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needle ye telt the tollmana dounricht lee an ye
needle ye telt the tollmana lee an ye war
teapot he is delighted tollmanah m mukkil behauden ti
tea from the right tollmanah thocht ye war never
him you tell the tollmanah wes speirin eftir him
the hen wyfe the tollmanand the tea wyfe pompitie
ah never see hir tollmanaweill the thocht wes thare
man the thimble the tollmanempties it into his teapot
wyfe gangril man hen tollmanfeather a male voice tea
the toll man the tollmangives him a green leaf
thummilfu tea for the tollmanhe is dry as a
female voice hen wyfe gangrilmanhen toll man feather a
guid tippence worth the tollmanis ma guid frein an
the toll house the tollmanis standing by his door
man s house the tollmanis still standing by his
aboot yeir sair back tollmanma lumbaigie tell hir frae
wow sobbing ah wul tollmanneedle say ah wul gledlie
pompitie ah wul gledlie tollmanneedle thenk ye kyndlie neibor
man scene 6 the tollmans house pompitie delivers tea
the common by the tollmans house the toll man
gaun ti keep the tollmans pennies ti yeirsell war
it back to the tollmanscene 6 the toll man
enters from the left tollmanseeing pompitie wha wul gang
wes gaun hame the tollmanshakes his head waves him
of tea for the tollmanthe feather guides pompitie scene
pompitie here ye ir tollmanthe tea wyfe wes askin
ye he hands the tollmanthe thimble the toll man
delivers tea to the tollmanthe toll man gives him
thummilfu tea syne the tollmanwes blyth an cantie an
wecht in gowd the tollmanwul fairlie enjoy that ah
de say you say yowmande say me say mei
de say you say yowmande say me say mei
de say you say yowmande say me say mei
de say you say yowmande say me say mei
de say you say yowmande say me say mei
de say you say yowmande say me say mei
de say you say yowmande say me say mei
de say you say yowmande say me say mei
de say you say yowmande say me say mei
de say you say yowmande say me say mei
de say you say yowmande say me say mei
de say you say yowmande say me say mei
de say you say yowmande say me say mei
de say you say yowmande say me say mei
de say you say yowmande say me say mei
de say you say yowmande say me say mei
de say you say yowmande say me say mei
de say you say yowmande say me say mei
de say you say yowmande say me say mei
de say you say yowmande say me say mei
de say you say yowmande say me say mei
de say you say yowmande say me say mei
de say you say yowmande say me say mei
de say you say yowmanf1011: an when ee can
de say you say yowmanm1010: an when ee can
de say you say yowmanm1012: an when ee can
huh yeah is he demanat wrote dat f961: [inaudible]
o blue clay as demanf961: uh huh uh huh
coconut marquis de sade amano war jellyfish oor willie
say this is jock mymanoh de say you say
arimathea who was a richmana good man and a
saw a man a realmana man who in one
the urinal john saw amana real man a man
r kennet a civil weemanand a good horse man
a rich man a goodmanand a just man and
good man and a justmanand he was a disciple
all right ethical relations betweenmanand man and the piacular
his shop then the strongestmanand the heavyest man in
ethical relations between man andmanand the piacular forms though
dyeuk s eggies fur yermanasked the veggie man slyly
with an old man oldmanay a can luik back
aye have you got amanaye man m1021: you mean
drawin lang qhilkis in flytingmanbe short ye man lykewayis
soldier sailor rich man poormanbeggar man he could see
paupers rags rich man poormanbeggarman thief thought joan and
man ma man sadie smanbeth s man they re
whit said maconochie whether amancan own anither man that
the faint horizon where nomancomes back each man travels
noo robby he a manmancomin here what s he
and now to hear amanconfess this man who had
man does this or mymandoes that or your husband
re explainin tae somebody mymandoes this or my man
to dinner divorcees were eithermaneaters or man haters their
s just my man mymanf1043: if you werenae mairied
sang a man s amanfor a that all members
that a man s amanfor a that but i
mentioned a man s amanfor a that robert burns
that a man s amanfor a that which was
an a man s amanfur aa that syne aa
patch pompitie approaches the gangrilmangangril man leaning on his
were either man eaters ormanhaters their children were latch
rich man poor man beggarmanhe could see the plate
i see a [congregation chorus "a man"] amani see a man thank
mango ing tamarinds tango ingmani was david attenburgh man
man i was david attenburghmani was michael palin till
strongest man and the heavyestmanin the town wrought with
that m1090: it s anotherman[inaudible] another man [?]says he[/?] [inaudible]
m1012: my man m1010: myman[inaudible] f1011: aye m1013: my
approaches the gangril man gangrilmanleaning on his spade graund
flyting man be short yemanlykewayis tak heid that ye
it male partner m1012: mymanm1010: my man [inaudible] f1011:
man m1012: still be yourmanm1010: well aye it still
would it still be yourmanm1012: still be your man
that one sorry f1018: mamanm1020: ma man that s
you got a man ayemanm1021: you mean have i
whaur the nightmare is yourmanma man sadie s man
hand noo robby he amanman comin here what s
is the chief eyn omanman s chief eyn is
bad boy stew yur amanman that s gittin stronger
valuable thing ai ivan romanychmanman ye l git a
i ve got f1018: mamanmmhm m1020: my man mmhm
ma man mmhm m1020: mymanmmhm m1021: male partner f1054:
[inaudible] he s just mymanmy man f1043: if you
acne while you are amanmy real man see you
buchan man of letters ormanof affairs university of glasgow
mackenzie donald 1996 john buchanmanof letters or man of
enter ross with an oldmanold man ay a can
if he s a bogeymanor noh a bogey man
tinker tailor soldier sailor richmanpoor man beggar man he
ruffs and paupers rags richmanpoor man beggarman thief thought
wellington so movingly sang amans a man for a
have been pleased that amans a man for a
about the fact that amans a man for a
members have also mentioned amans a man for a
scots wha hae an amans a man fur aa
the chief eyn o manmans chief eyn is tae
levitates above the mast nomans land in no man
man s land in nomans land the white unfurnished
