly nor the lave telt
is this ye are duemairfrae me nor a can
me macbeth ay nor anemairfrichtsum ti ye nae dout
it malcolm he s worthmairgrief nor this an a
t nor that a sichtmairin this warld the r
thocht an awbodie wes evenmairjoco nor afore an gret
crammasie sunset the freistit leafsmairkenspekkil nor onie o yeir
wes aw bi masell againmairlanesum nor afore sae here
cam frae tammas at wesmairlik a divvil nor a
reflekkit at he d benemairliker a haillierakkit laddie nor
the mistress o t whitmairlyke the thing nor that
in thae days men warmairmensefu nor thay ir noui
nou tell me nou whitmairmicht a man want nor
for election gin ye aremairnor 21 an think ye
benefits whaur onie sum ismairnor 250 nane 7 subscriptions
glesga on friday nicht asmairnor 300 fowk gaither t
the deid matin wis naemairnor a birzz in the
lattin in an mebbe naemairnor a bit wrappin sek
wurds haed meant a sichtmairnor a bodie micht think
ane offish an didna haemairnor a curn contraks wi
it seems ye are naemairnor a dirk that s
whan the auldest ane wesmairnor a hauflin he gaed
girvan the netsman stuid naemairnor a hunner yairds awa
lochan s side twis naemairnor a keek bit in
the wee depute fiscal naemairnor a laddie himself wis
wes a streinger an littilmairnor a laddie spiered at
wir ain he s naemairnor a man he hesna
an awa wi the dawinmairnor a month they d
dry pompitie pathetically ye rmairnor a neibor ti me
quarry the lochan seemed naemairnor a pingle pan haudin
it wis muckle it wismairnor a shoogle the haund
auld wicht cuid haurdlie seimairnor a straik o daurknes
my lord gulped mcbean luikinmairnor a wee bit pit
ti the twenes mirren wesmairnor a whein astonist no
scotch mutton pey thai wesmairnor a whein ugsum baith
tho the soun wes naemairnor a whusper bi the
cutty loved mair nor himselmairnor aa his ain these
bairnheid when he wis naemairnor aboot aicht year auld
coalition a formal arrangement atweenmairnor ae political pairty group
that wes gien out naemairnor ae wee baw o
wad turn doon a donationmairnor ae wird and ye
t oot tae bei naithinmairnor ae wusp o rouk
but she wad say naemairnor afore god abuin kens
canna drie this this ismairnor ah can beir shona
ye tell me that smairnor ah can say ma
him queen huh that smairnor ah can say ti
mither ah ve telt yemairnor aince ah m vext
lik swype mebbies it happenitmairnor aince ben the jyle
thick she s waukent memairnor aince i the wee
atween the twa is naemairnor an aiblins a sicht
guidwyfe the war aneuch anmairnor aneuch for awbodie ti
winna wurk ah ve haenmairnor aneuch o it ah
honor o serrin ye ismairnor aneuch queen howt man
s wife s cousin kensmairnor anybody in the hail
wes threitenin thon frichtent himmairnor at he bene stade
p 120 like freud anmairnor buchan greig blurs the
smoured wi gratiteid an hedmairnor byordinar rancie chafts at
war fur my benefit naemairnor cats licks o veesits
or lions bi mawkins theymairnor doubilt thair straiks upon
peer pianie that plays naemairnor eichtsome reels an cheerie
i the gairden the rmairnor eneuch siller ben its
dreams this murder is naemairnor fantasie an yit it
pairties in the pairlament wimairnor five memmers it wis
hedge an courit doun naemairnor five yairds frae big
fower faint bleck sheddaes naemairnor forty yairds awa an
in the mornin sun naemairnor fower oors mebbe sin
staunin in the watter naemairnor fower yairds anent me
gie accoont this is naemairnor giein ye back what
for oor eggs we remairnor happy oor wee grubs
kan bloust at thay awnmairnor hauf o thair ain
dumfounert aathegither he ran formairnor hauf the month afore
if nae single pairty winsmairnor hauf the total nummer
wure in onkent sae smairnor hauf the year wis
he hed g nappit affmairnor he cuid chowe an
same lizzie that cutty lovedmairnor himsel mair nor aa
kep the ill daer athoutmairnor his ain civil authoritie
haes ti ken an seemairnor his faither an graund
weel tochert countrie grasps formairnor it deserves an judges
wadna say it hurts memairnor it hurts you but
ah div feel the cauldmairnor ither puddoks it s
think ti masell happiness wantsmairnor juist be in clivver
at the naem comb ismairnor liklie ane auld welsh
cad howpasley combe whilk ismairnor lyklie nou ae rickle
lyke in thare it smairnor ma hert can haud
sensyne that they ken ferrmairnor mortal leir whan a
o view faber his researchedmairnor nineteenth centurie london the
o the warld in naemairnor nyne days that s
shy birks ah loue thaimmairnor onie ither tree it
shuir she wul hate youmairnor oniebodie watch oot for
hert that malcolm loues youmairnor oniething in aw the
wey jaloused at we wesmairnor pacient an nouriss whan
an the deid is haurliemairnor picters it s sachless
wis only fined a scoremairnor puggie an held on
gray derk ootby ah mmairnor ready for ma sleepin
maister an auld bodie omairnor saxtie years wi baird
juist an auld mither omairnor saxty year auld the
ages wi nancy saxteen naemairnor seeventeen onywye her face
this leddie wants a priestmairnor she dis a doctor
mair the sea wis naemairnor six or seeven fit
ma traivel haes duin naemairnor sklif the driftin sand
an bareheuks as mony ormairnor some o the netters
a saat ye quidna shitemairnor ten times a twal
this wis suin tae bemairnor thae sea maws cuid
kennin that they ll getmairnor thair heid in thair
get ane or twa beastiesmairnor that but if ye
wauken atweill she wul daemairnor that for she wul
ll be a braw sichtmairnor that in the fish
mirk fell his maucht wesmairnor that o aw the
o yer lealty is faurmairnor the firsten ye hinna
nou ah can lift naemairnor the saxtie pund wi
learnt them twae or threemairnor they kent aaready cut
if kate hid bin naemairnor thin air kate cried
the weil he wis naemairnor thirty yairds frae us
like thirty weeks it smairnor thirty year sin i
a cam for abbeymaister heremairnor thirty year sinsyne a
ain conclusion a say naemairnor this aboot it the
an hae a crack whitmairnor this is t aw
mile aff an no mucklemairnor three or fower hunner
wi juist a month naemairnor three tae yoke their
prospect a coud credit naemairnor ti be cawdor say
