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hillend ski slopes was oftenmappedas kirkyetton but there is
odhar dun coloured hill beingmappedin 1821 as millowderhill there
timothy pont late 16th centurymappedit accurately as craggie hill
in line with local pronunciationmappedit as pittindeaun or boddindeaun
a territory to explore insufficientlymappedout or exploited you have
fine tae hae a roadmappedoot afore ye a pilgrim
to beinn it is correctlymappedas ben arthur after an
an keepit yon rich hairstmappedoot the fertile banks o
the 18th century and ismappedas such by roy s
domain of language is consistentlymappedon to another so that
that route the issue wasmappedout in the tourism strategy

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