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phoneme a school size wasmeasuredin terms of schools with
energy efficiency in dwellings ismeasuredthere are currently 2 ways
energy efficiency of dwellings aremeasuredthere is the standard assessment
different in respect to themeasuredcharacteristics the grouping variables for
variables for the t testmeasuredthe familial links based on
enterprise clusters plan will bemeasureds1o 2184 the minister for
like a freemason s apronmeasuredand made precisely like louis
cooper of linlithgow it wasmeasuredand found to be larger
have been the case ifmeasuredby the units described in
it certainly cannot easily bemeasuredunless a straw poll of
how refreshing to see suchmeasuredbehaviour in response to adversity
to say that what getsmeasuredgets done that is a
what is happening and beingmeasuredat the moment time to
that national proceedings might bemeasuredagainst the general principles that
ensure that we give ameasuredresponse when appropriate mary scanlon
on the holyrood project ismeasuredagainst the project plan by
that would have to bemeasuredagainst the risks that the
against which the improvement ismeasuredthere are some tantalising hints
up and get your footmeasuredon the big contraption [inaudible]
the puir muckle beast thatmeasuredat least fifty feet frae
of his life he hasmeasuredout his life with coffee
levels are not inspected ormeasureduniformly although in my view
called a bit the farmermeasuredthe length of the bits
a cubicle he took ameasuredswig of full strength scotch
us and hauled us andmeasuredand mauled us to pose
a set number of firlotsmeasuredto the flat brim of
and social exclusion can bemeasuredthe spc also recommended that
god bless you son hemeasuredout his words so slowly
it at 3d the pintmeasuredout of jugs and cans
er time the corn wasmeasuredin a bushel measure filled
in rural communities has beenmeasuredand ameliorated by the allocation
as a whole and ismeasuredon a scale of 1
she d skreich i haemeasuredthe branch this verra efterneen
of lead as thirty pencilsmeasuredand shaded poised and drew
gettin intae cuts their painmeasuredin thoosans o guttit fish

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