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[audience laughter] the only redeeming featuremargerypossessed was her urbane brother
26 9 september 1930 andmargerypalmer mcculloch bad sort but
mrs [censored: surname] will look aftermargery[censored: surname] and evelyn [censored: surname] mrs
[censored: surname] miss [censored: surname] miss [censored: surname]margery[censored: surname] and evelyn [censored: surname] secretary
arran [censored: surname] and audrey [censored: surname]margery[censored: surname] and norma [censored: surname] joined
arrangements the secretary will invitemargery[censored: surname] and her associate mrs
200 will be given tomargery[censored: surname] in appreciation of her
was agreed not to givemargery[censored: surname] a further gift 7
the dog f1116: see sawmargeryf1115: oh he s missed

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