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blythsum career as a caibinetmeinisterfrom the chinese of chu
menin the gait bot themeinisterkenned at itwes hissell an
the blak claes o ameinistercomplete wi whyt nek sae
n mallows meat n foodmeinistern minister merbil n marble
the reverant sawnie bie aincemeinistero kittilskart kirk at maun
daftlyke she mairrit an importantmeinisterwha d raither prie the
v must meidae n meadowmeinistern minister merk n mark
duin the mair the auldmeinisterexpekkit o r this explened
diary o sum french cabinetmeinisterit wes wrutten in the
weill fend for theirsels yirmeinisterhes this bit notion gin
raw steppit forrit a hiemeinisterti gie his proponance in
whan he wes a cabinetmeinisterbut nou he is oot
ye sae at the auldmeinisterwul can mairrie ye ben
o scotland tae mak ameinisterfor scots that sees the

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