thriefauld sublimitie abbey wad bemairnor tongue micht tell on
afore him she wes naemairnor twa feet in hicht
ootby for ye the rmairnor twa hunder o us
deif lug the howff wesnamairnor twa ruims the publict
the horse nichert taen naemairnor twa thrie steps an
side ye cuid see naemairnor twae feet forenent ye
hunner an echtie owersettins inmairnor twentie leids taks tent
gie ye ice that smairnor twice whit s needit
himsell ah dout it smairnor tyme ah fand anither
oot o meal it smairnor tyme the girnel wes
ay yeir hieness it smairnor tyme we war awa
ah m thinkin it smairnor tyme ye got yeirsell
mannie irena ay it smairnor tyme ye reformed ma
ye never saw it smairnor tyme ye war haein
ticht tae twa breists naemairnor unripe aipples blaik suede
livin licht ti see ismairnor warld s gear or
phone the polis it smairnor we can haunle oorsels
at the thorntree it wismairnor we cuid haunle sae
seeds tae me are naethinmairnor weeds a glimpse noo
ti me thay kyth naemairnor weeds or caff from
drystane dyke eftir daein naemairnor weit his mou it
man an gin ye warmairnor what ye war ye
naething maitters awthing is naemairnor wyld gress a pause
jek heh heh that smairnor ye can say for
lost thair heids for naemairnor ye did the nou
flowe o wattir at wesmairnor yibbil ti cairrie the
had been poued oot onmairnor yin occasion by the
the grun tae deal wimairnor yin wi that we
got ither blessins mind yemairnor yince frae the byllies
yer pups my jean twasmairnor you gat thinner gin
stein telt him at smairnor youse hempies an shae
ache i ll greit naemairo hoasts an wheezes nor
sal see things an steidsmairootlin nor dreams sae it
hae anither naething gied memairpleisur lang syne nor a
it wes said hae evenmairpouer nor the fairies an
sauls quo jesus ye aremairsainit whan ye gie nor
jocky so and so kensmairscots nor we- than big
the morn the birds haesmairsense nor ti whussil in
the hale exerceise hed taenmairsiller out ma pouch nor
iain that played the pypesmairskeillie nor onie pypar afore
alairm clock in the morninsmairsootherin nor waukenin an he
fyre flauch wairnishins a stuidmairstellit nor a trie than
mukkil for hir it wesmairstrang nor the cry o
that ah m a sichtmairstrecht an weill meanin nor
brian s sister jenny wismairsturdy like nor brian an
guid tory screivin in 1925mairsubversive nor bolshevism richt eneuch
a penny each said geordiemairtae his wee brither nor
man morag the r shuirliemairti lyfe nor getherin gear
puddok aunsirt but the rmairtil it nor that a
puddok ai but the rmairtil t nor that a
puddok bigger an sonsier anmairugsum he wes nor ever
but thay nou kythed ferrmairugsum nor afore an mysie
the maws made oor maisicmairunco nor even their ain
me in fact ah feelmairvext for him nor fasht
up bedein an dauncin wimairvirr nor ever thay aw
faster an cairry a sichtmairwecht o graith nor the
think yeir onduchtie k nichtmairwirdie nor crowner crannachan thon
wal ae day the warmairwords nor thae but ah
senses but mebbe they remairwurth nor aw the lave
19 temp 3 10 eencemaira day at s fine
13th temp 4 11 eencemaira day at s fine
31st temp 6 14 eencemaira richt fine october day
eest tae say till smairaften n eence at een
fine day aye jist eencemairbest february for a fyle
grey is the wither eencemairbit the hale day lang
in the mornin jist eencemairbraw sinny day bit a
shoors for the day eencemaircauld north win hale day
o sna this mornin eencemaircauld wi a fyte shoor
foggy is the day eencemairdry an affa quait nae
oot yon winter claes eencemairdry north win a bit
day bit affa cauld eencemaireast win on us is
it poors o rain eencemairen it s fair rain
oot o the east eencemairere s a april shoor
the ba wi strae eencemairfin it wis rainin jonsar
anither damp warm mornin eencemairfresh win later on feel
bare is the mornin eencemairfrost dis loup bit wither
it s rainin jist eencemairhale day lang it s
a pir o win eencemairhale day the win dis
on the truck tyres eencemairhe gaed his heid a
i jist aboot greet eencemairi say the day is
swear tae change rain eencemairin the affa heavy range
lang afore mid day eencemairit s like a simmers
dis that please you eencemairit wis a nod o
gran day richt fine eencemairmonday 27th temp 1 5
damp is the day eencemairon the countryside an fowk
dis rise this day eencemairrain blawn intae us it
for eence e curiosity wismairregairdit n wark for wi
me the withers agley eencemairricht fine an sinny i
is fine an fair eencemairricht fine spell o wither
sae strong gran day eencemairsaturday 13th temp 4 14
it s heavy shoors eencemairspleetry an weet for the
eence again monsoon season wismairthan a pain be efterneen
day jist aboot bides fairmairthan eence ere s a
first time georgie fit lizziemairthan eence i ve made
you were on tap omairthan eence so dinna you
brocht up in es columnmairthan eence the entrance an
10 rainfall 7 16 eencemairthe countryside is soakin weet
30th temp 1 6 eencemairthe day is a cracker
14 temp 8 12 eencemairthe day is affa fine
19th temp 9 24 eencemairthe day turns oot affa
10th temp 10 19 eencemairthe wither is bonny an
comes oot fne day eencemairthursday 25th temp 8 12
is the day jist eencemairtries tae rain bit wither
come nicht it rains eencemairtuesday 7 temp 5 7
nicht a april shoor eencemairwednesay 30th temp 6 19
cauld an gey bare eencemairwither disnae bide fair monday
aince a canna speak naemairaboot it dinna ask me
ma een wearilie lyke aincemairah hirpil til ma dresser
or the listenar spak aincemairah im listenin an ah
intil a pyot sayin aincemairah l gie ye yit
darlin kisses irena an aincemairah wush you aw the
the sun gaes doun aincemairahint a clekkin droukit cormorants
an syne cormac spak aincemairalasdair ma brither ah can
speak back ti me aincemairan ah l gie ye
doun on hir stane aincemairan in a wee whyle
thocht she wad gang aincemairan see the ferlie trout
fergal his ain maik aincemairan spier at him as
princess luikit at him aincemairan syne she spak weill
back end cam roun aincemairan syne the verra day
that she coud speak aincemairan the first thing she
