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executive to publicise as amatterof some urgency its strategy
intends o establish as amatterof urgency a task force
budgets c provide as amatterof urgency additional resources to
of that review as amatterof urgency and expresses concern
seeking an exemption as amatterof urgency and report to
seek written evidence as amatterof urgency and that we
other interested parties as amatterof urgency and the scottish
be dealt with as amatterof urgency before a general
to be provided as amatterof urgency business bulletin 62
the organisation should as amatterof urgency come back to
eradicate fuel poverty as amatterof urgency committee agreed the
scottish executive should as amatterof urgency enter into consultation
mechanism be established as amatterof urgency for co ordinating
policy for scotland as amatterof urgency for scotland will
has been foreshortened as amatterof urgency i ask committee
to be advanced as amatterof urgency i have two
what has happened as amatterof urgency i selected a
on with it as amatterof urgency in geography for
review the situation as amatterof urgency in order to
fenwick and malletsheugh as amatterof urgency lodged on 23
agencies should develop as amatterof urgency means by which
its funding formula as amatterof urgency s1m 2122 ian
on the application as amatterof urgency s1m 3318 pauline
reconsider this decision as amatterof urgency s1m 961 michael
to the parliament as amatterof urgency supported by fergus
fenwick and malletsheugh as amatterof urgency supported by margaret
the care gap as amatterof urgency supported by mr
should be established as amatterof urgency supported by shona
to this legislation as amatterof urgency supported by tommy
reconsider this decision as amatterof urgency supported by tommy
to this legislation as amatterof urgency supported by tommy
conservatives believe that as amatterof urgency the committees must
executive to increase as amatterof urgency the current qualifying
of scotland including as amatterof urgency the establishment of
of scotland including as amatterof urgency the establishment of
to bring forward as amatterof urgency the much needed
violence to address as amatterof urgency the recruitment crisis
be caged salmon as amatterof urgency the salmon industry
majesty s government as amatterof urgency to determine whether
insert and agrees as amatterof urgency to establish a
the scottish executive as amatterof urgency to guarantee full
the scottish executive as amatterof urgency to produce a
be carried out as amatterof urgency to promote and
the scottish executive as amatterof urgency to respond to
the scottish executive as amatterof urgency to review the
bring forward legislation as amatterof urgency which will bring
parliament from debating a reservedmatter17 michael russell lodged a
and is therefore a reservedmatterand that neither our committee
to be a straightforward reservedmatteras members will know the
is expressly made a reservedmatterby the scotland act 1998
a reserved issue and amatterfor the health and safety
it would be a reservedmatterfrank crowe that is one
this issue is a reservedmatteri pay the highest tribute
that this is a reservedmatterinvestigate the possibility of introducing
parliament that is why thematteris reserved angus mackay does
in the fact that thematteris reserved but depends on
degree i acknowledge that thematteris reserved but i do
other point was whether thematteris reserved but it is
although i recognise that thematteris reserved i encourage the
in legislative terms a reservedmatterit briefly looks at the
that even if the subjectmatterof the petition is reserved
legal advice whether the subjectmatterof the petition is reserved
employment tribunals are a reservedmatterso we could not consider
which is clearly a reservedmatterthat should form the basis
extradition which is a reservedmatterthat would have opened the
as this is a reservedmatterthe executive liaises closely with
the lottery is a reservedmatterthe parliament must develop a
public transport is a reservedmatterthe petition has been on
whilst this is a reservedmatterthe scottish executive has worked
its institutions are a reservedmatterunder the scotland act 1998
changed their position on thematterand are supporting nicola sturgeon
for its position on thismatterand if such a court
for the position on thismatterand in particular any reasons
procedure we have debated thismatterbefore and my position remains
keep that ideal position nomatterhow everyone pushes and squashes
european position is on thematterof nuisance odours without meaning
for its position on thismatters1w 14927 mr kenny macaskill
for its position on thismatters1w 15122 tricia marwick to
for its position on thismatters1w 17640 christine grahame to
for the position on thismatters1w 17656 colin campbell to
its position is on thematters1w 17662 colin campbell to
board s position on thismatters1w 20850 mr david davidson
body s position on thismatters1w 22080 mr brian monteith
behind its position on thematters1w 27412 mr kenny macaskill
behind its position on thematters1w 27415 andrew wilson to
for the position on thismatters1w 27470 irene mcgugan to
for the position on thismatters1w 27471 irene mcgugan to
for the position on thismatters1w 27472 irene mcgugan to
for the position on thismatters1w 27473 irene mcgugan to
for the position on thismatters1w 27476 irene mcgugan to
for the position on thismatters1w 27477 irene mcgugan to
are for the position thismatters1w 27479 irene mcgugan to
for the position on thismatters1w 27481 irene mcgugan to
for the position on thismatters1w 27483 irene mcgugan to
for the position on thismatters1w 27484 irene mcgugan to
for the position on thismatters1w 27485 irene mcgugan to
for the position on thismatters1w 27486 irene mcgugan to
for the position on thismatters1w 27487 irene mcgugan to
for the position on thematters1w 31059 mrs lyndsay mcintosh
for its position on thismatters1w 31083 michael matheson to
for the position on thismatters1w 31133 christine grahame to
for its position on thismatters1w 32293 fiona hyslop to
for its position on thematters1w 32335 nora radcliffe to
for its position on thismatters1w 32337 nora radcliffe to
for its position on thismatters1w 33300 mr kenny macaskill
for the position on thismatters1w 33535 richard lochhead to
for its position on thematters1w 33960 mr kenny macaskill
for the position on thismatters1w 33966 fergus ewing to
for its position on thismatters1w 33996 shona robison to
for the position on thismatters1w 34342 helen eadie to
for the position on thismatters1w 34348 helen eadie to
for the position on thismatters1w 34349 dennis canavan to
for its position on thematters1w 34843 andrew wilson to
for the position on thematters1w 34848 andrew wilson to
for its position on thismatters1w 34943 michael russell to
for the position on thismatters1w 34947 michael russell to
for its position on thismatters1w 34957 andrew wilson to
for its position on thismatterwhat contractors a have and
dti s position on thematterwith a view to getting
been proposed and discuss thematteras part of our wider
you we will discuss thematterat a subsequent meeting and
clerks we will discuss thematterat the next meeting is
