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meant for it s notmeantfor everyone who s sitting
that you know it smeantfor it s not meant
and that meant [laugh] getmeantget home f631: [laugh] f634:
he meant lunatic he justmeanthe was just bein very
not surprisingly asked what thatmeantit meant that on going
said well get and thatmeant[laugh] get meant get home
a loony he thought hemeantlunatic he just meant he
mm mm f951: which ismeantsorta we re meant to
aboot shelts wis that hupmeantstert an whoa meant stop
hup meant stert an whoameantstop bit ower the neist
asked what that meant itmeantthat on going to the
is meant sorta we remeantto enhance and value the
in germany knew what itmeantbecause they don t get
so he knew what itmeantbut i didn t f718:
him i knew what hemeantbut this was the first
never knew whit whit shemeantshe said she d got
hoped i already knew itmeantstinking which we both certainly
knew damn fine that thatmeantthat john hannah young cuddly
message all knew what itmeantthat kind of thing sayings
an the stuff that smeanttae be cold is hot
well the stuff that smeanttae be hot is cold
the hot pan you weremeantto help mammy stir but
the one hot shower whichmeantwalking down five flights of
sure aboot the what yemeantwi the question eh hot
but ye kent what hemeantaa the same m1000: aye
i never kent fit thatmeanti often wondered but i
hauf kent noo fit itmeantit s first i gaed
him and he kent imeantit tae any man that
tae minnie s faither hogmanaymeantlittle bit the quine kent
d kent fine fit connachedmeantthere was a tight fisted
cyrus they kent what youmeantwhen you f826: yeah f902:
dub dub was the alwaysmeanta puddle er a dyke
what did you think imeantas always uncertainties multiply when
i always thought cack handedmeantthat you were a bit
that maybe he was alwaysmeantto be that kind of
know maybe he was alwaysmeantto be that maybe he
his name i ve alwaysmeantto test his idea omitting
city chambers he had alwaysmeantto visit parkhead below now
always mean that sometimes itmeantyou know you know high
i see i thought youmeantit was a van but
you see i thought itmeantlike what you do f1024:
and arrow i thought youmeantthe one little rabbit in
they must have thought hemeantthe whole amount and was
safties and i thought hemeantthose roll type things but
roon aboot fit the wirdsmeantin english an tae feenish
d nae idea fit imeantneil i m not surprised
like fit i wis sayinmeantsomethin even if it wis
not say fit are wemeanttae dae wi her noo
fit on earth are wemeanttae dae wi her the
wi her fit are wemeanttae dae wi her the
didn t know what youmeantby that i was being
for the whole island actuallymeantengland they didn t they
didn t know what itmeantf1077: mm mmhm m1078: er
didn t know whether shemeantout the class or out
mak for clarity whit ismeantby the term minority leids
wes sair queen angrily ahmeantit ti be sair whit
whit did ye mean imeantnaething in particular my lord
on kennin whit the sangmeantsae he hung his reins
ah didna ken whit itmeantthe tuin wes sumthing lyke
eyes shite tut naw ameanttut shite aw crivens whit
s not quite what imeantbut never heed now i
gladys i never realised youmeanther aye she had a
a meention o a smudgemeantsomethin never mair wid budge
who had health problems whichmeantthat they were never going
m954: ehm he was nevermeantto be a real cop
mm m954: and was nevermeantto have a happy social
became aware of what accentmeantwe never used the word
of time asking what thatmeanta flavour of what was
only too well what shemeantafter months of searching for
d tae learn what theymeantbecause coming from where we
t know what the wordsmeantbut they sounded so good
can t remember what itmeantbut we looked up flechie
t stop wondering what hemeantby calling jimmy auld fag
prison services limited what ismeantby early next month s1o
know that s what wemeantby moody up and doon
minister could explain what ismeantby residential properties i might
arise about what exactly ismeantby scots presumably reference to
don t know what shemeantby that but yeah f807:
and that s what imeantby the glaswegian influence the
retain the college what itmeantby the range of options
necessary to define what ismeantby the term minority languages
t quite sure what thatmeanter pavement path something like
say that s what theymeantf1054: i think it means
year olds brainstormed what wastemeantfor them as the teacher
need to clarify what ismeantin point 9 by legal
what that s what itmeantit didnae mean somebody hard
doubt i understood what shemeantit s so easy for