lest nicht wes keing aincemairas in days bygaen ah
gang ti the kirk aincemairaweill she did awthing the
turn til ma buiks aincemairback throu the centuries ah
ah hear it again aincemairblatterin on the monastery ruif
electronic tag till weel aincemairbrakken the curfews brocht fit
712 770 the spring aincemairbrukken the muin o mairch
tae seek the yowe aincemairbut he luikit back an
770 32 the spring aincemairdo 33 spring rain do
tree she sclimmed an aincemairfiniver the meen wis heich
that she set oot aincemairfor ti hunt for the
this kintrie is free aincemairfrae his accursit haund lord
anchor the muin dounsets aincemairfreist plenishes the haill lift
auld pauchler john macnab aincemairgies the fower main modren
maun be brocht thegither aincemairguid fowk the virr the
o hell ir sawn aincemairissa in the blouster the
back sae thank you aincemairjim we ll git back
on finn an spak aincemairlippen ti me nou for
were aa fur scotlan aincemairmormond braes the bonnie lass
for aince whit coud bemairnaitral to moula and eilidh
mirk forest an glent aincemairon the shaidaed moss from
littil kittlin tak tent aincemairsaid the kittlin an mynd
stuggit bi their jags aincemairshe come fae trystin wi
bryde wes wullin but aincemairshe gied the duik a
ti leave hir but aincemairshe pled wi him an
through we ve gane aincemairtae cumnock new will goudie
lairs ir lowries dens aincemairthe bairns gaun hame lauch
tae inbring the sizzens aincemairthe ceramians and the tomini
aff hyne awa an aincemairthe forestit bens ir tuim
ablo the green knowe aincemairthe horse chynged hissell inti
again said she an aincemairthe houss is weill cuivert
the climax symbolises that aincemairthe libido haes been successfully
aa unfair he saw aincemairthe mock trial o the
wi that he struck aincemairthe watter an feenished mair
wyce like lowsed it aincemairthe yalla idol it s
l speak thegither syne aincemairthe yungest princess clam back
sun s licht airtin aincemairti the south wast thaim
an ah m here aincemairti view the spring tyme
dumfounert but he spak aincemairtil hir ay me weill
hae ti meet protopovov oniemaira pause bi the by
they winna seem important oniemaira pause vershinin it s
yawning ah canna think oniemairaboot it the nicht malcolm
try no ti think oniemairaboot it the nicht ye
an ah canna flie oniemairah can haurlie walk lat
play at the cairds oniemairah gied it up langsyne
rainbow an it spreids oniemairah l hae a leg
ah m no grumfie oniemairah m as cannie an
ah dinna feel lyke oniemairah m in puir fettil
his thrapple wisnae thare oniemairan geordie cuidnae mind it
he winna notice thaim oniemairan in the same wey
ah juist dinna ken oniemairandrey lat s gae oot
she coudna help hir oniemairaweill she haed taen a
oan pixies an pawkies oniemairbit nou she pulled on
r wantin ti loss oniemairbluid ah dout ye hae
ye ll no hae oniemairbother wi that tuith geordie
a dry cappie an whitmaircoud onie o us want
ye no ken me oniemairdae ye no ken me
hek ordinateir didna wirk oniemairexplened andra sae he bene
nae gemms i scotland oniemairfur aw the ospitals is
dunt he wuidna pley oniemairfur hiz harn pan wes
a dizzen bowls less ormairhe speirs hae ye onie
oniebodie ti touch it oniemairit s fair stoundin meg
dinna speak o t oniemairit wis a wheen o
be freins wi me oniemairivan romanych chebutykin tenderly sae
ah dinna lyke it oniemairjek daes it maitter gin
ah m no greitin oniemairkoolyghin she s no greitin
ane eisie osie kinna prossmairlik cantautioun bot wiout onie
ah dinna unnerstaun oniething oniemairma precious ma darlin please
suin s thare wesna oniemairmaet ben the houss ay
ah dinna lyke masell oniemairnanse whyles ah see masell
please dinna jag me oniemairneedle please please needle ah
l no be stealin oniemairneedles he brandishes his club
ow ah canna staun oniemairo this ye jaggin deil
wul no tak up oniemairo yeir tyme this mornin
an dinnae gie me oniemairo yer nonsense a v
ah canna thole it oniemairolga alarmed whit is t
aye hantie onie day butmairparteeclar on a seturday it
no hochlin an ugsum oniemairpepper naebodie is gaun ti
ah canna thole it oniemairplease no hir needle no
l be needin it oniemairpompitie ye wantit for ti
irena please dinna speir oniemairquaistens at me ah m
ye ah coudna stammik oniemairraw anes sae ah haed
syne the winna be oniemairriddils ti fikkil us in
deid it wul sing naemairsangs ir the onie difference
ah m no greitin oniemairsee ah hae stappit that
she s no greitin oniemairshe s a guid lassie
owre auld tae hae oniemairsons gang hame lasses gang
no be sendin ye oniemairstovies jek maister whyles ah
mon dinna pit aff oniemairtyme heize hir up an
s in our tale oniemairwe ll tell nou o
then they couldnae drink onymairan airm in airm up
wisna acquant wi aabody onymairan i niver did fin
o e latter oot onymairan nae mair did ye
they didnae come by onymairan sae jackie spent maist
be cried pure english onymairaw languages haes tae chynge
naething tae worry aboot onymairbessie changing the subject get
them on your ain onymairbessie every day o my
an i niver did onymairbit it stans ower an
cannae be cried scots onymairbut juist an inglified kinna
eynrigs cam tae be fullymaircommon at ony rate it
oot ony mair an naemairdid ye need tae mak
widna let im look onymaire geed hame tae see
see if you see onymairf1133: [yawn] no that s
aye dry nae pleesure onymairfer me in ma butcher
that meddle a guid wheenmairflegs than ony big bull
in scots isnae produced onymairfor an by theatre television
hear o you daein onymairhousework all right pause are
though he doesna smell onymairi ve aye preferred to
at spinnin she d spinmairin an oor than ony
asks wull you hae onymairjonsar answers aye you wull
craalin intill eez lug onymairn onybody else ye jist
bide a day ir twamairnae at at wis ony
nae puttin up wi onymairo his nonsense i ve
dod i canna stand onymairo this he grabs the
tae kinnle yon debate onymairor tae express a definitive
nae ony heat en somemairrain the days a breet
ony o t he dmairscaldie than traiveller bluid in