of me to discuss thematterfirst with alasdair morgan from
meet me to discuss thematterfurther to see how we
an opportunity to discuss thematterif we had held that
we will probably discuss thematterin more depth later but
might want to discuss thematterlater the convener i am
need to discuss the importantmatterof petition pe336 which concerns
to remain to discuss thematterso i ask you to
we could then discuss thematterso that i can hear
the clerks to research thismatterwe will discuss it again
couldn t possibly discuss thematterwith my moribund parents so
use when we discuss thematterwith the minister fergus ewing
would have to discuss thematterwith the restaurant management and
shirt and it doesn tmatteraboot that one you just
your final examination doesn tmatterand that s why many
t know i- doesn tmatteranyway erm i thought that
is that it doesn tmatterbut here again there has
young so it doesn tmatterdoesn t matter where i
back but that doesn tmatterf631: mmhm f634: that s
for example it doesn tmatterhow big your cock is
an anyway it doesn tmatterif they do or they
but it doesn t reallymatteris f718: [inaudible] maybe it
mmhm f1149: doesn t reallymatterit s sort of quite
[laugh] oh it doesn tmatter[laugh] don t worry m952:
f832: but it doesn tmatter[laugh] f833: who cares cause
longer but time doesn tmatternow that i m not
and it doesn t reallymatterthat there s a tradition
no well it doesn tmatterthen don t have to
her biscuit it doesn tmatterwhat programme is on she
doesn t matter doesn tmatterwhere i go i ll
and socially disadvantaged doesn tmatteryou got a place right
our way we raised thematteragain a year later and
committee has already addressed thematteras it was raised in
the situation i raised thematterat the social justice committee
schools of thought on thatmatterearlier i raised the point
to points of law thematterhas however been raised and
mechanisms for dealing with thematterhe raised we will also
i am concerned about thematterit was raised at stage
careful when i raised thematternot to say that there
kennedy have raised the firstmatterof paramount importance is that
derek miller i raised thematteron that basis because i
whether anyone thinks that thematterraised is a particular problem
such we have considered themattersince it was raised at
executive a question about amatterthat you have raised lodge
have we simply raised thematterthe convener the clerks inform
point out that although thematterwas first raised in the
the committees is critical thematterwas raised at the conveners
to andrew welsh as thematterwas raised at westminster christine
time that you raised thematterwhen your members told you
because when i raised thematterwith him in september there
commission has not raised thatmatterwith me but i am
irene oldfather for getting thismatteron the agenda i spent
a keen interest in thematterand i will be happy
a family interest in thematterbut it seems to me
an informed view of themattergiven the particular interest that
have an interest in thematteri am sure that the
considerable constituency interest in thismatteri hope that any member
bocht for broonhill as amattero interest the meal girnel
for your enterprise was amatterof interest to you and
services is i believe amatterof public interest it is
parliament to look into amatterof public interest or concern
has an interest in amattersuch as a proposed national
interest and support in thismatterthe committee agreed to recommend
a particular interest in thematterthe convener that will be
a particular interest in thematterwe will consult both the
is the fact of thematterand the minister must recognise
s the fact of thematterbut eh the the obvious
a full exploration of thematterhe emphasised the fact that
to dosage i raise thatmatterin relation to a fact
and the fact of thematteris that even if you
moment the fact of thematteris that going into europe
edinburgh the fact of thematteris that however unwelcome however
training the fact of thematteris that the nhs needs
their view more as amatterof courtesy given the fact
doon there she is verymatterof fact about it all
of the eye she ismatterof fact as she communicates
father daddy either as amatterof fact he never calls
go there regularly as amatterof fact i fly to
for my collection as amatterof fact i still have
jam was made as amatterof fact the bulk of
as pace braes as amatterof fact the monday after
or endorsed may be amatterof semantics the fact remains
a watching brief on thematterthe issue highlights the fact
that committee will consider thematteragain early in 2002 when
another review to consider thematterand calls upon the board
go furth and consider thismatterand come up with some
an opportunity to consider thematterand to make its views
the minister to consider thematteras a whole and to
we should consider the wholematteras part of our consideration
not we will consider thematteras soon as possible members
have time to consider thematterbefore the election it will
and let it consider themattereither of those two procedures
announcements and to consider thematterfurther at the next meeting
response before we consider thematterfurther helen eadie the issue
the minister to consider thematterfurther i also ask for
themselves we should consider thematterfurther the convener as a
the opportunity to consider amatterin detail we were unable
that we will consider thematterin due course the convener
working group will consider thatmatterin further detail iain smith
need time to consider thematterin much more detail and
the parliament will consider thismatterin the context of scottish
committee must consider whether thematteris to be determined locally
philp we will consider thatmattermr mcmahon i want to
the executive should as amatterof course consider implications arising
must consider that as amatterof policy and must look
lead committee will consider thematterparticularly in relation to forestry
are due to consider thatmatterperhaps we could learn from
information i will consider thematterproperly with my colleague margaret
consider it first and themattershould also come to us
are asked to consider thematterthat she raises and to
the committee to consider thematterthe convener the subject of
two either to consider amatterto take further advice or
russell we should consider thematterwhen we examine committee activities
developing understanding of the subjectmatterand its social and economic
vocabulary associated with lofty subjectmatterand the native vocabulary associated
parliament should deal with thematteras it is a subject
familiarise pupils with the subjectmatterbuilding knowledge of the field
only because of the subjectmatterbut because we preside over
the mater as the subjectmatterchanges so must the language
of matching language to subjectmatterforced scottish poets to extend
in some detail because thematterhas been the subject of
with comic or low subjectmatterin john stewart of baldynneis
are such that the subjectmatteris dealt with by the
to use for the subjectmatterit is the language i
with cosla on the subjectmatterof petition pe 342 school
davidson with enlarging the subjectmatterof poetry in his utilisation
short titles indicating the subjectmatterof the motion from friday
