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18 february 2003 the plasticmaterialsand articles in contact with
points arose on the plasticmaterialsand articles in contact with
order 2003 draft the plasticmaterialsand articles in contact with
17 december 2002 the plasticmaterialsand articles in contact with
consider the following the plasticmaterialsand articles in contact with
18 february 2003 the plasticmaterialsand articles in contact with
scotland order 2003 draft plasticmaterialsand articles in contact with
item 5 is the plasticmaterialsand articles in contact with
and the environment the plasticmaterialsand articles in contact with
18 february 2003 the plasticmaterialsand articles in contact with
18 february 2003 the plasticmaterialsand articles in contact with
17 december 2002 the plasticmaterialsand articles in contact with
agreed members indicated agreement plasticmaterialsand articles in contact with
following negative instruments the plasticmaterialsand articles in contact with
30 november 2000 the plasticmaterialsand articles in contact with
pupils and drawing upon authenticmaterialsauthenticity is seen as an
be trained by authentic readingmaterialsis meant materials which were
pupils and drawing upon authenticmaterialsthe contexts within which the
authentic reading materials is meantmaterialswhich were originally designed by
haein made their ain teachinmaterials61 he cites ae example
available in particular for teachinmaterialsan ee tae the extension
the increasin availability o publishedmaterialsfor research an teachin maist
an the want o teachinmaterialstae haun awbeit in the
mony submissions acknawledged the kistmaterialswrocht by learnin an teachin
to extend classroom strategies andmaterialsan early focus on the
that is difficult the healthwisematerialsare all designed for classroom
lifted in the classroom thosematerialsare for the convenience of
should re examine which classroommaterialsare recommended some on the
executive should ensure that classroommaterialscomply with statutory guidance it
experience of classroom practitioners thematerialswere not arriving in schools
the increasing availability of publishedmaterialsfor research and teaching most
depends on the availability ofmaterialsfor use sepa should consider
such as the availability ofmaterialsin the domestic market how
which have admitted that thematerialsare recommended and are being
that have admitted that suchmaterialsare recommended for use in
and given examples from thematerialsthat are recommended in the
local authorities have recommended thematerialswhere they have been recommended
approach the north lanarkshire councilmaterialsand nate s the primary
to good effect in thematerialsfor the north lanarkshire council
north lanarkshire reading and writingmaterialshave adopted this approach the
north lanarkshire council where thematerialshave been brought to the
the north lanarkshire council readingmaterialstaking another look at reading
encouraged in the north lanarkshirematerialsto experiment with the mood
the trade of foodstuffs rawmaterialsand many finished goods in
goods were rather dull andmaterialspoor bulky coats in dismal
the supply of goods andmaterialsto another authority where that
the supply of goods ormaterialswhere that supply is for
be a dearth of teachingmaterials49 it was clear from
having developed their own teachingmaterials61 he cites one example
for staff development and teachingmaterialsand only months after the
deaf tutor relevant visual teachingmaterialsare provided during the classes
and the lack of teachingmaterialsavailable albeit in the context
to ensure that all teachingmaterialscomply with the more recently
made available particularly for teachingmaterialsdesire for the extension of
and providing support and teachingmaterialsfor schools for the new
with making available traditional teachingmaterialsin welsh the welsh language
followed the choice of teachingmaterialsis not always a mere
the shortage of gaelic teachingmaterialsnational priorities gaelic medium education
many submissions acknowledged the kistmaterialsproduced by learning and teaching
are still short of teachingmaterialsthe convener it has been
the teaching approach and teachingmaterialsused in the upper secondary
teaching the language in usematerialswhich emerged involve pupils in
be used in many differentmaterialsand craft forms as jewellery
arts trust craft officer sourcedmaterialsgave technical support supported film
craft in a combination ofmaterialsthe next resident craftmaker will
millions of tonnes of rawmaterialsinto marketable products giving huge
camp that takes the rawmaterialsof scottish speech rather than
coal and steel the rawmaterialsof war led to collaboration
millions of tonnes of rawmaterialssuitable for transformation into marketable
executive produced documents behind thematerialsand scottish taxpayers money has
and stòrlann have already producedmaterialser maybe novels produced by
packages we have produced includematerialsfor modern english grammar and
issue it has produced valuablematerialsfor use in schools and
of douglas gifford among othermaterialsproduced by enthusiasts associated with
the reality is appalling thematerialsthat have been produced seem
rev iain murdoch the fourmaterialsthat were produced by healthwise