they hung in easy reachmairsucculent than ony peach ane
if that loon has onymairtae drink he ll be
ll no hurt him onymairthan i can help och
weel ken i loved himmairthan ony ither thing in
settin an that s maybemairthan ony museum can iver
trial for their decision onymairthan the sheriff is when
cried the same language onymairthere a guid wechty scuil
bother sendin oot telegrams onymairthere s sae mony folk
the day to loss onymairtime we canna gut fish
oh aye jack you meanmairto me than ony ither
tae think aboot it onymairye imagined haein a lassie
any more we say onymairyou say two we say
on the water it seemedmairan a bittie choppy fin
went back tae the carmairan a bittie happy jonsar
a a it s glorymairan a bittie het at
play got a wee bittiemairan roch jake monie wis
f1126: a mair bittie watermairbittie water again f1125: no
f1125: green [tapping spoon on bowl] f1126: amairbittie water mair bittie water
oh i need a bittiemairin this ain i think
a wee bittie looder noomairliker the soond o squeebs
go maybe a wee bittiemairmilk in would we f1130:
need a fair bittie nursinmairnur maist fur better or
wi em jist a bittiemairo e aal wyes o
could ve daen a bittiemairoh now fa- fa s
less temper an a bittiemairpeace god sakes mummlit minnie
the docknail needs a bittiemairproddin at s foo i
to tak things a bittiemairslow like she is looking
2 16 north win ismairthan a bittie bare i
noo fit wye he ismairthan a bittie desperate derek
beast turns oot a bittiemairthan cauld fowk gang aboot
an he wis a bittiemairthan deen jonsar coodnae mind
hospital he wis a bittiemairthan woun up he thocht
mith a gotten a lotmairthis bittie s tae dae
fork an wis a bittiemairupmarket than the mannie he
ta see dat luik naemair___ laad a young woman
reagan an he s naemaira couthie capitalist than i
aan bit we spak naemairaboot oan thing an said
devoirs an we say naemairabout him be little an
reivers we ll say naemairabout him tho our tale
ye ti gang an naemairabout it aither that or
screen they wadna see naemairacross the braid atlantic the
bide awa i wint naemairadee wi ye thon tuesday
ah wul fash ye naemairah can see fyne that
ah coud feel it naemairah swerfed awa for a
she wad never ken naemairai but ah wad fain
weel he ll suffer naemairan at least he niver
it did s nott naemairan e fowk at used
his guidwyfe saw thaim naemairan eftir getherin up aw
an it wes seen naemairan frae that day forrit
rises an he said naemairan i wis ower blyde
it wur nae ae drapmairan nae ae drap less
gaun ti tell ye naemairan nae less in the
the auld monk is naemairan nou his new heidstane
mhairi coud thole it naemairan ran awa up the
the wutch dochtna dae naemairan weill she kent it
flesher zheng cud tak naemairan wis beggin ti be
wi her she spak naemairand the twa o them
service til the croun naemairare ye obleiged duncan ye
bairn left to noo naemairargie bargie i ve gien
see nae hairm in tmairargy bargy wis pit aff
an he d gane naemairas fifty steps afore he
mair he d taen naemairas fifty steps afore he
hearin but it s naemairas flesher zheng at fells
the strenth syne wi naemairas fower or five men
sae owrancer lu gaed naemairas hauf a mile wi
gaed profunditas an in naemairas thirty steps he cam
ilka step he stottit naemairas thrie mile on he
an nae man can daemairat that the reivar brichtent
finnd ye a ask naemairava pointing the re a
awa an wad say naemairawa hame hoyed the queen
he could thole it naemairawa he went doon tae
re in our tale naemairaweill on the road hame
nae more well very littlemairbairn aye m999: no no
dout the wul be naemairbairns curtain act i scene
lori lori nae mair naemairbeatins ur ti stop bruising
hert ye killt him naemairblood sookin says i thon
nae mair knockshinnoch coal naemairbreathes stour in clarty hole
it s fair yont sensemairbricks nae strae wad ye
his day is oer naemairburn tae roam an he
ir heard an syne naemairbuson 1715 83 dew on
his bonnie selkie wyfe naemairbut murned hir the lave
his hairns an he thochtmairbut nae aunser coud he
mouls an tell thaim naemaircan ah thole it up
like a saft bed naemaircauld feet on my bum
it wis aa aboot naemaircd jock we baith turnt
ma auld wife auld manmaircommon but it s nae
a sheet jist say naemairday is jist a breet
she wul hear thaim naemairdinna be ower sair on
f1115: nae mair f1116: nomairdoggies [inaudible] go home and
maut fur the wes naemairdrama an the inglish loue
styoo spinners spikkin nae wirdmaire shoved me in an
it since she hid naemaireese for t sae i
s in our tale naemairefter this king renzong ruled
ah f1103: just and naemaireh f1104: yeah just and
a d better say naemairenter macbeth now king and
nae more doggies f1115: naemairf1116: no mair doggies [inaudible]
there s ti be naemairfauts frae nou on mind
heard this faur an naemairfor he heard ahint him
the r nae want themairfowk in the company that
een s cathedral is naemairfowk s faith wis as
pit up wi this naemairfowk wul say it s
ma wee hous wi naemairglore as a glintworm winna
na he s worth naemairhe dee d weill they
heukt juist legally an naemairhe had nae fish this
spoot i ll wish naemairi ll nae luik back
was a passing fancy naemairi swear that no a
s es ear past irmairi ve nae idea fit
head a l gang naemairin thare a m feart
sie an wes seen naemairin the warld the ir
juist yeir imagination an naethingmairit dis ye nae credit
an syne is heard naemairit is a tale telt
antrin truibil it is naemairit s naething serious tho
we l need thaim naemairjek removes the irons from
re nae exactly thinkin bitmairjist lettin wash ower ye
irritated that s enough naemairkiddin aroon this is she
s tred he howks naemairknockshinnoch coal nae mair breathes
mair macbeth wul sleep naemairl macbeth wha wes it
thaim ye l tell naemairlees exit malcolm curtain act
s it all done naemairleft tae dae f1100: mm
awa a ll love naemairlet cauld winds blaw let
fa enter here hae naemairlicht stoor an yird is
pause nae mair secrets naemairlies pause jist like up
tae froon nae like decembermairlike june sunday 28th temp
nae like january it smairlike mey tuesday 13 temp
