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covers both reserved and devolvedmattersalthough employment social security and
it makes policy on devolvedmattersand introduces new bills to
the level of british reservedmattersand the devolved level our
with are known as devolvedmattersand the main ones are
entitled to debate non devolvedmattersbut the devolved executives will
of any of the devolvedmatterscan register as potential advisers
laws and decisions on devolvedmatterselections to the scottish parliament
the uk parliament about devolvedmattersfollowed no later than 11
range of devolved and reservedmattersfor example asthma or international
is the government for devolvedmattersin scotland it makes policy
on public spending on devolvedmattersin scotland the executive is
not normally legislate on devolvedmattersit is clearly contradictory to
westminster should legislate on devolvedmattersit is interesting to note
effective policing with regard tomattersof devolved competence the proposals
bill that relate to devolvedmattersshould be considered by the
bill that relate to devolvedmattersshould be considered by the
bill that relate to devolvedmattersshould be considered by the
bill that relate to devolvedmattersshould be considered by the
bill that relate to devolvedmattersshould be considered by the
bill that relate to devolvedmattersshould be considered by the
bill that relate to devolvedmattersshould be considered by the
bill which relate to devolvedmattersshould be considered by the
bill which relate to devolvedmattersshould be considered by the
to include in the billmattersthat are within devolved competence
fairly be said that themattersthat fall within devolved competence
will be restricted to thosemattersthat relate to devolved scotland
legislate for scotland on devolvedmattersthe key point is that
and calls for all aviationmattersto be devolved to the
and calls for all aviationmattersto be devolved to the
relevant whitehall department on devolvedmatterswe are the equivalent of
not normally legislate on devolvedmattersyet the executive memorandum states
security are known as reservedmattersand are dealt with by
by the parliament as reservedmattersare outwith its competence s29
scottish parliament can debate reservedmattersbut cannot make laws on
in scotland remain primarily reservedmattersfor her majesty s government
be kept for all relevantmattersreserved to her majesty s
office and postal services aremattersreserved to westminster although there
of the bill deal withmattersthat are reserved to the
known as regional msps reservedmattersthe issues affecting scotland that
and a regency are reservedmattersthey cannot be validly legislated
his petition refer to reservedmattersto draw his attention to
capital charges relate to othermattersindeed i assume that a
want to consider certain tenancymattersthat relate to quality issues
as those provisions relate tomatterswithin the legislative competence of
the petition relating to healthmattersfinally the committee agreed to
and young people and onmattersrelating to culture and sport
and fully trained volunteers onmattersrelating to drugs teenage pregnancies
the minister for transport andmattersrelating to environment and natural
to consider and report onmattersrelating to housing and the
to consider and report onmattersrelating to local government and
relating to criminal investigations althoughmattersrelating to money laundering and
undertaking and publishing research onmattersrelating to rights of children
to consider and report onmattersrelating to rural development agriculture
to consider and report onmattersrelating to school and pre
to consider and report onmattersrelating to school and pre
to consider and report onmattersrelating to the administration of
to consider and report onmattersrelating to the administration of
and external affairs and onmattersrelating to the arts culture
1 july 1999 to discussmattersrelating to the governance of
1 july 1999 to discussmattersrelating to the governance of
health is addressing the difficultmattersrelating to the internet we
and islands transport authority whenmattersrelating to the powers of
blairingone and secondly sepa onmattersrelating to the work of
to consider and report onmattersrelating to transport which fall
a fair reflection of howmattersare being dealt with that
supports the principle that suchmattersare dealt with at a
supports the principle that suchmattersare dealt with at a
things at certain times suchmattersare dealt with generally under
agenda constructively in westminster suchmattersare dealt with late at
had been dealt with 1mattersconcerning the area 2 disturbances
it is better to havemattersdealt with on the basis
regulations dealt with wider conservationmattersi e other than restricting
dealt with many of thosemattersin his recent budget i
future we would prefer suchmattersto be dealt with without
the work programme it hardlymatterswhether it is dealt with
working of the association andmatterswhich had been dealt with