what the potato [laugh] faminemeant[laugh] f940: [laugh] [inaudible] m939:
tell you about that imeantm804: okay well what else
of what the word puritymeantnot till she d given
to know what the balladmeantsense she seems to regard
things by what they remeanttae be so that s
what you did you itmeantthe boys came and sort
was tellin [censored: forename] what dickymeantthe other day as well
show fully what they aremeantto achieve i want confirmation
oh that s what imeantto ask you what s
understand what living hereabouts hasmeantto the folk who have
that that was what paulinemeantwe might say to that
the member explain what shemeantwhen she said that we
e eizels the word simplymeantashes in old english and
one the other word thatmeanter good you know it
the the erm gaelic wordmeantmore of a a boyfriend
pocket of course they weremeantas the peace offering for
english speakers were given seatsmeantfor a cnd delegation headed
by authentic reading materials ismeantmaterials which were originally designed
them were borrowed which originallymeantphysically stunned but which now
means erm you know traditionallymeantsomebody that you were linked
stick an hi- you weremeanttae hit i cannae mind
and eventually printed them thismeantthat not only were women
scripts were being marked latemeantthat the normally strict sequence
allowed to keep any thismeantthat there were no eggs
premises f965: yeah f963: whichmeantthat they were interrupted fairly
that would clip cloots thatmeantthat they were now wait
materials were not there whichmeantthat we could not progress
taken were sensible but theymeantthat we were not operating
in the cornyard there simplymeantthat you were dead and
be pounded eyes were notmeantto be gouged she saw
her brain brains were notmeantto be pounded eyes were
and the paramedics that weremeantto be there just to
electrocuted and you were notmeantto go and like uh
if you were smoking youmeantto i m having a
think we were sort ofmeantto like confirm the booking
of those annuities that weremeantto mature in the past
pavarotti as they were notmeantto sound like something from
used to if you weremeantto wear trousers you would
when they were scything thismeantusing a stick or wand
those f1144: well it justmeantyou were a true stirling
[?]pocket[/?] [?]yak[/?] was eyes lantlemeantyou were clueless juggle was
a sexual connotation that justmeantyou were tired m1021: aye
is the english point whichmeanta length of cord or
more closely at helverie whichmeanta mass of people might
a new arrangement which ismeantfor specific circumstances set out
the rush hour peak whichmeantfurry hats meeting snout to
was a project manager whichmeanti had to walk the
play rebus which would havemeanti think movin knots and
on a raised platform whichmeantno one could hide from
words er you know whichmeantnot all nice things you
one dark lipstick hazelnut whichmeantour cyclist had lips that
out in the usa whichmeantthat aberdeen lost out electronic
significance of that decision whichmeantthat all the unit assessments
introduced compulsory competitive tendering whichmeantthat councils had to make
called the little theatre whichmeantthat it was only about
through the roof which hasmeantthat many organised events have
by aitken and stevenson whichmeantthat the conditions that had
information about contraception which hasmeantthe inability to control fertility
influence as a presence whichmeantthe triumph of the new
was making which was notmeantto be contentious i do
f814: nutmeg which is apparentlymeantto have quite a similar
an excellent point which imeantto suggest earlier i have
house highers was money flattiemeanta straight peg er naggins
immoral or anything just thatmeantthat er she was a
was the shout and thatmeantyou could er you know
we said er seeck thatmeantyou was vomitin f1054: mm
church th- the church ismeantfor people that you know
t know how i wasmeantm608: mmhm f643: to be
i really you know itmeantsomething to me and i
kitchen that you know thatmeantthrough through through in the
know or it s notmeantto be a woman f1187:
mean but how are wemeantto know the scots language
small class you know itmeantyou could spend more time
radar but the severe listmeantit could not be used
the time scales for consultationsmeantthat full time staff could
to be culverted all thismeantthat the completion date could
fur a smatterin o learninmeantthat the loon could haud
bill in a way thatmeantthat we could see a
year f1148: mmhm f1149: itmeantthey could only do four
being split in two thismeantyou could have three different