it s nae like springmairlike simmer fermer gangs aboot
a bummer nae like februarymairlike simmer friday 13 temp
mair sittin oan edge naemairlistenin fur the mithir cawin
have thought there d bemairm1000: no no [?]nary[/?] nae
santas f1095: dinna see naemairm1096: mmhm f1095: maybe we
a vyce cry sleep naemairmacbeth is murderin sleep the
sae cawdor wul sleep naemairmacbeth wul sleep nae mair
will nae doubt spark affmairmemories names that shone oot
angelica tae of coorse pausemairmen pause an nae smell
nae dout bene monie ithermairmodren teips andra wes leised
d raither ken masell naemairmore knocking ay wauken duncan
wis better there wis naemairmurnin fur the parks o
and i ll tak naemairmy weary trail daniel wis
a veesion at s naemairn a shadda o fit
yer ain ee sees naemairn it kens fits in
buyin i likit fite winesmairn reed bit nae aabody
to help lori lori naemairnae mair beatins ur ti
an he cud gang naemairniver the word did he
it a shall wait naemairno anither minute guid eneuch
aunsert yeir horse wes naemairnot a rikkil o auld
forenicht she haed spun naemairnot hauf a hank o
tree she wad say naemairnotr this god abuiin kens
re in our tale naemairnou whan leirsman wang an
backins addresses at ir naemairnouadays than ae rickle o
in exasperation ye re naemairnur a pantheist like as
his hale heid wis naemairnur a skull happit wi
wey o t war naemairnur damp squeebs the mountains
fittin seam there war naemairnur ten bairns at schule
oors she larned a deilmairnur yon that nae quine
housomdevir the gaffer thocht naemairo d ontil he retoured
us free haud back naemairo key o dauvit sceptre
ah dout he thinks naemairo me from the chinese
ma temper lowns but naemairo sic sichts to lennox
wattir we canna mak naemairo t ah waucht a
on himsel pray noo naemairo thae attacks a ve
but we ll say naemairo that a guid wheen
aweill we canna mak naemairo that ah l be
endeavour tae tak up naemairo the court s time
ferlifu ah l hear naemairo this jock saidil the
grimly ah l hear naemairo yeir lees he raises
ir ah l hear naemairo yeir lees malcolm puts
ir ah l hear naemairo yeir lies an at
insistently c mon nou naemairo yeir nonsense the queen
ye what we would usemairoften is probably just nae
oot ma faither thocht naemairon t an didna tell
an wul be seen naemairootby on the ben the
well we cannae hae naemairor they ll be nane
peitie s sake say naemairorm ai but ah wul
echty ane pund an naemairprofunditas wis bleizin sae a
a maet perfectly dehydratit fitmairquid ye ask nae swite
a cud juist gang naemairquo the marischal but a
fin we div rise naemairrain noo at s a
attendant a l hear naemairreports tak thaim awa a
ll can speak on itmairsae owrancer lu gaed nae
the three foil lotus naemairsall we anter ower the
us o tristan an naemairsall we stravaig the pad
greedy oor climate micht bemairsattled an nae sae gurly
s the truth pause naemairsecrets nae mair lies pause
wi a gun an naemairsense whan aa that wis
m nae forgotten fit smairshe s fashed in ither
awa ere d be naemairshelter said ma faither awa
divertit inno organ brokerage insteidmairsiller intilt an nae lang
yon day there wis naemairsingin tho faither wis hairse
beams play oan us naemairsittin oan edge nae mair
[exhale] have they got naemairsmoke noo f1101: [inaudible] into
care ah l tak naemairsnash frae you broun ogre
tuesday wis nae better wednesdaymairsnaw thursday warst o aw
can brak can tak naemairsnell offerings or irksome sichts
abuin twae thrie raindraps naemairsplatters on the brae face
language at yooniversitee is obviouslymairsubtle but hit is nae
cry they ll be naemairsun bathin on holidays cos
day thir a awa naemairtae shift ah ll hae
god lat thare be naemairtaigilment afore this fousum deil
ve been affa aul naemairthan 50 i would think
up when a wis naemairthan a lad a thocht
the time he wis naemairthan a yaird frae me
8 12 rainfall 3 6mairthan cool nae affa warm
bleeze fan it s naemairthan days aul it gings
he tuik it as naemairthan due tae wauken tae
been on my truck naemairthan half an oor noo
fix hur feet stands naemairthan i can fix touching
10 gladys aye it wasmairthan that but nae a
marks and spencers gladys butmairthan that there s nae
is seriously sick sadie naemairthan yer ain agnes she
oor i the eftirnuins naemairthat l be lang aneuch
the marischal wis fasht naemairthe abbeymaister gart set out
by the lowin coals naemairthe burn in the springtime
scots it wid be naemairthe case gin a body
years are weel awa naemairthe lanesome bed they vanished
hae nae luck an themairthe puir weidae sat thare
awa an wad say naemairthe queen gaed strecht hame
o beer an whit smairthe r nae wey a
tae dae that an naemairthe sea wis nae mair
for i m castin naemairthe year you can gang
ve nae you ve gotmairthere i can see but
be five unce an naemairthere s five unce ti
but young lass forby naemairthis weary warld i d
never ti be seen naemairthrie year syne this nicht
in yeir bed say naemairti me ah l no
weil duin officer the remairti tell nae suiner haed
aye it cryit sleep naemairti the haill houss glamis
f1127: you nae wantin naemairtoys m1128: no f1127: no
fan belt an hid naemairtrouble fin broon an roost
ane sae they ar naemairtwa but are ae flesh
it l bather ye naemairtwa clours an it wad
bitterly ah l waste naemairtyme wi you an yeir
taken care of are naemairunfit for such work than
coud see ma herp naemairvalgerd orm ye mak a
first it cuid dae naemairwaur the nou as pit
the royal bairn grat naemairwhit wir the words he
wis nae pint in chappinmairwi e mell and sae
at thay dochtna byde naemairwi thair faither the keing
but noo the handlebars naemairwill feel ma iron grup
bluid uncle jeems said naemairwis heard o the maitter
and we wouldna hae naemairwooden spoons would we m1108:
hieland glens the war naemairwurd at aw the wunter
no sae weel masel naemairye ll rouse fae sleepin
flocks o freenly speugs naemairye ll see us flutter
inchcolm s grund duncan naemairyon thane o cawdor wul
the mair a haed themaira d want for shuir
s pouer grew mair anmaira ferm wis like a