children will grow up somematterswill be dealt with at
complaints suggestions and comments onmattersconcerning the area tea was
comments from the meeting regardingmattersconcerning the association or the
to standing orders concerning legislativemattersmotions and lodging written questions
to standing orders concerning legislativemattersmotions and lodging written questions
to standing orders concerning legislativemattersmotions and lodging written questions
to standing orders concerning legislativemattersmotions and lodging written questions
to standing orders concerning legislativemattersmotions and lodging written questions
to standing orders concerning legislativemattersmotions and lodging written questions
teachers and pupils discuss suchmattersand as has been suggested
s role was to discussmattersbetween meetings of the board
i want to discuss themattersfurther expenditure commitments 4 andrew
visit ayrshire to discuss thosemattersi am happy to say
or does not matter equalitymattersin everything we discuss and
i aimed to discuss thesemattersin groupings which worked only
available before we discuss themattersin question stephen imrie committee
which met regularly to discussmatterslinguistic their main theoretical thrust
be used to discuss thosemattersmichael russell he told us
scrutinise and discuss the greatmattersthat are in front of
so that we could discussmatterswith an official or minister
week when i discuss variousmatterswith lord gordon the chairman
discuss eu policy on eumatterswith uk counterparts it is
teacher and pupil discuss suchmattersyet many teachers still prefer
we have thoroughly discussed thesemattersbefore but this is an
those the minutes record keymattersof concern that were discussed
away the cabinet discussed severalmattersof significance to the executive
with whom he discussed allmattersthat were not strictly about
fishermen s federation and whatmatterswere discussed s1o 5794 11
strategic rail authority and whatmatterswere discussed s1o 6312 14
the fishing industry and whatmatterswere discussed s1o 6428 11
the aquaculture industry and whatmatterswere discussed s1o 6468 4
is to attend and whatmatterswill be discussed s1w 31081
the issue i have discussedmatterswith the telecommunications companies and
sector and such other relatedmattersas fall within the responsibility
criminal law and such othermattersas fall within the responsibility
criminal law and such othermattersas fall within the responsibility
school education and such othermattersas fall within the responsibility
fisheries and such other relatedmattersas fall within the responsibility
and sport and such othermattersexcluding tourism as fall within
2002 act sets out whatmattersfall within the ombudsman s
methods of investigation and relatedmattersfall within the standards committee
on co operation in criminalmattersand on police co operation
concerns mutual assistance in criminalmattersand the provision of information
judicial co operation in criminalmattersbe stepped up what adjustments
distinctive scottish input on criminalmattersbecause an english minister goes
international co operation on criminalmattersbut scotland had the choice
on mutual assistance in criminalmattershugh henry referred to that
mutual assistance measures in criminalmattersincluding assistance in obtaining evidence
co operation on criminal justicemattersis reaching new heights where
appeal in scotland on criminalmattersis the high court sitting
an information exchange in criminalmatterspolice remain inter governmental the
of mutual assistance in criminalmatterswhich relates to orders freezing
motion under consideration if eumattersare being considered the parliament
group has carefully considered thosemattersi commend the report to
between schools and teachers themattersrequire to be considered in
ministers in relation to thesemattersshould be considered by the
to have a list suchmattersshould be considered in relation
the system are more importantmattersthat might fruitfully be considered
immigration co operation in thosemattersis pillar 3 the difference
that we are considering othermattersof committee operation later in
the habit of noticing suchmattersand requesting inspections because they
traditional way in which suchmattersare settled we will have
there and c such othermattersas are relevant in the
quite a lot on suchmattersas discrimination human rights the
6 the regulations cover suchmattersas eligibility for tenancies the
and d for such othermattersas may be determined by
be necessary to determine suchmattersas the effect that abolition
order in connection with suchmattersbecause of the drafting we
give proper consideration to suchmattersbefore they put extra burdens
being advised in such practicalmattersby the professor of natural
sometimes the concentration on suchmatterscan lead to the assumption
perhaps we should leave suchmattersfor determination by local people
such issues and to takemattersforward the issues to which
who is expert in suchmattershas written a good pamphlet
who work specifically on suchmattershave evaluated that for example
