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has anything m055: [inhale] nomaistf785: changed m055: maist o
o sgian hid bin themaistfeared the maist wechty warlock
changed m055: maist o themaisto the developments eh that
no maist f785: changed m055: maisto the maist o the
bin the maist feared themaistwechty warlock in the hale
the pleisur park wis teemmaistclachan fowk war inbye their
fowk frae areas o themaistdis health in the maitter
hir ain bairns pepper aymaistfowk is no sae bad
nicht an in common wimaistfowk it wis the only
thon s a fair ingaitherinmaistfowk nou wun roun ti
proper or no this gartmaistfowk tae judge a stranger
noo fae e memory omaistfowk the mart was a
wirthy o a phd exceptmaistfowk wad lee includin me
hae ti dae that faithermaistfowk wad say ye canna
twal or in the endmaistfowk wul be lyke you
scots a foreign language taemaisthamelt scots speakers some fowk
country life it wis amaistinterestin collection o fowk ey
noo an agane an wimaisto thair weemin fowk workin
tornes wiout let it ismaistonlykelie at the fowk thare
shuire at hei wud beimaistapproachable gin onie bodie wis
thoosand baith includin envelopes themaistcairds onie shop haes ivver
hae onie bother waukenin upmaistmornins an thochts o him
it onie wunner then thatmaisto thaim acceps the wey
ither scots learnin graith inmaistschuils an onie extrae siller
[inaudible] m1010: that s themaistcommon yin aye just the
pissed [laugh] that s themaistcommon yin f1054: dinnae be
ten year yin o wirmaistfavourite dramatists it s a
the the the yin whichmaistfolk wouldnae pick up on
terminal an switch it affmaistmornins it gied yin or
yin kan bei whuppit awamaistterrible quick hei maun hae
they ve sattled doon anmaisto em are lyin ere
chiels at hed boats cosmaisto em didna hev proper
it wis jock kent emaisto em es day be
in tae gaither e eggsmaisto em in nests bit
aan ye get em inmaistondeemous haals at a time
john an mirren wes baithmaistastonist ti sei at the
ower airchin ruif wes amaistbyordinar omnigadderum n anerlie wes
dish the auld faither wesmaistcairous a l daunder doun
belangin separate poleitical entities inmaistcases it wes anely whan
elangin separate political entities inmaistcases it wes anely whan
coff fuid this wes hizmaistfashious kauch sen he wes
the beistie hame mirren wesmaistfrustert fur shae thocht at
hir kaces contergates he wesmaisthalplie bein a pacient o
douglas the guid wyfe wesmaisthende an set out a
farin that thai wes themaisti favour o wes ham
duir siccar lik inglis wesmaistinteressit in aw about m
shae fand the auld leddiemaistkyndlie an wes walcummed ben
a meridian this wes amaistmalagrugous mistak on tuim stamaks
he eithlie cuid pruive atmaisto the fuid at wes
sousafon wes aw runkilt anmaisto the tuibs wes ranforced
at shae begoud ti pewlmaistpeitie fu thai wes aw
nou mynded hir wirries wesmaistreleifit whan the tryne stellit
an wes gaun ti bemaistsair surpreised whan hiz bairns
reddin out the muisaeum wesmaistsurpreised whan this machine stertit
the k nicht wes amaistthreitenin praisence an tammas s
wes lik ti be omaistwirth i the fuither an
ye jist hid tae bemaistaafa partickler e tows wis
morris s hotel hid amaistaffable oor or twa thanks
jooks he d hid themaistawfie sair heid for twa
e airms wis raggety anmaisto e front hid teen
hid been a steen circlemaisto e steens hid been
sailed oot tae st kildamaisto s hid fun wir
stappit fu wi boats anmaisto thaim hid thair foremasts
rained in the mornin anmaisto the bairns hid cam
chaumer an got roarin fumaistsetterdays dod mathieson hid bin
a truly awfa thing amaistterrible thing i hid scaled
hid mair medical complications thanmaistthe drugs that his unkent
a traditor whyles bein themaistclivversum cheil i the novelle
materials for research an teachinmaistnotable bein the twa multi
bein feart o miss mcfarlanmaisto the time he sat
scots sangs a wad recognisemaisto the words as bein
her gaitherins it cam taemaista fou o bere she
place as it wisna themaistaccessible pairt o the pairlament
sair dumfounert for by themaistawfy straik o ill chance
hiz prevat yatt nou themaistclivversum pairt o ma plat
the doctors say they remaistdesirous o findin vaccines for
corn ye got them onmaistfairms o ony size though
in the words o thatmaistfamous gang show sang ___
earlier generations een o themaistfascinatin examples is riddles an
ve said neil was themaistfushionless o a but noo
leids needs defined 37 themaisthaill definition o regional an
frae the moo o themaisthich you reign aawye an