their jewels an housses themaira haed the mair a
[laugh] i thought that wasmaira mair modern ane up
tae live and mair muchmaira mixter maxter warld whar
reportin or commentin mair anmairaften on the uiss o
ah m forgettin mair anmairan ma haill lyfe is
seek jock s pouer grewmairan mair a ferm wis
organisations is reportin or commentinmairan mair aften on the
ilkie day ah m forgettinmairan mair an ma haill
pompitie s shae gied himmairan mair easement or hinnerlie
howanever later as jimmie becomesmairan mair engrossit in the
ae day ma neeper gotmairan mair fidgetty couldna keep
as china multilingualism will growemairan mair important globalisation population
the mither an faither gatmairan mair pitchert an phanatik
oor ain identity jist getsmairan mair popular speecially mang
future generations the wul bemairan mair smert fowk lyke
he sat lang there formairan mair the drink wis
soonds an aw the timemairan mair wee white puffs
the sicht o the baronmairan mair weill ye can
on for mair bannoks anmairan yit mair thay did
ilka year the face getsmairand mair hackit until it
to america and it grewmairand mair in the telling
ken mm f902: jobs weremairavail- mair mair money an
aye some mair in somemairbank bank [inaudible] some mair
thay no yerp on formairbannoks an mair an yit
dee mair shoppin pickin upmairbargains on the wye the
simmer s day ye irmairbonie an mair leisumlik roch
shae gied him mair anmaireasement or hinnerlie aw his
there s mair there wasmaireh money i think involved
as jimmie becomes mair anmairengrossit in the trappins o
full please f1142: is theremairf1141: mair fitt f1142: chicken
be mair lilt aboot themmairf826: yeah it s more
ma neeper got mair anmairfidgetty couldna keep still i
f1142: is there mair f1141: mairfitt f1142: chicken dippers f1141:
the face gets mair andmairhackit until it gets sae
move a muscle an themairhe tried the mair his
a whiles krista yur needinmairherbs mair plants gaithirin pause
the mair he tried themairhis hail bodie felt juist
multilingualism will growe mair anmairimportant globalisation population mobility the
wes afore she l suffermairin monie mair weys anaith
mair bank bank [inaudible] somemairin mu- i m gonna
[censored: forename] m1128: that aye somemairin some mair bank bank
and it grew mair andmairin the telling lilian and
public attitudes tae language bemairinformed an mair positive syne
s vision bit mair muchmairis the wye their music
the mair she did themairit seemed the war aye
ye ir mair bonie anmairleisumlik roch wins dae shak
say there seems to bemairlilt aboot them mair f826:
f902: jobs were mair avail-mairmair money an that in
thought that was mair amairmodern ane up the spoot
jobs were mair avail- mairmairmoney an that in it
i mean tae live andmairmuch mair a mixter maxter
tae john s vision bitmairmuch mair is the wye
yowls for mair muisic iainmairmuisic an he wad begin
aye rairs an yowls formairmuisic iain mair muisic an
mair the watter an feenishedmairor less the maitter ___
an faither gat mair anmairpitchert an phanatik about out
krista yur needin mair herbsmairplants gaithirin pause you kin
identity jist gets mair anmairpopular speecially mang the young
language be mair informed anmairpositive syne we need tae
sklave o dewtie bot themairshae duin the mair the
mhairi wrocht awa but themairshe did the mair it
an went awa tae deemairshoppin pickin up mair bargains
the wul be mair anmairsmert fowk lyke yeirsell or
bannoks an mair an yitmairthay did juist that or
the mair shae duin themairthe auld meinister expekkit o
lang there for mair anmairthe drink wis owretakin him
come doon because there smairthere was mair eh money
need mair witnesses stew needmairvictims ti come furrit doll
aw the time mair anmairwee white puffs o reek
o the baron mair anmairweill ye can unnerstaun that
l suffer mair in moniemairweys anaith the man that
on silence ed wi needmairwitnesses stew need mair victims
aw sticks man ye remaira draigelt deck chair than
telt me the andersons kenmairaboot local history than aa
i thought it showed youmairaboot mickey than that m1110:
git the feelin ed kensmairaboot stew than we do
sentence my lords tells usmairaboot the plantations than we
ye are happy ye haemairadee than spenn sweet oors
the bit it turned himmairagin the quine than iver
a bit better than usualmairalert listenin tae whit ah
shouldna hae left i wasmairangry at masel than i
this bypass and there wasmairbad things than there was
he tuik intercity tae embromairbeasts in thon zoo than
oor savage celts cud skailmairbluid than a supersonic gleg
of cards you ve gotmaircards than mum and dad
dod na na it smaircomplicated than that we sometimes
as his clarity of visionmaircomplicated than whit said maconochie
standard english oar sse asmaircorrect than scots an again
same kiln jist ane wismaircrackit than tither meg sleepit
mind you there must bemairdirt aff the fleer than
see by stream or puilmairdiverse friens than tam an
ti the quaistioun this wesmaireisie ti say than ti
wish tae deave ye wimairexamples than are awready afore
that happen ava henry hadmairfeet than brain cells i
wye masel an fit smairfine than tae spen the
but then that s kindamairgive than throw m999: aye
doon oor bit there smairgraffiti than the tomb o
it is capable ay haudinmairgrief than any life can
daes he ken they daemairguid than herm grubbin pests
she s mingin a stuidmairguilty than innocent her heid
them happy clean an brawmairhansom far than toby jugs
no more rather than namairhowever there is no reason
darts team dod are theymairimportant than you an me
chiels but maybe they haemairin common than they hae
is muckler his maithodology wismairintensive than curcuddoch i m
your tangerine you were ayemairinterested in that than the
too hadd hold tagidder togethermairis more than dizzen dozen
heckle had come frae somethingmairkenspeckle than ocht i kenned
him a place a bitmairlaich than angels place ye
whale place at cat wantsmairlebensraum than hitler ever dreamt
nicht it wis a nichtmairlike august than october wi