and a host of othermattersif challenges such as racism
the executive regarding waste managementmattersif so why such proceedings
will transfer jurisdiction of suchmattersin relation to section 1
think should ultimately decide suchmattersin your presentation you said
be appropriate to put suchmattersinto guidelines because some local
in the united kingdom suchmattersmay ultimately have to be
and 6 below apply themattersmentioned there and c such
shall press on with suchmattersobviously the answers are already
is agreed that all suchmattersof policy should remain under
more appropriate advisers for specificmattersorganisations such as the faculty
aims is to keep suchmattersout of the courts i
on its involvement in suchmatterss1w 10861 mr kenny macaskill
the process the convener suchmattersshould not come as a
never think of treating suchmattersso lightly we support the
jamieson suggests however for certainmatterssuch as brand sharing and
by successive governments ineptitude overmatterssuch as bse beef on
within a review of othermatterssuch as course content cathy
we do not listen sometimesmatterssuch as definitions can be
in the past that influencedmatterssuch as european social fund
the budget document refers tomatterssuch as extending the modern
and is involved in difficultmatterssuch as immigration refugees and
essence when dealing with delicatematterssuch as organ donation especially
does not apply to incidentalmatterssuch as staffing or allocation
deal with overcrowding by consideringmatterssuch as stopping patterns and
and provides for miscellaneous administrativematterssuch as the authentication of
to speak about many othermatterssuch as the simplification of
campaign on this and othermatterssuch as the threat to
been going on informally onmatterssuch as visas police and
there are also less importantmatterssuch as whether members will
to be dictated to somematterssuch as whom and what
can do so the othermattersthat have been addressed such
with the executive on suchmattersthe convener the point has
companies for training in suchmattersthe second point it makes
edinburgh rather than leave suchmattersto the elected local authority
entirely sure that leaving suchmattersto the owners always allows
for us to take suchmattersup scott barrie and i
it be decided whether suchmatterswere relevant i am trying
a contingency plan for thosematterswhere such a plan was
sensitive when asked about suchmatterswhich leads to unanswered questions
in relation to staff transfermattersand agrees that the relevant
impartiality and in removing relevantmattersfrom direct political control i
that was thought to havemattersrelevant to local government before
is suggested that any relevantmattersthat came up would be
route for handling all thosematters14 30 iain smith are
to have opinions in allmattersaffecting them and those views
in 1996 to consider thosemattersagain elizabeth holt european commission
up to comment on thosemattersand on the language question
ask the executive to clarifymattersand those who want to
are reviewing those and othermattersand we will make an
justices to deal with thosemattersand would have every confidence
it reaches any decision thosemattersare best described as scientific
to mention the celebrants thosemattersare beyond the scope of
scotland the fact that thosemattersare limited to a few
progress in scotland because thosemattersare of equal concern in
there vigorous discussion of thosemattersat board meetings it came
meetings will comment on thosemattersbrian philp general register office
hope that some of thosematterscan be addressed by the
a board member raising thosemattersconsistently at board meetings the
is right that all thosemattersespecially the weighting should be
and excise however those aremattersfor colleagues doon the road
and me to evaluate thosemattersfor example the document refers
occur muir russell those aremattersfor the managers of the
lifelong learning to highlight thosemattersgaining new skills and new
to existing legislation on thosemattershowever it provides that a
in early course all thosemattersmight have been appropriate for
the parliament most of thosemattersneed not concern us the
other building those and othermattersof detail will i am
more detailed questions about thosematterson work load table 6
those were valid points onmattersthat are storing up big
its report those are twomattersthat i wish to raise
representing those interests especially inmattersthat touch on deeply held
agreement is connected with thosemattersthey are a legitimate concern
empire building politics and macrocosmicmattersto those of the contemplation
express their views on thosematterswe could not have given
advises nhs scotland on thosematterswe have no plans to
have ministerial responsibility for thosematterswe must insist that on
of the tenement all thosematterswill have an impact on
20 we will canvass thosematterswith the executive national health
relation to buildings and relatedmattersand for connected purposes many