nightmare is your man mamansadie s man beth s
beth but the man themansaid sadie cutting in the
s another man [inaudible] anotherman[?]says he[/?] [inaudible] [toy noise] [inhale] [toy noise]
are a man my realmansee you this evening my
yer man asked the veggiemanslyly as mrs morrison made
each man travels lightly eachmantakes no pack all the
man or noh a bogeymantess reaches down to touch
a man i see amanthank you noo that s
boy stew yur a manmanthat s gittin stronger every
f1018: ma man m1020: mamanthat s what i ve
a man can own anithermanthat seems simple enough can
he phoned beth but themanthe man said sadie cutting
in they were the papermanthe paper man was an
a that that man tomanthe warld o er shall
a that that man tomanthe world o er shall
sadie s man beth smanthey re no monsters carolanne
yet for a that thatmanto man the warld o
yet for a that thatmanto man the world o
no man comes back eachmantravels lightly each man takes
man wis the local roadmanup ti iot an thay
the paper man the papermanwas an ex patient and
man and a good horsemanwe all respected him and
hear a man confess thismanwho had been so important
man a real man amanwho in one never to
gin a mynd richt hirmanwis the local road man
a man in alabama alabamamanwith a large garden where
thing ai ivan romanych manmanye l git a blek
bad sowl tae yer auldmana ll see ye okay
gaun to be a grandfaithermanah m haurlie auld aneuch
it and it is satiremanan address tae his auld
love wi the auld blinmanan noo she s a
owre again ti the auldmanan said auld yin ah
was speakin aboot the auldmanan the auld wife wh-
her there wis nae amanat aa till the auld
he looks like the auldmanawaw nawnaw what if he
gonnae be a laddie auldmanaye askin mi aboot mah
lassie gaed out the auldmanaye gied him the ae
hur orders fi the auldmancairrin oan the tradition krista
an me fin an auldmancam ower tae hae a
andy even an auld workingmancan hae ideals beaumont i
the ghost o the auldmancome ti haunt us come
leive sae wallaway the auldmandee d strechtawa shi jin
been here since the auldmandied aye if he s
1125 1209 the wyld flouermandiv ee ken thon auld
no that was ma auldmaneh used tae be used
mind the auld saw ilkmanfor himsel and the deil
can ah steal yir auldmanfur a wee minute billy
auld ah m an auldmangey ferr doun the brae
the visit once the veggiemanhad been paid and auld
thing masell gin the auldmanhaedna brocht me in mynd
aa till the auld blinmanhe cam alang an he
faimilie fun m the auldmanhed up makkit z mynd
the ferm auld mattha hermanhid bin chairman tae the
the truth robby pause auldmanhud a fine biblical name
i did quo the auldmani wis a fisherman fin
the larick that showds auldmanin a creakin cheer trees
ken the r an auldmanin paisley maks oot that
an auld dottilt whyte heiditmanirena here a ve been
growth died bak the auldmankep hiz ei on thaim
pat aye come oan bigmanlike auld times bj ah
coorse auld bodach continued naemanll sikk her haun she
aff snekkit bot the auldmanlyked better ti hae veisiters
than ma auld wife auldmanmair common but it s
is still used ma auldmanmair so than ma auld
a few minutes della auldmanmind in a state slaverin
name sure did the auldmannoh ay say it s
brae nou a lanesum auldmano nae importance at aw
naw naw noh fair auldmanother side o the loch
the stoory toun the auldmans empire o milk served
if he s the auldmans ghost then he s
the beer but the auldmans hert wisnae in it
mailie s elegy the auldmans mare s dead on
oor king solomon the auldmanshush noo lori uh ll
did it tak the auldmansi long ti die an
you did what the auldmansolomon bade yi ti dae
bent jist blame yur auldmanstew takes dimps away from
neuk hauf expeckin the auldmantae rise up ooto his
mirren cuid beild the auldmanthai raised on hir dumpin
guidson gied the blinnd auldmanthe respek that wes due
ower yonder him the auldmanthe same boxed an buried
ellwand weill says the auldmanti hissell thons slawed thaim
r shuirlie no an auldmanvershinin for aw ah m
aboot others only the auldmanwe stid guard ower him
same as him the auldmanwhat if he s the
richt aff a shilpit auldmanwi a gammie fit frae
auld andrae a wuzzent weemanwi a gammy leg a
the tick appeared an auldmanwi a lang white beard
his side swear the auldmanwid huv broke it right
wid kent whit the auldmanwis it wi you aye
she wis jean an hermanwis jimmy tae ma auld
jones i mean the auldmanwould say she s a
geyan auld wumman afore anithermanwul can fikkil me gin
thegither lyke a wee auldmanye r gey hingin luggit
nae a m1000: aye auldmanyes f1001: it s nae
offered seat by an oldmanabout ten feet away and
with daniel with the oldmanand his canary the wrought
the house alone an oldmanand i got off the
kind oaf accent the oldmanasked graham passing him a
moving downstairs again the oldmanasks if i have a
and bring the weaker oldmanbefore us yet that weakness
a happy bodach n oldmanbogil n scarecrow bonnie a
n cabin caird n oldmancairriage n carriage cairt n
v caged caird n oldmancallants n youths cam v
n pedlar caird n oldmancaller a fresh cam v
is all that the oldmancan say no cloth can
to admit an ardent oldmancarrying a package with a
then then when the oldmandied tess strong cow hide
london road where an oldmanfell as he tried to
a little shrunken tremulous oldmanfondling a punk girl s
in wycelyke mainner fareweill oldmangod s blissin gae wi
jonsar i have an oldmangoing to dig it for
archduke luis salvador the oldmanhad installed himself at the
oxenward a fine quite oldmanhe excelled in sharping tools
old town a canny goingmani used to hear my
a bodach is an oldmanin gaelic and m1007: i
sun soud kiss it oldmanit s no naitral at
of violence towards the oldmanit seems as if he
officer a porter an oldmanlady macbeth lady macduff a
[laugh] m1055: a horrible oldman[laugh] m1008: [laugh] f1009: [laugh]
at his bundle the oldmanlifted a corner of the
town a fine energetic oldmanlooking after the interest of
i m not an oldmanm1055: often used people to
lived tae be an oldmanm865: okay mmhm m952: but
familiar to me the oldmanmight have sensed my excitement
corse hill under an oldmannamed john mckechnie he had
what he was an oldmanof seventy who had been
