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that slaw an deleiberat hemaistlieaet parritch tatties an kail
ane twa cheirs it wesmaistlieful o a strynge machine
ivverie ither abuin is naitiounheidmaistliewun bi conflik the neist
weel kent and luived awreadiemaistlieby teachers in scotlan as
hunners an hunners o yearsmaistliein the name o releegion
the gemms the doctour wesmaistlieower thrang aince tho he
tung stak ti the ernmaistliewhan this happent the doctour
kynd o brounie gray colormaistlieshe haes kynd o riddie
telt thaim that it wismaistlieatween seeven an aicht in
in his automatic leet wismaistlieay ay naw uh huh
able for it aa anmaistliehe juist loued it aa
wars an its tyme wesmaistlietaen up wi fechtin wi

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