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edinburgh had the ell linearmeasureand lanark had the stone
held the firlot for drymeasureedinburgh had the ell linear
ell was a was ameasurein the tweed trade an
acres thrown in for goodmeasureand then there s that
wisleys thrown in for goodmeasurevery good or what happened
antipodeans thrown in for goodmeasurewell i d better go
gallon figured in the drymeasuredefinitions and in subsequent assizes
application were bullion pharmaceuticals andmeasuremeaning use in metrological definitions
of the age angelo inmeasurefor measure starts out as
so much on the problemmeasurefor measure typifies a society
age angelo in measure formeasurestarts out as a puritan
on the problem measure formeasuretypifies a society which has
for their work and themeasureof success achieved despite these
that we know what themeasureof success will be i
introduce a performance indicator tomeasurepolice success in tackling all
statistics so that we canmeasurethe success or otherwise of
arrangements are in place tomeasurethe performance of drug action
set up by whitehall tomeasurethe performance of the uk
and need providing a directmeasureof deprivation and providing a
deprivation and providing a directmeasureof poverty stirling council s
to it created in largemeasureby the latin features of
their friendship was in largemeasuredue to the distancing effected
i have inherited in largemeasureher weakness and a cast
river is due in largemeasureto their efforts j a
that is in no smallmeasuredue to the commitment of
of the variation in drymeasurenoted at the time and
that it is difficult tomeasureodour it is down to
bill it is difficult tomeasurethe effectiveness of a comprehensive
legislation is not a popularmeasurewould it be difficult to
nhs in scotland cannot possiblymeasurean individual s loss of
to enforce because you cannotmeasureodour the best way of
member states cannot progress ameasurewhen it comes under that
are to have a truemeasureof how effective an organisation
the original true and justmeasurewith a show of reluctance
problem to remove that draconianmeasurei hope that that could
the public body proposes tomeasureand record its use gaelic
body proposes to implement eachmeasurespecified in the plan b
alter the substance of anymeasurewhich the public body must
1 above is that themeasurementioned in subsection 5 b
1 above is that themeasurementioned in subsection 7 b
either dictionary depends in somemeasureon the completion of the
from either a commission emergencymeasureor a multi annual management
tool to identify targets andmeasureprogress there is a legitimate
taken over as an executivemeasurein june as members know
steps are being taken tomeasurethe level of reoffending upon
been met before such ameasurewas taken for example that
sustainability indices in scotland tomeasureenvironmental damage and the government
reason for introducing a governmentmeasureit would seem very odd
reason for introducing a governmentmeasureit would seem very odd
government might phase in thismeasureover a period of years
124 to recommend such ameasurebefore i would support it
have to be for ameasureless serious than culling such
the benefits of such ameasureoutweigh any disadvantages the convener
further notes that such ameasurewould effectively take the cannabis
unjustifiable impact that such ameasurewould have on our fishing
scanlon we all support themeasurebut what evidence exists to
in their support for thatmeasurei also find brian fitzpatrick
budget which is a positivemeasurein our written evidence we
supernatural intervention just for goodmeasureso does this count as
crawford does not oppose themeasureand that it therefore might
that served as the feedmeasuresome of the bruise might
gross domestic product as ameasureon its own does not
recognise the scots language tomeasureits use to celebrate and
mrs j [censored: surname] undertook tomeasurethe area of furniture e
whole area that short termmeasurewould have to be balanced
need test is a bigmeasureat the very least it
heaping enlargement so that themeasurecould again be struck with
that it could justify themeasurein its budget you could
could also be a specificmeasurereckoned at a fortieth part
has been carried out tomeasurewhat percentage of the public
an cheer o sic ameasurean serr d divinely this
d i d nothing tomeasureit by i d only
then he d poured anothermeasureof the twelve year old
continuing responsibilities cosla supports thatmeasurebecause it would allow councils
confident that scots law wouldmeasureup to those principles mrs
the data via some othermeasurewould outweigh the disadvantages it
phonological variation it will alsomeasurethis against a social network
its fadin rose yaised asmeasuresame spuin skiddlin the batter
ongoing struggle and deplores anymeasurethat denies the electorate the
group s recommendations by anymeasurethat is substantial additional investment
scots it developed in somemeasureout of a popular song
face a demand that themeasureshould be heaped because the
system is in place tomeasurecompliance and what measures are
of homelessness we take ameasureacross scotland and then allocate
notions that implementation of themeasurewill take time that it
what concerns us about themeasuremurdo fraser our report to
and i want you tomeasureout how many cupfuls do
of his superior s capacitymeasurethe surface being struck level
returns provide only a crudemeasureof the health of salmon
nobody is pretending that thatmeasurealone will deal with the
is not always possible tomeasurein the way that governments
i understand that the relevantmeasureis a sensible one it
is totally confident that themeasureis robust gordon jackson christine
the u value is ameasureof how well a particular
first minister it is ameasureof my ambitions for scotland
referees and it is ameasureof sir david s authority
value the sap is ameasureof the energy efficiency of
i think it is ameasureof the faith i have
the bill is an importantmeasurethat introduces new powers that
1982 almost as a panicmeasureafter the tragic death of
plan and as an interimmeasureeffort limitations were introduced through
to the crown bill ameasureintroduced as a private member
word rythmos normally translated asmeasurethe renaissance in europe had
the instrument was laid themeasurewas discussed as something desirable
stamps throughout the uk ameasuredescribed by the scotch whisky
was measured in a bushelmeasurefilled to the top and
which was clearly a crucialmeasurein trade and the payment
young salvador adopt the desperatemeasureof a false identity when
been debating a major constitutionalmeasureof this sort ought properly
a firm recommendation for themeasureto be implemented at the
was strictly controlled the capacitymeasurewas constructed with a larger
examine ways of incorporating themeasureat the earliest possible opportunity
of the range made tomeasurebespoke guilt trip well if
minister s grudging tight fistedmeasureof personal care if he
in respect of the linguisticmeasureof the phonemes it was
aye you got the themeasureof this now but the
timetable and implementation of eachmeasurespecified in the glp and
have to comment on andmeasurethe effectiveness or otherwise of
parliament the intention of themeasurewas to settle the succession
leen lone lichtnin lightning lippiemeasurefor bruised oats for feeding
s aim to begin tomeasureoutcomes and outputs rather than
not reflect differences in equalmeasurein her 1978 study she
re enactment and an enablingmeasurethat will allow criminal measures
sent by the king tomeasurethe earth s meridians from
big miss goldie if thismeasuresucceeds will ash wind up
[inhale] bit hid wiz ehmeasureo eh man at herdly

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