becomes subsumed into the subjectmatterof the place and time
how delicate is the subjectmatterof the question with which
1988 why is the subjectmatterof the road traffic act
lies given that the subjectmatterof the road traffic act
them out because the subjectmatterof the road traffic act
as appropriate to the subjectmatteror are they generically subversive
relating to the relevant subjectmatterprior to being interviewed or
verse forms davidson s subjectmatterranges widely from themes of
directive decisions about the subjectmatterrest with the lead committee
scottish ministers that leaves themattersubject to positive affirmation by
patterns according to the subjectmatterthey describe and whether they
in terms of its subjectmatterthis is not the most
framed according to the subjectmatterto a lesser extent you
harding is aware that thematterwas the subject of a
and felt that the subjectmatterwas well beyond my large
matter of policy or amatterfor judges i will have
this not be a policymatterfor politicians rather than judges
uk energy policy is amatterfor westminster to decide and
uk energy policy is amatterfor westminster to decide and
systems are fast tracked thematteris to do with policy
have been introduced as amatterof policy and the factor
the issue should be amatterof policy or a matter
take it that as amatterof policy the sewel convention
of this parliament as amatterof policy we have asked
to ensure that as amatterof policy whether or not
an operational or a policymatters1w 32362δ mr duncan mcneil
to an operational or policymatterwhat procedure is used to
undertaking that policy in thismatterwill be changed and that
make a statement on thismatters1w 1079 alasdair morgan to
the crown office on thismatters1w 1135 fiona mcleod to
make a statement on thismatters1w 1157 mr jamie stone
and b on any othermatters1w 12247 fiona mcleod to
during its consideration of thismatters1w 15013 michael russell to
it will take in thismatters1w 1955 bruce crawford to
made in respect of thismatters1w 24094 brian fitzpatrick to
made in respect of thismatters1w 24095 brian fitzpatrick to
have been undertaken on thismatters1w 24729 michael matheson to
reach a conclusion on thismatters1w 29285 roseanna cunningham to
scotland act 2000 on thismatters1w 32334 fergus ewing to
majesty s government on thismatters1w 33015 mr lloyd quinan
and wedderburn ws on thismatters1w 33528 fergus ewing to
take in respect of thismatters1w 34958 andrew wilson to
ministry of defence on thismatters1w 6031 dorothy grace elder
to take to address thismatters1w 9184 fergus ewing to
government in pursuit of thismatters1w 9236 fiona hyslop to
government in pursuit of thismatters1w 9237 fiona hyslop to
government in pursuit of thismatters1w 9243 mrs margaret smith
proposes to hold on thematterwith affected parties s1w 27416
and animals our minds andmatterall matter any matter these
our minds and matter allmatterany matter these stones on
when of course it didmatterit dis matter silence lee
it did matter it dismattersilence lee ah could never
the issues that make feminismmatterthat make her matter the
the issues that make feminismmatterthat make her matter the
feminism matter that make hermatterthe critic meanwhile believes such
feminism matter that make hermatterthe critic meanwhile believes such
and matter all matter anymatterthese stones on the terraces
pay is of course amatterfor the local authorities and
although it does of coursemattermany of us will need
possible publicly available as amatterof course and should respond
issued to staff as amatterof course as the end
reports in english as amatterof course michael russell all
it is consulted as amatterof course on the appointment
the minister touched on thatmatterof course the majority of
in their houses as amatterof course we also have
given a spoonful as amatterof course whether they needed
course it is only amatterof time although we do
bj naw saying it disnaematterwhen of course it did
people of this country whomatter16 33 mr kenny macaskill
press david steel on thematteragain this week i do
sps this is a seriousmatteralready there has been disorder
first took evidence on thismatterand expressed our concerns about
water s handling of thismatterand for related scientific reports
observed what legislation covers thismatterand how many local authorities
not an expert in thismatterand the gros will help
it has received on thismatterand the reasoning behind its
give serious consideration to thismatterand to the other recommendations
have to return to thismatteranyway perhaps adam ingram s
considerations in respect of thismatteras the commissioners will not
the opportunity to reconsider thematterat this stage we have
welsh assembly which debated thismatterback in september is ahead
from this committee that thematterbe taken up with the
way to go on thismatterbefore it is completed the
therefore be consulted on thismatterbelieves that the cash payments
interests to declare in thismatterbut it would be useful
concern about it on thismatterbut there might be in
to a paper on thismatterby the clerk and that
the westminster parliament will themattercome before this committee again
gallie i suggest that thismattercould be tied up with
1996 and agrees that thismatterdeserves to be investigated by
petition that pertain to thismatterdoes the committee wish to
executive has moved on thismatterduring the stage 1 debate
know f1125: what s thematterf1126: this one f1125: this
hyslop to speak on thematterfiona hyslop lothians snp this
boyack this is primarily amatterfor aberdeen city council which
on occasions this is amatterfor negotiation i have no
suggest that this is amatterfor political debate but the
see in this tiny animalmatterfor speculation but rabbie burns
iain gray this is amatterfor the enterprise network i
not particularly focused on thematterfor this meeting iain mcmillan
presiding officer will take thismatterforward from an equality perspective
sure how we take thismatterforward part of the reason
the uk we prevent thismatterfrom happening again if that
executive must carry in thismattergiven the previous commitment by
august when i addressed thismatterhe wrote i do however
this year it does notmatterhow many times mr hamilton
parliament s wishes in thismatteri am glad to hear
diary for consideration of thismatteri have had no notice
regulations and legislation governing thismatteri recognise that there is
should give evidence on thismatteri suggest that we invite
from any legislation on thismatterif there has to be
that we should explore thismatterin the meeting that we
we will not resolve thematterin this committee we do
to do anything about thematterit has to be this
granting of authorisations in thismatterit seems to be a
the committee on a differentmatterlater this morning dr brown
is not always a straightforwardmattermabel smith found this out
to mrs [censored: surname] on thismattermrs [censored: surname] had thought it
with other organisations on thismatternora radcliffe the sga says
says that this is amatterof balance between raptors and
if this proposal is amatterof civil rights then all
is that this is amatterof extreme complexity the status
yet this is more amatterof style and lack of
