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maun gether yeirsell macbeth gethermaselleftir this thing a d
puddok puddok ah l gethermasellin a meinit morag born
a wee whylie ti gethermaselllyke gin ye wad juist
me a meinit ti gethermasellmoula we canna pit aff
day ah sal be queenmasellan ah coudna thole a
day ah sal be queenmasellan ah cuidna thole a
ah sal lauch quaetlyke timasellma saul is lown the
left me ferr awa ahintmasellwha sal ah look til
yeirsell for ah wad bringmaselldoun ti mairrie a prince
mynd ye ah micht bringmaselldoun ti mairrie a prince
wumman ah can juist seemasellgreitin kis ah didna mairrie
v march mairrie v marrymasellpron myself maumie a ripe
that be malcolm a meanmasella ken that in masell
me masell ah wesna lykemasellafore this is the wey
his chest this is memasellah wesna lyke masell afore
feart masell sae ah hidmasellgey smertlyke ah can tell
wes a wee bit feartmasellsae ah hid masell gey
masell a ken that inmasellvyce is sae dour an
but whyles ah think timasellhappiness wants mair nor juist
mair nanse whyles ah seemaselllyke yon auld wutch they
im nou ah dinna lykemasellonie mair nanse whyles ah
whyles ah try sayin timasellowre an owre again whit
whyles ah hae thocht timasellwhitna dreich lyfe a micht
brecham and here im ahmasellagain but that wearie ah
it s guid ti bemasellagain morag but hou im
im fou o peitie formasellah im waesum for the
ah ti be feart formasellim ah no yerl thorfinn
lanesum ah im feart formasellwha im ah ti be
feart for it wesna juistmasellah wes thinkin aboot moula
the nicht ah think timasellai halie mither o god
ah didna mak thaim upmasellandrey ai whaur haes aw
ai but ah ken fynemasellbut lat you be tellin
ai but ah ken fynemasellbut lat you be tellin
puir waesum auld craitur lykemasellah m shuir a dinna
lyke me ah didna lykemasellaither sae ah needit a
me ah m brichter inmasellan mair restit lyke am
an ah winna be lykemasellgin ah dinna gie ye
wabbitie a m no lykemasellit s been a lang
on ma sword an killinmaselllyke roman eidiots he swings
weill for auld bodies lykemasellma lips as ye see
r an auld cailleach lykemasellmoula you r no auld
ye turn lang lippit lykemasellor in onie dreich nunnerie
me ah m no lykemasellthe nou rintoul that s
on a heich bodie lykemasellyou git me that an
the wark wha better thanmasellhunter s song when weary
the wark wha better thanmasellor hauf sae guid sae
the wark wha better thanmaselltae end the drouth bring
the wark wha better thanmaselltho man it s hard
me ah m no inmasella coo lous wi burth
ae thing ah maun daemasella deserr ti be punisht
the tither lat alane liftmasellaff the grund pepper ah
sunlicht ah wad be lykermasellagain ah haena haird the
an ah wes aw bimasellagain mair lanesum nor afore
darlin ah canna luik eftirmasellah can dae naething ava
dounhauden bodie the lykes omasellah canna think hou oniebodie
him for a man formasellah coud shuirlie gar him
afore oor een an formasellah dinna ken whit ah
a swyne sae seik omasellah gaed an got fou
ah uised ti say timasellah m owre guid ti
wi yeir airns but omasellah m shuir ye l
oh ay ah saw thaimmasellah mynd thaim weill hou
ah coud never believe inmasellah wes sae waek syne
the warld is deid binnamasellan ah m left aw
haed gotten up an washtmasellaw at aince ah felt
ah hae been lauchin timasellaw day vershinin to toozenbach
no gunlöd ah m nomasellawthegither thorfinn sae it seems
abuin ah m aw bimasellbi ma wundae ah m
ma pouer ti richt yemasellbut ah can tell ye
ah ask for naething formasellbut injustice skunners me aye
heed ah l tell hirmasellbut michtie pompitie ye div
an infusion ah jist gitmaselldoon fi the hoose pick
the ingil ah l gangmasellfor aw the wund an
sense o freedom ah seemasellfree an ma bairns tae
at lest ah hae fundmasellfrom the chinese of t
ah l awa an hidemasellgoes to the wardrobe and
ah ken hou ti stapmasellhe does some convulsive hopping
aff ma sash ah cleidmasellin an unco teuch rhinoceros
nou ah d hae drounedmasellin loch leven langsyne but
braw mornin ah wul cleidmasellin spring claes an veisit
nanse ilka day ah seemasellin the lookin gless ah
ah can say ti excuisemasellis that i the feinish
existence ah wrate it awmaselljuist a bit o a
vershinin allou me ti introducemasellkoolyghin s the name ah
irena allou me ti introducemaselllieutenant colonel vershinin ah m
personality huv ah ti setmaselloan fire fur an encore
for hou ah haena killedmasellolga dinna greit ma puir