certainly m1008: seanair an oldmanreally m1007: that s right
click click of the oldmans cane on the road
scots i was an oldmans child singer of songs
his hand wetted the oldmans mouth and lips with
though m816: is it oldmans pub m815: [laugh] m816:
end straight poor old medalmans puffing under the strain
of crepe paper an oldmans skin a thrush is
to shout as the oldmans voice rose he is
a cousin noticed an oldmansitting on a grassy bank
morning boys sliding an oldmansmiles cranreuch the lest oor
bookmarks look away an oldmansucks a hubble bubble pipe
and he was an oldmanthen i doot he hidna
remember ehm oh an oldmanthere playin the fiddle and
an old geezer like medalmanto carry a coffin what
inspired such a frail oldmanto go so far out
is clear enough andrew oldmanto someone of your intelligence
in an exaggerated little oldmanvoice are you there muriel
busy bus stop an oldmanwalking his dog misconstrued her
the second time when amanwas old was beyond nicodemus
to secure a toothless oldmanwearing a green tea cosy
matron s hen pecked oldmanwhat s in a name
and friendly jim an oldmanwho would have been long
dreich days like a scythemanwinter comes sweeping old fields
they are old enough themanwoman officials were laughing because
whan the queen gied hirmana laddie bairn here did
the saicont wyfe gied hirmana son tae an the
kill hir ah wes roosedmanah lost ma heid ah
suicide seeminlie ti worrie hirmanah richt heid case ah
here wi the knicht hirmanan his mother they r
crowner wes a mukkil boukitmanat gied hir a gentie
wurd she spak agin themanat haed hauden hir agin
ae lest thing the wycemanbad hir dae she did
maun aye dae as hirmanbids hir hae ye never
whit ti dae but hirmanblek affrontit at his wyfe
hir cuits wes a heichmanbraw as a keing s
but she didna lykle themanbut hir faither said she
wad ye be says hirmanbut in yeir ain houss
aw hir lane athouten amanfrom the chinese of t
raired oot as the wycemanhaed bidden hir burg hill
pigfu hurlie burlie seed hirmanhaed dernt in the middil
for that verra day hirmanhaed gien hir a braw
myndit weill whit the wycemanhaed telt hir but the
cummin back here wi hirmanin a day or twa
seemed til hir the clivverestmanin aw the warld it
guid vissie at the yingmanin hir tirn nou at
ti caw hir husband mamanis he here dae ye
ersed hotch crys back hirmanis til aleppo gaen maister
the caller air wi hirmanlauchin an liltin til hir
growe ti hate awthing hirmanloues richt doun til his
dochter jyned in wi hirmanmercie faither she kekkilt whit
tentin ilka wurd at hirmanmintit gin shei hednae herd
dodds the teacher an hirmanmuved doon tae tak owre
afore tyme she gat amano hir ain but hir
in ingland that hut hirmans pet tortoise wi a
an at that tyme hirmanseemed til hir the clivverest
wes ful mysie telt hirmanshe wad lyke fyne gin
wyfe maun dae as hirmantells hir ye shuirlie ken
gie hir anelie ti themanthat wul spier him a
touer wi the prince hirmanthe prince wes awa at
o wumman canna byde hirmanti tak pleisir in oniebodie
an shei hirsel an hirmantommy warwick an the feck
castel for she kent hirmanwad suin finnd oot she
shei wur ae lassie hirmanwhae belangit embro wis nichol
that dis it said hirmanwhan he haird whitna graund
the road hame til hirmanwhaur im ah nou whaur
finnd it for hir gangrilmanye d better tak it
accept the legitimacy of aemanbuyin and sellin anither that
gin ae mynd richt aemanca d cawmill wis the
for ae day an naemancan dae mair at that
a heicher haun than mortalmandings ae wee faimly doon
monie fareweills left in usmandinna say juist the ae
bear to see ae guidmanefter anither getting the seck
the love ae a guidmaneh sadie aye toasting the
the nicht whan the wycemanhaed haird ae mhairi s
yeir lest wurd thorfinn amanhaes onlie the ae wurd
accordion an whan ae youngmanhed his ain scottis kintra
roond perthshire whan ae youngermanhei hed sum grit tales
jim wis ae strecht uprichtmani aa his dailins his
stuff ae layer turnt anmani harly like tae say
thank you it taks aemanin ten thousand to dae
if it means that aemanjust the ane should maybe
eilrig hoose thar s aemanmade loch an a hae
way to the greater aemanmaun suffer rather than the
less ay ae dooms siccarmann that wur jim scott
nae wis his nae aemano evendoon rectitude whan peyin
a relationship founded upon aemans absolute power ower anither
jaiket the sojers as aemansechtit wi pleisur anither haun
the love ae a guidmanshoved oantae the bed airm
never succeed never the aemanthat could wreck me will
hae it there s aemanthat kens the truth and
wey wad you daunton themanthere s but the ae
he haed but the aemanti dael wi houever his
we ve saved the aemanwe ve hed the chance
wurk yid scott ae smeddumfumanwhae wis the estate manager
his expenses hei wis aemanwi ae hertie appetite an
hertitness ay yid wis aemanwi ae warm sense o
budge but hinnerlie ae weemanwi his ee ti the
ae paper tae stop amanwi murder in his hert
tyme yid is ae yingmanwis fur ae while ae
[?]overarching[/?] title i see amanand when i say i
owre ill a thing oniewhaurmanduff dinna say that tell
people say this is mymanf1143: a lot o people
i say congratulations to thatmanfor he courageously took the
t introduce john as mymani would i would say
hunk if it was aman[laugh] f1143: i d say
t use the creamola foammanm1078: well coca cola say
would say it s mymanm1146: if unmarried it would
booming i m the seniormanon duty and i say
creams pick out the oddmanout and say why you
hairt faith they say hermans niver aff the heid
him as i heard amansay about his son in
most f1144: this is mymanthat s what people say
i say i see amanwe re really lookin at
we say wifie you saymanwe say mannie fit like
say my husband or mymanwhatever it is but it
asked another prisoner a youngmanabout prison visits because that
highly erotic tale the youngmanadonis is the conventional fair
squeezing hard forcing the youngmanagainst the bus shelter wall
takes in my sweet youngmanalex neil more than 1
in love with a youngmanand has been left with
in photographs of the youngmanand in his marble memorial
i looked for the oldermanand the young girl but
in overdrive an earnest youngmanappeared from an office marked
be addressed to the youngmanare full of love and