with no choice in thematterof their suffering in this
sure that this is amatterof years ahead the icc
on this petition as thematterpertains not only to the
and the executive on thismatterreporters from the committee are
has been made on thismatters1o 3861 25 richard lochhead
the belgian government on thismatters1o 5408 19 paul martin
a decision on this importantmattersarah boyack shortly the issues
we have to argue thismatterseriously in the chamber in
are members agreed that thismattershould be dealt with through
the committee on how thismattershould be taken forward i
equal opportunities committee in thismattershould be welcomed it has
the minister has presented thismatterthat seems sensible the proposal
a parliamentary question on thismatterthat was asked by david
a short debate on thismatterthat would indicate to the
already started work on thismatterthe effect of executive amendment
and deputy head on thismatterthe prize given in the
to many people about thismatterthere is a marked difference
convener before we finalise thismatterthere is one point that
we are interested in thismatterthere should be a parliamentary
on that aspect of thematterthis article which we are
however that this is amatterto be decided on a
barton in mauchline brought thismatterto my attention just after
is right to draw thismatterto our attention particularly the
cathy craigie for bringing thismatterto the scottish parliament for
object why bother bringing thematterto this committee in the
own ways what does itmatterto us this gallous behaviour
that committee we passed thismatterto you on such and
alexander has already taken thismatterup with the scotland office
court in this case thematterwas dealt with swiftly but
the committee agreed that thismatterwas now an issue for
is continuing controversy on thismatterwe should ask the two
was going to raise thismatterwhen we reached the case
s as far as thismatterwill go i couldna believe
in your hands on thismatterwill you confirm that the
when you were discussing thismatterwith people who had no
edinburgh taking decisions on thismatterwithout any regard for the
thistle however that is anothermatteras karen whitefield rightly said
rural development it is amatterfor sarah boyack however we
asked for that is amatterfor tribunals if however the
and would not be amatterfor us however it is
knowledge and skills are whatmatterhowever i want to make
give your opinion on thematterhowever my point is that
to see progress on thematterhowever the business case is
is still out on thematterin england and wales however
patients however it is amatterof concern that 20 per
about rulings however as amatterof courtesy i will say
applied however it is amatterof getting people into the
forward when it considered thematterpreviously however questions still exist
daily phone calls on thatmatterwe have however received inquiries
conveners should look at thematteragain and accept their responsibility
glare should be on thematterand a meeting in open
we should return to thatmatteras it will be a
we should go into thematteras soon as possible dost
it should deal with thematterdr brown the icc can
bill should perhaps be amatterfor parliamentary debate the convener
committee agendas should be amatterfor the committee as a
that we should reconsider thematteri hope that the minister
out it should be amatterof winning the debate i
about the effect of particulatematteron health we should refer
complaints i think that themattershould be dealt with by
for individual farmers perhaps themattershould be dealt with by
steps we feel that themattershould be discussed by the
health board area perhaps themattershould be picked up in
i also agree that themattershould be referred to the
all the details but themattershould be remitted to the
to do that and themattershould not just be left
point of order on thematterthey should indicate now that
health we should refer thematterto the health and community
that we should refer thematterto the health and community
that we should refer thematterto the health and community
we should ask why thematterwas not brought to our
committee to proceed with thematterwe should also ask all
think that in concluding thematterwe should make it clear
for further consideration of thematterwe should refer the petition
we are going ahead nomatterwhat conveners should think much
equality matters or does notmatterequality matters in everything we
told that it does notmatterhow economically important the road
in poverty it does notmatterhow many more people live
oc 24 but it doesmatterit matters that in a
and then what does itmatternow oc 24 but it
into the effect of particulatematteron respiratory health it does
s blinkered view of themattershe does not seem to
want to deal with onematterthat does not appear to
eventually do what does itmatterthey said now she s
that it made when thematterwas previously discussed does stephen
black waiting eternity does itmatterwhere one waits here or
for services it does notmatterwhether it is called personal
celebrate burns it does notmatterwhether the dinners are formal
respiratory health it does notmatterwhether the research is conducted
which said it does notmatterwhether the verifiers are from
if it is a devolvedmatterany investigation must raise issues
and benefits are a westminstermatterbut scottish ministers must be
must be in private themattercomes back into the public
those negotiations must be amatterfor agreement between the sides
crime we believe that themattermust be considered we accept
conservative prospect of victory themattermust be put in the
that you were not themattermust be referred to the
scottish taxpayers must as amatterof principle continue to be
sure that we get thematterput right we must get
the pamphleteer must pepper hismatterso as to season it
on european structural funds amatterthat must be addressed by
the scottish compact on thatmatterthe public must have equality
must be stamped out nomatterwhere it occurs whether in
the committee will examine thatmatterat some point i suggest
the point of bringing thematterbefore the committee if we
make a point on anothermatteri do not mean to
and that legislation on thematteris likely at that point
committee can deal with thematterswiftly my first point for
1998 on each and everymatterthe convener the point we
we are not pursuing thematterwhat is the point of
the point of sale thatmatterwill come back to the
would like to understand thematterbetter the convener regulation of
convener that is entirely amatterfor the petitioner dorothy grace
implementation that was not amatterfor the sqa the convener
budgets it would be amatterfor treasury officials the convener
of the petition is amatterfor westminster the convener yes
going to split on thematterin a debate the convener
in our consideration of thematterthe convener the commission might
place to deal with thematterthe convener we will not
and i will raise thematterwith them again the convener
will come back to thatmatterdo members have any further
we will look at thematterfurther and address it at
be worth while considering thematterfurther perhaps the committee has
no problems with considering thematterfurther robert brown focused on
