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hundred f1109: four hundred m1110: maybefive hundred maybe six hundred
f1109: maybe three hundred m1110: maybefour hundred f1109: four hundred
five hundred maybe six hundredmaybek- it s ga- maybe
maybe ten f1109: mmhm m1110: maybeone hundred maybe two hundred
hundred m1110: maybe five hundredmaybesix hundred maybe k- it
f1109: maybe two hundred m1110: maybethree hundred f1109: maybe three
m1110: maybe three hundred f1109: maybethree hundred m1110: maybe four
mmhm m1110: maybe one hundredmaybetwo hundred f1109: maybe two
hundred maybe two hundred f1109: maybetwo hundred m1110: maybe three
great pile maybe aboot thirtymaybeaboot thirty letters ye had
me wae a great pilemaybeaboot thirty maybe aboot thirty
slyly hiding it behind himmaybeaye maybe no muriel i
the toaster f1114: i llmaybe[?]be you[/?] [inaudible] maybe the [inaudible]
as lamb but that smaybedescribing somebody maybe older tryin
d maybe tried she wasmaybedoing something with the radio
to to europe and somaybeer maybe there s something
still in the box m1090: maybef1089: maybe m1090: yes yes
said before f807: [inhale] maybemaybef806: cause it might make
m830: two or three yearsmaybef829: yeah m830: yeah maybe
about [cough] maybe four yearsmaybefive years ago erm to
earlier attempts probably about [cough]maybefour years maybe five years
maybe get guns get gunsmaybeget guns f1095: mm m1096:
two [inaudible] guns guns canmaybeget guns get guns maybe
lapland f1121: oh you llmaybeget maybe granny and granda
oh you ll maybe getmaybegranny and granda will take
f1111: you could maybe singmaybehe tickles with that hands
then again maybe you knowmaybehe was always meant to
have the knack maybe ormaybei blew it in the
i see it m1090: maybemaybei dinna want it f1089:
him gladys maybe neil exasperatedmaybei don t understand you
older f718: uh huh m734: maybei wa- maybe i was
maybe i wo- i dinnamaybei want it f1089: turn
huh m734: maybe i wa-maybei was adopted [laugh] f718:
one here as well m1090: maybei wo- i dinna maybe
och maybe it is ochmaybeis the the thing then
it s familiar f1001: ochmaybeit is och maybe is
erm er but may- maybemaybeit is there er maybe
think yes i think maybemaybeit s a good idea
maybe k- it s ga-maybeit s games i see
for a bit f1037: maybemaybeit s just an age
up stage maybe that smaybeit s something as strange
maybe it was a psalmmaybeit was a pagan song
a few notes to herselfmaybeit was a psalm maybe
maybe mother put it theremaybeit was left over from
purposeful living so i wannamaybelet s maybe [?]overarching[/?] title
the box m1090: maybe f1089: maybem1090: yes yes f1089: [inaudible]
you said before f807: [inhale]maybemaybe f806: cause it might
till i see it m1090: maybemaybe i dinna want it
taken erm er but may-maybemaybe it is there er
i think yes i thinkmaybemaybe it s a good
school for a bit f1037: maybemaybe it s just an
childhood with which i beganmaybemaybe the important things that
that kind of thing m1090: maybemaybe you would like that
you know but it smaybeme maybe me that s
but it s maybe memaybeme that s out o
yeah maybe more [inaudible] f829: maybemore i think m830: but
maybe f829: yeah m830: yeahmaybemore [inaudible] f829: maybe more
where did it come frommaybemother put it there maybe
maybe she was just tr-maybemy geography teacher was just
him and tell him gladysmaybeneil exasperated maybe i don
[inaudible] eugh maybe no [laugh]maybeno aye he was eugh
that s cause [inaudible] eughmaybeno [laugh] maybe no aye
that bit go in theremaybeno maybe there no i
his parents come fae aberdeenmaybeno maybe they d left
it behind him maybe ayemaybeno muriel i kent it
that s maybe describing somebodymaybeolder tryin tae make themselves
didn t have the knackmaybeor maybe i blew it
i wanna maybe let smaybe[?]overarching[/?] title i see a
i don t know butmaybeshe was just tr- maybe
uh huh f1111: you couldmaybesing maybe he tickles with
two three four m1110: fivemaybeten f1109: mmhm m1110: maybe
the the typing up stagemaybethat s maybe it s
with which i began maybemaybethe important things that happened
i ll maybe [?]be you[/?] [inaudible]maybethe [inaudible] [inaudible] f1113: where
maybe it is there ermaybethe resonances are there m608:
maybe there wasn t onemaybethere d never be one
go in there maybe nomaybethere no i dinna ken
europe and so maybe ermaybethere s something that can
seeking another crowd to joinmaybethere wasn t one maybe
come fae aberdeen maybe nomaybethey d left the country
yeah i know maybe theymaybethey just see potential in
us m815: yeah i knowmaybethey maybe they just see
someone thought like she dmaybetried she was maybe doing
maybe we should do thismaybewe should do that almost
way forward sitting here sayingmaybewe should do this maybe
human being erm then againmaybeyou know maybe he was
kind of thing m1090: maybemaybeyou would like that but
about a brown dog m1090: maybea green dog at [?]cos[/?]