to a good looking youngmanas a stotter f1005: ehm
today we salute you youngman[audience clapping] m1182: eh can i
it a young quine naemanbody d haunlit an tarry
wise i m a youngmanbut business wise or work
a tragedy for a youngmanbut he the family are
aberdeen can remember a youngmanenters through the backdoor as
s grandfather as a youngmanhad been six feet tall
tae a a a youngmanhave ye a blon derivative
let alone a fit youngmanin his twenties why is
authentic rashness of a youngmanin love and it rings
that like the f813: actionman[inaudible] too young m811: yeah
down such barriers that youngmanis a bright and enthusiastic
know you re a youngmanm608: aye m1163: maybe in
the daith o her ainmanmattha young matty cam hame
unco warm go east youngmanmick took tina fur a
fite haired loon a youngmannoo he trod the streets
perhaps even for the youngmanof the sonnets and whose
begun aitken was a youngmanof twenty seven when he
minister for justice the youngmans family came from ayrshire
gaunae try but one youngmansaid in the broadest accent
it was a young irishmanthat answered the phone and
on the sabbath a youngmanthat cried himsel alexander weir
a young we d amanthat looked efter the horse
just means a young dandymanthat thinks he s absolutely
an ye had a youngmanthat ye sorta kinda fancied
into russian to one youngmanthis lad who did not
yes dearer than that youngmanwas and he completes his
young says she likes hermanwell hung liquid words jack
ever he was a youngmanwhen he started and he
was approached by a youngmanwho wanted to buy my
grown into a fine youngmanwho would know him for
the windscreen mirror an oldermanwith a dark haired young
in ma heid sae itmana heen a richt strong
ken him macduff ma cuisinmana m gled ti see
ma heid aifter so itmana struck s as something
and mystic but och mamanah see ye gantin it
pit doun ma bairn formanah wadna lyke for him
faither ye ve met mamanareddies malcolm nods at the
d gotten fae ma bestmanas a weddin present noticet
the tertar war cryin mamanback hame ti me from
l macbeth cum on mamanbirk up an dinna luik
hae been gien til mamanbut hou ah can gie
robert macrae yir a guidmanbut ye cannae carry ma
wis mairrit ah hud mamancharged he goat a hunner
fight dae you see mamancum a odd friday night
an no hae the taxmancum getherin siller ma thrie
it s ma blame naemanever cums seekin ye ah
wants oh an ma guidmanfavoured takin it wey the
wad be as guid amanfor ma lassie as ah
nor the bodie o mamanfrom the chinese of li
he s gaun ra amblancemangrabbed ma wrist it s
the fecht nor lyke amanhe dee d siward ma
orra thing awaukent the sleepinmanhe rowt owre and ma
year since i lost mamanhe wis a wheen aulder
mynd nou masha is mamanhere oor cook ay uised
ma mither s cousin smanhis meal mill wis a
sadie i yince asked mamanif he wanted a torch
ti be true til mamanin lyfe an daith sae
an mad at aince naemanin ma rage a tint
nou at the court mamanis a hie officer in
lenterns haena chynged but mamanis tint ah canna finnd
in ma gairden again bitmanit s a lee that
ah wes feart for mamankis he wes a skuilmaister
but ye maun forgie memanma ill thochts canna chynge
a m the kynd omanma lord that s been
it as weel an pinkmanma michaelmas daisy tae nail
nou ma dear ivan romanychmanmaun wurk bi the sweit
no sayin oniething agin mamanmynd ah ve gotten uised
ma dream tea wyfe howtmannever heed dreams ye r
ten times waur efter thonmanpeter peter leuch ma grannie
ti me to seton cummanpit ma airmor on gie
mither help ma boab thismans a barmpot at his
tho in ma view themans dementit fur in ma
wi the ither teachers mamans freins it s terrible
hoose an look at mamans photy on the mantelpiece
oan are you sayin mamans worse than yours carolanne
been awfu fond o mamansae ah wad toozenbach to
brig cum on ma wiemansays the peronall lat z
ma days morag ye puirmanthe prince and morag move
hae been gien ti mamantho hou ah can gie
a war ti send mamanti tirr your houss you
his face here wes amanti wham a gied ma
a fight sadie sectioned mamantried that yin wi an
772 846 anither day mamanwaukens me maister the day
wunner whaur me an mamanwent wrang we were that
swell dae you see mamanwhen a m trachled an
nine dae you see mamanwhen he s gaun tae
like dae you see mamanwhen he s paintin the
bru dae you see mamanwhen we re gaun tae
ma dear the puir impressionablemanwis hooked as sune as
ma lugs a thocht themanwis jokin he said it
a don t want mamanworkin she says that a
yin o ma favourites ayemanye re a guid listener
shoved it in ma poochesmanye re reekin ma mither
re a white collar unionmanye seem tae unnerstan ma
that wes verra near amana hauflin oniewey an his
wes harled bi the burleymanafore the wurthie beylies at
he wes a strang croussmanan haed nae tyme for
thare john wes a blakmanan hed twene bairns furby
lik o the eyl omanat wes a taxt herbrie
professor faither wes a militarymanbut andrey hae chuisen an
in on fuit lyke howtmancormac aunsert yeir horse wes
the kintrie fowk said themandid as he wes telt
kiz he wes a jaussmanhe pleyed the bul fiddil
an growed inti a smawmanhe wes aye strang an
lik a divvil nor amanhe wes gied a mukkil
ye ken ai whit amanhe wes nae wumman wes
faither he wes a steremani the wintir the lads
ah wes still a yungmanin the days whan they
whan a wes a yingmanit gied me a test
pactioun on d fur themankent hiz faither wes a
douglas wes o certies amano weir he wesna verra
ern bowts thik as amans airm thai wes ben
this name an wes themanshe socht sae the gangril
an he wes a blythmanthat day fell fest the
at the steidin the puirmanwes gey sweir ti gang
nearhaund the war a wycemanwha it wes said hae
it he dee d amanwhas daith wes weill rehearsit
logs valgerd irritated ah meanmanwhitlyke wes the traivel orm
he wes aye an awfumanwi the weimen dae ye
tae me tae cry youmanan wife in the name
the name o the deedmanand his haudin algates the
name robby what s amanathoot a name sure did
the name o the deedmanbe keepit leevin in israel
isles thare bade a walthiemanbi name o grigorie that
secretary to oliver cromwell amanby the name of john
name he said look yourmandisnae ken whaur ye are
name and number of themani d lived with these