the opportunity to debate thematterfurther which is the essence
issued throughout scotland before themattergoes much further mr mcmahon
further careful consideration to thematteri can inform the parliament
to move further on thematterthe provision in my amendment
press you further on thematterthe treaty has not been
action to take in thematterand b under section 20
plans to take on thematterand what the timescale for
action to take in thematterdavid mcletchie 2 in section
write to it about thematterdo members agree to take
take overs are a commercialmatterfor the companies concerned the
or reporters to take thematterforward although the area is
a timetable to take thematterforward motions and amendments to
we want to take thematterforward on a joint basis
forums how to take thematterforward to the next stage
take you on to anothermatteri think that you said
willing to negotiate on thematteri will take every action
we take advice on thematteri would have been a
we can take up thematterms white that is fine
eye don t take thematterpersonally a poem is passing
prepared if we take thematterseriously the indications are that
support it and take thematterup with the executive christine
recommendation that it take thematterup with the executive we
that will finally determine thematterwill take place later in
him to take up thematterwith colleagues the issue is
officer to take up thematterwith the relevant authorities s1m
to be given to thematterbefore stage 3 i am
to think again about thematterbefore the bill goes through
it will deal with thematterbefore the next meeting of
the executive will examine thematterclosely before the bill is
the echr but when themattercomes before the rural affairs
slavery it was only amatterof time because weeks before
before the parliament considers thematterso that the parliament has
made significant input into everymatterthat has come before the
archive in november 1951 thematterwas brought before the scottish
when the committee considers thematteragain in the new year
committee has devoted to thematteralthough he has some doubts
committee to re examine thematterand determine whether what has
opportunities committee and reviews thematterare we to be condemned
committee is concerned about thematteras are others when one
we do not regard thematteras closed the european committee
committee suggests and pass thematterback to the public petitions
committee s request on thatmatterdetailed consideration because it caused
has been achieved when thematterfirst came to the committee
but that would be amatterfor the committee that was
petitions committee to keep themattergoing and ensure that any
local government committee discussed thematterin january if the executive
the committee are important thematteris about getting together with
lead committee and the legalmatteris dealt with by the
the sifting process if thematteris major the committee concerned
a select committee if thematteris minor the committees concerned
committee wanted to pursue amatterit might want to call
the petitions committee discussed thematteron 8 october 2002 and
committee and we discussed thematteron a number of occasions
to the root of thematterthat is why the committee
environment committee had explored thematterthe deputy presiding officer what
thank you for bringing thematterto our attention your committee
process is to refer thematterto the rural affairs committee
committee agreed to refer thematterto the standards adviser as
of a bill or othermatterunder consideration by the committee
the committee first discussed thematterwe were concerned to encourage
might want to raise thematterwith the procedures committee the
entitled to object on amatterwithout the committee s authority
party initiate investigations into thematter5 where the spcb has
has a share in thematteras well in their childhood
to spend money on thematterbecause professor stewart has already
the executive has addressed thematterbut would like to hear
his claim which is amatterfor the scotland office has
warrant has been granted themattergoes to court and a
decision i know that thematterhas been debated many times
am saying that once thematterhas been sent to the
executive s delay on thematterhas landed it with two
functions on such bodies thatmatterhas not been conclusively determined
we are concerned that thematterhas not been dealt with
functions on such bodies thematterhas not been determined conclusively
get into another discussion thematterhas taken many months of
letter stewart stevenson if thematterhas to be dealt with
much that has clarified thatmatteri thank the witnesses for
executive has not considered thematteri urge it to do
has been given to thematterin cities such as edinburgh
has been given to thematterincreasing education and training resources
business bulletin so that thematteris clarified a precedent has
morning has underlined that thematteris complex although it is
i suspect we have thematterof access to information has
other areas has been amatterof debate for a century
has spoken to on thematterof formal decision making powers
continuing police inquiries into thematterone organisation that has not
has direct responsibility for thematterperhaps that is where we
has a lot more solidmatterthan a pound of conventional
may be interfering in amatterthat has been dealt with
raise with the minister anymatterthat has to be addressed
rights has said on thematterthe court that is dealing
to be clear on thematterthe franchise negotiation has no
fully involved in scrutinising thematterthe tender process has been
has been produced on thatmatterthe third pillar established by
the parliament will revisit thematterto ensure that progress has
for us to revisit thematterwhen a decision has already
has been judged that thematterwill be better dealt with
although health is a devolvedmattera number of other layers
and derelict land is thatmatteradequately reflected in the budget
is taking action on thematterand deplores the efforts of
bank accounts is a devolvedmatterand it makes sense to
report it is a separatematterand it needs to be
force is looking at thatmatterand sportscotland is an active
legislation is not a devolvedmatterand that much of it
is important to track thematterback the figure relates to
that is not a devolvedmatterbut the provisions apply to
that agriculture is a devolvedmattercalls upon the minister for
that health is a devolvedmattercould we bin the report
that is an entirely differentmatterdifference the difference theory sees
is to legislate on thematterearly in the next parliament
uk that is a practicalmatteressentially but it is important
issue but that is amatterfor another day the paper
conscious that that is amatterfor another jurisdiction and my
consideration of the bill anothermatterfor concern is that the
that it is not amatterfor her to deal with
are paid is already amatterfor local authorities mr mcmahon
the scottish parliament is amatterfor me as presiding officer
inquiry that is still amatterfor members to decide precisely
the issue it is amatterfor members we could compare
of pay disputes is amatterfor negotiation between the employers
planes after that is amatterfor other countries as muir
