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jist hae tae dee tmasels teller 1 sae the
jist hae tae dee tmasels teller 1 sae the
jist hae tae dee itmasels teller 1 sae the
jist hae tae dae itmasels teller 1 sae the
bother thair heids aboot eetmasela find ma thochts refleckin
sanna hae owerance ower eetmasela trow at wei ir
hae an airticle in eetmaselwhilk is mair o ae
lizzie lizzie i canna helpmaseli micht be nearly 70
haein a chance to enjoymasellizzie aye it s maybe
i could have eaten itmaselnae bother an sic a
a ll pey da sillermaselnae bother owrancer says the
dee d for verra griefmasela d juist ti lea
m left t fend formaselfit can fowk dee faa
doot things tae dee wimaselhid far mair wecht like
ll hae tae dee tmaselminnie hid passed meg nae
3 i canna dee thismaselshe thocht i ll awa
first an ma faither anmaselwid dee a bit o
bags o manure aa bemaseleence an i wis ready
a been e same formaseleence for a ear ir
an eence again i funmaselon the friday nicht stannin
ey caad field research formaselan ma danish freen ras
i took a thocht taemaselat ey were spylin e
till e plots ir langmaseltee maybe ey ll chuck
eh ah didnae know thatmaselan mairead goes aye that
i certainly u- didnae usemaselbut aye that s right
ken whit tae dae wimaselif a didnae hae ma
wye o ay usin tmaselfin i got shachlet doon
migvree tae leddrach some likemaselfin i merriet yer faither
sortin palins ir deein tmaselfin naebody else wis aboot
day woarld circumstances a finmaselleukin up intil the lift
though fin i tried itmaselnae that lang syne it
pitglassie peerin up tae keepmaselon e track fin there
frae maimorie an a finmaselthinking i parteeklar on place
said ah canna dae itmaselfor ah wald tine ma
but a canna dae itmaseli ll awa an speir
sector i wad takk yemaselshe wheezled bit i canna
anither time and said bymaselah hae taen an aith
a ance made a voumaselat a d hae a
i should hae ane taemaselbit there s nae eneuch
made it up and convincedmaselcause why would she hae
daen sae i speired atmaselfit disraeli wad hae daen
pickin the best craig anmaselhae bunk beds me on
s hae a room taemaseli dinna min ere wis
i d hae tae shootmaselwouldn t i there s
chappit mony a hens potmaselat pitglassie an boy fit
his heid ah says taemaselbilly boy that isnae right
littoral explosion wi volcano boymaselpaws aff barked morag snapping
releegious than ma faither likemaselhe worshipped lochnagar an grew
the schule sae i kentmaselaffa close in wi disraeli
me bit i cannae stopmaselbletherin i feel sae trapped
thinkin aboot sae i plunkitmaseldoon on a steen an
a m no sae weelmaselnae mair ye ll rouse
smell a hivnae noticed itmaselan jist forget aboot the
an i cwidna jist letmaselthink fit it wis aa
m shiftin the guilt affaemaseland ontae her ye didna
i didna like the ideamaselat first i ve been
i didna want tae wastemaselin case it came true
same wikk i hid taenmaselaff tae the art schule
half a dizzen fowk likemaselfae e west at hid
mony ither gypit quines likemaselhid slabbered an slavered aa
scrapit ma phisog an giedmasela gweed dicht doon wi
language upsteerer ma sister likemasela scots speaker aw her
oot an draw ma beddiesmaseland just play masel f1027:
revenge aye said i taemaseland though i doon ma
ma birkies said i taemaselas i held in for
ve deen e same thingmaselin ma time his wife
for a scuggie fellow likemaselmitchel said ma case will
the owrepeer o us aamaselnou ma fore elders aye
an morn ma dochter anmaselwe lowt doun afore it
bbc at beechgrove an bymaselwi rage phonin ma producer
nae lee ma mither anmaselwir that gleg ti be
the fox thocht i taemaselgiein t a name an
fowk aboot e place nmaselaa e same i made
i ve often wondered thatmaselhate often binds fowk thegither
nae idaia whit hed happentmasela juist bade quait an
smiddy sei a page 150masela kan juist mynd on
juist e en dae itmaselsays the flesher an ti
a v niver seen yinmaselafore but aw a can
afore mei an a funmaselridin richt throwe atween thum
depairtit this life afore amaselwur born a kenna whan
ae rather waesome story nmasela kent nellie govenlock gey
