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improve her face winna pancakemegchap chap chap chap went
a het simmers day pancakemeghid been affa quait for
fit s wrang meg pancakemeglooked up real sheepish like
buttery asks fit s wrangmegpancake meg looked up real
an anither wifie cawed pancakemegpancake meg wis a dab
for the first een pancakemegs voice wis affa squeaky
set oot for pitsliga pancakemegsaid she wis affa sorry
neathing tae laugh aboot pancakemegteemed her message bag an
wifie cawed pancake meg pancakemegwis a dab han at
guidmither jek malcolm s jylarmega spaewyfe the knicht meg
ti meet ma guidmither megmegis a spaewyfe an she
ye ti meet ma guidmithermegmeg is a spaewyfe an
meg a spaewyfe the knichtmegs son setting act i
hid telt her ma anmegramsay aboot the bruises she
an sterted tae prig wimegramsay an her mither fur
the safety o the kitchiemegramsay an her mither sally
heavy washin tae dae likemegramsay an minnie s mither
sidewyes because jock dow anmegramsay are coortin an if
in the tellin o storiesmegramsay cappit thon wi tales
sally an the kitchie deemmegramsay cried aa the big
the ootside door the maidmegramsay hid born the brunt
gaen an it wis dennertimemegramsay hid fulled the ropes
in the licht september winmegramsay hid telt minnie that
knowe sheetin fite hares anmegramsay hid the guttin skinnin
the kitchie an greetin inmegramsay s bosie wheeshtie wheeshtie
t a wee whyle eftermegramsay s feet cam up
time he come yon daymegramsay said fur he maun
puuin its fuskers the neistmegramsay sighed luikin efter ither
wis addit the rasp omegramsay snorin efter fit seemt
wi sandwiches an fancies wismegramsay steenhillock s kitchie deem
an sacked him ay anmegramsay tee fur a fool
minnie her cousin isie anmegramsay the maid fur the
was dampit doon wi drossmegramsay wadna let minnie awa
hae a free haun furmegramsay winna leave the hoose
plunk on this ae nichtmegramsay wis in chairge o
stukken wi birssled stovies anmegramsay wis new back frae
the warmth o the kitchiemegramsay wis ower at the
different kettle o fish rochmegcursed an swore as the
stuck in the door rochmeggaed the settee a shove
winna gang in snarled rochmegher sister pinted oot the
dinna blaw aboot it rochmegjist ignored jonsar eck s
nae lady said jonsar rochmeglooked at jonsar an smiled
tap o jonsar wi rochmegon tap o the settee
eck wis doon at rochmegs hoose ropes oot an
danced roon the fleer rochmegsays you ken jonsar i
come intae the circle rochmegshe says it wis me
looked up ere wis rochmegstannin ere grinnin fae lug
wis a ladies choice rochmegwis nae lady said jonsar
moula inspects the foot whilemeglooks on meg that wul
the knicht and his mothermegmeg weill son the lord
for an auld kimmer cawedmegmeg wes lyke a guid
foot while meg looks onmegthat wul hae ti be
knicht and his mother megmegweill son the lord hie
an auld kimmer cawed megmegwes lyke a guid frein
limping moula the knicht andmegmoula faither ah m that
examines what she has writtenmegwhit daes she say knicht
jek s duin til hirmegit soondit lyke she wes
frae the soond o hirmegwha is jek malcolm jek
teeth moula ah suppose saemegawbodie kens a fee haes
carries moula out followed bymegcurtain act ii scene 1
skaith ah did ti moulameghowt ah wes gled ti
keep bonnie weimen aboot memegwad you moula an yeir
winter minnie tried anither tackmegfit d ye ken aboot
m deein i m deeinmegminnie sobbit oot an fin
t masel minnie hid passedmegnae twa meenit s syne
hands on her hips tellinmegan jonsar fit tae dee
were intae jonsar s truckmegbein mair o a hinner
in a meenit jonsar shoutsmegthe voice comin fae the
the mither taen him anmegaw throu the houss an
lang eftir murdo haed taenmegback til his ain houss
fordilt wi his wark houanevermegpat him ben the houss
houss that mornin but whanmegtelt him whit haed happent
a safe neuk she teltmegfit hid happened till her
fit secrets dae men haemegif i telt ye thon
haw ye telt me aboutmegtaen him thare the fowk
twyce wi this het cloutmegbathes his foot gently malcolm
fair hailin doun ma backmegoffers to bathe the foot
baith eydent an bonnie anmegfor hir pairt wes fair
near as bonnie as youmegshakes her head impatiently that
inno the toon past thirtymegwis still a bonnie wummin
feast wes hauden but puirmegtaen it ti be sum