ms curran that is amatterfor ross finnie to answer
yesterday or that is amatterfor scottish ministers there remains
nicola sturgeon it is amatterfor the business managers but
but that is clearly amatterfor the council banding comes
that but it is amatterfor the court bill aitken
any specific case is amatterfor the court which will
condition which is automatically amatterfor the courts and the
health technology board is amatterfor the health and community
in other countries is amatterfor the icc which will
i recommended is really amatterfor the industry i question
huggins no that is amatterfor the minister for finance
in national parks is amatterfor the national park bodies
compensation but that is amatterfor the parliament s judgment
presiding officer that is amatterfor the parliamentary bureau but
is scheduled that is amatterfor the parliamentary bureau we
on an application is amatterfor the privy council section
operatives had that is amatterfor the sqa but it
june 1998 it is amatterfor the uk government and
that that is primarily amatterfor the united kingdom government
of an individual is amatterfor them and them alone
that area regulation is amatterfor uk ministers but it
be changed that is amatterfor us and for the
that will continue is anothermatterfrom the experience of the
a chap s arms nomatterhow certain she is of
trouble to tenants but nomatterhow comprehensive the scheme is
be clear about that nomatterhow the work is done
abusing and killing children nomatterhow well made it is
organisations is working on thematteri do not see why
minister is interested in thematteri repeat that we have
which is a very seriousmatteri will go through the
unutterable pain it may bematterin itself is pain sweetened
said that is not amatterin which we have dabbled
considerably less rhoda grant thematteris about striking a balance
curran i understand that thematteris being considered by the
detailed package of work thematteris being examined at the
that surely such a majormatteris best set in train
remain concerned that although thematteris certainly one for delegated
there any other views thematteris complicated donald gorrie is
that the crux of thematteris defined in rule 43
are visited mr mcallion thematteris difficult epilepsy scotland says
that is the case thematteris firmly within the remit
to speak speak now thematteris for the judgment of
rights have been violated thematteris frustrating i have had
interference from party politics thematteris important and the executive
lack of experience on thematteris it normal for the
i suspect that if thematteris left to local authorities
a result as usual thematteris not clear cut although
know about the nets thematteris not just about the
closing down the home thematteris not just the funding
of playing fields although thatmatteris obviously not within our
tobacco sales the better thatmatteris primarily for the westminster
it is essential that thatmatteris pursued and we would
the festive season the greymatteris still scrambled but really
you go fitt s thematteris that pack pulling your
the other side of thematteris that particularly for people
mistress the truth of thematteris that salvador was gay
registrars the truth of thematteris that there are fewer
but the heart of thematteris the variation of the
an individual expert on amatteris there an argument for
that the scope of thematteris wide in terms not
that it was a difficultmatterit is a question of
a question of ignoring thematterit is a question of
shred of credibility in thematterit is clear that mr
more than receptive on thematterit is desperately important to
be prepared to revisit thematterit is reasonable to reconvene
rooms ultimately it is amatternot for the executive but
haugh yince bade is aemattero fack a m telt
fur tam scott is aemattero fack gledson wrocht it
deanburnhaugh whae wis is aemattero fack ma maternal grandfaither
the fer aist is aemattero fack margaret nichol the
the days n is aemattero fack mr an mrs
faither tom scott is aemattero fack yin o the
of 1998 it is amatterof balancing and using resources
still speaking that is amatterof common courtesy and apart
liquid petroleum gas is amatterof complete irrelevance for the
using national titles is amatterof concern to sdns members
harper absolutely it is amatterof considerable regret to us
comfort but that is amatterof detail that will need
brown hare population is amatterof dispute it is unlikely
to individuals it is amatterof getting the methodology right
to comment it is amatterof how the words are
human rights it is amatterof human rights that people
significant degree it is amatterof immense regret to me
is centred on the widermatterof not allowing charities to
the first issue is amatterof principle i understand that
people with epilepsy is amatterof priority s1m 598 mr
accent would be just amatterof pronunciation is that f948:
area between what is amatterof quality and consumer protection
it looks it is amatterof reading it as it
fitted in that is amatterof regret when the bill
goldie it is not amatterof requiring the people in
timing of implementation is amatterof resources and of when
number of questions is amatterof shared concern to the
women is not simply amatterof social justice but makes
that it is not amatterof the existing secure tenancy
are doing it is amatterof trust mr monteith in
and is satisfied that thematterraises an issue of particular
raises it is certainly amatterthat i shall seek to
already heard evidence on thematterthat is a good example
development i believe that thematterthat is missing in relation
is on the decline amatterthat is slightly exaggerated in
practical limitations that is amatterthat the scottish parliamentary corporate
not the truth of thematterthat there is an enormous
us is expert in thematterthe first priority is to
report also deals with thematterthe specific issue is that
foxes is not a simplematterthe terriers may become stuck
it is a road trafficmatterthere are other cases of
advocate absolute minimalism in thematterthere is already sufficient law
the minister for clarifying thatmatterthere is deep concern in
johann lamont initiated on thematterthere is recognition that some
is intended to review thatmattertoo at stage 2 the
is right to flag thematterup i would prefer to
farmers will be there nomatterwhat activity is about to
directive is silent on thatmatterwhich makes it extremely difficult
agree to any bill nomatterwhich one it is the
mentioned i have discussed thematterwith anne mclean who is
how we proceed with themattera discussion in the parliamentary
personal views of professionals nomatterhow experienced the first year
i can t remember nomatterhow hard i listen i
the census rural areas nomatterhow idyllic also have areas
day but his watch nomatterhow much he tapped and
it m815: yeah and nomatterhow much he wants to
it was a shillin nomatterhow much what size o
when an accident happens nomatterhow serious nurses are the
from the new tenancy nomatterhow short a time they
contributed in any way nomatterhow small to making glasgow
f963: yeah m762: and nomatterhow superficial that might have
it was how could itmatterit could if it was
how we proceed with thematterthat would be a good