find fitt fitt santa smaybegan tae bring you m1090:
no it s nae m1090: maybeit is off f1089: look
where it is m1090: [laugh]maybeit s hidin in f1089:
f1089: [?]yeah right[/?] yeah m1090: [inaudible]maybeit s my dad uh
not so hard up heremaybem1090: [scratching noise] mm f1089: oh
now see stand up m1090: maybeput it inned my pocket
t we m1090: yeah f1089: maybesee what s on the
me m1090: pardon me mmhmmaybethis bit goes there f1089:
oh aye quite honkin m1090: maybethis bit [yawn] do you
you m1090: [inhale] [inaudible] thismaybethis colour f1089: have you
find in here m1090: m-maybetoys f1089: no i dinna
do you think it smaybeup here m1090: [inhale] and
tae do m1090: [coin scratching paper] f1089: maybewe ll use a a
m1090: far can it fitmaybeyou can have it f1089:
ll winter fine come hairstmaybea ll pey ye back
ll go home on fridaymaybeafternoon cause i might stay
i ll just push themmaybeah he pushed them oh
lapland f1121: we ll seemaybeat christmas time f1122: i
day mammy f1127: we llmaybebake later on then will
ken f1102: mm it llmaybebe [censored: forename] s cause look
he kept asking they llmaybebe efter us this seemed
f1095: i think that llmaybebe enough for that sandwich
wi your f1114: i llmaybebe [inaudible] f1113: eh f1114:
f1113: eh f1114: i llmaybebe [inaudible] f1113: put the
of them or we llmaybebe playing games like bobby
well i think that llmaybebe plenty in there just
f606: ah f823: they llmaybebe there when we come
if they dinnae have wellmaybebiology ll have probably advanced
brush them f1111: he llmaybebrush them for you yes
s hot and you llmaybeburn your fingers put that
hot [censored: forename] so you llmaybeburn your hands so if
ll be ready for mairriagemaybeby the time the war
gaun oot a walk llmaybeclear ma heid dinnae git
mm yes [laugh] i llmaybecome back to you then
and sit ootside someone llmaybecome dae ye want folk
daddy s away they llmaybecome up past after school
wee shot and it llmaybecost two pounds a bottle
sharp you ll ha emaybecut the heid aff o
never too late i meanmaybedown the line we ll
yeah f1143: was it ehmmaybeeighties yeah john ll remember
for it after we llmaybeempty the toybox and hae
plots ir lang masel teemaybeey ll chuck e cheer
no cause you ll crashmaybef1136: [inaudible] i ll go
my work f823: they llmaybef606: ah f823: they ll
gairdens a complete ah llmaybeget a pair o lions
transcript review org you llmaybeget a peerie surprise fur
ah m822: so you llmaybeget aff at laurencekirk the
bar first and you llmaybeget one of that necklace
it s beautiful you llmaybeget oot on your sledge
they go f1125: we llmaybeget tweenies one the next
re awfie lucky we llmaybeget wir holidays eh oh
f1130: aye f1129: you llmaybeget your toy from mum
me up then i llmaybegie they weans a bath
codonas f1129: well we llmaybego to codonas when dad
erm we could we llmaybego to the animal farm
that f1095: mmhm we llmaybego to the pictures and
f1095: uh huh we llmaybego when dad comes hame
f1118: yeah f1117: we llmaybego wi auntie [censored: forename] this
well you leave it andmaybegranny ll eat it when
them in there hot andmaybegranny ll hae them cause
crops are long gone anmaybegweed reddance ye ll be
the subject but it llmaybeha e to wait noo
area i tink you llmaybehae an aaricht time but
o spellin problems we llmaybehae tae contend wi i
that s right you llmaybehave to get ither bits
aye f1121: so we llmaybehave to try [baby coughs in background] f1122:
drinkin got oot o handmaybehe ll come tae his
shot this week f1136: ermmaybei ll get a shot
family for 3 weeks butmaybei ll get there this
out the cheapest way homemaybei ll go down to
i ll have a brainwavemaybei ll go to malawi
m rather confused just nowmaybei ll have a brainwave
this amazing affinity with watermaybei ll have to dig
keep it to myself ormaybei ll just write it
get a chance okay butmaybei ll no rin sae
recognised it isn t bessiemaybei ll see gladys neil
give you a pill bessiemaybei ll see neil that
3 pairs of underpants onlymaybei ll send some on
on top of the cushionmaybei ll throw her away
ll never eat all thosemaybei ll try him with
of the egyptians here andmaybei ll write to the
and who knows next christmasmaybeit ll be fried camel
the box a shake andmaybeit ll come out eh
get it sadie no waitmaybeit ll stop phone stops
f718: right oh we llmaybejust leave it just now
no i think he llmaybelike bob f1142: well we
m1106: [exhale] f1105: you llmaybemake it at the playgroup
what f1112: [inaudible] f1111: wellmaybemummy ll have to draw
good look jock ye llmaybenae look sae braw in
to yoursel eh i llmaybeneed to look roon for
way this conversation is goingmaybeneil you ll have to
get stronger but you llmaybenever be as good on
we ll go to floridamaybenext year right that s
wrapped around him i llmaybeno be here when the
out f1123: okay i llmaybepaint a picture as well
yet i ll write ormaybephone as soon as i
down your trousers you llmaybepull it off f1112: i
f1111: no cause you llmaybepull it out when you
it s okay i llmayberenew eventually m608: mmhm m642:
freen f1001: i ll oftenmaybesay it as somebody that
one s there i llmaybesay the wee one so
oh dinna cause he llmaybescratch your face f1104: [laugh]
f1121: okay cause you llmaybesee [censored: forename] tonight will you
i ll go with hermaybeshe ll change her mind
nine f1049: i know m1048: maybeshe ll come and cook
smelling nice in the housemaybeshe ll let me use
it ll be the heatmaybeshe sits again neil settles
aboot inside me they llmaybestumble across something pause a
days a week it llmaybesuit you until you get
a wumman jim lizzie llmaybetak ye on lizzie jumping
we ll see dad llmaybetake you over f1102: no
f1095: that ll go theremaybe[telephone rings] oh m1096: ah f1095:
either of us touched itmaybethe owner ll come back
clap if they had handsmaybethey ll just clap their
that ll be it ormaybethree big bites right [inaudible]
she ll spend another yearmaybetwo between cairo tübingen and
uh f1091: no we llmaybewatch that ain at at
ll take all that recyclingmaybewe could do that tomorrow
mainly addressed to yoursel thoughmaybewe ll get a wee
this first f1109: right ohmaybewe ll if read that
isn t so bad nowmaybewe ll manage to meet
where s ma telephone f1089: maybewe ll put it round
ve had my lunch f1101: maybewe ll see dad ll
called f1122: sammy f1121: sammymaybewe ll see him today
nae mair m1096: mmhm f1095: maybewe ll see up here
and i think she llmaybewear a pretty necklace as
well i think i llmaybewhat will i dae oops
three hours a day somaybewhen i finish i ll
ta do f960: i llmaybewin up next year [laugh]
of us [laugh] f639: yearmaybeyou ll come to america
you ll never read itmaybeyou ll never come back
will be bad enough butmaybeyou ll never read it
like interesting or hame knittedmaybeyou ll switch on some
something in e flooer bedmaybea beetle said i hallo