the name o the weemanis this ugsome craitur for
i m here for yourmanit s his name wrote
name o the faimly amanleevit throwe his bairns and
name are you gaun gytemanmartha what s adae wi
can you mind fitt thatmans name is m1092: mm
and who- what s themans name m1092: no don
but f606: aye f1039: mymans name was the same
wrought with him a mightymanwas he his name was
a lass handfastit tae amanwhas name was joseph o
they were talkin about amanwhose name happened to be
the name o the deedmanwi his haudin sae that
harmed beaumont pick on anymanyou like to name you
story came from a strathavenmanan honest fellow who had
in the mountain foothills amanapproaches who must have been
and who seemed for amanas unlikely as the one
craftie had belonged to amanbain or macbain who had
so must the son ofmanbe lifted up that who
or how wicked must thatmanbe who attempts through interested
barber and monboddo has amancalled gory who led us
of all was about amandown south who lost his
phonecall from a very nicemanfrom a telecommunication company who
mallorca my curiosity about themanhimself is becoming insatiable who
f1091: that s the badmanin hercules m1092: who that
you know that m1090: heman[inaudible] f1089: mmhm what who
t know who the othermanis smiling he says someone
glide like ghosts into themanmade lake 100 chiefs who
a soldier is naturally amanof discipline said boswell who
the semites its author amanof genius who was both
rescue service for those whomanour lifeboats for those such
who was standing on anothermans shoulders seen live it
snoozing squire who was themanthat created with such artistic
go to the who themanthat made the headstones for
to wander who was themanthat would come down the
of ireland only and amanto delight in me who
other hand we have amanwho after having tried his
and got a very nicemanwho answered i explained that
thought himself a connoisseur amanwho appreciated the bouquet and
1d each from the fishmanwho came from gourdon herring
then again this is themanwho came up with the
truth deana this is themanwho caused your mother s
take it to the ehmmanwho could mend shoes and
one says blessed is themanwho does not walk in
grampa dan here was amanwho endured unspeakable torture in
fate almost befell a particularmanwho evidently had his wits
of air imperceptible to themanwho had already resolved to
was the tall red hairedmanwho had been at the
of soviet guide telling malcontentmanwho had been complaining about
what a change for thismanwho had set god to
specific information from a technicalmanwho had the background to
in scotland knows that themanwho has presided over this
perth in the 1970s onemanwho i am sad to
more meaningful jonathan ross amanwho invariably interviews himself more
i will show you amanwho is both a nationalist
the first minister is amanwho is more interested in
snaking road to visit amanwho is not there maybe
in her ambition by amanwho is obdurate flinty hard
through the actions of amanwho is promoting a fight
through the actions of amanwho is promoting a fight
that belongs to us amanwho is respected and quoted
all the success of thatmanwho led a horse to
all theological scholars as themanwho liberated british biblical criticism
can tell you were amanwho loved his fellows well
a rascal show me amanwho loves all countries equally
frightening prospect of the crueltymanwho may drag her away
ian brady is a realmanwho once walked the same
1929 this is actually themanwho originated the style of
withoot ye maggie like onemanwho phoned us needed to
the other bloke the bossmanwho probably always gets in
proportion but show me amanwho respects the rights of
reflection of a short portlymanwho s face was bearded
fled and no doubt themanwho said the right words
understand the position of amanwho says of the prophets
than was good for amanwho seemed to be in
couple of plants from amanwho sells them at the
recent polls he is amanwho should be at the
the latin features of themanwho showed us in a
surprised but george galloway themanwho single handedly destroyed senator
being gruff you re themanwho sorts the plumbing heavens
knew he was an honestmanwho stood up for his
uv sunglasses from an oldermanwho told me he had
into the weather as themanwho used to get up
hot and cold over themanwho was apt to be
and pass them to themanwho was biggin the ruck
i wanted to portray amanwho was broken you know
by the experience of amanwho was consigned to the
give you further news themanwho was mentioned has not
and i also wanted amanwho was not f963: mm
handed the tin to themanwho was now standing at
in the pit beside amanwho was one of the
budget of peanuts and themanwho was running the national
onto the shoulders of amanwho was standing on another
bourgeois superstition approached by amanwho was talking to a
delight and this was themanwho worried about the afterlife
kisses instead she has amanwho would come home from
it is true that amanwho wrocht at a coal
majestic ceiling who was themanwith skillful hands that carved
first door on right themanwith the disappointed features who
been stopped by a dirtymanwith very strange eyes who
moscow andrey dae ye noumancongratulations ye l git nae
preparation banquo aw is weillmandae ye ken a dreamed
to the ghost what amandaurs a l dae cum
maunna dae that sit dounmandraw in a chair the
a muckle baist o amanit wadna dae ti be
wul you dae for amanl macduff mercie a coud
malcolm dae ye think amanlyke that is fit ti
gasworks beaumont oh weel amanmaun dae whit he can
an the hinmaist thing hermanmicht dae gin he ettlt
drink no dae ti amano spunk but back ti
coud dae an the saicontmansaid ah im a trekkar
whit tae dae noo adammanshe s tellt ye richt
a fine title for amanthat sends ithers tae dae
job to single out amanto dae it rowland hm
secret dae ye think amanwantit for a capital crime
aw that richtlie suits amanwha daurs dae mair is
oh great wha needs amanwhin ye kin dae it
a grew tae be amana thocht nae herm tae
dimps lies down dimps stewmanah m getting nae where
thay hae nae fear omanan thaim that haes lairnt
there s nae lealty inmanand nae answer frae ye
she spiert at the wycemanat first the war nae
