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nation i want to askmarkhazelwood about the 7 000
on the limited estimated numbermarkhazelwood i clarify that beta
now introduce your fellow witnessesmarkhazelwood ms society scotland during
clark jackie doyle wendy harrismarkhazelwood ms society scotland mr
new petition is pe431 frommarkhazelwood on behalf of ms
considered the following petitions pe431markhazelwood on behalf of the
could but do not benefitmarkhazelwood perhaps the most authoritative
it made through the courtsmarkhazelwood the appeal is to
whom beta interferon is suitablemarkhazelwood the figure of 10
should be prescribed 11 45markhazelwood the minister for health
be carried out in scotlandmarkhazelwood the society is aware
uk is there a differencemarkhazelwood there is less of
view is there postcode prescribingmarkhazelwood there is marked regional
number of cases like thatmarkhazelwood yes people try to
stretching target will be problematicmarkturley and david orr have
or their implications 12 00markturley city of edinburgh council
scottish federation of housing associationsmarkturley city of edinburgh council
will have to come firstmarkturley from cosla s perspective
involved in in depth discussionsmarkturley from the city of
more precise about estimating costsmarkturley i believe that we
as soon as we canmarkturley i stress that on
get on with their neighboursmarkturley in cosla s view
measures are in place asmarkturley indicated the homelessness strategies
you for example your colleaguemarkturley just talked about hundreds
potential users of rented housingmarkturley no that is not
exacerbate the housing needs situationmarkturley that is true in
situation in edinburgh 12 30markturley the bill covers a
array of witnesses i welcomemarkturley the head of housing
revenue accounts are ring fencedmarkturley the support to which
the introduction of the billmarkturley the task force recommendations
or resource from the executivemarkturley there are resource requirements
to suggest i hope thatmarkturley will back this up
it does not come cheapmarkturley will say more about
in cream heat proof dishmark4 350 10 mins serve
50 55 mins at 400mark6 3 cool skin dice
batter cook on top shelfmark6 400ºf 30 35 mins
30 mins at 400 fmark6 bacon egg pie pastry
35 mins at 400 fmark6 toad in the hole
tracey hawe senior assistant clerkmarkbrough assistant clerk catherine johnstone
john patterson senior assistant clerkmarkmacpherson assistant clerk lewis mcnaughton
walsh assistant clerks alistair macfiemarkmacpherson david simpson anne peat
castle and presumably as amarkof respect in 1869 the
further agrees that as amarkof respect no other business
lasting national memorial as amarkof respect to the many
the ritual and as amarkof the highest respect ate
and properly polished as amarkof their respect good night
and it really left amarkbono s words did the
bog we ve left wirmarkeven the moon cairries the
leen faar ye left naemarkin e world unless a
explanatory force which left itsmarkindelibly upon twentieth century western
ken where lee left hermarknaw ken where lee left
hard years have left theirmarkthe lino s thin so
anacostan tribe has left nomarkthe potomacs the dogue their
toon has left only theremarkto tell us they all
the parliament is proud tomarkeurope day as a celebration
its way to try tomarkeurope day but that has
in the scottish parliament tomarkeurope day on thursday 9
on helping the parliament tomarkeurope day through this evening
scholars eager to make theirmarkin contemporary society it is
mercat n market merk nmarkmicht v might michtie a
meinister n minister merk nmarkmichtie a mighty mirk n
the windscreen i saw everymarkand fissure my head hit
mccormick controller bbc scotland mrmarkleishman head of corporate affairs
mccormick controller bbc scotland mrmarkleishman head of corporate affairs
if every teacher disputes everymarkin every exam we could
magnetism for example stamped theirmarkon every aspect of modern
because so they didn tmarkthe floor f1023: didn t
f1027: so they didn tmarkthe floor f1025: mmhm f1026:
the floor f1023: didn tmarkthe floor f1027: so they
was not far off themarkafter all hellery in shetland
school holidays that was [laugh]markdisappearin m815: yeah off to
have been quick off themarkin using computer technology to
glory charge first off themarklilac lavender and thrush these
or stick was used tomarkoff each bit as he
now i m cleaning themarkoff f1109: cleaning the through
over the page ready tomarkoff the scores cow show
wee tree survived ye canmarkby words an on its
you an you awa youmarkmah words krista what yi
damaged goods too young ladymarkmy words the dreadful thing
cuts leave for 6 hrsmark3 melt 1 oz butter
anytime and just make yourmarkas we may go to
already beginning to make itsmarkat constituency level mid argyll