how we would pursue thematterwe will need to see
and tap the agony ofmatterand work its will the
for its views on thematterif the countryside alliance approaches
express its will on amatterof great importance to thousands
for its thoughts but thematterof the rcahms might come
its next meeting as amatterto be looked at by
a member may refer thematterto the spcb for its
but that s a differentmatteraltogether but as a private
till he said presenting thematteras a fait accompli it
had local correspondence on thematteras andy kerr succinctly put
touch with me on thematteras i was plodding through
to do something about thematteras the presiding officer might
upon so all important amatteras the records of our
fine his blazer was anothermatterdecidedly drookit as it swung
as i thought through thematterit became increasingly difficult in
control are identified as thematterneeds a great deal of
failed even to raise thematternow parade themselves as the
the observation that as amatterof common courtesy those who
such a review as amatterof priority and to provide
receive specialist training as amatterof priority and will as
environmentally sustainable employment as amatterof priority including by a
have been expressed as amatterof priority s1m 1185 ms
have been expressed as amatterof priority supported by dorothy
the scottish executive treat thematterof reaching a decision as
enric miralles and as amatterof respect believes that his
crews and workers as amatterof right i am not
receive redundancy notices as amatterof routine we heard about
the local lairds as amatterof status had town houses
than 3 seconds as amatterof top priority in no
know and it didn tmattershe said for as they
cut are those that reallymatterto the public such as
8 as it clarifies thematterwe support amendment 8 amendment
still to determine on thematter11 45 the crux of
information on such an importantmatter14 15 ben wallace i
box be revealed on thematteralastair dempster i will be
can move quickly on thematterand be able to use
be an expert on thematterand i defer to many
and a debate on thematterand i welcome the support
give their views on thematterand that robust and accurate
on the technicalities of thematterand to assess whether it
draw from the earth allmatteranything that exists on earth
opportunity to respond on thatmatterbecause yesterday morning i shared
a firm conclusion on thematterbut i would prefer the
on and attention to thematterby ministers i refute that
we can deduce on themattercomes from the surviving correspondence
mr raffan on a practicalmattercould we receive the government
members to comment on thematterdonald gorrie junior ministers already
preparing papers on an importantmatterfor the board to slide
latest reporting date on thematterfor the health and community
to my questions on thematterfor which i thank him
need to reflect on thematteri also agree with iain
sturgeon have said on thematteri had some concerns about
observation to make on thatmatteri have not had much
what to do on thematterif members are content with
the minister touched on thatmatterin her speech placing emphasis
the scottish executive on thematterit was agreed that karen
received a memorandum on thematterminister do you wish to
to provide advice on thatmattermr davidson i called on
have any thoughts on themattermurdo fraser the question that
attractive but it s amatterof expense on the other
the household survey on thematterof language will be greater
i forget again on thematterof money i said on
helpfully to me about thematteron 31 july the main
that it will pursue thematteron a research basis it
some trusts are taking thematteron board seriously john mcallion
minute i have put thematteron the agenda today because
not object to debating thatmatteron the basis of sutherland
have a supplementary on thematteron the question of the
conference in inverness on thematteron three occasions i have
a final paper on thematteror do they believe that
the previous petition on thatmatterpe48 was considered by the
lodging questions on the secondmatterso it might be helpful
for a decision on themattersome people embarked on funding
highlands and islands snp amatterthat concerned everyone on the
marwick s views on thematterthat said we do not
opportunity to comment on thematterthe clerks the non executive
more to say on thatmatterthe first minister donald dewar
of the discussions on thematterthe most recent meeting of
not want to pursue thematterthere were no cameras on
and sensible to address thematterthrough legislating on the private
will give information on thatmatterto parents that are concerned
boyack s judgment on thematterwe are on the edge
that the decision on thematterwill be taken in scotland
first meeting at which thematterwould be considered was on
thursday to decide on thematteryou are not clear where
to be heard on thatmatteryou have said that the
aim fulfils the will ofmattercutting out a path to
seen and will be amatterfor a vote among the
ultimately it will be amatterfor the executive to determine
the service will be amatterfor the lothian health plan
think it will be amatterfor the uk government only
registrar i will clarify thematteri hope that i will
that we will address thematterin future years it will
it will be simply amatterof allotting them to a
i will deal with thematterof expectations the reason why
will be adopted in amatterof weeks and that scotland
universe aware at full ofmatters stolid will in me
i will return to thatmattershortly lord james douglas hamilton
will need to keep thatmatterunder review i also want
decision that will clarify thematterwhatever happens we have to
feel secure it will notmatterwhether they live in a
for an undertaking that thematterwill be fully examined and
carried out given that thematterwill be handled by the
assure christine grahame that thematterwill be in my diary
be no action but thematterwill be referred to the
meeting probably means that thematterwill have to go back
not sense not spirit butmatterbut the whole become self
f640: er it didn tmattereven that s not just
any way to progress thematteri do not see the
of people are examining thematteri have still not got
was inside and not outmatterit was surprised to be
told that that did notmattermr munro are we not
was going to raise themattermr russell could not know
i have not given themattermuch thought mr macintosh your
thinking that it did notmatterthat he was almost certainly
the areas that do notmatterto them ms macdonald i
miss goldie babies not amatterwith which i am intimately
such licenses would be amatterfor the scottish executive and
to help such causes thematternow needs to be addressed
whole issue 25 in amatterof such importance the wording
but such cases are amatterof the opinion of the
facility have you discussed thematterwith the owners of such
you suggest we approach thematter09 45 miss goldie there
we have looked into thematterand responded to it in
we can deal with thematterat a scottish level that
suggested that we refer thematterback to the public petitions
suggested that we refer thematterback to the public petitions
a petition or any othermatterbut once we decide that
perhaps we can put thematterfactually and say that the
