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ti cry masel the wastmairchcrusher but you ye re
great maister zheng the wastmairchcrusher byde a m juist
great maister zheng the wastmairchcrusher he d seen me
the dux brig yonder wastmairchcrusher is his byname me
owrancer lu neivels the wastmairchcrusher our tale tells nou
ye cry yirsel da wastmairchcrusher whit wir ye at
weire fens at the inglishmairchit cam out wi enorm
the inglish hed meithit themairchwi a gryte fens o
[censored: placename] primary schuil [censored: address] 29tmairch2001 guid heidteacher monie thanks
high heid ane [censored: address] 29tmairch2001 guid maister [censored: surname] we
the waitter gate tae themairchatween roxburghshire an dunfrieshire ae
tae gang forrit owre themairchatween roxburghshire an selkirkshire i
the waitter owre the stanemairchdyke frae maislee ligs the
corner whaur the maislee wudburnmairchstane dyke raxes doun til
yett i the wudburn maisleemairchstane dyke wullie blackie left
stell brae whilk merkit themairchatweesh eilrig ferm an howpasley
the road yonner it themairchatweesh the twae coonties an
on ootersyde juist ower themairchfence frae girnwud lynns ae
girnwud an henwuddie anenst aemairchfence the foonds o ae
yer ker haund is themaircho whit wis howpasley ferm
wi dreid on the langmairchthat streiks afore me an
heich afore him on themairchthat wul dern the bouk
o whit wis the stanemairchdyke atween whit yaised tae
an traivel forrit for ilkamairchdyke o experience we gie
an minority leids on 27mairch2001 the chairter defines regional
on harden grund anenst themairchwi borthauch ferm ca d
the nor syde o themairchwes bot a rikkil o
the wrang syde o themairchwi nae pasport dravin a
wheech happens tae bei themairchatween borth icksheils ferm an
whit wis the craik fermmairchir twae ither sma sheep
lave for the war wemairchaw day for fullie twae
be set doun at themairchyett twa days syne at
e wid an neesht emairchwi currie s i min
at it again it didnamairchwi fit i min t
a my mair a moremairchv march mairrie v marry
mair brukken the muin omairchapril lamps on hou monie
s report o the 29ntmairch2005 anent james the 11
some dear wives frae midmairchtill september for ithers tis
wumman med hiz offisher laddiemairchintil hiz presence lik a
n manners mair a moremairchv march mairrit v married
fechtin men wes graithed timairchfor scotland sae nou we
tak oor leave afore wemairchmacbeth is rype nou for
ir the till juin febriemairchapril mey verra near hauf
a lang whyle syne inmairchscene 2 the mukkil haw
an shinin days o earlymairchsurely we hinna hid the
the drapt fit of themairchpast fairm sodjer bairn in
amuck wi his sword ormaircha haill company aff a
c mon than lat smairchon an tryst wi malcolm
the deid o a snellmairchnicht ower my hoose in
widna expec a loon taemairchdoon the hallaa t quarters
hauns loup up an doonmairchlike a sodger rax for
mossis an myres o themairchan furth ti embro at
as the caal kalends omairchbe at as it may
februar cauld gies wey taemairchfor aa her inmaist wishin
children study the sky gapingmairchblouster warslin corbies stertit bi

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