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ti set out the lentrenmaitan cry in lord clerk
set in the tea lentrenmaitcam on neist an there
feet he ett his lentrenmaitrowed the dictamen in yalla
ve etten nocht forby lentrenmaitsae hou wad a no
haa meikle wis the lentrenmaitset out thon day i
out ten pund o bestmaitat he hackit inti fine
ten sonsie pund o creishiemaithackit it inti fine fine
ten pund o best butchermaitwantit it s ti be
flesher at trokes in butchermaitablow the dux brig yonder
o the smell o butchermaitcam ti profunditas an when
at wir wantin their butchermaitdidna daur come near them
speirs hae ye onie butchermaitgie s a dishie o
there wis fowk sellin butchermaithe seen an fowk sellin
guid drink an guid butchermaitin ma mou but sin
five muckle dads o butchermaitthe mannie hissel wis sittin
knife ti sell dy butchermaitye re a man nae
like a blatterin storm omaitflesher zheng wis that roused
s no ti see oniemaitintil t at aa flesher
paip zhang gies mass anmaitagin the pest an marischal
masses an gie mass anmaitagin the pest at s
incontinent an gie mass anmaitagin the pest then he
ellen it s f831: yermaitaye uh huh m842: met
ye no gonnae eat yermaitellen it s f831: yer
the cess wi mass anmaitti be gien agin this
huh m842: met f831: metmaitaye m842: i couldnae get
couldnae get ower that definitelymaitwi us f831: aye again
of corn potatoes and hensmaitand piles of empty sacks
as a store for hensmaitbeside sacks of corn potatoes
it seems there s dugmaiti da hous quo he
warld ye wadna tak dugmaitsae a didna ask here
yowe an ti set outmaitan drink an aa kinkind
a yowe an set outmaitan drink ti lu da
the rews sicna maisik wesmaitan drink ti me leivin
they d been ti takmaitan drink ti the gloamin
d hae nae dreidour saemaitan drink winna fear us
to ellon it wis ayeweysmaitye no gonnae eat yer
time tae mak or takmaithis cheek beens wis kinna
very widely appreciated the kinnamaitye got on a fairm
hungert men disna choice theirmaitcauld men disna choice their
aboot a hoose or makmaitfor im he didna look
i ay managet tae makmaittae masel aa richt tee
get up an mak somemaittae me he asks an
o siller tae gie themmaitan claes the rest o
thon wey thai et themaitat s naitral ti the
thair maisik frae wien thairmaitfrae pareis thair houss is
he had set the beasmaitin the mill he would
started aitin the plate omaitthat wis set doon afore
a dae more to domaitfood mart market meal an
sids spang vigorous stride speenmaitsoft or semi liquid food
of people rivin at theirmaittearing at their food in
wid get tired o theirmaitbrose three times a day
in the fermer wid needmaitfor his nowt it wid
see the flouerie offrands mappiemoumaitay an mats o mascorn
as ey huntit sair formaitsae ere wis ay company
lu da it s mamaitan claith owrancer for a
ve naebodie ti bring mamaitti da jyle a d
crafts e hooses an emaitfowk ate an jist tae
need to bring their ainmaitwi em helen was quite
ere a gweed file wintinmaitaifter lowsin time i took
hiz souch shae gied himmaitan pit him ti bed
wine an twa courses omaitthe prince hed ti get
job there bein sae littlemaitleft on the beens o
wife lyvia jist plunked hismaitdoon in front o him
shofels jist blin instinct thinkinmaitwis on its wye oh
hour afore he rowed themaitintil a lilly leaf an
pey the lawin for theirmaitan their kennlin aa he
it got a tooshtie omaitan syne we wis cleekit
aal roka wis at emaiti geed in got ma
pipes tae be reprocessed asmaitthey turned on their ain
for a lot of speenmaitaabody kens that the richt
e evenins i put ootmaitfor e birds or for
awa in e wye omaiti aye likit tae be
hae e tastiest tooshties omaiti stoppit tae swap a
on e look oot formaitor for enemies bit it
doun the barman says whitnamaitwad ye hae wi yir
pairs o shovels lookin formaitwillie mathieson also mentioned win
wi a fivver an themaitbot graniched him the mair
pulsin nyaakit bellies stappit wimaitfae eir midder ilky een
better belly rive nor gweedmaitbe connached has not yet

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