sort hir for me mithermeggin ah sort hir it
wi hir mither an faithermeghumfit the wab on his
thrawin hir airms aboot formegah think she wants ti
he wes aye ill atmegan gart hir haigil the
eftir that bit bi bitmegmendit hir daftlyke weys sae
laid up no weill saemegpat on hir bonnet an
yairn cam back ae daymegs guidman spiert at hir
claith frae the tree whanmegwoke up out hir sleep
in the earth hoosie anmegan her ma hid luikit
weill it sae happent thatmegs faither wes a weaver
weings whan ah canna fliemegshakes her head sadly son
dochter this quyne wes cryitmegan she wes sic a
o angus the hird spiertmeghe wes yung whan ye
deid areddies but bi noumegwes sair wearit wi haudin
nor the fairies an asmegwes the onlie bodie ti
you ah mynd ye saysmegwhan ah wes a lassie
an then supports himself onmegs shoulder malcolm it s
gaun on says he butmegdidna lyke pinglin wark she
can say for shona noumeghe soonds a coorse lyke
day s tyauve lang eftermegbeddit the twa lassies lay
or twa wul ye bydemegnods and looks at the
be nailit til a crossmegglaring at him indignantly it
set yeir mynd til tmeghaivers she l dee suin
the mornin as early asmeghersel it wis his job
up wis it wirth pyinmeghis sweethairt a veesit wi
mebbe a score there wismegpeg and katie and jeannie
wis a snort he anmegroars na na i ve
bit worse wis tae comemegs sister started tae dish
wis mair crackit than tithermegsleepit up in the nerra
ti suffer that s awmegdidna oor blissit lord himsell
dae ye no think saemegah hae seen waur monie
guid wi sair feet anawmegarchly sae that s aw
fancied for it sae thatmegfeinisht up bi pairtin wi
m mukkil behauden ti yemegfor helpin wi this fuit
awaw ti savetie an monsmegfurby ein the lyknessis o
rael gled ti meet yemegit s aye a pleisir
read it oot ti memegpoints at the paper gie
uised ti say ti memegshe wad say a richt
ti suffer wutches ti leevemegwe aw hae ti thole
feinisht o ay guidman saysmegit s feinisht richt aneuch
mair it s fair stoundinmegc mon nou we maunna
ye faa wi a bairnmegbide awa frae loons or
cleuk her wi its cleuksmegcast the antrin luik at
canna pit on ma gounmegi ve tae help wi
for helpin wi this fuitmegmercie whit did ah dae
a lauch wi her ormegmicht gie her a bittie
nae muckle eese wi wirdsmegopened the buik at genesis
fully ay an mair quomegtimmerin on wi the dryin
asyde in the howp thatmegwad dae better wi the
pint tae the hauf hangitmegwi his twa pals a
an her quine an furmegan jock dow her unmerriet
bin the auld wife anmegsaid mair that anely a
wumman ah ve ever seenmegah daursay ye haena seen
be aneuch for onie manmegah ve heard that storie
speak at aw puir lassmegmercie ah can see aw
hame ah can tell yemegwha isna mercie ye coud
somewye aboot quarter tae ninemegappeared nae a sicht for
thocht tae himsel i hopemeghis brocht some o her
oot ower an be decentmegleft her maister s dother
widna rise at yokin timemegmacpherson maks my brose her
herm this nicht an aamegrose at her mistress s
lassie fitiver s adee speiredmegshowdie her maister s dother
the chunty ower the rhubarbmegjow dow cried out it
let aleen kinnle it asmegtipped the stank ower the
hae fairlie gotten sum easementmeggin ye plot yeir fuit
weel is that aa quomegit happens tae aa lassies
will the broth be langmeghe speired ma stammache s
santit a fairie caddie peyedmega veisit an pled on
pancakes as wull mary anmeggithered up their things an
awfu wurd out his heidmeghoyed awa hame an suin
kittlin did draw bluid anmegs fingers war itchin tae
airt an aince there heremegstoppit a meenit tae claw
sic a thing for memegthat s an unco wey
pit whaur she shuirlie belangsmegthat s no for us
verra hauns war reid likemegthe cook fin she washed
sister wasna spared his stepdochtermegburdoun wasna spared his servant
he haed left the roommegchappit up the sheep in
in its eildritch heid wheeshtmegyon s eneuch we re
auditorium introduces a very convincingmegand a less than diabolic
hot water and a clothmegtakes the bowl and bathes
a big white horse calledmegwalking round and round in
perhaps mike russell is mysticmegsecretary of state for scotland
catriona montgomery in the 1980smegbateman wrote some fine poetry
any of them interfered withmegi will now conclude wishing

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