neil duguid wis a guidmanbit he wis nae sanct
sae wi men an naemanborn can jouk this weird
tae ask her haund naemancan tell juist whit beguiles
but time an tide naemancan tether let s chynge
by paraphrasing robert burns naemancan tether time or tide
his retirement december 1968 naemancan tether time or tide
eftir the keing nae mortalmancan walk on the wattir
legend hus it that yinmancawed sol hud nae male
that war that slippie naemancoud finnd a richt grup
xxv 5 10 gif amandee leain nae son his
glen estate a stern hardmanfa stood for nae nonsense
he wis nae sanct fitmanforgies that coorsest o aathin
hae ye seen a baldiemangan aboot wi nae breeks
s nae mair nor amanhe hesna thrie heids an
tellin o bygane paips naemanin onie time maun get
oot starts knitting carolanne thatmanis seriously sick sadie nae
castle castles hae secrets naemankens o ancient curses kills
anither country therefore nae ithermanmay tak him awa against
glekit age o fowerteen naemannae bairn a halflin fa
butcher mait ye re amannae better as a tyke
you credit it has themannae conscience now bide a
my care hoots quo themannae fash ava the yowe
true heich kirk the redmanneeds nae biggin fir ti
an sair nae purpose taemannor beast afore es e
sna days nae fit formannor beast tuesday 3 temp
it s nae fit formannor fit for beast saturday
day is nae fit formannor for beast saturday 4
beir nae grudge agin oniemanor wumman in aw the
an tide wait fur naemanpause aye he ll be
nae relish lik a deidmans haun a kiss lik
bumbaized twes clear aneuch naemans lyfe coud e er
hand an foot wi yourmans tea nae on loretta
nae drunks a hen peckedmans the best he ll
swear ise never be naemans wife for the jealous
ye and joseph and naemanshould be treated in that
nae aunser an the wycemanskartit his heid an gaed
usin cowboy coaches aye sleepmansleep ye ve nae worries
aw his puir health thatmanspare nae pains ti be
needna fash yeirsell macbeth naemanthat s born o wumman
bad luck for a blackmanthere is nae logic in
the hills hielan cattle forbyemanthere s nae end o
and there d be naemanthere they could niver prove
dochters an thaim wi naemanti fend for thaim the
an there s nae amanwad look at her there
a fekless limmer that naemanwad mairrie ah l no
boued hiz nek ti naemanwhan it cam the subjek
reputation s finished nae decentmanwill ever mairry ye look
refuge or the dawin naemanwul follae me in days
bonny lassie sang but themana baritone he cried his
s raging against the taxmanagainst fate against his bad
cummin he holds his throatmanah m that drouthie ah
his wey a verra guidmanan clivver tae ah ken
wi yon pair the aulmanan his monniment o a
ti strenthen hissel a singlemanan sterk in his youthheid
dr he was a finemanand clever in his profession
town montrose a clever weemanand had his profession at
a natural joyous communion betweenmanand his creator were to
was a kind of onemanand his dog a trail
of pope s essay onmanand his moral essays a
o he could reconcile amanand his wife that were
hecht s robert burns themanand his work 1 although
hans hecht robert burns themanand his work translated by
does however being his ownmanand no carbon copy of
transforms his dog into amanand then tiring of the
his writing but as amanas a citizen of the
fir his jinerwark a faimilymanbass in the choir kenned
a fermer dees his beastsmanbe fed an wattered an
chowe the airm aff oniemanbinna his maister that daured
er oot there wis amancaa d john aden his
of himself with his onemancampaign to get gruel out
strings of the piano themanclosed his eyes and let
yes yeah it is themancontinued his painting but as
is after all only onemandefending his property rights whatever
five in his blazer amandespite the schoolbag over his
too explicit that the godmandied for his people and
on the face o themanfa d begat her his
how he wantit a realmanfir a son an his
ye sandy tae sinder amanfrae his wife and bairn
aa about seekin out hismanfrae north ti south the
franklin tells tales where amangies up his ain soveraynetee
and a gun is thatmangoing about his legitimate business
not a doubt but thatmangot his eyes opened at
necessary to this end everymanhad to take his part
taff s like a matchstickmanhandle of his shovel thicker
she blocked his way mymanhas as muckle right as
t we all now alabamamanhas critters in his garden
yeir heid ti the sydemanhe holds his head awkwardly
first cock crawed the wycemanheild up his haund an
i espied a stout littlemanhis brow furrowed with concentration
a blob of excrement richmanhis mother would gush prophetically
into a mountainous world themani could see his beige
on macdiarmid and his drunkmanin a turning of the
in his head of amanin armour dying on a
chairge o the experiment aforemanin his ain makk disappeared
the most important and influentialmanin his community involved in
t look well for amanin his position to be
oor director is a guidmanin his wey a verra
then his mother put amanin the mill it was
of the stage the gangrilmanis digging his potato patch
inside his doghouse the derrickmanis high on his monkey
the widow and mother andmanis mourned in his domestic
the bunnet aff his heidmanit tuik me a guid
for that cause sal amanleave his faither an his
a said malcolm tak hertmanmacbeth wul fairlie pey his
o alagust begeek and malacordmanmindsna his ain brither wha
his richt genetic history hermanneil wis driftin aff tae
i was speakin to themannext door in his garden
awa ti rouse the wycemano thareaboots frae his sleepin
tam was quick for amanof his size pinning john
like those of a machomanon his way to sink
turns his dog into amanonly to regret the consequences
bumbazed we hear anither famousmanplayed wi himsel aneth his
we re home pay themanplease still clutching his two
i could see that themanpoking his head in was
gao the braw for hismanprince duan gied him bite
children s suffering cease willmanput down his weapons will
ration into the soup themanrolled up his sleeve and
just lost his audience themanrounded off his folderol with
in his and his fellowmans frailty we recognise our
noise his his spider smans getting the [?]mouth's on like that[/?] f1127:
the surest way to amans heart is through his