ah canna cairrie aw thismasellolga rings naebodie peys onie
storm thorfinn man ah helpitmasellorm an yit ye cryit
byle an ah haena beenmasellsensyne ah hae been exemined
haed gaen dumfounert ah finndmasellstaunin thinkin oor sancts an
ah bocht a knyfe formaselltae ye see it haes
ah hae aften thocht timasellthat if ah haedna mairrit
aboot hir ah think timasellthat mebbe she wes aince
every time ah cut bleedmasellthat s the only time
the local cooncil ah thochtmasellthat wes a grand idea
but ah can haurlie walkmasellthe day ah daursay ah
ah l dael wi hirmasellthe morn you an me
littil bairn ah wadna latmasellthink sic a thing sic
aw sae ah said timasellthis needle belangs the wutch
bluid ah juist canna bringmasellti dae it dinna ask
been a freist areddies hystinmasellti luik ah see that
milk ah l tell yemasellwhit neist ye maun dae
ah m no thertie yitmasellwhit years an years we
awbodie an ah canna helpmasellwutch ah ken whit ye
ah aince suffert frae thatmasellyeukie oxters the blek byle
wes a bonnie quyne aincemasellcum ti think on t
a wee drap ti restoremasellweill aince she gat sterit
winna lat me fill itmasellshe holds out the flask
haein a bit flie timasellowre the common whan wha
macduff mercie a coud buymaselltwantie men at onie mercat
me mak a fuil omasella l tak ma leave
the nicht a l haudmasellapairt till supper tyme sae
l juist hae ti pitmasellin yeir guid haunds maister
here ti see ye butmasellan frae nou on it
ma lane ti fend formasellan wi naething ti eat
me ti byde here bimasellathout olia she fair leeves
nou an set ti bendmaselldoun ti this frichtsum darg
awricht faither but no formasellfor ti richt whit fell
ill for ti byde sobermasellfrom the chinese of wang
tak ye ti canadae anmasellhe sendit ti college at
mich about rab broun anmasellhe wissed ti hae a
a hed ti darg furmasellinsteid ti pey the lawins
haed the chaunce ti spreadmasellmacbeth micht kyth as whyte
need it for ti keepmasellricht pepper ye r mebbe
gaun ti be telt bimasellsen junipere an inglis ar
wis strong enough ti showmasellshow the look o fuddle
an at ma brither anmasellsuid alter our signators ti
frae the kitchen an fandmasellup ti the knees in
s uissless for ti vexmasellwaukrif the lang nicht throu
an a haill room timasellwi ma ain warm bed
onlie juist left the skuilmasellhe haed gloweruin een an
more maister master maitter mattermasellmyself maucht strength mauchtless helpless
n mantle mappie n rabbitmasellpron myself mattit v matted
skuil an o veritie naithermasellor rab duin weill tho
husban a maun tel yemasellthe morn s morn ye
taen me sae ferr ootbymasella ken the future in
murderers no beirin the knyfemasellduncan haes been forby sae
hiz wame thon laddie wesmasellawned the sojer ma faither
bak fur ma faither anmasellir i ae respek aw
day is duin that amasellwad faither a hantil keings
the truth stop hidin ahintmasellthe real me kin show
d hae duin the thingmasellgin the auld man haedna
s auld wyfe s haiversmasellhouanever she thinks it wul
its ain a needna steirmasellat aw banquo new honors
be keepin it aw taemasellfair play for fitba owners
lyfe itsell thae lees anentmasellis aw a ve ever
tak ma knittin an sitmaselldoun in the kailyaird or
ryse at dawin an regairdmasellin the luikin gless ma
lass whan ma husband anmasellsocht divortioun shae laed canadae
ma puir bairn an takmasellthe deil s in the
pit it the ither weymasellsayed andra whan thai wes
virr whan we stertit ithermasellintil glamourie the ether rid
ye fairlie gar me doutmasellwhan ye can regaird sic
thing a d raither kenmasellnae mair more knocking ay
wid dazzle yer een butmasellave done better wi an
ye made me better thanmasellfu fifty year aye side
an fesh it for yemaselllang trail or no the
want help i ll helpmasellcause that s somethin i
i kin dae this bymasellgordon leaving won t help
a ll keep it taemasella d willin tell ye
recovering himself a m forgettinmasellto the guests ye maunna
a m fae the placemasellwi sunshine on its simmer
puzzint skelf intil hir pinkiemasella year cum sunday did
a member o the cooncilmasellme a member o the
end tae mak the drinkmasellan fur a freenly gless
blek books for no makkinmasella professor an no daein
an loued the buiks furbymasellan monie ithers stevenson tho
hell s steve cammy gavemasella beauty last night rolls
agnes distressed a fool taemaselljust as she exits to

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