a small thing you knowmaybea penny dainty or something
that she was really enjoyingmaybeart or something [laugh] and
as a wee loon anmaybeere s something in t
did it because obviously shemaybegets commission or something and
which you know you vemaybegot something out for three
people who had you knowmaybehad something in their car
was something about his voicemaybehe intended to betray him
well i don t knowmaybehousing or something el- i
f1077: or something at lunchtimemaybei had something else i
is something fixed and finalmaybeit is as an abstract
was associated with them beingmaybenot so clever or something
you know that we wouldmaybesay something and they d
short briks something you may-maybesay tae somebody that ye
evening from about six somethingmaybesix it was all english
that we would say somethingmaybeslightly different fae what shetland
twelve or thirteen or somethingmaybeslightly more than that but
tae think at ere smaybesomething aifter aa in fit
weeks f943: [laugh] m944: [laugh]maybesomething happened and we blotted
i would f1001: that smaybesomething that s come in
have to do you readmaybesomething that you you think
of fluidity is is ismaybesomething there i don t
out a little something runicmaybethe odd scrap of ogham
huh f637: and ye paidmaybethruppence or something m608: thruppence
[sniff] mmhm f718: that thatmaybeties in with erm something
or modern scots usage ehmmaybeyou can show you something
what else could i cutmaybea big rectangle a box
kist m999: oh aye wellmaybea kist m1000: aye could
bristol cream down the radiatormaybebut thank god nobody could
orra would be anither anemaybecould be orra lookin m999:
gruel but a suppose thingsmaybecould hae been a bit
[inaudible] yeah f951: mmhm yeahmaybecould have been but a-a-
time and the day wemaybecould have done it it
a new nightie i couldmaybeeven get een fae marks
i could o been breathinmaybef643: but this wis the
like that then we couldmaybefind a dress that matches
dee peggy weel you couldmaybefold some napkins you can
them f1121: well we couldmaybegie the baby ones to
was jist thinkin we couldmaybeging oot thegether for a
f940: oh well i couldmaybego in and just eat
playschool erm [tut] you couldmaybego to [censored: forename] s f1104:
don t know i couldmaybehave another go at it
shout jimmy jimmy they couldmaybehave been cheering you on
might have happened for sydmaybehe could have been rescued
rescued from his tranquillised oblivionmaybehe could have shone again
put on our thinking capsmaybei could climb up and
to see how that ismaybei could get a job
matters o art i tochtmaybei could jöst recite da
up towards the sun weelmaybei could just tak a
it could be scotland generallymaybei m no sure f1026:
never could work it outmaybeit s me that s
be more like black bunmaybem964: that could be f965:
we could do we couldmaybemake chocolate crispies f1122: is
i could and i couldmaybemeet uncle john and aunt
use doon here m1013: ohmaybeno it c- it could
m sure they were arabsmaybepalestinians you could tell they
same wye yoursel you couldmaybepop toby intill t fan
sanderson we thoucht you couldmayberespond wi a toast to
her brother ah well thenmaybeshe could be a witch
aboot it angelica could youmaybetak it in tae fit
uh huh f1101: you couldmaybetake oot your hoover and
that it f1101: you couldmaybetake oot your hoover yo-
guidance to children he couldmaybeteach guidance of children to
being greater than local demandmaybethat could be slowed down
gonna have fifty pounds f809: maybewe could all group together
eh or let me seemaybewe could baste her in
sticky bits in here f1111: maybewe could be at the
they re stuck are theymaybewe could get your sweeties
work you re nearly finishedmaybewe could gie some to
good then f1122: aye f1121: maybewe could make this again
so that s extras somaybewe could put a couple
f1122: gooey oh no f1121: maybewe could put two on
okay i m ready f1121: maybewe could take take some
was his last day toomaybeyou could have got him
uh huh mmhm m865: somaybeyou could just take a
language m952: mmhm m865: somaybeyou could take a look
not seen the incredibles yetmaybeyou could tell me a
ehm i was wondering ifmaybeyou could tell me about
not think that it ismaybea bottle of wine is
it is think it smaybea pussy cat can you
person writing f965: no wellmaybea wee bit i think
have a think later onmaybeafter tea m1110: no can
t i think ae thatmaybebecause he was comin through
yellow f1123: red i thinkmaybebittie oh no do you
well i think you remaybeboth getting ahead of yourselves
is that do you thinkmaybecause there s no that
the courier i think ormaybeeven 4 christian christian writes
smoor wi sna but naemaybef1001: well i think a
folk say that m1012: [inaudible]maybef1011: i think it s
do you think that smaybefitt it is yep f1104:
what i think we shouldmaybego and have a bath
no i think it willmaybego up here or somewhere
f1103: no i think theymaybegonna fit in withoot breaking
min richt i think imaybehad a wee tootie on
gone i think he hadmaybehad an alcohol problem i
i i think you probablymaybehave a couple of questions
like that but i thinkmaybehe s got this idea
a douce front i thinkmaybehe stayed for your sake
to think that she wasmaybehungry so mabel like a
erm situation when there wasmaybei think five of us
f951: follae [laugh] i thinkmaybeif somebody had read it
uh huh m1174: i thinkmaybeif we were to adapt
i think that s plentymaybeif you got a big
f1103: i think that wasmaybein the lion king f1104:
the borders but i thinkmaybeit is f1144: [laugh] f1143:
do you think so ayemaybeit is god i am
don t think it didmaybeit just went for a
of thing f1149: i thinkmaybeit s just called a
but i think it wasmaybejust a mixture o that
think scots is ehm somaybejust take a look at
f1111: i think we shouldmaybeleave that look the water
in particular and who aremaybelike i think if you
pretty i think she wouldmaybelike to wear a dress
it f1095: in the bathroommaybem1096: hmm aye i think
well i think it smaybemeant tae be make available
think it s it smaybemore i don t know
think f640: well that smaybepart of it too that
you think so is theremaybepirates in the boats m1092:
and i think she smaybeready to make love i
ken turn ower the pagemaybesee i think it s
okay i think we shouldmaybesing a song cause they
ehm of teachin i thinkmaybeteaching us about all this
too loud well i thinkmaybethat s where we can
no not really i thinkmaybethe aberdonians do it s
think i think that smaybethe b- biggest disadvantage of
modern thinkin but ah thinkmaybethe lord did get me
yeah i think she ismaybethe only one who is
think it s too insularmaybeto just m055: the celebration
group came together i thinkmaybetwo and a half ago
good i think there smaybetwo that s kind of
