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that 75 of suicides aremaleand almost 60 of premature
that 75 of suicides aremaleand almost 60 of premature
and almost 60 of prematuremaledeaths are from coronary heart
and almost 60 of prematuremaledeaths are from coronary heart
relations thing aye mmhm f1053: malemale partner m1000: male partner
a woman saying an m1022: malepartn- a male partner yeah
your husband it says amalepartner an a male partner
f1054: okay what about ehmalepartner f1023: well husband if
[laugh] and eh what abootmalepartner f1040: [laugh] f1041: a
partner f1040: [laugh] f1041: amalepartner f1043: bidie in [laugh]
m1020: my man mmhm m1021: malepartner f1054: aye have you
a male partner an amalepartner in that days was
that we didn t domalepartner iona f1009: i would
m1015: [laugh] f1054: what abootmalepartner kenny ye ever had
thing aye mmhm f1053: malemalepartner m1000: male partner oh
pal f1054: and if amalepartner m1004: [laugh] [participant is speaking to other people in the room] f1005:
s unanimous isn t itmalepartner m1012: my man m1010:
kenny ye ever had amalepartner m1015: i ve not
f1054: mmhm er what aboutmalepartner m1020: eh m1022: i
me see we ve donemalepartner now friends that s
f1053: male male partner m1000: malepartner oh god i ve
mean a woman seeing amalepartner or a a pal
mither grandmither we ve donemalepartner we ve done grandfaither
boggles f1054: what aboot ma-malepartner what do you ca
an m1022: male partn- amalepartner yeah oppo or er
can request sort of allmaleall female or mixed and
past ten years were amaleand b female s1w 24077
past ten years were amaleand b female s1w 24078
poets writing today female ormaleand both bring together the
huts were the foul smellingmaleand female changing rooms we
were assimilated both goddesses havingmaleand female priests the cow
flowed below some english trekkersmaleand female stripped down to
the splitting apart of themaleand female that we have
to do all the voicesmaleand female the tv news
huge and heroic of amaleand female worker brandishing a
poem questions conventional divisions betweenmaleart and female folk art
the female psyche fae amaleauthor s pynt o view
bottom of the building 27malecells 4 female cells here
differing nature of female andmaleexperience it relates also to
11 year old children themalefemale differences found by sociolinguists
for a nation which enshrinesmalefemale equality in its constitution
stifled by the demands ofmalefemale relationships outwith and within
fair representation of female andmalejudges and expertise on specific
like an arabic er presentermaleor female coming on air
for a stage beyond f1001: maleor female m1002: that s
re really lookin at humanitymaleor female when when god
a reversal of the conventionalmaleseduction scene the female pool
female perspective and without themalesubtext present in the rape
which was conducted by sixmaledoctors and nine male observers
male primogeniture according to whichmaleheirs take precedence over daughters
six male doctors and ninemaleobservers with women doctors patients
based on the principle ofmaleprimogeniture according to which male
successful male writers and themaletraditions in which she had
between her admiration of successfulmalewriters and the male traditions
demonstrates between her admiration ofmaletraditions and her intuitive following
fit the imposed white westernmaleimposed language are not permitted
dinna fit d white westernmaleimposed language irna permitted intae
traditional biographical genre developed bymalewriters giving instead a representation
national identity which preoccupied themalewriters of the interwar scottish
about by the work ofmalewriters such as macdiarmid in
two books were biographies ofmalewriters whom she admired a
have a middle aged baldingmalein shabby clothes with a
since 1984 the proportion ofmalescots aged 35 or under
made a study of 16malesubjects all were aged 11
colleagues in relation to themalepoetry tradition you have a
lochhead s break with themalescottish poetic tradition and have
poetry or of the dominantmaletradition being intercepted and transformed
more truly following the traditionalmalebildungsroman pattern than as adapting
her intrusion into the traditionalmaledominated world of scholarly activity
uneducated women from entering themaledomain of high art poetry
