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an e snaa fell anmeltitan froze an e roads
buttermilk instead o watter andmeltitfat they turned out thickish
their kilts an sporrans anmeltitback tae the lives they
isnae warum but i mmeltitdreepin wi sweat he ll
braemar aa the towrists haemeltitlike tar the troot in
in its bosie that nivermeltitava like an ice laird
mist as the ghaistly bunnetmeltitawa tae nocht the bairnie
his jaw aften lik ameltitsick typewriter gaun back an
in the school the toffeemeltitsook it there an ye
an it ll aw bemeltitdoon an turnt intae guns
gloamin fitpreints in the snameltitbi the mornin in the
can tell ye it fairmeltitin yeir mou she wantit
[cough] f1127: they re aameltit[phone rings] m1128: hello f1127: eh
at e fite eisels hidmeltite road boys hid got
that cormac s hert fairmeltitsae that he telt hir
hir an hir hert fairmeltitwhan she hard thaim sae
black rik an on emeltitbraiss i d haard o

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