make any grc or peggedmarkdescriptors meaningful it is necessary
make any pauses in minemarki m not sure i
indelible one and make yourmarkin a public place write
we want to make ourmarkin choosing this subject for
the time to make yourmarkwhen roaming through a bushy
round about the 30 daymarkthat would allow a committee
each language which indicate themarkawarded and the features of
the wording of the peggedmarkdescriptors for each level is
is required as one peggedmarkis awarded from each category
they were tae leave theirmarknae only wi their personality
go- actually have a redmarkon their on m815: yeah
the unit assessments their finalmarkseems to have been determined
number of objects they couldmarkwith their post code in
the scottish executive has tomarkinternational women s day s1f
salmon atween s just tomarkthe day pause of course
presiding officer for agreeing tomarkthe european day of languages
m1106 : look there s yourmarkf1105: what what shape is
it doesn t leave amarkon your table so when
s watched ye mak yourmarksince first we met at
yer name nearhaun a dizzenmarkyour fame in scholars ranks
to be slightly over themarkonce in a while and
year that places a questionmarkover the service s future
executive there is a questionmarkover whether the decisions followed
entrance girders still in positionmarkthe railway bridge over messan
m well wide of themarkdo enlighten us purred the
were simply compulsory competitive tenderingmarki he told us that
us askin fur money jistmarkit a up on the
the final meeting at whichmarkmacpherson will be with us
time that it takes tomarka paper there is disagreement
time the queen was 28markantony was 42 described as
may have some essays tomarkat some time i think
i think i get mymarkback some time in september
1015 class whose essays imarkfor the first time yesterday
the same time adrian wiszniewskimarkkostabi and alexander guy and
believe time is shooting bymarkmy room mate has been
confirm the time about 9pmmarks running me out to
anither got some branches taemarke line o e skid
allen cha robh e dìreachmarkfhàgail ann tha mi a
e laanch at made itsmarkfor fitna een o s
in turra an on emarki d seen on e
fit it michna leave itsmarktee on fit ey caa
parliament too one that willmarka further step in our
the parliament it is themarkof the way in which
that heritage and which wouldmarkthe scottish parliament s desire
of date compulsory competitive tenderingmark1 has been used during
now flu has badly hitmarkagain he was out for
going on my room matemark[censored: surname] has moved in he
singin dauncin or general frivolitiesmarkhas tae examine his viewpoints
debate has probably missed themarkwe in scotland need to
o foongers an come upsmarkaince the frien o tristan
come wi a scanner anmarkoot da places for wis
by means of a birthmarkand other identifying objects which
in the form of peggedmarkdescriptors which allow the performance
cuba which serves as amarkof solidarity with the people
which the markers had tomarkthe papers was significantly shorter
dumped with more essays tomarkand more seminar reports to
with more leisurely descriptions inmarktwain s tom sawyer or
nelson where handlers overstepped themarka woolly use of the
dyke at the high watermarkon the firth shore where
oan a lang journey wimarkas he tracks across the
as you can [?]cake it and bake it[/?] andmarkit [?]with b[/?] put it in
hit our samuel had themarko cain on them as
it widna coont as amarko identity for thoosans o
as the you know themarkof of the reformation the
such as those carrying themarkof the forest stewardship council
plans to introduce a qualitymarkscheme for public bodies as
is probably closer to themarkwhen he describes this as
it he made a littlemarkhe put a clamp on
though i made a finalmarkof a on my can
that the bill will notmarka step backward rather than
we should be stamping amarkon the bill to ensure
leader peter stapelton bill teammarkrichards solicitor s office 2
by asking our members tomarkdouble the amount of papers
you will get a bettermarka requirement to return the
really better get to bedmarks snoring across the room
the internal assessments but themarkthat they get for them
and took it away tomarkthere was nothing i could
say that they will nevermarkagain they talk about problems
people into account it willmarkan improvement if we can
neck does not have amarkat all he can see
can you clarify that themarkfor a pupil who does
in so that you dinnamarkthe picture f1104: can i
limbs encrusted with velvety nutsmarka sky blue manuscript with
parents wrote demanding a remarkand enclosing a lawyer s
later she was summoned bymarkantony to a meeting plutarch
rabelais there was a littlemarkbeside it that said capital
frog goes blip misses themarkby a leg forget me
on audio cassette given amarkby the centre and sent
