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and the late recruitment ofmarkersadded to the pressures on
done on the recruitment ofmarkersand markers fees a review
problems with the recruitment ofmarkersand the appropriate numbers of
the recruitment of markers andmarkersfees a review of fees
macbride clearly the recruitment ofmarkerswas an on going issue
specific about the work onmarkerswork loads and how recruitment
marking and the recruitment ofmarkerswould you like to take
must include the more seniormarkersconsidering how markers have performed
a text through recognising referencemarkersdiscourse markers etc using a
through recognising reference markers discoursemarkersetc using a diagram picture
more senior markers considering howmarkershave performed and the concordance
that we were raising themarkersissue there is a minute
raising entry charges to paymarkersmore however we did not
are considering the work thatmarkersundertake during the year and
considering the stress under whichmarkerswere put i was chairman
[inhale] there are scots grammaticalmarkerssuch as the a n
replaced by wh english grammaticalmarkerswere beginning to replace scots
and went straight out tomarkerscould not be followed papers
papers in some subjects thanmarkershad been allocated for i
time scale within which themarkershad to mark the papers
take extra papers and manymarkerstook that up cathy peattie
jenkins we were talking aboutmarkersbeing appointed late and so
on the unit finally insufficientmarkerswere appointed which was probably
problem if the sqa wantsmarkersand the scottish executive wants
executive wants it to havemarkersthey must start to pay
was responsible for appointing themarkersdavid elliot my colleague don
you mentioned the lack ofmarkerswhich unit head was responsible
and the appropriate numbers ofmarkerswere as andrew shanks said
marked many scripts if thosemarkerscould not take the number
had to be reallocated tomarkerswho had already marked many
ever before all the requiredmarkersare in place standard grade
recruit the required number ofmarkersearlier in the process than
taking national exams which requiredmarkersi am not sanguine about
that the quality of themarkerswas good however the number
that the quality of themarkerswas high and equal to
about the quality of themarkerswe have had mixed messages
as the need for moremarkersas it became evident that
it became clear that moremarkerswould be needed for the
than the software or themarkershowever the late development of
money or more pay formarkersbut resources of time hardware
but the appropriate number ofmarkersare not being taken on
such as the need formarkersand more moderators those problems
there were problems with themarkerswhat efforts did the unions
age we perhaps require newmarkersfor age i think that
we set down certain agemarkerssuch as 60 and 65
but that the problem withmarkerswas continuous why did you
agrees that the problem withmarkerswas raised in september 1999
good however the number ofmarkerswhom the sqa had contracted
would fail to recruit enoughmarkersfor the summer and we
there were still not enoughmarkershow can you explain that
if there were not enoughmarkersmargaret nicol the alarm bells
a commitment to review themarkerswork load and to consider
and have happy and contentedmarkershowever before we can raise
shifted a wan o wirmarkersi never saw tammie sae
there are here some scotsmarkersseveral of which we saw
marking the fact that newmarkershad been identified and the
pressure the way in whichmarkerswere recruited or the fact
people were paid and aboutmarkersbeing paid less this year
that he thought that themarkerswere a significant and disruptive
inaccurate lists and that themarkerswere allocated on the basis
therefore the time scale slippedmarkerswere offered double the normal
that way the pressures thatmarkerswere under this year were
questions about the need formarkersand the transmission of information
speculate as to how manymarkersit might need it planned
is a growing need formarkersshould the winter diet be
and in future there aremarkersto carry out the work
pronouns and how this affectsmarkersand adjectives pronouns direct indirect
question which is not onmarkersbut on a similar subject
which included a survey ofmarkersi want to say a
range of structures which guidemarkerswhen trying to decide between
had a general concern aboutmarkerswhich is why we talked
used with the teams ofmarkersin order to set the
through the thatch like ancientmarkersin a kirkyard on a
now raised the question ofmarkersjohann lamont glasgow pollok lab
it did not have themarkersto send scripts to for
have all been used asmarkersof variance for the purpose
ask the scottish executive whenmarkersare due to return the
the scottish executive when themarkersrecruited by the scottish qualifications
is one of the crucialmarkerswhen measuring the erosion of
field is laid out withmarkersscore cards are printed and
and all the difficulties withmarkersthat we have discussed that
it examined the reappointment ofmarkersand setters as part of
as guidance for moderators andmarkersof the external speaking and
in my submission to givemarkersa fair return for their
including on line training formarkersand feedback on appeals much
be available to ensure thatmarkerswill be adequately remunerated the
petit petite petit e smarkersor determiners definite indefinite partitive

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