recommendation that we raise thematterfirst with the subordinate legislation
concerned that would be amatterfor the westminster parliament we
that we are approaching thematterfrom the wrong angle the
than happy to examine thematterin considerable detail we want
wood when we discussed thematterin may i said that
that we have given thematterin the past 45 to
house when we discussed thematterin the working group that
the power to keep thematterlive if we feel that
opportunities we are only amatterof days away from the
when we are only amatterof hours from our major
we have taken up thematterof many boys of school
ensure that we get thematterright and that we achieve
case we would like thematterto be reconsidered 12 00
the executive and pursue thematteruntil we do get a
received to date about thematterwe can also indicate while
different ways of approaching thematterwe have tried to proceed
falling by the wayside nomatterwhat back come we get
ensure that we approach thematterwith an open mind amendment
be doing something about thematterbruce crawford i agree with
wish to deal with thematterin scots law through the
happy to deal with thematterlater too no one in
with the nursing profession thematterof a less academic route
with use or usufruct bymatters own resource pain alkahest
would seem to be imbuingmatterwith a human like personality
his advice and pursued thematterwith central scotland police but
m managing fine nothing thematterwith me just need a
deana but what s thematterwith mrs boyter and in
spcb may after raising thematterwith the business manager of
perfectly free to reopen thematterwith us by means of
please sir what s thematterwith you boy please sir
with the situation but thematterwould pass from my control
nor ocht else for thatmatteraa it s aa by
intercourse intercourse and for thatmatterblue ball paradise and eden
it for the areas thatmatterbruce crawford mid scotland and
obscure double dutch and fitmatterfor a joke so in
themselves it would be amatterfor local authorities to judge
dr brown it was amatterfor negotiation among the 100
orders have to settle thematterfor now perhaps in future
then it was an easymatterfor passengers to walk a
provisions would ultimately be amatterfor the courts or for
issues although pay remains amatterfor the united kingdom independent
be first and foremost amatterfor them to decide at
accordingly agrees to refer thematterfor urgent and detailed examination
life for the behoof ofmattergelded bitted scourged starved dying
anything at all for thatmatterif they had come home
child support agency for thatmatterit s a national scandal
toilets or even for thatmattermen s toilets in other
12 days or for thatmatterof looking to long term
february for progress perhaps thematterrequires personal intervention by the
other gardening produce for thatmatterthe sort of question that
business or mine for thatmatterthey laughed a lot together
you could arrange for thematterto be considered by the
to for an interview nomatterwhat their qualifications was er
help for care needs nomatterwhere they are in scotland
the minister questions about thematterin a couple of weeks
having any hair wouldn tmatterif i could just get
remove any doubt about thematterit would give local authorities
intae the pictures it didnaematterwhether it was the second
be considerable discussion about thematterand about different forms of
i am clear about thematterbut i would like to
be talked to about thatmatterclearly if the process fails
to be asked about themattercoming to us so late
would that be an insurancematteri wonder about some of
rather a lot about thematterif i remember correctly he
a genuine concern about thematterin rural areas of my
have had concerns about thematterover a period of time
sitting doing nothing about thematterthere have been six months
getting to be a policematterbeaumont ah weel they re
give an example perhaps themattercan be incorporated into the
outstanding legal issues and themattermay be sub judice it
covered by insurance policies themattermight have to be contested
be readily available and amatterof common knowledge without an
it would then be amatterof continuing the work that
it may well be amatterof internal party management there
would be reached in amatterof months and asks that
sides it cannot be amatterof our simply agreeing to
values it would be amatterof regret to the church
cannot otherwise be resolved themattershall be referred to the
to be a teacher nomatterwhat f1150: yeah you re
and it shall be amatterwithin the sole discretion of
feed but sune it wullnaematteryer speugs wull aw be
you stopped what s thematteryou seemed to be asking
that she would raise thematterat the management meeting that
welcome an inquiry into thematterbill aitken that intervention raises
appellant having to research thematterbristow muldoon i agree that
attention was paid to thematterby the press and that
a different approach to thematterfrom that of other parts
competent jurisdiction and that thematterhad been resolved by that
down but that didn tmatterhe could see what gi
members want to pursue thematteri believe that a justice
having intimate knowledge of thatmatteri hope that none of
the accent that doesnae reallymattermuch aboot the accent or
shifted from that in amatterof a morning f631: mm
camoens in that sense thematterof scotland had been treated
of procurators fiscal in thatmatterso i am pleased that
sloch o watter aw ritualsmattertae them that cry alane
to the truth of thematterthat dorothy grace elder raises
suppose that it didn tmatterthat i had to do
[inaudible] f1097: aye that doesnaematterthat s that s nae
[inhale] f1089: och that doesnamatterthat s very clever m1090:
means in norse m1021: disnaematterthat s what it means
to invalid care allowance nomatterthat thousands of pensioners remain
of that person to thatmatterthe sheriff or justice of
might want to pursue thatmatterto avoid giving a false
sort o and friends thatmatterto me these days anyway
ignore that and sweep thematterto one side david mcletchie
the executive could address thatmatterunder either the building scotland
of human rights when thematterwas discussed there that there
could have been that thematterwas in hand and that
no regulations and that thematterwas left to the discretion
to undertake that role thatmatterwas of particular concern to
false distinction between mind andmatterwhen i realised that there
[inaudible] f1131: what s thematterwi that like m1132: it
therefore want to progress thematteraccording to the options set
i want to address thematterof the cross party parliamentary
i want to draw thematterto a close cathy jamieson
lot o mischief so naematterwhit it costs i want
ask you to review thematterand make a strenuous effort
have yet to make nomatterwhat the circumstances of our
pay close attention to thematterthe difference between our commitment
into our review of thematterto which he and john
our garden every day nomatterwhat time i have to
her joints was sacrosanct amatterbetween herself and her long
the treaty made employment amatterof common european concern in
learn it s just amatterof eh practice makes perfect
yes it was a seriousmatterthe road was dangerous i

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