half a dozen campus policemarkgot back around 4am he
add a word or punctuationmarkif they cannot lay a
gey different fae his hamemarkis a quaker fae cumberland
that s what a tidemarkis andy s feelings are
a tyre wheel a wheelmarkisn t it f1112: no
s very very little tomarkit other than a a
that her brother had amarklike the devil s mark
tae see for tho yemarkma ivry move a ken
a dish o rømegrut tamarkmidsimmer sweet mylk an bleddick
that krista bonny noh amarkoan it krista ah m
great rev roderick macdonald themarkof a great poet is
traceable source c a recognisedmarkof quality assurance and d
the scots language is amarkof the distinctive identity of
sark spotless white withoot amarkoor meat s aye ready
and the quick rumour thatmarkphillips is having a royal
and without a name platemarkrichards who prepared the additional
she s got a tidemarkround her neck no she
ti him ava this selsamemarksair guidit bi a cushle
rogue traders with a qualitymarkscheme and consider a construction
like a class ticket themarkthat a pupil received was
is a kind of punctuationmarkthat you re using automatically
a need howe er taemarkthi functions expressit bi thi
take a chill pill theremarktwain said after seeing what
scottish social economy sector amarkup of the mcgregor et
explanation of why a particularmarkwas given to a particular
formal i wore a tiemarkwore his tracksuit trousers and
now the witching hour andmarkhere s trying in vain
go ahead this event willmarkthe finale of this year
like my dad papa anmarkwill be called papa when
aboot the samen tyme ismarkhis brother bade i the
at 50 of the totalmarklistening is weighted at 25
paul that is much bettermarkright back on to it
intention of coursing is tomarkthe speed stamina and agility
got any grammar exercises tomarkyet since i missed my
there he wis aff hismarkan oot yon gate like
seatroot nearer the twa punmarkhe breenged up an doon
par not up to themarknot up to scratch you
hear this to use extensivemarkup to capture all the
foresters turn to be sillymarkwas up and out at
clae up tess she llmarkyi again tess an krista
quines manned perfumed noo wadmarkantony boo tae the queen
verbs quhilk arnae yaised taemarkcertain semantic categories sic like
yaised in standard english taemarkfuture events predictions an intention
verb ought tae or shouldmarkobligation but scots normally yaises
awa doon past the zeromarkthen sna starts tae fa
same feeling in several facultiesmarkfor example says he hardly
he taught ma son andmarks what i think he
wha spak o ither normarkthat he d gane gyte
shouted the punctuation feature exclamationmarkalso suggest urgency this effect
second that had the fyremarkin his face and this
the hydro with the greigsmarks gone away this weekend
for wark at six saemarkthis weel aa fishermen wha
just above the high watermarkhwm work would begin from
just looking for footie printsmarkwhat are you saying i
the 1849 os map bothmarkan area on the plateau
rim o t fit kinnamarks at willie i shoutit
living room hit the rightmarkhere with outlets in london
who really spoke scotch notmarkme english with an accent
apparently though the exercises imarkare taken into consideration in
the sea fir ti mairrymarkbut ower the sea we
stacy campus body building schememarkdrove me out to the
roughly in the twelve thousandmarkf1054: an are you quite
while his wife makes hermarkin the acting world ricky
sold perhaps the low watermarkin the kailyard was reached
the horseman s wird matthewmarkluke and john haud the
how we gae by themarko the naipkin it was
use of regional scots tomarksocial and regional specificity the
ear auld watt s sonmarktamson bade i the middle
for the remaining sites thatmarkthe boundaries of the roman
gallery university of glasgow tomarkthe centenary of the death
ither complex themes are exploritmarkthe central character fins himself
frosted fresh flowers presumably tomarkthe current talks between her
taken in the chamber tomarkthe historic occasion of the
only three days later tomarkthe jubilee of the race
sae hard the tractor didnaemarkthe park they were jist
ironing so that you dinnamarkthe picture f1104: why s
professional labour the sqa cannotmarkthe scripts we have to
the large stone crosses thatmarkthe stations of the cross
invites the scottish executive tomarkthe year appropriately business bulletin
mark like the devil smarkupon his shoulder then the
who battled murdered the englishmarkyou re reading it wrong
starns ___ hansel gift tomarkan inaugural occasion boannie bonnie
gone and coursework s finishedmarkleaves tomorrow and folk are
jewel du sall makk dymarkin lerrick foo i
thicken pour into greased tinmarkin squares before quite cold
by by george lakoff andmarkjohnson indeed i ve put
alexander montgomerie 1545 1611 andmarkalexander boyd 1563 1601 and

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