carer an neil duguid hidmairmedical complications than maist the
guineas a horse like yonmairmoney than ye could imagine
wid be a damn sightmairmusical than yonder eegit graham
jonsar s truck meg beinmairo a hinner than a
scrattit his dowp thoughtfu likemairo a sphinx than a
dreary lives wi a guidsichtmairo girnin bitchin than did
roon aboot aiberdeen i hearmairo it in aiberdeen than
made pets o them thochtmairo them whyles than they
swam that quick he wismairoot the watter than in
ablow the streetlichts an lookinmairpeely wally than ever he
e there must be somemairpoint tae life than television
loud aye there is naethingmairqueer than fowk grudgin fuel
fur i niver kent onybodymairreleegious than ma faither like
or her brither matty hidmairricht than her tae speir
veesits tae gie me amairroondit education than cud the
in mony wyes she wismairscots than the scots bairns
scots is usually regardit asmairscottish than scottish standard english
aa nicht till she learnedmairsense than gie aathin awa
o kin thair s anemairsib tae ye than ah
m1002: weel aff m999: ehmairsiller than he kens whit
still used ma auld manmairso than ma auld wife
notice it f826: mm m903: mairso than maybe them tryin
you thon girls have killtmairsodgers than gerry ever did
[inaudible] f1041: [inaudible] f1043: naebodymairsuperstitious than my mither an
weeks an months there wasmairtae fash aboot than castle
his been bit there smairtae it than a bald
flat gladys darkly there smairtae it than that i
s tam s there smairtae life than singin psalms
afore ye condemn there smairtae this life than juist
proved it shown there smairtae ye than oo it
bi the nile needs farmairteeth than me tae smile
killed at the commerce barmairthan 30 o them fit
ve been at the fishmairthan 50 year but noo
note is soor spleetry shoorsmairthan a april shoor tuesday
aye it s a dribblemairthan a aye a [?]gerbil[/?]
temp 0 5 ere smairthan a bit o frost
the news jonsar eck feltmairthan a bit uneasy an
thursday 10th temp 5 12mairthan a blustery win oot
his heid an says naethigmairthan a bottle o tamata
castin javelins o fire farmairthan a could coont or
dae bit thay never lastitmairthan a month or twa
d iron us cammy takemairthan a steam iron ti
in chains in the tolboothmairthan a twalmonth can ye
canna be gless awa upmairthan ae degree gran day
aye sultry tee taewards nichtmairthan ae midge wednesady 24
heid dis thump ere smairthan ae thunner plump friday
turns oot trumps ere smairthan ae thunner plump monday
dry north win a bitmairthan bare monday 15 temp
i winna complain fermer ismairthan busy jist noo tryin
6 still fine wither bitmairthan cauld blustery win gang
guid freins embraces rodé yincemairthan fareweill ma dear freins
ma heid till a mmairthan hauf deid agin this
me unawares feth i kenmairthan he ll ever ken
flying in these circumstances ismairthan i can fathom beaumont
his customers jonsar said naethingmairthan i ll see you
way i ve tellt yemairthan i ve ever telt
spells oot men maun daemairthan juist catch troot an
true ye lo ed memairthan ma desert a wis
him the chance tae daemairthan ninety again oh oh
dinna think evelyn ever hadmairthan one whisky at a
theory that originally it wasmairthan probably a gaelic feature
chunk o cheese we weremairthan ready for t bit
aye they ll be ayemairthan scunnered [laugh] f1005: they
those lichts afore they remairthan specimens o colour nane
that had iver done thatmairthan superficially like we d
wi this day i mmairthan teen puckle sna bonny
wid be gaun deen anmairthan that he wid need
self respect i m worthmairthan that it s aa
och she must have beenmairthan that she d an
coalmaister they received wages aftenmairthan the average and hooses
dyed yins was was worthmairthan the ordinary papes that
be sure tae cut fullymairthan the pun o fitiver
whyles they d gaen wimairthan they bargained fur baith
ah ah f902: [laugh] for-mairthan thirty years la- that
school an there widna bemairthan two or three years
breedin ey were a bitmairthan wee compared tae the
weemen fither men used emmairthan weemen an sic like
that twa showders war formairthings than luggin fencin stobs
like gravesteens aside her doormairtidemerks roon her bath than
is i sweir he spennsmairtime in the stable than
himsel she changes her mindmairtimes than she changes her
starting to discover there smairto life than fitba and
ye true ye re farmairtrouble than ye re worth
death i felt she wasmairvictim o his crimes than
chips there is a foodmairwholesome far than bacon beef
onything i niver saa onythingmairwinnerfae than the flooers on
s son as muckle andmairand less atween the pair
wis alive his face hadmaircolour wis less yella lookin
this but it wad bemaircruel gin a did less
re jist ready for wintermairir less an it s
less like fishers act anmairlike auld fishwives juist tell
yin o the faimlie heremairor less ah m masha
tae wark out thair proablemsmairor less as the narrator
tae tell ee the treuthmairor less ilka tyme a
whuther the r yae baronmairor less in aw the
duin whit s ae puddokmairor less in aw the
o fairms wi a kirkmairor less in e middle
[inaudible] m1004: yes comatose f1005: mairor less it s the
you would say that wasmairor less modern money like
had the ju soond theremairor less referred to a
in nineteen twenty four yemairor less say they were
ceremony as though scots wasmairor less shuckt in a
funcy glesses fin the lassiemairor less telt jonsar he
this but the meaning smairor less the same ye
the gutter f1005: you remairor less unconscious f1054: [inaudible]
anither e middle bit hidmairtrees e ither twa less
dae ah aften think themairye dae the less ye
just the same and themairyou greet the less you
would say aye well themairyou greet the less you
aye remember dull an driechmairlike november tuesday 24th temp
bummer october na it smairlike simmer sunday 19th temp
jist a bummer december namairlike simmer wednesday 24th temp
taewards nicht ere s somemairsna friday 6 temp 5
like this i pray formairsunday 11 temp 7 7
sinny i hope there smairsunday 9 temp 8 16