2000 199 the convener nomattersarise in relation to these
bill in relation to competentmattersif it is within the
appeal to be judged onmattersof fact in relation to
in relation to consumer protectionmatterss1w 12187 richard lochhead to
a post responsible for equinematterswill be created within its
the announcement of the resultsmatterswithin the control of the
had further questions on healthmattersat that stage we agreed
of a role in eumattersthe various questions posed in
him with innumerable questions onmatterstheological that story told by
used to deal with urgentmattersbetween meetings of the board
committee to deal with urgentmattersdid you suggest to him
brought forward to deal withmattersin section 78 that is
and ability to deal withmattersthat are outside the box
the uk parliament in thesematters18 6th meeting col 146
eu member states on thesemattersand what information it has
2000 194 the convener nomattersarise in connection with these
were approved and signed 3mattersarising from these minutes a
were approved and signed 3mattersarising from these minutes a
were approved and signed 3mattersarising from these minutes a
were approved and signed 3mattersarising from these minutes a
were approved and signed 3mattersarising from these minutes a
be done to address thesemattersbecause the increase in the
spotless moral record these aremattersfor private respect not for
yes to some extent thesemattershave been thought through in
longer a pragmatist on thesemattersi am a radical because
the omnipotent authority on thesemattersi can merely explain to
in financial help in thesemattersin 1999 a scottish executive
as he is investigating thesemattersin a slightly more professional
wallace s experience in thesemattersis valuable as it gives
conduct serious deliberations on thesemattersit is important that the
the wrong decision in thesemattersthe figures ought to be
to each other and considermattersin the round in aberdeenshire
members should perhaps consider whichmattersit might be worth highlighting
to consider and report onmattersof international relations outwith the
at least initially to considermatterswould be appropriate the convener
n [censored: surname] also about othermatters1 the return of the
cacfoa s concern with othermattersand the other priorities of
family lived very modestly othermattersapart which wee boys were
trade business travel and othermattersbut when everyone shares something
opinion on a couple ofmattershowever their experience of other
housing local government and othermattersin the interests of openness
so in future on othermattersit would be good to
broadcasting regulations and other mediamatterss1m 3507 2 mr brian
external audit and f othermatterss1w 15006 michael russell to
broadcasting regulations and other mediamatterssupported by dr elaine murray
is not interested in othermattersthe executive encouraged other workers
will be busy with othermattersthey may wish to keep
on that and other relatedmatterswhich failed to release the
the silver tide era howevermattersare different in our ethnic
men and women in sexualmatterseven more important however is
expert on a range ofmattershowever once he starts guddling
authority to answer on somemattersif however they are unable
excerpt the convener constantly rulesmattersnot competent however his letter
so however in response tomattersof concern that the minister
on most of the additionalmattersto which you referred however
dyslexic school which didnae helpmatterserm although the article that
sentencing i must mention twomattersin that regard although the
it clear that although certainmattersmay be agreed elsewhere we
not the only thing thatmattersto older people although it
directly of political or seriousmattersand they should be sparing
everything we should always settlemattersby a majority it would
and will be examined shouldmattersgo to court in future
should examine further the healthmattersi also agree that the
a scotland where every childmattersi ask that it should
tragedies landwart affairs ie ruralmattersor low comedy should use
rather than meddlers in seriousmatterspolitical and serious writing should
should not issue guidance onmattersthat are way outwith their
scrutiny we should not delaymatterswhen that safeguard exists the
clarification on a number ofmatters3 convener s report the
will report back on themattersraised s1w 34329 andrew wilson
by mrs e [censored: surname] 3mattersarising revision of constitution re
to meet him to clarifymattersfurther before stage 3 amendment
having regard to a themattersmentioned in subsection 3 above
below have regard to themattersmentioned in subsection 3 below
functions and b include themattersmentioned in the schedule 3
tenants on a range ofmatterspart 3 deals with the
function being discharged 3 themattersreferred to in subsection 2
and privilege in sub judicemattersa letter from the convener
2000 207 the convener nomattersarise in connection with this
proposal are experienced in healthmattersacross scotland including rural scotland
