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the time twa three seamawsbirlt in the lift abuin
plettie the skraichs o gangrelmawsfaws frae abuin ah m
efter a while twa seamawsflew ower the new sand
wi the cries o themawsan the vices o the
be mair nor thae seamawscuid thole an they broke
s aw thae bluidie seamawshunners o thaim on tap
whit s aw thae puirmawstae dae a dinnae ken
loanins the broun riggs themawswul caw ye frae whan
mind iver seein sae moniemawsaw at the ae time
wi yoles men an seamawsan awthin wis ower the
ye listen til the seamawspeingin on the bare craigs
me no even the seamawsti wauken me wi thair
the boats cam hame themawscam hame wi thaim an
ti the lift that themawsmade oor maisic mair unco
a pudden an pick summawsti mak soup but the
hid aboot twintie or thertiemawsfollaein ahint it an when
v matted maun v mustmawsn mallows meat n food
the first skirmish wi themawsan the hole wis surroondit
quick success agin the maraudinmawsan thare wis a lot
peitchin ae bettir nor morsemawsruggin draigons o thairsells a
that kept a wheen omawsoot the wey but noo
i looked at the blackmawsof alley and close the
nou yae blue a hantilmawstak flicht up frae the
we re gaun tae mamawsfine says he ll no
liltin she bokes up craikinmawssleepin she bumphles a runkled

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