f1027: i think we dmaybeuse it now but you
even raised that issue wemaybewant to think again about
that track f963: we havemaybewe should i think we
exclusively f1151: mmhm f1150: thenmaybewhat people think of as
f1101: i think she smaybeworking hey her car s
know i think there smaybeyae web page f785: i
f1103: mm i think somaybeyep well done f1104: rainbow
you no child i thinkmaybeyou are a widow i
are a widow i thinkmaybeyou are like a cargo
they think scots is somaybeyou can just take a
they think scots is somaybeyou can read this and
and reliable that i thinkmaybeyou know the more sort
to the ither as weelmaybeyou think all i hae
be the odd one outmaybeyou think you re better
think openly and freely yourselfmaybeyou thought i had a
i dinna think you willmaybeyou will find toys in
haad e weeds mabel wismaybe20 at e time an
at eir side it smaybea peety e canes is
fir flavourin e broth ormaybea pottie o mince an
jist e pleesher o tmaybeaa e wye till e
wid e teacher come backmaybebetter if e didna my
ha e that he smaybebossy i said but he
er up an get awamaybee lad wis walkin alangside
richt throwe e middle anmaybee palin wis e marker
ey were brocht up anmaybee question is fither ye
be onything eir mak anmaybee rest o e tour
grun i dinna ken bitmaybee snaa hid made em
tae brichten e print anmaybee telly on tee weel
nail for squaries o papermaybee weekly news or e
working at cyarlincraig that smaybeenyeuch aboot e things in
taste like half made candymaybeeven better n e cakes
confeeset e craiter it wismaybeexpeckin s tae come stracht
e freens at geed aforemaybeey re like e stirries
since e beginnin o creationmaybefollowin oot eir ain instincts
e soon o naiter erselmaybegaan deeper intae ye than
ir less an it smaybegot e sense in t
at egidder an we dmaybehae a glaiss o e
mair serious braaks ye dmaybehae tae tak e rope
even in e dark ormaybein e mist for e
pea soup maist days exceptmaybein e simmer in summer
oot o my wye weelmaybeit s nae jist e
chaa t like chaddy anmaybeit wis gweed for e
cam oot in ma dreammaybeit wis some e same
e orra pail it wismaybejist an apology for a
e got pause it smaybejist as weel she was
e back o a dykemaybejist wi ae straan o
wasps rovin oot fae tmaybelandin on e widden seat
o e hoose it smaybenae richt tae gaap at
willie bein sae bashfae anmaybenae unnerstannin e queer wye
a palin brobbin yer fingersmaybeon e spikes o e
i wis at e timemaybesax or seyven i geed
wid itherwise hae broken anmaybescattert ower e fleer ye
for a filie e dmaybeseen e mrs gaan up
beatin e foreman at itmaybethe weemin folk had mair
if e s sair bothertmaybethey re jist like fowk
get in amon em anmaybetry oot e scythe even
linin leavin a spacie omaybetwa inches e shed s
crap thinkin aboot e olympicsmaybewe hid jist aboot as
bump an e scraichin anmaybewidna be jist ill pleased
o t hallowin e programmesmaybewis a figure o a
as a weddin present noticetmaybewisna e richt wird though
e van cam roon eremaybewisna muckle lowse siller aboot
e horse wis slower anmaybeye d tae wirk harder
e forkers in a parkmaybeye hid tae fecht wi
e side neesht e tattiesmaybeye hiv tae claa yer
d gie you mine anmaybeyour mither wold gi e
for mair somebody that wasmaybea bit bit of a
jöst is weel is anmaybea coarn mair is mitten
a bit there we gomaybea wee bittie mair milk
overboard coz ah knew thatmaybeeftir a few days mair
ye mair like which ismaybef826: mmhm f606: aye [cough]
ken if it softens itmaybeit s a mair couthie
a sofa but that smaybemair a modern term a
we thought that that wasmaybemair accurate for what it
did the same there smaybemair chance o cowpin some
was six pun wecht ayemaybemair i knelt on the
i hink i dinnae kenmaybemair m941: she s bound
said a week at leastmaybemair peggy sarcastically must be
in fine weather there wasmaybemair sociability tae life then
livin settin an that smaybemair than ony museum can
she s seiven bairns ormaybemair there s no a
beef tae feed it anmaybemak it feel mair at
mair bungalows or a maisonettemaybeone an one or your
mm m903: mair so thanmaybethem tryin to speak that
re baith unco chiels butmaybethey hae mair in common
was mair people spoke itmaybeyou you would ken what
always have just a snackmaybea cold turkey sandwich later
for you m1000: eh justmaybea wee bit ower on
over our party plans againmaybeauntie mcbeeb should just ask
that be big enough justmaybeaye we winna need to
just a north east wordmaybebut but isn t it
work mrs beaumont should wemaybedraw the curtains rowland just
ago when i m justmaybedustin round aboot and see
stuff that s more interestinmaybeehm clothes what just a
must be hundreds of themmaybeeven thousands just words ignore
just a slightly different pronunciationmaybef1053: an would all yer
m194: just an- for abootmaybe[gesture] that for m608: mmhm
year or so an thenmaybeget mairriet chrissie appears just
man just the ane shouldmaybehae to fall victim rowland
but i canna tink itmaybehe just pits it ta
of the day you justmaybehit- had a little bit
f1038: so then i thoughtmaybei just want to do
quite revolting to me butmaybei m just queer what
i m not quite suremaybei m just talking mince
know i just found itmaybei was just being childish
different date in my diarymaybeit is just me the
just a few pages ormaybeit s a website m815:
a child and it mi-maybeit was just a sort
just straightened m1048: ma- ayemaybeit was just straightened cause
ye see f1001: it smaybejust a slightly different pronunciation
i mean it- it smaybejust because i notice it
that s true it smaybejust cause m903: aye f826:
know [laugh] f889: he smaybejust done it a week
uh huh f1001: that aremaybejust hungin aroond bein referred
f1023: [inaudible] f1026: that smaybejust in the police station
f950: [exhale] well it smaybejust me own opinion but
that one m1146: we wouldmaybejust say laughin he s
cause she f1049: it wasmaybejust straight m1048: make up
bit slower a bit jazziermaybejust stroll along might have
pander to one s stomachmaybejust to cover up the
jamieson one [touches microphone] m804: ohmaybejust try and leave that
i just thought oh ayemaybemy wages have been increased
stories in shetland dialect ismaybeno just a very good
home and bathed or ormaybenot even bathed just taken
just to be logical ormaybenot i ve tried to
violence i don t knowmaybenot just a a row
take off the videos justmaybeone at a time okay
the road a wee bitmaybeshe just went down f1154:
she drew them on ormaybeshe s just no that
of both strength and vulnerabilitymaybeshe was also attracted just
that i don t knowmaybeshe was just trying to
must admit it was justmaybesort of twice a year
m nae just very suremaybethey were just nae very
the other guy s conkermaybethey were just the reserve
because it just means thatmaybethis is the word we
oh we just had soupmaybeto start f640: soup usually