of the national assessment bankmaterialswere produced on time although
in combination with other suchmaterialsand the test of the
it includes a test ofmaterialsin combination with other such
thermal or sound requirements thematerialstest can include a test
75 expands the definitions ofmaterialstest in section 38 3
verifiers to test whether thematerialsthat have been put together
where they will source theirmaterialsand design the supply companies
ian he can also supplymaterialsif other times suit better
materials however having given thematerialsa closer examination those representatives
principles that lie behind thematerialsare insidious the materials suggest
were quite okay with thematerialshowever having given the materials
the materials are insidious thematerialssuggest that when primary school
guiding the choice of readingmaterialsand in the selection of
at advanced higher the readingmaterialscontinue to be drawn from
and the national literacy strategymaterialsreading and writing for information
of the session course contentmaterialssuch as reading lists seminar
unless they can source thematerialsand design concepts people will
a vast array of sourcematerialsand flexible ways of retrieving
ask people to read thematerialsfrom cover to cover i
whether members have read thematerialsfrom cover to cover or
83 alang wi makkin traditionalmaterialsin welsh available the welsh
come to fruition unless writtenmaterialsare more readily available she
students expect to find suchmaterialsavailable on the web and
the testing procedure there werematerialsavailable within the school in
come tae fruit unless screivitmaterialsis mair readily available she
implementation for instance translating thematerialsthat would be available in
the provision of public informationmaterialsvisitor information is widely available
on request make available formaterialswhich it does not propose
on the amount of constructionmaterialsbeing imported as a result
pay a similar amount formaterialsbut the labour costs are
the percentage and amount ofmaterialsfrom the holyrood site retained
the percentage and amount ofmaterialsfrom the site that have
the provision of public informationmaterials11 the scottish parliamentary corporate
for signage information leaflets corematerialsand staff able to answer
information about the volume ofmaterialsand the aggregate volume of
a range of public informationmaterialsboth in printed form and
translation of selected public informationmaterials[note: table here in original] the scottish parliament s
translation of their public informationmaterialsthe results are shown in
languages identified for public informationmaterialswhich is listed in the
text or set of languagematerialsin some way the pupils
families and producing sen resourcematerialsfor schools i recently announced
heard from parents that thematerialswere being used in schools
the structure having a goalmaterialsand a method language features
traffic having to obtain constructionmaterialsfrom outwith local areas due
craigie had begun to sendmaterialsbooks and citation slips north
considerable temptation to lift thosematerialsand use them as they
also encouraged to use thematerialsduring free access sessions either
of the documents and othermaterialsfor internal and external use
for extensive use of buildingmaterialsin making the alterations i
the widespread use of thematerialsin some areas of scotland
education and outdoor pursuits andmaterialsre use and recycling and
access 3 spanish course withoutmaterialseven though those were due
access to digitized copies ofmaterialswhich are otherwise difficult for
in every prison for thematerialsand equipment used by the
council i understand that thematerialsare being used by those
reports from parents that thesematerialsare being used by which
say that even if thematerialsare not used they are
local authorities not all thematerialsare used the principal ones
before they were withdrawn thematerialshave also been used in
i have heard that thematerialshave been used in fife
they would not allow suchmaterialsto be used or lifted
additional arts trust support formaterialsand organisation two popular weekend
hope to develop further supportmaterialsfor officials the improvement in
be happy to consider furthermaterialsor ways to support it
of assessment items and supportmaterialsto help teachers to minimise
involved in the preparation ofmaterialsto support the bid we
at the prospect of hazardousmaterialsand munitions being distributed by
you have evidence that thesematerialsare being given to children
problems with the delivery ofmaterialsat times we were being
point of view assessment bankmaterialswere being requested at a
asking msps to consider thematerialsand to make a judgment
on the list of approvedmaterialswe ask msps to consider
discussed in various recently publishedmaterialsfor teachers such as the
but made the point thatmaterialssuch as this were rare
group at standard grade suchmaterialstend to be drawn from
a the design and productionmaterialsfor public distribution b radio
grant have any of thematerialsabout which you are concerned
scope and diversity of hismaterialsand styles we are justified
they are satisfied with thematerialsand whether they have implemented
are exaggerated the sex educationmaterialsare gratuitously and inappropriately explicit