noo that neil hid nivermeantonythin tae him nae really
write f718: oh indeed imeantreally in in the current
nae dout sic havers reallymeanttae satisfy the cognoscenti wha
last words to me reallymeantthe one thing that s
higher dan hit really wismeantto be f960: uh huh
more than that it smeantto be really f810: i
robert burns s panache hemeantall things to all men
roll type things but hemeantslippers they ll say it
actually about psychoraag that imeantto m762: i mean the
man s body fitiver thatmeantan warned minnie niver tae
but that m608: mm f637: meanti d tae stay on
the auld latin wirdies thatmeantnaething ava tae the clachan
buchan chiel twa names thatmeantsae muckle tae me fae
i think it s maybemeanttae be make available m865:
person dat de jarl ismeanttae be or something laek
mm well you must havemeanttae cause it couldna have
i had to go imeanttae go and sit the
her like when i wasmeanttae go to the midlands
the bairns whae mind wirnaemeanttae hae onie pairt in
was yesterday s paper imeanttae say to you gladys
whale caboodle jined this chorusmeanttae tease unfazed gin sicht
thaim lairnin tae speak itmeantunlairnin tae speak scots an
the earth gin a hadmeantye tae hae knowledge a
stood for tak een dmeantdossie doon een n was
in the grave it wasmeantfor your faither but i
was barry m1022: barry wasmeantgood or great from twenty
was unlucky for them itmeanthe wasn t living by
m1021: well i think itmeantit was it referred to
absence of the first ministermeantthat i was unable to
has been considered traffic flowsmeantthat it was not justified
holyrood building linda fabiani imeantthat mr stone was a
was no shops so itmeantthat people had to walk
heaping allowances in the burghsmeantthat the customary firlot was
was very easily solved itmeantthat the operative in the
s nae bad an thatmeantthis the broth was good
anybody he s he wasmeantto be an- the antithesis
just just cause it wasmeantto be dead natural so
[laugh] [audience laugh] m954: it wasmeantto be dinner it ended
go but then she wasmeantto be going with her
resources thirdly although this wasmeantto be my second question
shit i forgot i wasmeantto be tellin ma mate
that somebody else was alsomeantto come dr murray i
the end but she wasmeantto get them and then
discretion that the benchmark wasmeantto give them linda fabiani
18 30 holidays this wasmeantto illustrate differences between formal
wee wee woman that wasmeantto look like a junkie
of course that was ameantto reassure me nae you
measures that the parliament wasmeantto take and has taken
life they say a imeantwas sit on till you
sighed relaxing at last shemeantwell mum but she was
variations in the approval processmeantthat authorities did not have
the private finance initiative hasmeantthat i have not quite
purpose that permission would havemeantthat such acts would not
end the trial early thatmeantthat the accused did not
in saying it s notmeantto be a man you
no m827: no f606: notmeantto eat anything m827: not
so you re probably notmeantto eat grapes are you
a year it s notmeantto have like a too
not my original intention imeantto keep all these properties
his mother had switched poisonmeantfor the rival to the
cousin jack had died thismeantfurther sales and re organisation
and enemy total commitment hadmeantjust that degree of intimacy
pleased relieved i thocht itmeantnaething had happened he wisna
be salted in barrels thismeantthat everybody had a lot
hard fought for parliament hasmeantthat we have had confidence
had sexual connotations that thatmeantthat you werenae allowed to
stolen property if it hadmeantthe stolen property itself the
52 billion in 1997 thatmeanteither that each andorran including
at primary school that divorcemeantfamilies breaking in pieces drifting
the guttin knife that smeantfor troot s mair like
anything that i say ismeantin a spirit of co
hoose wis besom clean thatmeantit wisna very tidy for
uh huh m830: and itmeantjust that we are friends
the ch- chocolates so itmeantm608: right m194: that some
jist brocht a grunt thatmeantshe jist wisna afa keen
away from the microphone thismeantthat a significant amount of
the same budget that hasmeantthat if one heading is
rod and line fishing interestsmeantthat interests of salmon netsmen
the alternative dr jackson imeantthat it is the alternative
transport and job choice hasmeantthat now apart from a
parent fathers in the districtmeantthat people gave him funny
particular policy operative may havemeantthat some concepts useful in
for national statistics blunder hasmeantthat the highlands and islands