find it on the internetmaybeyou can just also take
scots f950: mmhm m865,: somaybeyou can just take a
s just an age thingmaybeyou grow out of bubble
cause it was probably yesmaybebecause well they wirnae really
scottish accent cause there smaybebeen less people actually movin
you eh because i dmaybebeen mumpin and sulkin cause
coming in m608: right m078: maybecause they didn t carry
at park f1135: well youmaybe[?]eat it[/?] cause it s goin
it you know f807: yeahmaybef806: cause she likes romance
really wis cause er ermaybehe didna hae ta pey
s no quite that disnaemaybeneed to be moody cause
watch your [?]jobbies[/?] cause theymaybe[?]sting you[/?] f1095: [inaudible] get down
check on the car causemaybethe brakes failed no f1155:
s a bit odd butmaybethere s like ehm cause
dry your hands cause thenmaybethey winna stick to your
see them after finals formaybea day or two f809:
potential a coffin or twomaybea kitchen table wise up
would have to say thatmaybea two for the other
enough erm er rooms formaybea two stream primary and
m811: these two like folkmaybeabout fifteen or somethin in
ken f1040: [inaudible] f1041: ohmaybeaye see two meanins again
two scares one or twomaybecaught fire then m608: aye
two till like that ormaybefor any other reason they
and if you ma- youmaybehad two or three days
then the sometime ye dmaybehae two boats would come
other two but then againmaybenot i suppose it s
f606: [laugh] yeah f829: wellmaybenot [laugh] two mile walk
in town m608: mmhm f643: maybeone or two days a
water plus eh they hadmaybeone or two old eh
mm m636: miss a formaybeone year two year even
pick m952: ach aboot twomaybescottish two m865: two okay
i mean these barges weremaybetwo barges a day was
yeah yeah yeah m964: andmaybetwo different drug cultures associated
s a case of pickmaybetwo or three and really
used to send over parcelsmaybetwo or three times a
and diversities of speakers somaybetwo thousand words of this
so we do a weekmaybetwo weeks that kinda f829:
know they ve then spentmaybetwo years learning accountancy and
f1112: why f1111: it wasmaybea bit cold for you
a gey allagrooze lookin ladmaybea bit frightening if you
not report cases that aremaybea bit iffy the convener
listenin to somethin that smaybea bit slower a bit
syne aa cam richt bitmaybea denner ir twa wis
visitors had theirs there widmaybebe a bit o dancin
a bit bit of amaybebit mischievous bit but nae
through burns and then youmaybedo a little bit of
is f958: an it smaybegettin a wee bit too
for another orange bit thatmaybegoes next to there look
get a bowl f1112: okaymaybei will steal a bit
bit drizzly we would saymaybeit s a drizzly kinda
an oots o t bitmaybeit s the teachers at
may be bit mains hidmaybekent it gey weel afore
up a wee bit moremaybe[laugh] och it s a
the winter bit they weremaybelookit doon on a bittie
her company for a bitmaybeshe s ready to talk
parts of the world economymaybethat is a bit rambling
grew on the trees atmaybethe blackbirds likit bit the
jist a young bullock bitmaybethe custom o haein a
clearly learning the ropes bettermaybethey were being a bit
engine mannie going that bitmaybetry it and see m1096:
then f1103: [inaudible] this bitmaybewell done f1104: see this
we tidy away some toysmaybeyou re a bit big
steal a bit f1111: ohmaybeyou will will you f1112:
and he was about threemaybeas well and they were
to hold his hand ormaybeat eighty three he s
through three mozart symphonies ormaybeconcertos i m as illiterate
you go back to italymaybefor three four months in
but she must have beenmaybeoh twenty three or twenty
as i ken aboot twamaybethree by noo eh and
go tae the high streetmaybethree or four times and
cam my turn i wasmaybethree pages ahind [laugh] of
oh okay m1163: oh yeahmaybethree weeks four weeks ou-
would have got a skelpmaybewhen i was aboot three
f963: [laugh] f965: they weremaybebreaking the law f963: well
well a baby we dmaybecall toddlers an then ye
that s flyin saunter alongmaybeclassical music as well we
sayin that i thought wasmaybedifferent fae [laugh] well endowed
aye f1054: programmes as wellmaybef1025: no i wouldnae say
o that f829: aye m830: maybef829: well it always does
and doon m1020: well itmaybegoes up and doon but
said as well m1146: mmhmmaybegowpin that s another one
a wee yankee lassie taemaybegraham tried laughing well said
well that is quite cheapmaybei will come back again
o somethin an f1040: wellmaybe[inaudible] m1042: [inaudible] f1043: an
know that boswell said wellmaybeit is not so rare
that s f746: mm wellmaybeit s th- f978: because
s very scottish mm wellmaybeit s very dundee m1078:
that chivalry is dead wellmaybeit should be 03 08
of jeans in my lifemaybeit was because well we
er well yeah and itmaybeit was sarah i know
ye f1103: well i dinnamaybeither folk div but i
daein aw that f643: wellmaybem608: aye m642: a that
a aye well it smaybemore a younger word m1017:
f1089: the noisy jigsaw wellmaybenae the noisy ain [inaudible]
[laugh] [laugh] f689: [laugh] wellmaybeno the best man the
of names ehm well notmaybenot a lot but ehm
of ex council houses wellmaybenot a lot but several
f606: mmhm f828: ehm wellmaybenot it s still still
really f806: no f807: wellmaybeonce or twice but not
well the war years andmaybesome time after an f746:
birthday f1111: her birthday wellmaybesomebody s given her a
well i i i remembermaybethat was somethin tae dae
in it f718: mm wellmaybethere isn t yeah m1078:
structure of the language wellmaybethey will and i got
make themself aye m903: wellmaybeto be understood like aye
by train m1163: oh wellmaybetrain down to london and
hed ta be jöst wirdsmaybeaboot da sea so dere
long f638: [cough] f637: andmaybeaboot f638: [cough] f637: that
north east an aifter atmaybeaboot twa hunner eer seen
class ironing f637: oh abootmaybeaboot twenty odds f640: oh
flee aff an ye dmaybebe left wi aboot a
saw when i was abootmaybeeight or nine years old
aboot teenie chrissie non committalmaybegeorgie he s gey aul
jöst recite da poem ormaybehae a converstion aboot dual
an somebody an ye dmaybehave aboot a dozen sledges
never spaeks aboot it anmaybehe s forgotten but i
aye i ken ere smaybenae muckle eese kennin aboot
rate as sheltered housing datesmaybesadie worry aboot gettin agnes
werenae that long there johnmaybesay aboot six month they
[inaudible] f638: a pie andmaybea round scone and a
beelin f1144: [inaudible] [inaudible] m1146: maybebilin i don t know
right f638: hosiery i wouldmaybebuy f640: [inaudible] f638: a
re disagreein wi them somaybecontermacious means f1040: [inaudible] m1042:
f1027: [laugh] f1054: [inaudible] tryingmaybecover some other stuff [laugh]
see f1112: [inaudible] [singing] ahmaybedo do her hair f1111:
fourteen thirteen f637: aye thirteenmaybef638: [inaudible] aye you d
[inaudible] it s too cauldmaybego go back another day