compear wi e en themaisthummle o english anes for
oot on the ropes anmaistimportant o a ye d
gat oot o him wismaistimpressed wi oor radio communications
ain space ere s emaistinfernal lot o science aboot
an that o the afrikaanersmaistintriguing n an a jalousie
the airlie 20th century themaistkenspeckle ensample o this is
meander throu some o themaistkenspeckle pynts o comparison the
o dialogue luiks familiar taemaistlallans readers a relevant topic
o z reinge reiver amaistmalagrugrous laich dunner rang out
furth may bring o yemaistmichty lord o oists wha
ah m ane o themaistmisfortunate weimen leeivin ah dinna
twene howed boit o themaistmodren mak the stewart condukkit
coudna say amen a haedmaistneed o blissin an amen
acquirin a new hauf unclemaisto aa ane as saft
that rade the lift bitmaisto aa she thocht on
warsle ahead o us memaisto all but let it
on the taibil heid anmaisto aw he didna lyke
cut through the middle bitmaisto e eggs wis sellt
eens at wis e wyemaisto e palins wis jist
wing edges aa makkin emaisto e rowth o flooers
iron an it wirkit finemaisto e time noo an
ye sud ay makk themaisto fitiver gift god gies
watchin the faem white asmaisto her waddin goon swirl
mair an sae jackie spentmaisto his spare time helpin
miss it chrissie you missedmaisto it last year by
div miss it ye kenmaisto my frien s are
throwe frae the fairm anmaisto oor seed war beeriet
o fellow countrymen aroon thomaisto scots gae up no
the age serum suppressed themaisto t bit he wis
age serum disna mend aathinmaisto t will fa on
sae fantoosh in fack thatmaisto thaim canna unnerstaun it
m no ane for pomesmaisto thaim soonds lyke haivers
time in thair lives whanmaisto thaim war still thinkin
this but bi this tymemaisto the callants war rairin
come oot tae thaimsels yitmaisto the condoms were draipped
day it turns oot brichtmaisto the crap is teen
heavy shoors o rain formaisto the day affa cauld
s beyond belief dry formaisto the day at s
bit cauld an bare formaisto the day it dis
is a bittie soor formaisto the day rain dis
11 haar hings aboot formaisto the day sin taewards
the day turns soor formaisto the day the rain
october day weak sin formaisto the day wednesday 29th
0 frost sticks in formaisto the day wi a
a finger pyntin tae heivenmaisto the heidsteens in its
he wisna a toff likemaisto the ithers he cam
landed on the toolies butmaisto the ithers landed oot
the beddin that filled upmaisto the kist wi jist
byllies cam near they kentmaisto the lads by sicht
an niver forgot yer placemaisto the lairds war gey
copies o t postit inmaisto the libraries o east
hir speil but haed tintmaisto the lint inti the
a monitor wi the littlinsmaisto the littlins war frae
o a lick o peintmaisto the men wore bunnets
the richt een minnie kentmaisto the names on the
bred intae the land butmaisto the north east o
barbarous punishment and neglect killsmaisto the rest in a
happier place tae be thanmaisto the rest o the
the graip it fairly gotmaisto the seed oot it
yon wis fairly richt furmaisto the sermon gaed clean
that didna taste soor furmaisto the service the quine
behauden til ye for reddinmaisto the skaith ah did
tae oor hoose queer thatmaisto the stair endit up
straikit wi tourmaline an berylmaisto the stinch grey toun
feel no sae bad bitmaisto the time a feel
to pack it a inmaisto the time a that
bricht side o things weelmaisto the time ony wye
an fine licht shoor drymaisto the time thursday 4th
chance ma faither wis awaamaisto the time workin or
times fin athing wis wrangmaisto the trouble wis that
o dundee no lang synemaisto the weemin workit in
disnae come oot weel anmaisto the wimmen hae the
s neil he s donemaisto the work for this
lang afore ye were spendinmaisto the year in edinburgh
s my belief they didmaisto their firewatchin on their
hoose estate an the wirkmaisto their neebors war couthie
just puttin it on [laugh]maisto them are i think
richt ma quine he explainedmaisto them are jist trailed
heaps o cotter hooses butmaisto them are occupied by
war telt tae makk themaisto them bit ae servant
oceans an the lan themaisto them cam frae galaxies
a chance o it likemaisto them didna tak much
they aw daein here themaisto them dinnae look ill
bird wi a brukken wingmaisto them hidna bin born
re they re mair englishmaisto them m1010: [inaudible] m1013:
the way tae mak themaisto them maclaurin cast a
ti form in ma heidmaisto them o young seventeen
can ye no see thatmaisto them stanes are ower
war ained bi scots anmaisto them war scots frae
