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aff syne he lowpit ontiltmakkineese o brukken paiddles fur
things we wadnae think omakkineese o onybody like yersel
twa in service days onmakkineese o the elphinstane kist
initiative gies scots a heistmakkineese o the leid in
airmies tae bigg their empiremakkineese o the smeddum an
ain kin wad cannibalise itmakkinguid eese o its beens
makkin jam makkin an cheesemakkinaboot the place likewise in
the bakin butter makkin jammakkinan cheese makkin aboot the
it on f1103: i mmakkineh i m makkin it
now there s mrs hubbardmakkinfitt s she makkin j
m makkin eh i mmakkinit on another jigsaw box
hubbard makkin fitt s shemakkinj m1108: j- jam f1107:
did aa the bakin buttermakkinjam makkin an cheese makkin
good and you re naemakkina mess f1118: i m
f1118: [child noises] f1117: [inhale] youmakkina mess o my blue
oh deary me i mmakkina mess the day f1126:
aye but you re justmakkina mess to be honest
[inaudible] m1108: [clapping hands] i mmakkina mess wi the chair
scottish pairlament is a lawmakkinbodie made up o aw
hotchin bodie ah m nomakkinit up mither it s
tae foun a bodie formakkinscots medium braidcaisting wi its
a bittie o cheese anmakkina fine yoam in e
f1142: eh f1141: are youmakkina good job f1142: aye
high [inaudible] f1141: are youmakkina good job f1142: eh
mmhm f1141: what was hemakkinf1142: i [inaudible] building [inaudible]
like you when you remakkinhim cry f1142: shot of
sleep the pre med drugmakkinhim dwaumy near ready tae
ilkie hole wi a steenmakkinready fur a day s
d aa bide till daybrakkmakkinready fur the flittin o
the horse in the stablemakkinready tae harness it teetle
ae open hole he wismakkinready tae pit the ferret
mairtinmas the menzies hid binmakkinready tae roup ooto tullynorth
even in e wye omakkinclews ere wis change fin
da muckle weekit wolf ismakkindis wye snib da door
door yon muckle wolf ismakkindis wye so da twaa
thraahyeuk at wye fowk stoppitmakkinstrae rapes an took tae
his a braw wye omakkinup fowks minds arthur an
sea bed thay war ayemakkinmuisic thir fowk that bade
an gowd whit she wesmakkinnaebodie kent an whan thay
thay no quicker in themakkinsae thay ir an ir
coud hear that thay warmakkinup on him aw the
no [laugh] f1141: was youmakkin[inhale] i think you were
schule the bairns hid binmakkinslidies o sliddery ice an
bruce wad hae bin heremakkinthe dennertime broth fur her
o wat s moostroopin menmakkineer wey doun twartis harden
fermin is his wey omakkinhis leevin an wrocht til
clesses is ae wey omakkinshair o accordance wi priority
day was that they weremakkintheir wey hame after the
gin a mynd richt aforemakkinyer wey doun intil harden
anderson s men dey wirmakkina rodd ta da pier
birds wir begun claagin anmakkina wark wi da boannie
ee fine simmer saturday moarninmakkinfur da beach wi catriona
sea so dere i ammakkinfur dear life hoopin da
in wi jeemie o bakkamakkinhame fae da banks wi
a kinda tinkin lang sowlmakkinof course at da shörmal
ever saa o him wismakkinoot ower da shooder o
lace an blaik buttoned buitsmakkina bee line fur a
hei sat up aa nichtmakkinanither pair o buits fur
fleer o the shoppie anmakkinfly cups fur the customers
the snaa atween twa gravesmakkinfur a flat steen tae
nae idea far he wismakkinfur for the neist selection
wheechin doon the bridle pathmakkinfur the gap tae jyne
an the cauld air wesmakkinthaim reddies fur thair antrum
shair apö mi back mimakkinunder mi oxter headin fur
lik a guid fleg furmakkinye joco at ye yit
tae jyne his company saemakkinyet mair global opportunities fur
zig zaggin o e roadiesmakkint easier tae wirk wir
no it s just memakkina noise [cough] f1118: it
f1117: bleugh you re justmakkinyucks aren t you f1118:
oot frae the yird aforemakkinfit wis caad aid relief
lyke dirdum the wund smakkinin the stove juist afore
no made but aye inmakkinno afore or efter but
afore ee git roon taemakkinthum tammy wis ill pleised
yon project is concerned wimakkina national infrastructure for research
saw mill it the haughmakkintowartis ashkirk alang yon back
[censored: forename] s party i mmakkin[censored: forename] s party could be
s party and i mmakkin[censored: forename] s party f1125: are
as aabody thocht he wismakkina documentary he hid tae
hid great hopes o hermakkina gweed match an merryin
i hid at e timemakkinsiveral journeys i set it
queen mither mither ye irmakkina fuil o yeirsell try
it wis a regular jobmakkinwinnlins and at e same
at wuid let uz fraemakkinguid uiss o the structurs
an ti spare for themakkino guid claith for sae
the man that was bigginmakkinsure at e shear o
enyeuch in e winter filesmakkinsure e heat wis on
back hit hedna bön aesymakkinsure naebody kent aboot her
the mornin getting izzy upmakkinsure she feenishes the cocoa
f1103: [inaudible] why are youmakkina funny noise f1104: [laugh]