better wurk ye l hearmairaboot it gin it disna
cum macbeth we l speakmaireftir l macbeth juist mynd
enters malcolm we l speakmaireftir to physician is the
never heard morag whit smairhe l mebbe be cummin
a man wha daurs daemairis nane l macbeth what
juist try a wee pikkilmairthey l pit color in
wha l daur say oniethingmairwhan we skirl an rair
that wes cairrit oot athootmairadae an awbodie said for
owre forfauchilt ti cry formairan iain wes free ti
wad say never a wurdmairat this the queen wes
ma best naebodie can daemairbut the puddok wes that
the borderers best fend themairdeiffekwalt it wes fur modren
tammas s sirkent spreits growedmairdowie an dowf thon wes
mait bot graniched him themairebenezer wes warse bot it
pas ower the territour themaireith it wes fur the
tammas wes the cause omairfittininment he wes roupin sair
as ane upcum the wesmairfowk about the yeir eftir
phizz at the veisitor wesmairlyker ti be hiz ain
the wes a guid wheinmairon the lest pege wes
bluid this made him evenmairroused but whan beatrix wes
haed a queen again anmairsae for siller tree wes
wi me thir days themairsae sen breinger wes killed
thochts naething can fleg memairseton returns weill what wes
out the structur ti makmairspace this wie houss wes
stap fur a nicht ormairtammas wes awaur o the
she did tho it wesmairthat she thocht it the
it wes fill an feshmairthe day evin whan we
ti serr a fortnicht ormairwes gaen an she wes
cam hame again but nevermairwes haird tell o sum
mirk o the nicht butmairwes ti cum sae it
an sae haurd for yemairbannocks wumman bake for us
haed taen flicht ah feltmairblyth an sae relieved sumhou
seek ma fortuin aweill whitmaircoud oniebodie want sae his
his company sae makkin yetmairglobal opportunities fur his maisters
reemish e door tee anmairhaalin t open again sae
kailyaird hame sae tae seemmairimportant she tuik a new
an war sae are timelessmairimportantly gin ye ve a
tae worry there was barrelsmairin the cellar sae duncan
ingil that thare micht bemairlicht an haet sae the
lost aberdeen 200 pages anmairlinkin sae weel aul photos
enyeuch sae we didna needmairn a drink at es
o whilk ye may hearmairor lang gae sae the
he coud ever want anmairsae ah hae an til
dirks in men s smirtilsmairsae amang oor nearest freins
i didna gang far ootmairsae cis i cd hear
gaan intill a caal hoosemairsae comin oot o a
maitter o drivin canny anmairsae fin ere s bairns
bit ye niver managet aaegithermairsae fin ere wis a
bit e elastic stretchet faistmairsae fin ye got intill
at s a divine sichtmairsae fin ye ve e
confident or relax ower mucklemairsae gin ye wis in
reid fur three days anmairsae gluttit it wis wi
plant dees there s plentymairsae noo a ve tellt
e hoose in edinburgh bitmairsae on e fairm an
scran up a wee bitmairsae she cuid git a
thay never wantit for oniethingmairsae thay war aw behauden
taen ill at this themairsae whan aw the princes
played bi mortal men themairsae whan it is played
todd at hame aa themairsae whan they fand oot
ll can think on itmairsae wi aa reverence the
grippit wi e thocht anmairsae wi gettin a glintie
dounby an there ll bemairsaid about it sae he
wissed ti hae a hantilmairskairs i the beisines sae
duin sae fur saxtie ormairyeir maitters gaed frae bad
you fowk at s gratefullmairan a few aye you
ere wis an aafa lotmairfowk aboot e place n
come tae ken there wismairfowk in the warld bar
ye r awa mebbe saxmairfowk lyke yeirsells wul pit
wey as a result ofmairfowk speakin writin performin eh
a metter o fact themairfowk the better it made
september maggie mackay gied fowkmairinformation on the report that
return of john macnab haesmairordinar fowk as heroes and
fowk war roused an gittinmairroused louder an louder thay
john buchan he retoured timairsempil kibbil fowk lik umquhyle
ither fowk s comments formairspeirins anent e petitioning please
s jimmy smith an monymairstallholders my kyn o fowk
this wha wadna dee anmairti save its fowk an
scrievit the fowk fasht themselsmairwi the name o the
richt aneuch juist ae wurdmair1st witch ye maunna order
rain in the heavy rangemairan ae drap friday 13th
shen yueh 441 513 aemairfareweill back in oor yung
yueh 4th century 11 aemairfareweill shen yueh 441 513
gaed by an a wheenmairgemms o gowf till ae
mak reference tae fur aemairi deepth study o the
yonner hir attire wis ayemairi the eemage o ae
a horseman horse war aemairjob tae tick aff amang
thegither fur warmth an furmairnur warmth ae day a
in eet masel whilk ismairo ae sociological account o
jist aboot ae fit deepmairshoors o sna so inside
ir ti gie him aemairtassie o wyne an ye
ti ken but ae thingmairto fading apparition gin ye
lyke tae say ae wheenmairwurds auld mag reponed in
an creams skunner me aemairyear at he haesna cum
wesnna duin he gied aemairyerk an the ettin s
three quarters o an oormairan the boatie wis fit
we cried ti be mucklemairanerlie throu oor daith cuid
stem the tide an giemairawareness tae oor traditions i
meanly come on noo bemaireco freenly oor sins if
oor surprise an mebbe wimairexperience o the polis ahint
oor praise an poored ginmairfine coffee fer us a
an back it taks fullymairn an oor bit in
hell they hadnae been dounmairn hauf an oor whan
m999: aye that would bemairoor understandin some narrow kinda
mile an oor doun shapmairstops an sterts whustles bangin
weel noo oor be oormairwabbit i div feel saturday
tartan army i cwidna agreemairwi oor manager walter smith
n memorie mainners n mannersmaira more mairch v march
n love ma a mymaira more mairch v march
a shapeless mainners n mannersmaira more mairrie v marry
i ve iver seen farmairberries an bigger eens n
simple tool e picker hidmaireeses n een it wisna
will say files it wismairlike a dog n a
anaith yer dock wid bemairn a buddy c d
at hey aifter iyin formairn a ear we wis
gordon an sadie ll bemairn a match fur him
it back for it wismairn e strinth o yer
my style an blessd wimairn my share o guile
i geed roon ilky roommairn twice a nicht feelin
she let s him loosemairn twice in fower weeks

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