some yalla eens ana cabbagemaisto them were bigger than
ten year auld ye saymaisto them were quo brian
in thi glesgae science centremaisto thi workers in this
the european chairter would cuivermaisto thir heids but govrenment
was locked oot nae thatmaisto us ever locked wir
god i wyte it nottmaisto wir strinth baith egither
run wi haein tae drivemaisto workin life jonsar ferrly
o e cornyard wi amaistondeemous scraich back tae ma
oor leevin in o aemaistonsiccar tyme i the histor
israelites got ane o theirmaistparteeclar thochts o god the
a bachelor forby nou themaistpouerfu o wur instincts is
is thi principal leid omaistpupils mcclure believes this stance
s characters an settins firmaistreaders o the twinty furst
ony felon guilty o themaistserious crimes wis sentenced tae
r garrin me gang themaiststourie an bramblie weys o
aa e same fit wismaiststrickin wis a quantities o
chynge politics ane o themaistunco things about readin the
tae date jake wis themaistunromantic object o a human
thocht that fitba wis themaistunsportin sport o the lot
derk side o the glaissmaistvictims ken their killers faimly
sat quairt een o emaistwinnerfae things aboot es hills
the threids o her storymaistwitches keepit a taed or
inta the kypie o esmaistworthy institution weel wi jim
ye thane o cawdor hailmaistwurthie thane this teitil is
you ae copie o aemaistyaisfu scots grammar bi c
guid horss at is amaistcannie beiss weill kent ti
s kent tae suit themaistfastidious taste jist pick an
easy kent fit buik wismaistfavoured in da s hame
yon s far scotlan smaistweel kent son sleepit aye
aboot an oor at themaistay said geordie leukin doon
grant a place for oormaisthumble ancient race ye cannae
oor sooth win dis blawmaistmiserable day at you ivver
feed hauf an oor atmaistquo the maid fin the
didna dae it tae themaistneedful anes ye didna dae
thair fyres letter writin imaistinstances wuid bei ae wuman
thair country the best anmaistmodern transportation system in the
ruth they had bidit thairmaistten year whan baith mahlon
sklenner feigur busked i themaistbraw avyse waatchit bi ivverie
historical facks an ae wheenmaistinformative airticles bi fock whae
secondary schuils bi secondary agemaistpupils hae been condition t
bi tommy sheridan at themaistraicent scottish election ither scotlands
language scots is unnerstuid bimaistscottish educated scots an spoken
ye fand the tippeny yillmaistappetisin while ither nichts yer
wheen ither complex issues themaistcomplex issue that he explores
went to ruthrieston school likemaistither folk nae me though
an skreichmakker clans war themaistill faured an ill gaited
wurnae comin back a wadmaistlike hae the edinburgh holiday
wad hiv tae accept thatmaistscots speakers the day wad
the thing ye d wantmaistwad be no ti repeat
writin in scots is perhapsmaistactively encouraged through competitions run
wi speakin scots cause inmaistcases they re still thinkin
scots perceive their ain leidmaistdinnae perceive it as a
distinctively scots pronunciations ai inmaistei in leirnyng ch in
scots is some of themaistnatural scots ye can hear
scots is by faur themaistnegleckit an hauden doun in
scots is by faur themaistnegleckit an hauden doun in
life mcclure 1988 63 thimaistprobable ootcome fur scots wid
becomes mair pronouncit an quhilemaistscots modal verbs operate in
wis far an awa emaistcommon system in my time
cam the repon bit themaistpouerfu is a luv spell
his orra mawe which wismaistbyordnar vexin bath room bogle
i m nae it wismaistdivertin tae see e fairlies
minnie s da wis themaistimportant body there yestreen he
wis nae joke wi hertsmaistlike tae burst fae fear
an jed anderson wis themaistnearhaun match neil wis a
its necessar forerede wis themaistpast ordinar extra curricular happenin
e wid ere wis amaistsplendid ootlook in fitiver airt
mebbe a dizzen tunes atmaistthe pye wis sma bit
wis on fit i minmaistthough wis noticin e holies
forby fae oot thae submissionsmaistwis fashed aboot british sign
thay ir lyin in aemaistterrible bad bit n ay
hard physical wurk thit comesmaistreadily intil ma mynd ay
his days an nou themaistbyordnar thing he forgat aw
set thairsells doun on itmaistcosie an cosh fur the
doun an she saw themaistunco sicht she haed ever
mistaak ere d be emaistaafa whoosh an ye d
or tattie soup pea soupmaistdays except maybe in e
an at s fit wyemaistfolk ll ha e naethin
respect aa richt bit emaistrespect gings tae wasps an
ye used e neep clickmaistthough for liftin tapped an