verra heivins is roosed wimans ongauns an thraetens his
my little dough boy littlemanseed his curly hair smelt
focus of attention the othermanseemed more relaxed his face
solemn thing tae see amansent on his wey whether
comin through and hae themanshowin his lips m865: uh
rolling no sooner has medalmanshuffled back to his pew
t gee a haand themanstarted his varnishing again ralph
an wi that the wycemansteikit his houss dure an
watchin the telly stew stevemansteve if his death notice
actuality of the bubble themanstood with his hands on
serve his needs a weemanstuid in keeper s tweeds
his dother an her newmantae be stoppit bi the
as muckle right as onymantae leave his maister s
thocht ye were juist amantakin his dug oot an
pun bit ye re amanthat needs his sleep i
i meant it tae anymanthat raises his hand to
be standing there as amanthat saved his skin by
the island mukkil content ilkmanthe frein o his neibor
were happy and content everymanthe friend of his neighbor
of only one right ofmanthe right to do his
a aince saw a deifmanthraw awa his trumpet eftir
council and is a nicemanthrough his endeavours he has
these were his words thismantravels with me everywhere i
his eye aha exclaimed themantriumphantly lets see how you
to stop the rust themanturned aroond balancing his varnish
think and here s amanwalking his doggies f1122: we
nou whit mair micht amanwant nor ti sit his
awaa his mither s fancymanwas a bastard an his
whit s tae tell themanwas burnt for his crimes
guidwife and twa sons themanwas hecht elimelech his guidwife
weary ye re like amanwha s lost his dearie
loved me they knew amanwhen they saw one his
way his body moved amanwhose first line of defence
sic is the wey omanwi nature whan his ploys
cake cammy listen ti themanwi sane stamped oan his
then as the son ofmanwith his people in their
its abysmal ignorance the peermanwould lose his temper and
they would never a hawickmanwould never tell his wife
his een beaumont ach haversmanyou canny see things like
richt ferlie said finn aimanah wad fairlie lyke ti
tyme moula ah think yeirmanan me is gaun ti
callum an the auldest princessmanan wyfe strecht ti callum
ordeinin him he s amanat s sib ti the
disna ken ye as amanava we wadna want ti
as thai stuid bumbazed themanbegoud ti wauk by thaim
a wissna ti criticeise themanbot ti mak clair the
ever howp ti speil oniemanbut the sklimmer that is
a nyow lyfe an themancam ti be a cairtoun
awa heicher up nor oniemancoud ever howp ti speil
ti ken the mynd omanfrae what is skreivit on
ken hou ti please amanin the bed ah canna
an said naething ti thismanir ye no gled ti
o the law an oniemanis free ti tak yeir
aye fit ti weir themanis gaen an wul be
wesna wyce ti traist amanjuist kiz he kent hiz
ower thrang ye maunna fashmankis ah m sweir ti
fou an lang ti sleepmanlat me be for a
laddie ti be a hemanlaughs stew want ti settle
ah wis ti be themano the hoose mah job
strong enough ti be themano the hoose shouts strong
hurry ti git the edmanootside dimps kent ah wis
byde haud on a weemanpause gin ye war ti
natasha protopopov ai whit amanprotopopov s cum for ti
malcolm ah m lyke amanreborn awthing kyths brichter ti
ti see the smawness omans kinrik glowerin hyne awa
the foremaist eastren port howtmansays lu da ti this
ti meet in wi amanshe didna ken aw that
on it stew dimps mahmantalk ti mi face mi
houss ay reponed the eldermanthai l bot flit ti
me encourages me pat anymanthat allows a wummin ti
wad lyke ti see themanthat coud leather me ah
is the chief the verramanthat focht sae weill ti
cannae be ed dimps stewmanthis guy s tryin ti
jaws an claws o themanthit wanted ti eat him
fir ti worship the whitemantho needs waas fir sanctuarie
birnam wud malcolm tell ilkamanti chap a brainch doun
at aince he wesnae amanti pit aff tyme an
wauken up the r amanti see ye queen sits
seemed ti git a bitmanunited cammy goes to the
luk he s the verramanwe hae cum ti veisit
ti plum the mynd omanwhan sair deceisiouns maun be
toward dimps cammy hey stewmanyou noh wantin ti ask
the dennertime broth fur hermanan her quine an fur
a tree gerron mister cooncilmanbigg a hoose fur me
fur whitna lass borne omancuid rasist sic braisent ein
trowe mi hair fur imandrap tae a willin grave
murn whit wark eence burdenedmanfrae dawn till dark fur
o day as a friemanfur a guid lang whyllie
cauldrife win ahint yer welcomemanfur i ve waited lang
a plea fur pairdon fellowmangetting personal jeez rab ye
oot this address carolanne smanhud the phone number fur
blether pairty fur fower hermannew tae the tether scrat
och it s no furmannor beast and that would
a time tae dee furmans but winnlestrae a time
aye wyte fur the richmans crumbs central belt belt
frae howkin about in anithermans guids an geir fur
willnae stop fur car normanshe willnae prigg fur breid
fur baess an coarn furmanta use so he can
at da fleet na shurleymanwid coont da cost fur
the machar kirk far hermanwis beeriet fur the sabbath
an role play fur fitivermanwumman warssles micht pit in
betty beaumont whit s adomanare they here already harry
that ye war never amanava thorfinn whit ir ye
kenned whit i wis intaemanhe went up oot o
ah can hear whit amanis whusperin at the ferr
i fand nocht said themanlat s see whit time
an whit god hes jinedmanmaunna twine [censored: forename] [censored: forename] this
whit they can tae imposemans solution a total ban
whit happens when such amanshatters in front o ye
tae rob a weak richmanthe tane has whit the
that restless whit ails yemantoozenbach ah never got richt
a few seconds afore ohmanwhit a miracle anen it
duntit im wan tell themanwhit happent tae ye elton
so away from the othermanwhit has happened tae ye
can fairly kick the baamanwhit is t they cry
da a dinna ken themanwhit s he daein me
re lookin at my pintlemanye re wunnerin whit we
you beaumont whit is itmanyou hae to tell me
an me bein the onlymanah d noh be allowed
hen wyfe s choukie gangrilmanah daursay it is ah
had been warkin tae themanah had a yokin wi
thare in the storm thorfinnmanah helpit masell orm an
thegither it s the luckiemanah im richt aneuch wi
he s a richt guidmanah l mairrie him olia
pause krista is it amanah m feared pause a
ower het for a seikmanah m thinkin it s