put them off [inaudible] f1117: maybeher mummy took them off
you tell me her bemaybe[inaudible] f1111: she going to
it but your back endmaybe[inaudible] the way you hit
[inaudible] ow ouch f1103: thatmaybeis sunny aye it s
weapon weapon [inaudible] f965: [laugh]maybeit originated f963: [laugh] a
it fair forfochen an [inaudible]maybeit s a family thing
really matter is f718: [inaudible]maybeit s a mood m734:
on help m1106: [inaudible] f1105: maybeit would be better if
yes [inaudible] sticks pencils thosemaybesticks pencils f1113: stick pencils
into the side then f1136: maybethat be [inaudible] f1135: what
yeah and would you makemaybethe hardest ain f1103: [inaudible]
her [inaudible] you [inaudible] f1111: maybethe- she is f1112: [laugh]
had sides ye see anmaybethere were eight [inaudible] see
have a look it smaybeup high f1112: [inaudible] [inaudible]
find some f1122: mm f1121: maybewe should [inaudible] shells f1122:
it s okay i thoughtmaybewhen you fell doon [inaudible]
mmhm posse they have thatmaybef1143: no i don t
they don t [laugh] m941: maybehis ehm hole s blocked
[laugh] f809: don t knowmaybehis mum [laugh] f810: i
kind of version of itmaybei don t know f806:
taps and their tinned sapmaybei don t need a
t need to be worshippedmaybei don t need the
don t need a priestmaybei don t need to
f806: i don t knowmaybei ve i don t
i don t know f1121: maybeit s in your toy
had been in ordinary wordsmaybe[laugh] i don t know
don t remember m635: ohmaybema- mount- met him before
british populace voluntarily gave ormaybeour governments don t really
f1097: don t know m1098: maybesomebody pick it up f1097:
the buses and take themmaybet- don t know where
i don t know ifmaybethat s an edinburgh one
f1091: i don t knowmaybethat s mam s feet
whereas i don t thi-maybethere was somebody working on
i don t know f1054: maybeused there a lot f1143:
management and get enough mspsmaybefour or five to take
for a whilie an thenmaybeget engaged for a year
i need a [?]moppie[/?] f1113: maybeget some milk f1114: i
thing in the afternoon theymaybehad to get it half
he really liked it somaybei can get him to
junior honours year in sydneymaybei get to go and
d rether get him bessiemaybein the morning if i
did it get there m815: maybeit was like a jumpin
get wir holidays eh ohmaybem1110: can we get a
we get a holiday f1109: maybenext year when ye re
did get a lot omaybereally uppity terms across the
there d never be onemaybeshe had to get used
get into that f1077: ohmaybethat was f718: mm into
at fowk sets up nooadaysmaybeye d get een ir
day an age they dmaybea settlin day a clear
eh we d be speakingmaybeabout [inhale] what where where
a certain height ye dmaybebe four feet ye d
now nurse and she dmaybebeen asked to to let
she ate it she dmaybecome oot the coma carolanne
ye got home ye dmaybecrumbs left ye never let
come in and they dmaybego tae the canteen at
stuff and then they dmaybego to some of the
an here ah um carolannemaybehe d have been alright
dan would have said ormaybehe d have said i
driver who kept getting lostmaybehe d spent too much
t wise to their ploysmaybei d shrink away if
i wish that i dmaybeleft it a year or
she d expect it peggymaybeno a the same i
the car window you dmaybesay oh they re absolutely
of white pollen procreational dandruffmaybeshe d never seen a
t an syne ye dmaybeshow t at a meetin
d poach he d gamblemaybesteal nae lass wad share
f1001: or somebody that dmaybethinner than they re in
an ye didna bother ormaybeye d faan oot wi
to it [laugh] f631: [laugh]maybeyou d best not no
roon tae it itherwise pausemaybeyou d raither nae bide
wi johnny jack i seemaybeyou d rather go into
er or somehow you knowmaybea boyfriend or girlfriend coming
kind of before i wasmaybeeight or nine er i
class at that time wasmaybeer up to fourteen children
er f1054: what can youmaybegie me a gie a
then and er you canmaybego and play wi [censored: forename]
have been very visionary andmaybehave introduced er home economics
not aware of reacting tomaybei was er but i
t know m1048: er [laugh]maybein glasgow [laugh] f1049: alright
aa unless er she smaybein yer schoolbag f1104: here
like that [laugh] m1078: nomaybenot but er you know
happened in glasgow that smaybenot happened in edinburgh er
have already produced materials ermaybenovels produced by irish writers
a situation er that wasmaybesad you know out would
okay so mmhm m1174: ermmaybethe last er four years
have larger portfolios consisting ofmaybe10 40 or 50 properties
racks lean and loping ormaybea functional animal is more
with aiming a stone ormaybea pigeon if one of
ehm i- the late ninetiesmaybeabout ninety six or ninety
comin back in there smaybeanother seaplane or sunderland takin
them up tae turnberry ormaybeaway t- tae turnberry or
the tin frae sinkin ormaybebadger hadna wechtit the tin
when they come back heremaybebeen in the army or
heard o it of coursemaybebein fae buckie or f1043:
buy a parcel for hermaybebuy some nice flowers or
flottin in a loch ormaybecrippled in a craub whaur
big when i say thatmaybeeight or nine from my
it s sometimes or s-maybeeven integrate it into the
would have said thingummy ormaybeeven whatsit f1054: what s
the same eh i mmaybefreezin or m1014: or you
granda or dad m1098: grandamaybegranda [raspberry noises] f1097: it s
through the door or soonermaybegreg jerked his head round
or a mouthful ye canmaybehae a gweed glammach o
work he was said ormaybehe said it himself tae
right to the street ormaybehe watched and bawled at
that happen or he smaybehurt his heid m1096: aye
ana or he failed itmaybei dinna ken he doesna
that s my theory ormaybei ve read it somewhere
or a very sophisticated plantmaybei watch too many tv
would be interestin to seemaybein fifty years or so
be about sixteen or seventeenmaybe[inhale] when i i used
bursting out all over ormaybeit isn t which is
was bonny or a babymaybeit s a bonny bonny
you know f631: mmhm f689: maybeit smelt too good or
actually in the higher ormaybeit was standard grade i
know to television programmes ormaybeit was you who mentioned
if dat wis aesier ormaybejöst emails ta organise hit
you cooked it or youmaybekee- kept the meat in
learn norwegian like norwegian ormaybelike danish or somethin like
parlour or the best roommaybem1000: [laugh] i i m
you will have forgotten ormaybenot m1183: [audience chatter] m1182: em
one of may- the bargesmaybeon the barges or one
by the waves from pondicherrymaybeor madras the breeze is
i mean what is itmaybeor maybes and a lot
the juke box the stonesmaybeor you choose the next
know any scottish other ma-maybescottish mainland ehm accents or
be the day or nomaybesome of them or we
destruction it can wait ormaybesome time a child will
like shells and stuff ormaybesome water for her f1149:
spot an got eir nestsmaybetakin een or twa o