that morag ye r amaistbyordnar puddok richt aneuch puddok
a richt but that themaistproductive wey tae regaird it
fair bittie nursin mair nurmaistfur better or wirse jenny
a recipie fur disaster imaistinstancies a wur telt at
howcleuchsheil hoose bot it wurmaistmisfortunate trigidy n fur him
5 14 curriculum guidelines 58maisttimes in the noo teachin
thirty year he said themaistexcitin thing that iver happened
this skuil aye says themaistimportant thing in lyfe is
a aboot it cheerfully themaistimportant thing is your knife
be lookin in the daymaistlykelie masha mynd ye the
him fat are ye needinmaisthe speired mair licht they
the life we long formaistis the life that is
aa your promises throwe hismaistglorious name the name abeen
brugh the bonniest and themaistpreclair brugh in aa the
in meldrum will hae themaistlastin effec there proodly on
detail bit still mak itmaistreadable i hae scriev t
soond asleep physician that smaistunnaitral ti hae the guid
arias bit fit i winnermaistis foo they treat a
that wid be a blowmaistgrievous tae aw yer freens
payin tribute tae the bardmaistlo ed in aw the
it aw thegither in amaistpleisand mainner an als furmed
committee seein aboot the billmaistbills is introducit by the
i parteeklar put forrit hismaistraicent idaia s aboot whit
fashed by this prospect themaisteffectual means tae preserve scotland
would be subjected tae themaisthorrific punishments for desertion are
pairties an piano skills amaistinterestin toast tae the twa
tae wale whit priorities ismaistneedit in scotland an mak
a procession tae honour itsmaistprominent citizen beaumont whit boyter
willin tae pit it wheremaistscotsmen wouldna maconochie said but
tae earn their breid anmaistwark s waur than sawin
the keing an are themaistconcernit wi this maitter donalbain
briskly then gladys is owermaistdays wi the messages you
wurk up slawlie til themaistdour stert wi the pirliewinkies
biddin he s uised hermaistfoully for fifty year wi
spin lass the mistress ismaistparticular and i agree wi
10 times a year atmaistyer keech s like steens
robbie over the waves amaistapt title ye maun admit
that ye loue an haudmaistdear ye left ahint athoot
an meet hersel for thismaistunexpectit treat we wish ye
tak ye til himsell amaistwaesum sicht yeir grace ah
ti the waw an themaistawfu luikin fraiglin hogney shauchilt
that gaed on but lykemaistguid things it wesna ti
foryet the cuiverfeu apologeised grantmaistnichts we ar awaw ti
peety his gin lane smaistaffectin an yon chiel degas
s the chairman an themaistah can ever howp for
an that s whit maittersmaistandrae ma jo they kiss
that s what they remaistcomfortable daein an f831: mmhm
up heized the awald victimmaistgentil lik an halped him
white beard a grand anmaistimposin figure somethin like santa
see wha coud luiik themaistmeiserabil an wha coud ledge
general for scotland it introducesmaistnew laws an is responsible
scottish pairlament scottish executive themaistsuccessfu pairty in an election
pranny she spent the gowdmaistwyse like an lived cantie
as wavy as corrugated ironmaistnichts her ma wid caimb
you say most we saymaistyou say both we say
here far did he spendmaisttime on the lavvy pause
aff the grun i realisemaistaiberdonians are smaaer than sax
queer like feather i kenmaistbirds but this wee heckle
this is it s ayemaistembarassin for me kisses masha
i this is gie auldfangltmaistmakars eese i william alexander
forty forty five at themaistplays quietly he seems a
to me it s themaistrequested song at cremations nooadays
na na he s amaistbyordnar bairn he kens ilka
tyke shae axed the lounmaistfreinlie lik the loun gat
the pairty that has themaistmsps electit til the scottish
the yett thai gat amaistonfreinlie receptautioun the gairds snekkit
they keip ordour albeit themaistpairt of thame be out
literall i meane that themaistpairt of your lyne sall
easy i m no themaistpatient man carolanne reading tolerant
sir haifing red your maiesteismaistprudent precepts in the deuyn
i the sheil in hizmaistsleikit mainner ebenezer gied hissell
it s the aalest andmaistwidespread style syne bob spak
haed a better lyfe normaistah dinna suppose she s
your grayt clementie as mymaistgratius maister and chiefest lod
ll have put it awamaistlikely carolanne i expect so
s ideas about what weimenmaistdesire she disnae seem to
of my imprompt pen botmaistof all in pithles and
medow fair quhair flouris freschemaistsavouruslie did smell and monie

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