practical skill the properties ofmaterialsare learned through exploration ideas
a removal of inhibitions thosematerialsare not helpful appropriate or
the education minister that thematerialsare not okay we are
parents are clear that thematerialsare not suitable some local
local authorities are using thosematerialsi am not aware that
taxpayers are paying for thematerialsthat the buck stops with
in metals plastics or naturalmaterialsthe creative possibilities are endless
scottish literary and non literarymaterialswhich are usually difficult to
assurances will become worthless thematerialssideline morality and encourage children
ask what parts of thematerialsthey distribute to children that
was there anything in thematerialsto assist children in avoiding
tackle language barriers provide appropriatematerialsfor a specific event or
s1m 2312 scots language educationalmaterialslodged on 17 october 2001
members were reporting that thematerialswere not there which meant
did anyone say that thematerialswere okay rev iain murdoch
estimates grades non transmission ofmaterialsmarking and moderation which was
fortunes the teacher selects variousmaterialsor objects which can be
finished or fitted out withmaterialspurchased from countries in which
safety might say that buildingmaterialsshall not spread fire which
of these activities but thematerialsin the database together with
whole ethos is distorted thematerialsstart with the underlying principles
corpus containing written and spokenmaterialswith data from initially scottish
to the development of anymaterialsor rights b received any
the development costs of thematerialsthe other part comes from
people asking for these unsuitablematerialsto be withdrawn my understanding
offers of displays of othermaterials6 aspns anglo saxon plant
plans to take to preventmaterialsexempt from the aggregates tax
to section 41 sale ofmaterialsfrom demolished buildings amendments 76
about depots closing and aboutmaterialshe also called for a
might go in for fanciermaterialsan aberdeen man ordered 10
for storing sand and roadmaterialsand then f606: mm f1067:
the central provision of exemplarmaterialsfor the standard grade developments
an early preparation for tammaterialshow at the moment does
15 000 for dumping radioactivematerialsin the sea notes that
money for the back upmaterials[laugh] cause that was the
the quantities and categories ofmaterialssent annually for incineration s1w
for the environment enabling curriculummaterialsto be developed to promote
worn but made of thinnermaterialson a sunday finer knitted
made the point that sicmaterialswis byordinar 60 in his
the names of the objectmaterialsand the words or phrases
m1174: providing not just writtenmaterialserm or lectures or conferences
kit or kist of burnsmaterialsincluding selections of prose background
goal heading and or diagrammaterialsusually in list form method
have heard me discussing thematerialsand have said to me
early volumes and the revisionmaterialsalready gathered notes 1 connor
the presentation m608: mmhm f643: materialsand everything it was really
considers the nature of thematerialsand the principles behind them
in people revelling in thematerialsand the way they responded
msps to look at thematerialsand then form a judgment
on the specifications of constructionmaterialsand waste management in relation
on courses and er developingmaterialser and again the cpd
the installation of energy savingmaterialsexcludes domestic wind turbines and
analysis and presentation of thematerialsin a mixed media corpus
and premises the purchase ofmaterialsis important to the viability
the cost of production andmaterialsis let us say just
the toolkit will include exemplarmaterialsmarking schemes and advice on
understanding of text organisation goalmaterialsmethod and the child does
as packaging paper and thematerialsthat go into cigarettes the
glossy efficient and well presentedmaterialsthere is a considerable temptation
and often of machinery andmaterialsthey had the invaluable assistance
people to look at thematerialsi do not know whether
of responses to media inquiriesmaterials2 details of the documents
a convenient selection of burnsmaterialseven in the bicentenary year
planning the collection of thematerialshe would need at this
on evidence of three sortsmaterialsin print chiefly in the
of disposing of the remainingmaterialsis s1w 1069 bruce crawford
concerns about the paucity ofmaterialslack of recognition in the
to section 38 tests ofmaterialsthe convener amendment 75 is
production of a lot ofmaterialsthe universities felt that they
up the breakdown of yourmaterialsthrow in a load of
when the advanced higher coursematerialsexpected in june will be
is anything harmful in thematerialsi defy anyone who reads
affairs he said that thematerialsmight be useful in whole
aye concerns aboot want omaterialswant o awnin in the
when you ve got newermaterialslike copper apparently the technique
he saw all the cleaningmaterialsscattered on the floor still
to be to be usinmaterialsthat you ve got to
need it to cart yourmaterialswon t you we re
she hid plinty o raamaterialse käsebrot wisna bad at
biggins wes beildit o fremmaterialslangages wes tint mate cam
will hae a range omaterialstae suit bairns frae nursery

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