said rubbing her abdomen ormaybethat shell pie i ate
recalled her words or soonermaybethe girl was talking in
be so bad and ormaybethey had come too close
thinkin too fondly o themmaybethey were aw beggars or
while you are here ormaybethey would like to visit
subject re a request ormaybetwa my dear dat wis
know women s days ofmaybew r i s or
i ve got m1146: snoozemaybeyeah snooze or doze f1143:
mean they they m- theymaybeawa a month ye come
called aunt from kilmarnock wouldmaybecome that day and ehm
eh most of the troopsmaybecome through are comin out
goin to sing oot loudmaybegranny will come and see
hear it okay f1101: ayemaybethe cd player will come
usually they come in wintermaybeto shelter if if there
come you know they remaybewriting in a clichéd kind
i mean you had onlymaybea you know a bottle
walks you know i wasmaybeabout fourteen thirteen fourteen at
i ve got you knowmaybeanother avenue open to me
like f641: yeah f639: tomaybeat least know and i
t know whether english ismaybebecause of all the sort
to their own loss bymaybecurrent south asian you know
folk that eh ye knowmaybedinna ken [laugh] a lot
huh uh huh m865: ehmmaybeeven you know reviving scots
but you know there theremaybeisn t a happy medium
mmhm m845: ye know may-maybeit s a perthshire phrase
you know that it smaybelike although it s quite
t know if it smaybememories of when they were
that you know she wouldmaybesay one thing and i
you know that you remaybesort of driven in the
essentially you know and andmaybethat s a generalisation i
does [laugh] you know andmaybethat s his guilt you
have worked in the sewersmaybethere are none you know
a sort of you knowmaybewilder side to him that
in a way you knowmaybeyes those things are are
know f745: oh erm f746: maybeyou had quite a big
auchenlea for the world beyondmaybeally wasn t the only
t be irritating him badlymaybebecause i m scottish and
isn t mine he smaybeeven married you got another
in t much haad awamaybefae cuttin a boortree branch
t wait although with luckmaybefiona would ooooo the drams
tenants of the flat whomaybehadn t heard of part
good at making people happymaybehappiness isn t his thing
he can t look upmaybehe is catatonic and proceeding
you re a liar andymaybei am why can t
cramps and was uncomfortably illmaybei shouldn t have had
i haven t seen beforemaybei ve seen it but
him won t we f1101: maybeit s [censored: forename] s you
it wasn t herself herselfmaybeit was her own voice
suppose so yeah f965: verymaybeit wasn t as romantic
it i m thinking ohmaybeit wasn t so bad
we won t see themmaybeit will need to be
did awa wi t anmaybeit wis o some eese
didn t broach the subjectmaybemindful that his lodger was
my daddy s and minemaybemummy says you won t
min t sae lang irmaybenae richt minin till it
a premature and painful deathmaybeour governments aren t as
of course there weren tmaybeso much then but ehm
but that s prob- yeahmaybethe essay isn t weighted
it doesn t taste nicemaybethe smoke will taste nicer
and f746: mmhm f978: andmaybethey didn t realise it
i thought f746: mm f745: maybethis isn t for me
isn t it we canmaybewatch that one later on
and the decision to movemaybewouldn t be the firm
you didn t use itmaybeyou didn t have any
but you were still unconsciousmaybeyou hadn t slept the
i have no idea f809: maybeabout ten minutes [laugh] we
in relation tae a beastmaybeaye m999: [laugh] that s
i read it kinna wrongmaybef1026: [laugh] f1025: no f1054:
bridge m642: bonneville is onlymaybef643: [laugh] m642: about oh
re aw musicians but [laugh]maybei m thinkin too fondly
f831: aye yeah [laugh] m842: maybei wis speakin rubbish at
unfair m1002: [laugh] m1000: thatmaybeis unfair eh dress isnae
that exciting [laugh] f809: nomaybeit s a secret there
small bomb yeah [laugh] f965: maybeit started out as that
i suppose m1007: bodach grànndamaybe[laugh] f1009: [laugh] m1055: [laugh]
see the reaction f807: yeahmaybe[laugh] f806: but if they
called being stoned f943: [laugh]maybe[laugh] m944: [laugh] and we
no no no no ianmaybe[laugh] no no loaded that
got him sacked [laugh] f810: maybe[laugh] totally but i ve
nae literally like but jeezmaybeliterally an aa [laugh] m999:
childish f1037: [laugh] [laugh] f1038: maybeme and my dad were
her so [laugh] f1154: ohmaybemy mum s done it
het up f1001: you remaybenever annoyed m1002: [laugh] m999:
upon their person [laugh] butmaybenot made by burberry f1144:
spy yeah [laugh] f940: butmaybenowadays if i was a
my my granny [laugh] somaybethat [laugh] was she always
right [laugh] f1025: [laugh] f1026: maybethat s it [laugh] f1023:
[laugh] m1007: i suppose drollmaybethat would be strange rather
dinna understand agriculture that smaybethe why m999: [laugh] aye
but still that- that smaybeunfair m1002: [laugh] m1000: that
oh [laugh] f969: that smaybewhat i hae and dinnae
ceramic m1048: oh that smaybewhy [laugh] [laugh] f1049: [laugh]
going down south f807: yeahmaybeyeah probably probably [laugh] f806:
when you were wee [laugh]maybeyou never done this right
have started quite y- youngmaybeabout twelve thirteen to go
day it s absolutely freezingmaybego next week when it
we f1104: no f1103: nomaybego swimming next week eh
when i ehm when imaybego to visit my ehm
bottom f1095: no nae hmmmaybeit does go there right
so i had a gomaybeit s not so good
tell me if she doesmaybemy pain will go away
to go out at nightmaybeto a dance they had
they would go would bemaybeto church and f1148: mmhm
tomat- f638: i would havemaybea couple of biscuits then
tae spread them oan thenmaybea hale hoose holds her
f963: mm m762: which ismaybea paradox and and then
school at dalkeith had shemaybebeen a witch by then
about me wis true lilianmaybebut then betty came home
she did proclaimed cameron proudlymaybedavid but then you can
s pink sunsparkle then f1103: maybein that bags i suppose
the thing then that smaybeit m999: aye aye i
an then fan there wasmaybejist henry tough an sandy
m999: no f1001: an thenmaybekind of expectin would be
she f1100: mmhm f1099: shemaybeneeds a rest then f1100:
clear policy on it thenmaybepeople are gonna associate it
then the arabic we havemaybesay after the the night
some tucs and cheese andmaybesome grapes and then a
crispies and then you canmaybetaste them later okay how
they would be workin onmaybethe surface an then it
would have said ben butmaybethen my mam we live
kisses and then you canmaybetry and write [censored: forename] on
eh portpatrick [?]corstal[/?] and upmaybeup and then up to
say erm seeck and thenmaybeyears ago folk might have
shout f1103: i dinna kenmaybehe s nae happy f1104:
craiters in at hooses anmaybenae a lot tae keep
in a ticht roon baamaybenae at ticht for ye
scythe blade though they weremaybenae aye fully hivvy enyeuch
afore comin back again anmaybenae bein aa that willin