o thaim dances whaur amasellaist danced the lancers n
months younger n i wismaseltwilicht cam an e darkness
i m gaun that wyemaselan fit s mair fine
tae think trying tae stoapmaselfrum gaun mental then sumdy
seein bairns nae younger thanmaselgaun barfit an beggin in
o draan mair attenchin taemaselas i hirpl t ben
i was mair angry atmaselthan i was at the
the dootsum micht leuch botmasela daur tae weird at
tae princes street and boughtmasela rucksack and took aw
managet tae mak mait taemaselaa richt tee an i
wakent s i cam taemaseland saa er face anxious
far i wintit tae bemaselat the heid o the
i mean i was evenmaselaway talkin tae a rotary
yonner i 1950 whan amaselemigratit tae new zealand thay
was gan tae confront claverhousemaselfather muttering ah widnae pit
sons an yince whan amaselhed tae tak a horse
m642: i ll speak taemaselhello there bob how re
eest tae tak some eggsmaselin company wi ither loons
tae chynge noo as formaselit wisna till a d
tae my lugs so finninmaselon the doric let s
are not ah huv criedmaseltae sleep these past three
back tae see auld sydmaselwithoot the academy withoot bein
guy dae ye see memaseloch a merrit him well
oot o his mobile hamemasela got ae guid leatherin
been hei reponed a fundmaselfeelin ae lot better an
wis the fermer whan amaselwis born athough hei wis
pushed her aff i feltmaselcollapse as i did it
mansion hoose an its policiesmasela ve nae idaia whae
m fur adam s peakmaselquo nava fa d nae
deein there gin you andmaselshould disagree it s nae
at i d be watchinmaselfaain furlin ower an ower
nyeuk i d teen owermaseli d gotten haad o
ower it ah looked atmaselin the full length mirror
slokit i wis blin foomaselman one sunday this same
took a richt scunner atmaselan stoppit tempora mutantur nos
ah d coorie doon makmaselsma fae sic beasties whae
look aifter e place bemasela job i ay likit
or hares an feels likemaselat gangs oot wi e
o e barn i knockitmaseloot fir a meenitie bit
uncomfortable around you i feltmaselgettin angry i says that
a bit lucky ah purchasedmasela wee racin ducky when
wait cos ah d getmasela wee ticket machine an
ye ah ll be cuckoomaselif ah don t git
in the bedroom ah threwmaselintae a corner and howled
for id but ah getheredmaselthegither an efter a rejuvenatin
files i d half killmaselteemin a bogy o manure
yer misery for it wismaselat cut it in a
wis waur on sheila normaselfor a v aye been
but it wis obviously nomaselit was the computer generated
wis o siclyke age tilmaselrejeckit fermin is his wey
gin a wis ti crymaselthe wast mairch crusher but
i remember hearin aboot thatmaseled still if davie turns
i ve heard the wordmaselfae aal fairmers in auchterless
beddies masel and just playmaself1027: mmhm f1054: aye but
files i ve gotten scunnertmaselan i ve teen oot
surfaces een reflectit reaching ayontmaselthe iron cleek howkin oot
a wee bit o gaelicmaseland eh ye know rather
capital a bit officiar likemasels been sent parteiclar bi
again an takk ye furmaselthat far i am there
ane time a ll gangmaselan lay the faut on
jobs an i ll hearmaseltalkin posh so that the
use it as eh mase-maselactually if i was which
sharp as onything i saamaselas a smaa bairn lyin
t speak any foreign languagesmaselbut i find that people
on my ain a bemaselbut will i get a
no sure i mind himmaseli thought that was him
skweel last year i pyedmaselontae an arvon foundation course
fair flew by i fandmaseltellin him foo i wintit
to aiberdeen cause i kenmaselthat i was really quite
say i ivver tried itmaselthe bark of the larch
i had the last bottlemaselyesterday dinner time the laddie
gaelic medium education morag anmaselled the cless throu an
a spaul or mebbes rackmaselon the road an yon
a still don t feelmasela taw see yesterday a
couldn t pit is putmaselis myself zebranie clanjamfrie is
in pittin through national conferencemaselis based on eh the
kittle enough business athout findinmaselin the hauns o prestoun
the derk a weill myndmaseltakkin tent o the fleysum
yonder the snoot pairkhill haughmasela kan reca the auld

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