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frae steenhillock alec an nedmathiesonbit there s three loons
as alec an ned themathiesonbrithers loadit up derkie an
minnie affo his back alecmathiesonfocht wi the reyns bit
them up the stairs alecmathiesonhyterin as he gaed near
help wi the flit alecmathiesonliftit minnie up on daisy
speired the young dairyman alecmathiesonnoddit steenhillock turned tae matty
fecht atween twa loons alecmathiesonwas haudin her brither matty
like a stuck pig alecmathiesonwis five year aulder than
an her een shut alecmathiesonwis sent fir the doctor
scheme phyllis duncan and johnmathiesonfrom milltown set off on
by ernie reid townhead duncanmathiesonmilltown willie eccles pitcarles bill
help o auld hornie dodmathiesontelt his twa loons ned
staun back bide back nedmathiesonwarned them i canna leave
northies attie cooper and dodmathiesonsteenhillock s bailie hard at
shovels lookin for mait williemathiesonalso mentioned win casen a
had been written by williemathiesoncastleton cottage king edward and
like all country folk williemathiesonhad a lot of weather
shepherd used to visit williemathiesons father an took a
for me is unique williemathiesons notebook was also a
a teacher herself five williemathiesons notebooks i came across
troot wallie cottars bedd dodmathiesonan his wife madge war
me jock dow an dodmathiesonfrae steenies an the other
roarin fu maist setterdays dodmathiesonhid bin ane o the
matthew bruce the fermer dodmathiesonkent that his maister preferred
tae wauk nbeist door dodmathiesons hoose wis hauf wye
sup laudenum wis better dodmathiesontelt them aa o a
and he was named ogilviemathiesonduring the 2nd world war
bin a lee fur themathiesons sake kennin fo little
his feed men tho jessiemathiesonhid brukken the commandments as

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