be workin at hame somaybenae bidin at hame at
sarah on her ain anmaybenae even her if i
nae sae sure you remaybenae in the best position
age affa business like butmaybenae jist as sympathetic as
fairms o ony size thoughmaybenae on crafties it was
dinna believe ye angelica weelmaybenae the queen but princess
hid niver feenished it anmaybenae winner for it was
munchin teeth o cattle beasmaybeower hunners o ears nae
nae pint nae noo ronniemaybeyou re richt he gives
the personification of injured pridemaybeyour wife s nae as
aye a [?]gerbil[/?] it smaybea f1011: uh huh m1013:
m1000: uh huh suppose m999: maybeaye aye mmhm f1053: what
i ve read a fewmaybeaye bits and pieces of
leave of course m827: ayemaybeaye f826: the possibility s
aye m1000: mmhm this ismaybebeside the point but my
a silly boy f1103: ayemaybedo you want to grow
masel lizzie aye it smaybeharder for you young lassies
young man m608: aye m1163: maybein age wise i m
aye f1023: see that smaybelike going back when i
makkin the sausages f1095: sandwichesmaybem1096: aye f1095: and jeely
is it a breakdown truckmaybem1096: mm aye it f1095:
dundee a lot aye finemaybem999: yes it s eh
aye aye aye that smayberight girnin a girner i
the likes of amy wouldmaybesay baltic baltic f1027: aye
inned my pocket f1089: ayemaybewe will no it winna
somethin like that aye ayemaybeyou re right m999: aye
watchin that f807: yeah ohmaybeactually that would probably be
now oh dear this ismaybegoin to show och never
oh that s int- f978: maybei i suppose really is
off [tut] oh dear f1134: maybeit s some kinda pen
f1095: [?]oh nice[/?] m1096: nope nomaybeit s this one oh
was there anither one nomaybenot okay m1010: oh ge-
particular erm but yes th-maybeoh certainly in terms of
oot that s it ohmaybetry that one there try
same wi oh where ismaybewi the names put first
mmhm and dad f1091: mmmaybedad s in that ain
too but not so muchmaybeeightsome reels an f746: mm
have you would have itmaybef963: mm f965: on a
f963: mm f965: playground butmaybein the field f963: mm
to unblock his hole f940: maybeis m942: mm m941: what
here i got ye mmmaybeit s another one got
thought it was january butmaybeit was february erm mm
this link uh huh f951: maybemm m865: what would you
this all the time andmayberadio luxembourg f963: mm mmhm
mmhm okay yeah mm f950: maybesomebody that belongs tae whatever
mm there it goes rightmaybethat clouds goes on to
f963: mm mmhm yes yeahmaybethat comes back to what
a a crutch f1150: andmaybethat had mm f1151: you
like that f807: mm f806: maybethat s why they have
f963: mm mmhm f965: butmaybethat was bad enough f963:
school f1037: yeah f1038: somaybedo volunteer work that involves
the main stations f807: yeahmaybef806: for going down south
suppose yeah yeah f963: yeahmaybei m not putting it
yeah like the other onemaybein f810: uh huh f809:
it is invented m734: yeahmaybeit is more superimposed f718:
for different things f826: yeahmaybeit s a taking a
stuff f943: yeah m944: butmaybeit s called being stoned
i mean f961: yeah weelmaybeno but de brae wan
was under your arm yeahmaybethere s different ways of
it f1103: mmhm will wemaybewatch it tomorrow f1104: yeah
and visit uh huh yeahmaybeyeah mmhm f1149: see all
f640: soup usually mmhm f639: maybea different kind of soup
f1140: mmhm f1139: you remaybebetter wi trousers on if
mmhm f1160: ehm and sometimesmaybegoing ov- going over it
hear it f1026: mmhm f1027: maybein perth more than you
f963: mmhm mmhm f965: woomaybeit was a white one
mmhm f965: and it smaybeit would be going down
demonstrate f965: mmhm sarah wouldmaybemake you a dumpling f963:
f1025: mmhm f1054: mmhm f1027: maybenot when we were children
dialogue and f718: mmhm m017: maybesir walter scott s novels
f1151: mmhm f1150: it smaybesomewhere you re slightly more
m608: mmhm m1174: and ermmaybetalking about a- issues in
translation from gaelic m1007: mmhmmaybe[?]tè bheag, tè bheag air[/?] m1008: bheag f1009:
happy medium f963: mmhm f965: maybethere s no such thing
using it because they theymaybebe seen to be eh
ain affairs they couldnae haemaybeeh defence an that but
more at the moment m1146: maybef1144: i ve got eh
f1133: eh eh eh f1134: maybeit s some kinda pen
hae a lot of ehmaybeknowledge o tom leonard s
east england today an ehmaybethere s f835: and in
like me you ve probablymaybebeen at work an the
like yersel the guv heremaybebut you re going to
words that you use thatmaybedinna feature in the diagram
f1112: why f1111: you canmaybedo that after the bath
was magic miss mcwhat ofmaybefifty through the years you
have been i guess p2maybefor you p1 p2 f965:
to you except me anmaybegeorgie because she kens fit
toothpaste things like that youmaybegot a night at the
speakin tae little man f1142: maybehe s speakin to you
give you one after breakfastmaybeit depends of course he
had a musician s soulmaybeit swallowed you whole all
handedness but as you saymaybeit was associated with them
he was like are youmaybelooking for christina i m
it f1005: a stotter studmaybem1004: you ve no you
to socialism 2002 ehm m818: maybem819: mccombs erm said you
roon my neck you wouldmaybemanage to do it yourself
erm and they would bemaybenine ten feet high you
have on your blue sandalsmaybeon the stair have you
uh huh f1091: cow smaybesaying james what are you
finished wi but i canmaybestop you fae emptyin the
field all day you remaybetalkin about six seven hours
you re better than usmaybethat s what s holding
i i except very vaguelymaybethe beatles and stuff you
rescue his love that smaybewhy kate liked it you
you draw the house andmaybeyou can pretend you ve
tasty gooey is it f1121: maybeyou can take in some
discuss the cross party groupmaybeyou have written to me
better watch yoursel it smaybeyou he s efter an
low fat diet helps itmaybeyou ve tried that already
close f606: i wondered ifmaybeyou were trying to prepare
be teddy boys i meanmaybebefore your age like but
not that sensible a conversationmaybebut an enjoyable one mrs
between calfie an a stotmaybebut it can be a
that s feel at gladysmaybebut it s fit they
fear for children s safetymaybebut try asking the parents
but i m hoping thatmaybeehm some of the courses
ken pause but it smaybefit teenie needs a young
man who is not theremaybehe is there but i
week i bet peggy theymaybeneed each ither but they
a touch of real angermaybeno but it s my
i ve used bonny butmaybenot bonny braw together but
me every twa hoors andmaybeoftener but if i keek
i told her we wouldmaybesee them this week but
me but does she forgetmaybeshe s storing it all
but rather of their follymaybethe pool of urine is
tiny people real midgets butmaybethey only shrank when they
was the rival s fiancéemaybetook some working out but
m1019: but again the confusionmaybewas there at the knacker

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