public local inquiries into planningmattersare awaiting a ministerial decision
has been substantial progress twomattersare outstanding the project director
the normal course of eventsmattersare raised with the appropriate
are fully informed on allmattersassociated with gm crop trials
are in court on defencemattersbecause their rights do not
district court they are seriousmattersbut they are relatively simple
deals with a multitude ofmattersfirst and foremost they are
uk parliament to legislate onmattersin the bill that are
mr tosh no there aremattersin the executive amendment that
are on more general policymattersit may be worth while
ross finnie there are twomattersof substance in this issue
particularly for immigration and asylummattersspice briefings are compiled for
of the exams are theremattersthat are intrinsic to higher
donation 1 in paragraph 4mattersthat are not donations of
in more detail on themattersthat are of concern to
for their interest in guildmatterswe are grateful to our
53a insert bail and relatedmatters1 the 1995 act is
of this act b themattersmentioned in section principles for
8a amendment of 1995 actmattersto be taken account in
7a amendment of 1968 actmattersto be taken account of
7a amendment of 1968 actmattersto be taken account of
8a amendment of 1995 actmattersto be taken into account
5 of the 2002 actmatterswhich the ombudsman is entitled
experience and wisdom in europeanmattersas the snp often does
i don t suppose itmattersdoes it f1104: i m
does she agree that whatmattersmost is teaching quality in
into areas in which equalitymattersor does not matter equality
but it does matter itmattersthat in a clear note
corporate and guidance on contractualmattersa council constituted under section
subsection 5a below of themattersnotified to them under that
subsection 5 below of themattersnotified to them under that
in and knowledge of themattersunder discussion they have helped
out their views on themattersunder discussion what triggered discussion
with roads dept on severalmatters1 pool of water outside
or hardship on the followingmattersactions taken in the exercise
and young people on allmattersaffecting them due allowance being
and young people on allmattersaffecting them in accordance with
corporate and guidance on contractualmattersand section 23a mr andy
team on environmental and sustainabilitymattersand whether it will provide
deputise for me on agriculturalmattersas a result i was
the prison service on thematterscovered by the studies s1w
herder s adviser on ossianicmattersemilie had followed macdonald to
davidson s opinion on moralmattersfluctuates wildly his autobiographical anti
of 184 meetings on justicemattersin europe we do not
organisations and others on environmentalmattersin line with the aarhus
service on debt and housingmattersin particular that is a
29 insert guidance on contractualmattersit is the duty of
an election hustings on transportmatterskenny made it quite clear
charlie collins for advice onmattersmaritime fraser hunter for help
independent advice to government onmattersof food safety in the
data children were vague onmattersof parental occupation and the
appointments to it and onmattersof strategic guidance as well
to uk ministers for scottishmatterson which see section d
clarification on a number ofmatterspe447 petition by mr gregor
him the exact opposite onmattersrequiring a representative from the
at a debate on europeanmattersrichard lochhead the minister talked
scvo raised a number ofmattersthat our amendment touches on
represented on cross border railmattersthe minister for transport moved
regulate on health and safetymattersto ensure that all firms
acted as adviser on gaelicmattersto the secretary of state
with regard to nine differentmattersa reply from building control
the issue rather than proceduralmatterstommy sheridan with the greatest
surveillance might try to takemattersup with the tribunal as
education which i welcome seriousmattersface higher education funding at
s life long agonisings overmattersof faith for which he
discussing in great detail themattersto which i am referring
target performance indicators for technicalmatterswhich have been identified so
to subsection 1 above thematterswhich it is to include
to subsection 1 above thematterswhich it is to include
as well as broader tourismmatterswhich may be without the
justice a scotland where everyonematterswhich was published in 1999
range of international obligations themattersin the bill that would
of our scrutiny of europeanmattersas part of the clerks
be the best caretaker whenmattersbecome urgent just as the
of international commitments as importantmattersdeserving of scrutiny by this
sadie that s all thatmattersof course as long as
too much about the proceduralmatterspresiding officer as i am
we have the commitment thatmatterswill be expedited as quickly
the executive s response tomattersarising from consideration of petitions
we will continue to reviewmattersbut it is important to
its ability to get throughmattersby way of subordinate legislation