what has been the mainlymaledomain of scottish poetry and
be more diffident towards successfulmalefigures in the public world
to the reconstruction of themaleother the woman was easy
think it s more amalething margaret m1042: [laugh] f1054:
by continuing to give amaleand predominantly print based view
wrote in a a amalepoint of view and that
and its difference from themaleliterary world she so much
of the planthouses from themalepublic world of order and
er and there is thatmalemaudlin thing you know that
think it s more amalething i think it s
s quite a bit amalething isn t it what
both participants than the oldmalesexual dominance i say just
ve still got to bemalewhite and on the spot
to feed him b themalelion is tawny in colour
man cawed sol hud naemaleseed in his sperm morna
hen toll man feather amalevoice tea wyfe green leaf
dream girl o eh entiremalepopulation o eh toon from
schooling because eh all themaleteachers were away to war
that s more of amalemaybe speaking more from work
icy paper 6 after hermaleinspired nightmare so two centuries
[laugh] f940: [laugh] zoo amalemagazine of the two thousands
one or two examples ofmaleunemployed people who had health
yeah f1025: [cough] f1023: [laugh]maleenvironment [laugh] oh well i
favours fairly liberally among hermaledrinking cronies was now being
as being deadlier than themalego get some water and
the father as the dominantmaleand who were necessarily their
books were also concerned withmalelives she never wrote at
broun ogre is a threateningmalefigure who also turns out
loudon her fears of themalecritics she has to face
on one of her gruffmalevoices na na ye canna
a phone call a russianmaleasked me in broken english
for uses for an attractivemalewhich is a t m
very few of them aremalef940: [inaudible] m941: apart from
is from a vel- verymaleviewpoint and i wanted to
to demonstrate to this professionalmalescholar how seriously she took
on a bit of amalevoice for this she laughs
tae scrieve mair in amalevyce as she partially did
that intellectually she believed themaleway was the superior way
i i never had amaleteacher m635: mmhm m636: till
cause yer workin in amaleenvironment yeah yeah f1024: probably
of the myth of themaleartist and his muse a
got ye go a burlymaleattendant muttered as he fixed
for a moment like amaleballet dancer then he stopped
of a misogynist as amalechauvinistic pig in this poem
and the persona of amalecritic in order to subvert
a shirt sipped strange pollenmaledeodorant pretended to be a
if i was born amalein paraguay i would still
a large chunk of themalepopulation saw that mix the
of rebirth and although themaleprotagonist may wish for a
rage defeats servility the smallmalescreeches a war dance wheels
and and it s amaleviewpoint this novel f963: right
krista you ken that finemaleheir is what robby is
think m1014: wi wi themalesex m1017: well m1016: opposite
of the type beloved bymalebarber shop quartets mrs emslie
only 73 3 of averagemaleearnings notes further that aberdeen
to do is give themalehalves of themselves back to
penises but they re notmalem939: one of them was
s granny for the themaleside of it f1027: my
of his interviews with themalesubjects he was able to
official consciousness of the eavesdroppingmalethe widow s advice to
sight of an animal lovingmalethis service is especially liked
something to do with themalemenopause you must excuse me
pool especially dangerous for themaleswimmer as its oblique references
street and asking every passingmaleir ye awricht jimmie despite
the fact that particularly formalespeakers and primarily for boys
ongoing gender battle where themalefarm workers bring their dirty
where they entertain their youngmalefriends allegedly m941: none o
mutual kissing there are nomaleobserved cutty sarks as in
know is there is nomaleequivalent is there [inaudible] m1007:
there erm f1009: there smalem1055: it s just been
the first support group furmalesurvivors cammy wi discussed aw
the rose lintie is themalelinnet in bright red plumage
difficult to refuse an importunatemalerequest for help i am
say that in general themalecharacter in the buik disnae
fur hir dochter eftir themalegrant begoud ti gie the
include meel meyl mill emalemail the e pronunciation in
hae tricked yin o themaleteachers intae it it the
they ll your sexiness fantasticmalewards you mean be serious

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