got a scooter that smakkinaa that peeping f1104: can
re standing on are wemakkinthe jigsaws f1104: mm fimble
fann i m you remakkinthe tea f1103: aye f1104:
a story when i mmakkinthe tea f1104: can i
twa literacies upheezin sel esteemmakkinfor a siccar sense o
world by bein bi culturalmakkinfor access tae twa literacies
bacon twa brakkfasts in themakkingaun aroon the gairden raikin
or blenkinsop it it wismakkina din at e door
e nyeuks o e rugmakkinaathing snod an it s
deep reed wing edges aamakkine maist o e rowth
cornyard a tramp pick formakkinholes in e grun an
keep e skill in emakkino em ye learnt it
tae hae the foond formakkinsic a choice i e
five lichtin the fires anmakkinthe feed men s meat
re clever you are youmakkinare you wiping the batter
on the cliffs they remakkindocumentaries aboot foo the lochan
anything more energetic ye remakkinit oabvious that ye re
why not f1103: we remakkinjigsaws then we re goin
o yeirsell what are yemakkinsiccan faces for the re
else m1096: we re justmakkinthe sausages f1095: sandwiches maybe
i think they re justmakkinthem is that fitt it
another page you re justmakkinyourself laugh [censored: forename] f1114: [cough]
that f1113: you re justmakkinyourself laugh f1114: what s
in the houss they rmakkinan awfu lyke dirdum chebutykin
ah m shuir ye rmakkinower mukkil o this eilidh
chowks the r naething lykemakkinyeir merk in lyfe ti
it micht be that wesmakkinsic a dirdum throu the
richt whan the twasum wesmakkinthair adews ti the ither
the human race wes aymakkinwars an its tyme wes
f1102: why duck i mmakkina duck oh f1101: that
the 21st centaur a mmakkinreference tae the continuing caring
better go cause i mmakkinthe supper and i ll
aa ower malaysia an ceylonmakkinsiller haun ower fist an
weel there are ways omakkina case come tae ye
wid see dat i wismakkina lok o dirt onybody
the puir wumman haed formakkina pat o soup for
dabbest o dab haunds atmakkinme the finest raip frae
beddit an he s naemakkinmuch o t in fack
maybe millions o em somemakkinnae soon ye cd hear
kathleen stewart 1991 b themakkino ae pairish bi geo
difference in time fae themakkino brose you would salt
1 4 aye uphaud themakkino educational resources that upheezes
on tap o docken leavesmakkinon they war mince an
that learnin anither leid ormakkinprovision for the uphaud o
that same nicht i wismakkinroch draains o neep clicks
me back the poouer omakkinspells the bogles ceilidh at
had their ain weys omakkintheir young strang in ports
aroon war scots tae jistmakkinon affa sair that they
be richt dealt wi throumakkina inclusive cohesive leids policy
wis fower year in themakkinan there s oral history
sangster as wis he triedmakkinthe auld friens ploy she
ere eest tae be edderinmakkincompeteetions at agricultural shows bit
benefits throu problemreddin memorisation mindinmakkinconnections takkin tent tae detail
ootlins gif the frem irnamakkinmachts tae forstaund an speak
draa up a petition ormakkinphone calls tae the polis
system giein respect tae anmakkinprovision for leids ither nor
gree d tae prepare firmakkinsubmissions tae this process the
save a life quo brianmakkinoot he d jist thocht
security guairds at the entrancemakkinoot he wadna be welcome
she aye dis she smakkinoot she s weshin hir
leuk it hou oo wurmakkinoot the wifie poor t
maun be true he smakkinoot thir keings is aw
lassie aboot the place forbymakkinclaes for the guidman an
booed aff the fleer eftirmakkinhis maiden speech wi the
circlin wi wide oostretched wingsmakkinmiaowin noises like a cat
see eggs upon a plattermakkinnoties wi her trotter an
mair virr 83 alang wimakkintraditional materials in welsh available
sandcastle m1128: aye he wasmakkina sandcastle f1127: mmhm m1128:
the [child noises] f1127: rupert smakkina sandcastle m1128: aye he
no hello aye aye ayemakkincake mak aye uh huh
there wisna much interest inmakkina big denner that day
the day the flags aremakkinthe sky happy even the
yeir blek books for nomakkinmasell a professor an no
an dottilt athoot girnin anmakkinonie complaint morag ah wul
ma mou athoot girnin anmakkinonie complaint morag na ah
front an back wa smakkinthe yetts apposeet ilk ither
fekless weys an hae beenmakkinup hir mynd no ti
is foo an army thrivesmakkinwiddas ooto wives loadin cannon
rowin roon in its heidmakkinmewin souns bluid frothin in
baubles f1095: baubl- was youmakkinchristmas baubles m1096: no f1095:
souters on their threid formakkinrositty eyns and by fiddlers
vampires i though you wasmakkincrocodiles though m1108: i- are
at spread hitsel owre middersmakkintherteen loops taen in dan
the kirk said her grannymakkina queer face ahin minnie
car awa by that smakkinthe noise that s a
s flichterin on the prowlmakkinx ray contact lenses that

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