of u v and wmeantthat the publishing schedule of
and the fall in pricesmeantthat they now struggled to
ironic if prejudice and ignorancemeantthat this new scottish parliament
the spending review 2000 hasmeantthat this year there have
the frantic questioning but thatmeantthat we asked more direct
the ground and birly omeantthat you turned round before
gladys muttering i thocht youmeantthe real war peggy that
makin before that you remeantto be keepin up f943:
actually looks like it smeantto be like that f943:
s worth it wasn tmeantto be like that she
that s how it smeantto be toots dinna worry
bottles right that guys aremeantto buy it s like
7 of the bill ismeantto ensure that the legislation
ll get that wasn tmeantto happen i would ve
that the financial memorandum ismeantto tell us how much
would be that that thatmeantyeah m1021: oh aye common
smoke f640: smoke because thatmeantyou would be pro- you
gems so i hope youmeantit do you want to
it you see lilian hasmeantso much to me i
the war bessie triumphantly imeantthe first war gladys you
family he said you remeantto care i wished i
whaur you c- you remeantto like share shetland dialect
losh me you re nomeantto see this to the
down f1049: cause you remeantto take her and show
f965: plainy caught it clappymeantyou threw it and clapped
away the game they remeantto find the tracker s
academic discoors dt i isnameantt be fun in a
mm f961: of coorse wermeantta be fired aa de
the wey ah wes ayemeantti be ah l gie
s the wey she wesmeantti be foraye ah canna
ah canna feel it smeantti be serious oniewey ah
the papers than they rmeantti be signed ir they
the time scale arbitration ismeantto be a quick process
one of my friends ismeantto be coming in on
think it s it smeantto be eh pan dialectal
last week f1037: it smeantto be fabulously beautiful british
f1113: no it s naemeantto be for eating f1114:
gonna go home i mmeantto be goin out tonight
well f1038: yeah it smeantto be gorgeous f1037: and
him cause it s allmeantto be like the way
be the shopping f1027: messagesmeantuh huh yeah f1026: i
takkin it real ill shemeanta hantle mair nur jist
to ask him whether shemeantout forever or just out
of tea or a wellmeantenquiry after the progress of
i hope so yes imeantto say cross border anti
takk it advances in hygienemeantnae chaunce o contamination sae
wud an moses saw theymeantnae guid wi s muckle
being daft and silly originallymeanthappy blessed m1007: uh huh
tier of government is beingmeantwhen terms like minister government
lyin here deein nanse ahmeantah howp it s no
wi the fallae ah mmeantfor thare ah ve dreamed
the number of questions hasmeantin resource terms i am
some secondary departments it hasmeantlittle more than an annual
ve got it now itmeantyour clothes pole has fallen
called out even if itmeanta false alarm bettter safe
again and it would havemeantanother late night and i
this committee it is presumablymeantas a constraint on the
a minute even if itmeantas it did on one
it dawned on me theymeanteun a bird [laugh] f606:
in the system it ismeantfor personal care and should
away and it would havemeantgetting photocopies of everything for
needed with them it jistmeantgiein em the best room
means a quarter it presumablymeantmuch the same from the
of this essay it ismeantto affirm the contemporary worth
then f1041: mmhm f1043: itmeantye werenae mairied ye d
upon the fae binna theymeantti douk in reikin wounds
of the best malt whiskymeanthe spent most of his
an obstacle f807: no hemeantthe level two courses f806:
nothing sinister he swore hemeantto please the environmental lobby
london for the funeral imeantto write to joan but
f1113: a circle f1114: imeanta circle to cut with
my sincerest apologies as imeantno offence john roberts editor
march 1983 dear joan imeantto write before this to
me aye the gait ameantti gae an sic a
a tool as ye ameantti uise ma een is
the process of devolution ismeantto operate and on this
a half miles away thismeantyavel broth on the monday
least seems to have oftenmeanta loaf of barley meal
and originally seems to havemeantsome kind of soup or
speak my lords whereas naturemeanthim for society when we
in iraq no disrespect ismeantto any member who is
the [inaudible] f814: are wemeantto finish soon or m811:
o tyangs with flat legsmeantto raise the lid of
the hogney s wurds haedmeanta sicht mair nor a
a sin whaur nane wismeantlet god begin god look
lang road an fyow hoosesmeanta great deal in the
the sand coorse langer shanksmeanta langer neck an then

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