d finnd yeirsell a guidmanah m thinkin it s
lyfe ah m a happymanah ve actually been awairdit
d a twigged bi noomanah ve been savin up
sent tae coventry a condemnedmanah went back upstairs an
mebbe ah m no amanat aw but juist fancy
up then ah m yurmanbj gets up bj git
selkie skin ah dout summancam by an stale it
gled o him for amanfor masell ah coud shuirlie
re oan stocks cammy stewmangees a hug afore ah
rowth o treisurs forby shuirliemanhae ah no the wale
wund ah saw a lamemanhirpil dick they cawed him
oot it s a crackermanin t it ah waitit
him ah saw a lamemanlowp owre a drystane dyke
soud be aneuch for oniemanmeg ah ve heard that
see that unbelievable the oldermanmuttered ah m commandeering this
this time ah m amannoh a laddie then jilly
baith thorfinn ir you amanorm orm ah hae becum
spitting ah here s themansaid alec noticing him i
shuirlie need me the saxtmansaid for ah im a
to climb it s anothermansays he ah ah [exhale]
special ah dinna lyke thismansoliony ah m fair feart
ah unnerstaun soliony gin amansterts philosophisin ye caw that
go long silence ed stewmansurvivor ah m a s
or no ah want themanthat spiers me gin he
yin ah m the verramanwi a riddil for yeir
lauch i the lentern lichtmanwul ah no git fou
in luiv ah luiv thatmanye saw him thare the
ah well as a businessmanyou would know about profits
the toun a met amana didnae ken as he
your dad was a handsomemana fiery lad when he
itsell owregaes macbeth malcolm aymana grant ye that he
biscuits he wis a soothmanan couldna spaek shetland but
new hero open yeir eenmanan look he wul be
whan he cam atwein oniemanan the sun the mirk
he was a great bigmanand all he did was
m078: he was a wildmanand er now living down
the inspector wisna a northmanand he was a bittie
like f643: there was thismanand i think he was
do you not remember hemanand she ra there was
he was aye a fearsomemanand she s a shilpit
met the gaze of amanat the next table he
he cries out c wamanawa wi the lot o
jesus answered him except amanbe born again he cannot
joke he was a littlemanbut swack there wis eence
i cannot understand how amancan be born again he
agnes it s fae hermancarolanne but he can t
what he had done nomancould undo i was part
obvious he was a onemancrime wave john grimaced as
he says y- eh thismandeclares that you ve got
f812: figures though f814: hemando you not remember he
are you a clever littlemanf1142: he s seve- seven
respect for that odd sarcasticmanfor some time now he
the ozone layer so asmangoes on for a he
that was what this richmanhad done and he found
ruth telt her aa themanhad dune for her he
now he was a travelledmanhard footed and lean winnowed
laugh he threatened me themanhas a repetition compulsion just
seing i was an experiencedmanhe asked me to come
hotel on the isle omanhe ended up runnin a
to the kindred of themanhe had slain he should
back wages as a freemanhe is designated pursuer and
on the move a privatemanhe liked solitary roads and
right oh look at themanhe s collecting eggs look
he s sleepin the weemanhe s no a care
there s there s themanhe s waiting for her
haillierakkit laddie nor a growenmanhe suidna swallaed the crowner
on the night said themanhe was on the high
i remember that f638: thismanhe went round the doors
could be embodied in amanhe would probably be a
used to love my hemani had loads of star
e idea ere s amanin t so he winna
mr fabian was the firstmanin that hoose and he
an african the only blackmanin the courtroom he was
regarded as the most influentialmanin the kingdom he often
but eh there was onemanin this house and he
wol holden hym a lewedmanin this that he wol
wounded officer duncan what bluidiemanis yon the state he
eh he wis juist amanit s juist the common
and so on and everymanjack thinking he was mister
by hogarth he is amanlike us a christian with
wedding that was the bestmanm1048: uh huh f1049: he
your dolls like f812: hemanm811: i used to love
f1011: he s a badmanmmhm m1012: an oo d
and smiled with that themanmust have thought he was
he was a dour lookinmannoo wersh as yin o
behufe whan he as amano god cuidna he thocht
and he sall be amano saught mattha i 18
he writes primarily as amanof affairs he has read
in moscow a small rotundmanof certain breeding he made
see an he met amanon e road wi a
company of the most wonderfullmanon earth he was performing
heaven when he sees amanor a woman what does
then we got the ratmanout and he got rid
h- he was an interestingmanpart of the united irishmen
smith better than any othermanperhaps he knew that a
he knew that a deadmanposes no threat for robertson
sane and a very nicemanreally except that he does
is he hidin mm thatmans bad mm one two
strathclyde s needs fill thismans life for them he
against either wall of themans narrow kitchen deciding he
he d offered the thinkingmans psychedelia this shower used
sank for it was amans voice he was coming
i lied tae ye yourmansent the flooers he knows
is free tae mairrie oniemanshe is mindit saebeins he
hud depression lee shouts amanshould be strong when he
mither he was a goodmantae me till the drinkin
it is it s tammantam he cried ye gied
cause it f978: and thismanthat i met he was
thair hauns he iftit themanthe mappie at hedna bene
onybody but he s amanthey canna keep it to
bit as swack s amanthirty year younger he helpit
he would be a greatmanto have in the united
they had decerned and themanto whom he could appeal
own apprehension into words crueltymanwas looking for me he
the great mircales this [illegible]manwas performing and he thought
going to be a richmanwell he hadn t let
remember he s a nicemanwell take care give my
in dizzens tam was amanwha d never mairried he
legitimately you tell the taxmanwhat he s getting but
but well i miss mymanwhen he s at work
he was the big bogeymanwhen we were boys f606:
levir brither o the deedmanwhilk he wasna the merridge
s cryin himsel a burelmanwi thir lines he shaws
taken for granted made themanwish the bubble gone he
some last laughs with themanwith whom he d shared
then he had two othermanworked wi him as well
then he catches a whiffmanye re mingin ye must

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