making every effort to expeditemattersdelays were not exclusive to
paying some attention to financialmatterseveryone v crotchety round here
it was important to movemattersforward i hope that the
most appropriate vehicle for takingmattersforward it is hard to
to return to more prosaicmattersi ask lyndsay mcintosh whether
from attempting to cover europeanmattersin any detail i hope
were to try to influencemattersin that way what is
and probe a couple ofmattersin the policy memorandum to
power to do something aboutmattersit seems strange to have
what will he say dadmatterslet s go to the
have regard to a themattersmentioned in section principles for
what definition is given tomattersof a policy and b
to make a judgement inmattersof love and marriage when
single proposal and will takemattersright to the end of
public local inquiries into planningmatterss1w 10693 margaret jamieson to
completing reports into local planningmatterss1w 10696 alex neil to
courses to voluntary and communitymatterss1w 23079 mr mike rumbles
ensure knowledge of food safetymatterss1w 24067 mary scanlon to
the executive is clear languagemattersscottish schoolchildren need to know
that there may be furthermattersthat need to be set
say that if members havemattersthat they want to explore
schedule introduced by section 2mattersto be included in the
is taking longer for somemattersto come to light in
in that black hole loyaltymattersto me let the trumpet
james and i have reportedmattersto the committee and we
education the right to refermattersto the ombudsman when institutional
from time to time refermattersto us for comment and
msps need to know whatmattersto you in order to
extending enhanced cooperation to defencematterswhat can be done to
we can be satisfied thatmattershave been addressed contaminated land
flyting and high and learnedmatterslong historical subjects can be
thought don t think itmattersyou d be terrific healing
fostering their confidence in languagemattersand deepening their insight into
visit the milkmaid she takesmattersinto her own hands and
anger that no glory tookmattersinto its hands praised them
any particular insights into howmatterswill progress i know only
us apart from that nomattersarise interruption sorry i am
the village of braemar spiritualmatterswere conducted in latin for
if the long term maintenancematterswere covered it could enhance
many more his work embodiesmattersof history politics commerce religion
competence for all fire servicemattersin scotland and urges the
at stage 2 will helpmattersalong the road but i
and complicate rather than clarifymattersangus mackay i will respond
do something we will leavemattersthere i thank members for
the education level where itmattersone of our key industries
i don t think itmatterssort of where you come
scotland where every deaf childmattersthe first minister i share
courts in civil legal aidmattersand what evaluations have been
regular basis if and whenmattersarise des mcnulty that is
the time scale has mademattersdifficult for committee members and
the warp and woof ofmattersflesh and blood a lyre
boards and trusts in takingmattersforward is varied every part
and that s really whatmattersi mean you ve got
i don t think thatmattersif you re born and
pursuing justice and home affairsmattersin europe over the first
of a range of environmentalmattersincluding noise and vibration we
the plan shall include thematterslisted in the schedule and
in previous legislation for previousmattersfor some time in discussion
in his book why scotsmattersfur makin scots mair accessible
the scottish parliament in europeanmattershas been outlined in a
information gathered in the processmattershave moved at an alarming
disabled people assist in improvingmattersjames o rourke young disabled
in your handbag honey sizemattersman she s tanned she
about the only girl whomattersmaybe i m in love
tae life being naïve inmatterso art i tocht maybe
patient s understanding of themattersset out in paragraphs a
that realm dermot scott defencemattershave always been left out
that the first thing thatmattersat this point is not
of chicago press this exacerbatedmattersthough it did not actually
thank you malcolm for outliningmattersi think that everyone welcomes
also provides for general administrativemattersschedule 2 schedule 2 relates
administrative responsibility for eu relatedmatterssecondly the committee of the
the uk ministers for scottishmattersthis consists of the following
scottish public sector ultimately whatmattersis the provision of good
your cock is what reallymattersis the size of your
of importance if it reallymattershe said i phone the
the location o yer businessmattersm818: most of the people
is one of the fewmattersthat gave the committee real
i don t think agemattersthat much a lot of
don t think it reallymattershow people speak she remarked
i don t think itmattersnow f1024: i i can
care the only world thatmattersis the one that is
derrick mcclure s why scotsmattersthere s an active literary

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